Playing games Part 3

Playing games Part 3
The tack tack of her heels echoed through the hall of her apartment building. Crystal felt very self conscious, normally she would never have worn these clothes outside her home!
There were a couple of other occupants of the building in the hall. She felt their eyes on her. She felt … good! Sexy, excited.
The guardian of the building stared at her open mouthed.
“Hello Mr. Parker!”
He only nodded, following her progression, drinking in what he saw. A middle aged woman, dressed in a black, shiny mini skirt, a black silk shirt that could not hide erect nipples and black high heels. With every step she took her breasts jumped slightly up and down and the flared skirt swung back, almost exposing the well rounded backside. The man felt a stirring in his loins and kept his eyes on that woman. When she reached the door, she pushed it open, took a step and turned back him with a wink of an eye and waved a goodbye. Against the sunlight her thin silk shirt turned transparent and he could see her pear shaped breasts with the hard nipples, then she was gone.
“Bitch”, he muttered under his breath. “I wish the missus would be only half as hot!”
Crystal turned right and smiled, she had seen enough, even old Parker had still some life left between his legs, maybe next time she needed some help in her home he would come faster.
She walked on, feeling her nipples rubbing at each step on the smooth silk, the hot air on her legs and her uncovered pussy.
“I want you to meet me at the Dragon Bar by 19 hours. No underwear please. Wear your highest high heels, your shortest skirt and something that shows the beauty of your breasts. Take every chance you get to show your treasures. a
And do whatever you pleases when it pleases you!”
A heatwave run through her body, a tingling sensation spread from her pussy. In her head she felt an euphoric dizziness, a hunger to want more, to get rid of her own limits, to do what she wanted, what she needed.
She strode on, jiggling her breasts, swinging her hips and feeling the sweet wetness on her thighs, the scent of her juices reaching her nose oh so lightly and she laughed, now she was going to live! Her way of living, her way of having fun, her way to celebrate life.
She entered the little parc leading to the “fun” part of the city. She could feel eyes on her and turned her head. A couple of youth were sitting on a bench and watching her closely. She smiled, swung her hips even more and made the hem of her skirt bounce higher, exposing her round backside to the group.
“Ma’am, you’ve forgotten your panties”, one shouted.
A wild idea jumped to her mind, she stopped, turned around and walked toward the group.
“I never forget my panties, I simply don’t wear any!”
She halted in front of them and let them time to take a good long look at her.
“Any problems with that?”
She could see five pair of eyes staring at her body, rushing from erect nipples to her legs, trying to catch a glimpse at what her short skirt was hiding.
“No Ma’am, that’s fine with us”, one answered.
She advanced two steps, almost certain that now they could smell the scent of her arousal.
“So what are you staring at?”
There was no answer and some of the youngsters blushed. Crystal put her hands on her hips, spread her legs a bit and looked down at the group.
“ I think you want to take a look under my skirt, right?”
Still no answer.
“You don’t think that I will lift my skirt, do you?”
Crystal laughed and made her breasts jiggle.
“If you want to take a look, you have to sit on the ground!”
The boys exchanged glances, then, after some hesitation, on of them slipped to the ground and raised his head, looking straight under her skirt at her glistening pussy.
Crystal looked down at him, seeing him blush and the bulge of a hard one in his jogging pants.
“So”, she said, “do you like what you see?”
The youngster cleared his throat. “Yes Ma’am!”
Now the rest of them slid to the ground, staring wide-eyed and open mouthed at her wet womanhood.
Crystal remained motionless for a short while, seeing them aroused, judging by the hard ones deforming their pants. There was a buzzing in her ears, her nipples felt like bursting and she could hardly retain from rubbing her clitoris.
Finally she slid between the boys, stepped on the bench seat, turned around and sat with spread legs on the backrest.
“Now, can you see my pussy better”, she asked with a smile.
Heads bobbed up and down, eyes locked at that hot spot between her legs.
“You … you are dripping!” she heard one of them say.
She laughed again. “Dripping?”
Her right hand slid between her legs, finally touching her burning skin, feeling her soaking wet pussy. She moaned.
“Sweetheart, that is a good sign if I am dripping, that means that I am very excited. And …”
She touched her swollen clit and gently rubbed it, making her shiver and moan silently.
“… if I am very excited, you might be in for a show!”
She rubbed a bit harder and knew that there was no going back now. She needed some relief now, needed an orgasm.
“Would you like me to carry on?”
“Shit, yes!”
“Ma’am please!”
She laughed and moaned at the same time, her right middle finger drawing circles over her clit, her left hand unbuttoned her shirt two let them have a look at her breasts.
She was in a haze of burning desire, her skin burned hot, her tongue darted in and out to wet her lips. Her moans grew louder and she could see here and there hands pressed against throbbing erections. One of them had already his hand in his pants, stroking his penis feverishly.
Her hand moved faster, pushing harder, the other hand pinched and squeezed a nipple and she stared down at her rapt group of voyeurs.
A sweet agony rose from from her clit, clouds shrouded her vision, her mouth opened and she cried in pleasure when the climax hit her hard and fast.
Panting she stared back at them, saw the heat and desire on their faces, saw the wet spots on their trousers. The one closest to her wiped his face, she had squirted!
She rose and smiled.
“How was that for a beginning? Satisfied?”
She heard sighs and confirmations, smiled again and d****d the shirt over her breasts, not caring to close the buttons. With shaking legs she stepped down from the bench into the group of youngsters, felt again her eyes on her skin. One even dared to touch her leg and she halted, let him feel her smooth thigh, turned a bit so that his hand could reached her inner thigh, feel the heat and the sticky wetness. Then she walked on, turned around to let them have a last look.
“That was very nice boys, I am sure, I will come back!”
And off she went, still in a haze of desire, still wanting, still unable to stop here and now.
She giggled, the b**st was awoken!

(to be continued)

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