Pinched Nipples


A dear friend, she ( a MTF Non-Op Tgirl just like myself ) once told me long ago, how out of nowhere, unexpectedly, she had come to find and be found, by her dear (long term) partner, boyfriend and later husband!

Back then, during weekends, we all used to attend this dear and cozy, GLBTQ-oriented Night Club & Restaurant in town.

There were Drag Shows, Karaoke and even stand-up Comics from time to time.

It was an easy-going scene, both straight and gay couples all over the place, we, I mean, me and a bunch of friends, mostly Tgirls from a small organized GLBTQ Pride Group in town, we would get a table or two and either drinks and dinner or just drinks and talk, flirt and dance.

I used to enjoy the karaoke sessions in special, I would sing my heart out there.

It was in one those nights that she had the attention of this new fellow in the bar area and she told me, he may be interested, he keeps on flirting with me.

At one point, she went to the loo and he followed her there!

She told me, he entered the restroom while she was fixing her make-up and suddenly, he pushed and pinned her up against the wall across the mirror, she almost froze in fear and not knowing what a bloody hell would happen next! He surprised her as he gently whispered in her ears – I like you! And again without warning, he let go of her and walked out in a hurry!

I was quite curious when she told me all of this!

That night we all had many theories as to what it all meant and etc…

Two weeks later, back there we all were again, enjoying a night at the club as usual and in the company of familiar faces, friends, etc.

She had worked late and she had no time to dress properly, she was wearing a short black skirt, black thigh-high stockings but no bras, just a lite material / short and sleeveless red blouse.

After that night’s Drag Show, it was getting late, it was when she told me, that fellow is back and keeps looking to her again.

I told her as a joke, well, you should go to the loo, because there it seems to be where he likes to do his thing!

Surprisingly, after that, she got up and went to the loo and I was watching from the table, he followed her there.

As she stood there next to the mirror, pretending to be re-touching her lipstick, she wondered what will he say or do this time?

He walked in and embraced her from the back, again whispered he liked her and wanted to make her his girl! She tried to say something like I don’t even know your name, but his hand lift her blouse, the restroom was empty but the two of them film izle standing there close to each other.

Out of nowhere, with her blouse lifted by one of his hands, he placed his open mouth upon one of her nipples, kissed, sucked and licked it with passion, and then the other nipple too.

She sighed amidst surprise, pleasure and allowed it to happen.

It all happened so fast, she told me!

After that, he kissed her in the lips, told her to close her eyes and quickly left. He really walked away in a hurry.

She took her time to slowly return to table and tell us what happened.

One of the other Tgirls, said, maybe he’s married and cannot stay!

I myself became excited about how this whole damn delicious thing was rolling forward for her.

At the time, many of us Tgirls had “this thing” as our main inspiration for our own fantasies.

A month later, were back at the club and sitting at our usual table, when this fellow showed up again.

The three of us, Tgirls were slowly sipping our cocktails, he walked up to the table, he smiled at us and said – I am John! I really like her, pointing to Ashley… But I have gifts to all of you girls! From a paper bag, he took out and placed upon the table in front of each one of us, each our own set of med-butt-plugs and the smallest-size possible silver-plated chastity-cock-cages! Ashley quickly got up and he pinched her nipple, she sighed, he suddenly kissed her in the mouth, in front of all of us.

I quickly said – Thank you! Grabbed my gifts and left before he might change his mind.

I think we all did the same, except Ashley!

Again, they went to the loo, together, he lowered Ashley’s panties quickly once they entered and with a bit of lube from a pocket-sized disposable lube sampler, he inserted the butt-plug into her, she later told us. She said it was so fast she barely squealed.

Then he placed the chastity device in her, securing her balls and her tiny cock tightly caged between her thighs, her long legs!

He kissed her again passionately!

Then he asked her to come back same day, same time next week!

She wanted to talk but he told her to close her eyes! She did and he quickly left.

We Tgirls were so excited when we heard it from her.

I think I told her, I wish it were Me!

We all were very surprised and excited about how this whole seemingly wonderful thing was playing out.

The next week came so soon!

All of the three of us returned, but this time, we all were wearing our butt-plugs, our chastity devices and fragman izle wondering what is next for her and maybe for us too.

Sure enough, he and two other fellows, they arrived at our table.

There were introductions, I was talking to mostly to Don who preferred to be called by as Dom. Sara was happily chatting with Jerry, and of course, Ashley with John!

We had a few drinks and talked a bit as I said but then…

John said, I want to invite all of you girls to my place, Don and Jerry will come too.

We girls asked to be excused and went to the loo in order to talk this out.

After we all agreed, we went back to the table and told them Yes, but only if this place would be in town.

He said it was in the local Hilton hotel, downtown and classy!

Well, after hearing that, we felt better and we all drove our own cars and followed them to the hotel.

Once inside his spacious suite, Ashley and John went to one of the bedrooms. Sara and Jerry did the same to the next door bedroom.

As they left to their bedroom and locked their doors, me and Dom looked around there were no more bedrooms (inside that suite) left to go to.

We were all alone in the living room, next to it, the main large restroom of the suite. Ah there was a very nice and comfortable huge sofa, two big sofa chairs and a table with chairs, TV screen, a little side mini-kitchen and a drinks refrigerator, etc…

Next day.

She told me how John had her just in her panties and stockings upon the bed, his hand on her thighs, then he played with my butt-plug, in and out of her ass a.k.a. tgirl pussy!

She added, he kept on licking and sucking my breasts, my nipples.

In the end, he removed her butt-plug and fucked her deep and hard for a long time that night, some three times or more.

She wanted to marry him, she told me!

I paused and I said, why? She said because I want him to come in my pussy and I want to swallow his come, his love! I want to be his!

I told her, but we barely know these fellows!

As for myself, I had Dom to wear condoms, I said!

And the whole time too!

But he was very nice and good to me, he complied!

In fact, he really was a very good fuck!

She said, Well.. Why Sky?

I said – Because I came and I came, and then I came again some more!

He actually made me enjoy “Being A Tgirl” with him, him as my 100% Top Man that night!

She looked away for a moment, she waited as if thinking… The she replied, that she also was happy with John, because he dizi izle fucked her good, fucked her mouth and her pussy many times that night.

But she said, she was worried!

I said – Now you’ve lost me! All is well that ends well! Why are you worried?

She said, well, I simply could not resist it and well, I had allowed him to come in my ass and to come in my mouth too!

I said back to her – Oh no!

I was shocked because for sure, we Tgirls, we really barely knew these men!

Sara did not want to comment on, about her and Jerry that night but she told us that she was happy with him.

Later we Tgirls smiled at each other and we all had agreed to the fact that these three men, our guys, they all liked to pinch our nipples, lick them and suck them with passion!

We were quite pleased about that.

Jerry was going to take Sara to the Casinos in the weekend.

John was taking Ashley to San Francisco at the end of the month for a week.

Me? I knew Dom wanted to see me again.

He told me he wanted to come in my ass and in my mouth without condoms!

I wanted to solve that problem once and for all too.

I called him and asked him to go to local clinic with me and get tested for STDs.

He was quite nice and he instantly agreed to it. And later that same day, we’ve met at a local coffee shop and we’ve gone to the clinic together and we’ve both got tested.

Next day, he called me to tell me they had the results online for us to see.

I got on my pc and sure enough, we were O.K. We were both clean and very healthy as far as we were concerned.

That night back at his place, he really kissed my body all over, he sucked my nipples and removed my butt-plug, lubed my pussy and fucked my ass until he gaped it wide open! I was so happy! He fucked my mouth as if it were a pussy and he came everytime, I was so full of his come, I became his bitch, his tgirl.

His thick, huge cock always would make me come a bit upon initial entry, but then come and come and come again!

Needless to say, I moaned, I squealed and I sighed like a woman being fucked by her bull.

I could sincerely say I felt like a woman, folks!

I swallowed his come with pleasure, with passion, both ass and mouth and every time!

And well, I could feel that he simply adored me too.

I was happy.

For a long time there, we all were very happy!

Happy times!



p.s. Next Chapter of PINCHED NIPPLES

The Tgirls are all amidst different troubles of their own with their men! Me? Well, me and Dom changed. Dom surprised me because he met a man, became friends and he was feminized by this man! Who? A bbc fellow that he had met a bar. And it gets better than that… Ah well, I tell you more in the next chapter of PINCHED NIPPLES.

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