Playing With Mates Lesbian Daughter

Playing With Mates Lesbian Daughter
I have been reading a few stories on here and they have really helped pass the time lately. So I thought that I would post some of my experiences that are all true. not sure where to start but been remembering my holiday to Florida last year with my mates family. He has 2 daughters and a son all 18 and a half at the time. I had been getting into the habit of getting into the pool late at night when everybody else was in bed. The 2nd night I decided to skinny dip. The 3rd or 4th night I was there in the corner of the pool just relaxing in the early hours when one of my mates daughters came out. I wasn’t that bothered about being naked as she was into girls anyway. So we chatted a while and she moved the subject onto partners and I asked her if she’d ever been with a boy to which she answered no. We chatted some more then she offered up the fact that she’d only ever seen a guys cock on the net and then she started asking my what one actually feels like. I don’t mind telling you I was hard REALLY hard at this point. Then she asked if she could touch mine, but just touch it. I’m fairly big, not really long about 8 inches but REALLY wide about 8.5-9 inches around, I’ve had girls/women say its like a coke can width. I thought about it but explained to her that I wasn’t the right person as mine isn’t average, this sparked her curiosity much more than i imagined. She asked what I meant and I explained that I was longer than average but pretty wide and a really good family friend. She said she’d seen a few online and that people sent without asking her and they weren’t anywhere near my size. She said that she trusted me and that if anybody could do this for her without making it sexual then I could. I thought about it a bit and made her swear that this was just curiosity at which she did. I asked her if she wanted to see it hard or soft first , she said hard defiantly as she only wanted to see what one feels like. I was rock hard at this point but though hey why not get a little something for myself 😉 . So I said I’d have to make it hard if she would help and she said how. I have a thing for boobs so said if she showed them to me it would help to which she pulled her swimsuit down and I knew she had little boobs as we’d had a conversation about that before a few years back, what I wasn’t prepared for was how small and firm and perky and perfect they were. After looking for a bit I asked if she was ready she said yes. I then said did she want to see it first or just touch it. Surprisingly she said see it first so I stood up and the look of shock on her face, Her mouth just dropped and she stared in shock for a good few minutes at which I chucked at. Then she said was it ok to touch, I could see her shaking a little and said sure go ahead. She reached out her left hand (she’s left handed) and touched it so gently and I said she can be firmer than that. She said she expected it to feel like a forearm not as firm as it was. She kept squeezing it which I liked and said how heavy it was and it looks enormous, I knew it was big anyway but to a young 18 year old first cock it must off seemed massive. Anyway this went on for about 10 minutes, I thought she was just going to feel what it was like and that would be it. I asked what she thought and she said she didn’t think that she’d like touching one but really like touching mine, I said why don’t you stroke it a bit which she did and said she liked which I knew as her tiny little nipples had almost disappeared being so small and hard. So I lent over and licked and nibbled one to which she moaned. I put my hand up and started to feel and squeeze them, something I’ve wanted to do for many years. I thought she was going to tell me to stop but she never she was just wanking me a bit faster. I don’t mind telling you I was really nervous about being caught and was shaking a little myself now. I whispered in her ear what does she want to do now and she said could she try sucking it, I held her by the back of the head and guided her head towards my cock and she licked and sucked my head and was moaning, I really wasn’t expecting any of this as she’s always been and out and out lesbian. All this time I was playing and massaging her tiny TINY firm boobs. I hadn’t had any kind of physical contact for about a year prior to this so was just about ready to cum, Which I told her. She stepped back and continued wanking it whilst looking at it wantonly with her lips and chin all glistening in the pool lights and I just erupted. There was so much cum and when I shot my first spurt she opened her mouth and went wow and was squeezing my shaft as she could feel it pumping up. After I finished cumming she sat next to me and pulled her swimsuit up and said that was pretty amazing so much better than she thought it would be and thanks for not pushing her to fast. I said anytime and it was damn nice and she had the most amazingly firm breasts I’ve ever felt and I’ve felt a few, she blushed really bad. I ask what she thought about it and she said I was much bigger than she ever thought I would be and it was so heavy and nicer than she thought, she said she thought it would be icky, I said I was glad it was ok, she said “OK, it was nice”. She said her good nights and left, I just floated there thinking how nice it had been then went off to bed. The next morning I was up making everyone breakfast and she was the second to last to awake most days and today was no different. She came into the kitchen and I did her some pancakes and we acted like normal. We spent the day in and out of the pool and when we were alone she just asked if I was going to be in here tonight, I said I would as i have been every night since we got here. That night I was laying in the pool with my eyes shut and knew somebody was here as they broke the light from the poolside. I looked up and there she was standing in a towel. She removed it and enter the pool but she was naked underneath and freshly shaved 🙂 . She asked if we could do some stuff tonight I smiled and said sure we can. She swan over to where I was and put her hand straight on my cock and squeezed, this was to become her trademark, we looked each other in the eyes and she said stand up so I did and she just went straight to sucking and licking me whilst wanking the shaft. I was pretty amazing I must say, to have an 18 year old sucking me, whilst I looked down at her beautiful glistening eyes. After just a few minutes she stood up sat on the steps next to me still holding and squeezing my cock. She went to straddle me and I asked almost stated that she was a virgin and she said “Yes” so I said not here, one somebody could catch us and two not like this, she whispered in my ear that I was such a gentleman. So i slid my hand under the water and slid my finger inside her and OMG was she tight i only managed to squeeze 2 fingers in and at that point I thought oh fuck I’m gonna split her open when we finally do it. she came so quick and so fast stroking my cock. I said I was about to cum and she moved away from me to get a better look again. I shot onto her face by accident then I took her hand and aimed it at those tiny tits of hers whilst looking at her face, she loves watching it shoot out of me. we finished up and she went inside. that was the last time we did anything on that holiday as when she came down into the pool the next night her brother was already in there with me.

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