Plan B Pill Cuckold

Plan B Pill Cuckold
My name is Louise and I have just been fucked. Yes, I am married and my husband does not know about it yet but he might soon if I decide to tell him. I have to tell you, I feel so happy. He did not agree to be a cuckolded, it was not is wish or desire. He did not want to watch while his wife got a good fucking by another man. I do not blame him entirely for my actions and I take my fair share of responsibility but at the same time I am not sorry or ashamed of what I have done, I enjoyed it and will be doing it again in all likelihood. It was so good, my sex-life is up and running again, it is so exciting.

I am not seeking anyone’s approval for my actions. I couldn’t care less if you judge me or what that judgment is. I feel like a woman again and I am happy.

The guy who has just fucked me and left by the back door is called Terry. He is single and very attractive and at least I am coming clean about what I have done and if I get chance will do it again next week with the same man. So I hope I get some brownie points for honesty.

As I sit here in front of my monitor writing this confession I can feel a delicious trickle of cum seep from my pussy into my panties, god, I can hardly suppress a giggle. Aren’t I just the slutty one?

You see I am 46 years of age and my husband has been basically impotent for six years or at least that was his story and I believed him. So for more than six solid years I haven’t had sex at all. Well, of course that is not strictly true because I have just had sex with a great lover who has just left me all aglow and bubbling but as far as my husband was concerned my sex-life ended when I was 40 years of age.

I married Tom when I was 18 and sex with him was never the greatest but at least I stayed faithful to him, never looked at another man, well not really. All women look at other men but you know what I mean, I would never have thought to have sex with one. OK there might have been one — laugh.

We like to see a great body on a man and a lovely tight ass will always get our attention, well it does mine, but that is as far as it goes normally regardless of the fact that Tom has always been a “Wham bam, thank you Ma’am” husband at best and then usually when he was drunk. Then suddenly even that stopped. Couldn’t get an erection he said and I never had a real orgasm from his love making.

I tried to be understanding about it but gradually all outward signs of affection disappeared. No more kisses before leaving for work or on arriving home, haven’t had any flowers for years. He lays in bed with his back to me and snores like a pig.

I am not saying these things to mitigate my actions, I don’t care a fuck what anyone thinks of me. I needed a good fucking to and I have just had one. Half an hour ago I was fucking like there was no tomorrow with a young guy who lives a few blocks away, who is great to look at, has a fantastic physique and is just exciting to be with and to talk to. He makes me feel good, in fact better than I have ever felt. My husband had been my only lover until today, now I have had a taste of something else and it was fucking amazing.

I was a bit disconcerted at first, you know, opening my legs like that for another man, I felt so exposed and especially with him being much younger than me. When he told me to open my legs it was like — what? It was like, god he is going to be able to see my clit. My husband has never wanted to do that really. When I did open my legs it felt so naughty. I felt like a young girl showing my pussy , something I had never actually done.

“Cute little pussy Louise,” he said, “and so wet you naughty girl.”

I was a naughty girl, wasn’t I? But it did feel deliciously slutty. All this was new to me, a man talking to me like that, I hope he does it again. I keep giggling when I think about it. I have never felt like this before after sex. I feel like a silly schoolgirl.

OK, I don’t have the body I once had but my tits have held up better than most. My legs and thighs have always been a strong point. They looked especially great half an hour ago spread across the bed with a very attractive young man’s hips swinging between them — giggle.

Terry has been making it clear for some six months that he would love to fuck the ass off me. He is 23 and clearly likes the older woman. Tom and I met Terry at the local bar one Friday night, he sits and talks sport with Tom but his eyes tell the story of what is real motive is and Tom is so thick he couldn’t see it. He certainly had a glint in his eye from the first moment. He has an impish smile that turns to lecherous when he looks at me. He has a slutty sense of humour. I liked him an awful lot but would never have thought of having sex with him, well not actually having sex with him, until Tom made the big mistake of leaving his computer logged into porn site a night ago just before he came up to bed at two o’clock in the morning.

I had never visited this website, never knew it even existed, and was shocked to think that he had. I found some stories he had written about fucking lots of women some as recent as the past few weeks, he’s a liar, I know that. He couldn’t get laid in room full of women prisoners. His biography was illuminating too. You would think he was the stud of the north not a 49 year old man who couldn’t get an erection to save his life, well so he said. He was getting an erection alright, well if the photograph of him looking ridiculous in a pair of Speedos I never knew he had is anything to go by. His face was hidden of course but it was him alright.

He was reading all these sexy stories and had loads of them he put in his favourites along with favourite authors. I felt cheated and betrayed. In his biography he said he hated stories about wives who cheat but said he was interested in friends, sex and women. Well it felt like the bastard was cheating on me.

I tried to login to his email account. His password was easy enough to guess. He loves football and is mad about the Dolphins so I tried that and Bingo I was in. He was writing lewd emails to women authors calling them sluts and every other name he could think of. Did he see me like that? Then there were some women he was simulating sex with by the use of emails. I was pissed. I’m not now, I am positively on fire with excitement, I have had a real cock so deep up my pussy for the first time in six years and it was fantastic. It was really thick and I could feel it throbbing inside me.

I know what some of you will say, two wrongs don’t make a right but then he will get clean away with it and why should he? Jesus I’ll tell you what though, that Terry got me fucking like I have never fucked before, my pussy was so sore — chuckle.

I have just gone six years without loving sex or sex of any kind, while he was jerking himself silly at his computer. How do I know? Because I fucking caught him at it, that’s how. I went to bed leaving him downstairs with his computer and after a while I quietly came back down. I listened outside the living room door until I could hear him building up to his orgasm, I was pissed. Then I opened the door to the living room and walked in just as he was getting ready to shoot cum out of his cock, “vinegar stroke” he calls it. That led to one big fight and I was starting to reassess my life. I like sex too, I thought.

Now I must admit that once having found porn site I could easily get aroused reading some of the stories, especially those written by some of the women authors, women who had affairs outside of their marriages, women I could relate to because of the reasons that made them do it. Women with husbands like mine and much worse. I spent a few crazy afternoons fingering myself silly reading some of the more exotic stories. Masturbating had never been for me but it was now. I had found an exotic side to me I never knew existed.

What was a cuckold? I had never heard of it before. It’s a man whose wife cheats on him, I looked it up. Well Tom is one now. I made him one just over half an hour ago. He does not know it but he is. He will be home from work in another hour. He will just walk in as normal expecting his dinner on the table. He won’t even know he has been cucked today. Aren’t I awful thinking like that?

Terry suddenly became much more interesting, well he would wouldn’t he? When I took a perfect opportunity to look at his gorgeous ass I needed no more encouragement. It took a lot of courage on my part to do it. I have seen lovely ass on lots of men but there is a big difference between that and touching. I had thought about how to let him know I was now available and a little grab on his sexy ass seemed a good way to do it.

It meant stepping out of my comfort zone and taking a risk to do something that would normally be alien to me no matter how much I might want to do it. But do it I did. I had decided that I had deprived myself of sex in the name of marriage for far too long while my so called impotent husband was getting his sexual arousal and fulfilment on this website.

Terry didn’t hesitate in responding, sneakily sliding his hand onto the small of my back as he stood next to me as we all got up to leave the bar, then sliding it down and having a little squeeze at one of my ass cheeks while I slipped a little note containing my phone number into his other hand then I felt his fingers tracing my panty-line. It was deliciously sexy and exciting, nearly had an orgasm there and then.

The taxi we had ordered was taking ages and Tom had to go back inside to the bathroom.

Terry soon had me pinned against the wall and we kissed in the darkness.

“Be careful,” I said, “He might catch us.”

God that kiss was so hot and his hand run up my bare thigh and inside my panties. I felt his finger trace my slit, which was embarrassingly wet, then it was right inside me. He gave me three or four finger fucks before I got him to stop and take his hand away before Tom came back.

When me and Tom got into the backseat of the cab and it set off leaving Terry to walk home, my heart was thumping in my head. I was giggling inside and taking an occasional look at Tom and thinking, God another man has just had his fingers up my pussy while you was having a piss. Sounds slutty I know but it is exciting when I think about it, even now as I type it.

I was so turned on by the feel of Terry’s hand inside my panties and by the way he had been so daring, it had been so long since I had felt so excited by the touch of a man.

Just before Tom got back from the bathroom Terry had whispered in my ear, “you need a good fucking don’t you?”

I just said, “Mmmmm.”

The next day I received the phone call I was hoping for, it came while Tom was at work. After I had grabbed Terry’s ass I noticed that he got into conversation with Tom about is work. What time he started and finished, he asked him about his hobbies and his interests. Tom had no idea and just thought Terry was genuinely interested in him but he wasn’t, I knew it, he was getting to know all Tom’s movements because he wants to fuck his wife, he wanted to get his cock into me and now I was ready to let it him. Actually at that moment I was ready to beg him to fuck me.

We kept exchanging those little flirty looks, it was wildly exciting to me, I had never flirted before. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be sat next to my husband and opposite and great looking hunk of sex with a wet swollen pussy filling my panties.

Today Terry arrived just as we had arranged on the phone and I let him in. I had my newest blue dress on, new silk, French panties and hold up black stockings and black high-heeled shoes. Terry is so tall and he still towered over me regardless of my heels. He didn’t say it but the look in his eyes told me he didn’t want niceties and that he come to fuck me.

After just a few minutes of the usual ice-breaking and kissing that got slowly more passionate until our tongues were exploring each others mouths we both knew exactly what we really wanted. My pussy was ready and aching for him, and we were upstairs in our bed and fucking, yes fucking like it might be our last time together. I am sure it won’t be. I know I shouldn’t giggle about it but it is so thrilling and exhilarating.

Terry knew all about fucking, god he knew how to work that a****l cock between his thighs alright and he knew how to work the thing between my thighs too. He knew what to do with pussy when he was getting it, and was he getting it. I surrendered it up to him on a silver plate.

I look back now as I type this account for you all and think how slutty I have been, not evilly slutty mind you, no not that at all, deliciously slutty for the first time in my life just like us women fantasise about being scrumptiously slutty.

My legs were pushed open, my knees were pushed forward until they were nearly touching my ears while he sunk his huge hard cock into me like a wild a****l, god I felt wanted. Then my legs where pointing upwards to the ceiling with my black shoes hanging precipitously on the ends on my toes. He was holding my ankles while he slowly fucked and fucked and fucked, kissing the inside of my legs along the silky stockings I had put on for the occasion.

Did I have a mind-blowing orgasm for him? Yes I did. Was it the best I had ever had in my life? Well I am afraid I have to say it was, because it was.

Before we started fucking he had asked me to put his condom on for him. It was the first time I had put a condom on a man’s rock-hard cock. It was so exotic sliding it over Terry’s cock all the way down his shaft until it fitted so snugly on his gorgeous manhood, but as we were both approaching orgasm and Terry’s groans became louder and he grunted with each unrestrained thrust into me he sudden changed his mind, pulled the condom off and sunk his naked cock back into my cunt and pumped me bareback. He wanted to send his stuff right up me not into a condom. Now I can feel it running back out again as I type — giggle.

His hard naked cock with the foreskin was stripped back on re-entry and I loved it and wanted him even more. I needed to feel his seed. I wanted it and craved it. I wanted him to make me feel like a woman again. I was urging him to cum inside me. I will go to the pharmacy in a minute when I have finished writing this and get the Morning-After-Pill just to be on the safe side.

My orgasm slowly built up until my heart was pounding, my head thumping and the contractions were so wild they were painful. I was aware that I had become extremely vocal, screaming from somewhere deep down, god he was fucking me good.

As my orgasm hit its perfect zenith I was buried beneath this tall man with his beautiful body and broad manly shoulders. It felt like he was making me his. I belonged to him body and soul and he was taking me. I felt diminutive beneath his torso as he continued to bury cock into me until I felt one of his legs going into a spasm. I was pinned beneath his muscular frame, held in place by him until he was ready to seed me. When he did it was so exotic, oh my god.

Terry’s orgasm seemed to come from his feet, through his legs and trembling thighs. I could almost hear his heart beating like thunder then his stinging, hot spermatozoa shot exotically onto my cervix. It felt amazing and it seemed to permeate my entire body creating a warmth that filled my being as well as my senses. Isn’t it just how a woman is supposed to feel?

We laid together exhausted for about ten minutes before we got dressed and left. My house now feels strangely empty without him so I sat at my computer and typed this account for you all to share. I still feel very giddy and my pussy is wet and soft and still sticky from where Terry left a very creamy mess.

Now I know from the reviews of the many stories on this site that there will be those who will call me a slut and many other things besides and do you know I don’t give a fuck. Yes some of you will jump to the usual judgments of others that you never apply to yourselves. Some of you will moralise but not question your own morals like why are you here today secretly reading these stories? Well I don’t give a fuck one way or the other. I know lots of women will know why I have done what I have and might wish that they could find the courage to do the same. I know many married women will wish they had been in my place today.

Terry has just made me feel like a woman and the first chance I get he will be invited back to fuck me again but not until I am back on the pill, fuck that for a monkey’s uncle.

Hope he hasn’t knocked me up — giggle. Well better go and get that pill and hope for the best.

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