Please Breed Me?


She walked in and stopped in surprise when she saw him in the chair, reading a book. In a semi panic, she looked at the clock and realized that it was still before the agreed upon time. She sighed in relief, making him look up.

He chuckled as he put the book down. “Relax, my sweet,” he laughed. “I just finished earlier and thought I’d come over and hang out a while. ” She rolled her eyes as he stood up, taking her bag from her and placed it on the chair

“Had a good day?” she asked as she leaned in for her kiss.

“Not bad. The appointments were nicely spaced out; the last one cancelled on me, so I called it a day,” he answered, lightly kissing her. “You?” She shrugged.

“Meh. I’m sometimes astounded at the excuses people give in order not to do any work. But then again, the more creative ones are pretty entertaining.”

“The more creative, the more entertaining?” he teased, his hand cradling the back of her head, pulling her closer to him.

“Pretty much. Until they start pulling the I-was-abducted-by-aliens routine, I think I’ll let them slide.” He made it difficult for her speak in full sentences; he insisted on punctuating each word with a kiss.

“And when they do?”

“I’ll call the experimental lab and let them know that one of their test subjects escaped,” she deadpanned. He grinned as she smiled. He pulled her head closer, brushing his lips to hers. She sighed at the tease. He deepened their kiss in response, his hands roaming down to rub her hips, closing the gap between them, a sense of urgency creeping. She dragged her fingers down his spine and let her hands rest at his waist. He pulled her closer to him. Feeling his throb, she pushed her pelvis into his, tugging his shirt from his belt while his hands felt the heat of her skin, tracing her curves.

She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off of his shoulders, letting her hands run over his muscled arms. With a sudden movement, he crushed her to him, his lips biting hers, tongue probing. She opened her mouth, moaning, welcoming the invasion, her tongue sparring with his.

Their hands became desperate to remove any article of clothing left. He broke the kiss long enough to yank her shirt off of her, tossing it aside as she undid her bra, freeing her breasts. With a soft growl, he twisted her nipples, making her arch against him, the pain shimmering through her skin. He slowly undid his pants, exposing his hardening cock and grinned when he saw her lick her lips.

“Hungry?” he teased. She dropped to her knees in reply and helped him out of the constricting garment, pushing his boxer briefs to maraş escort bayan the floor to add to the pile of discarded clothes. Grasping his base, she ran her tongue along him, covering him with wide swaths, feeling his texture before swirling the tip along his head, poking at the hole to coax out more precum. She breathed in deep, his scent intoxicating. Like a woman dying of thirst, she plunged him deep into her mouth, needing that taste. Gagging a little, she worked his length into her throat, her lips tight around him.

Wrapping his hands in her hair, he grabbed her head and slowly pushed himself into her waiting throat even deeper until her nose was pressed against his pelvis, tongue tickling his full balls. She grasped his ass, wanting to swallow him whole as he began to thrust himself. She glanced up, her lips tight against his glistening shaft before gulping him down in one motion, her throat expanding as she bobbed her head, his grunts and her moans the only sounds in room.

Stopping her, he pulled her up, breathing hard. Staring into his eyes, she licked the corner of her mouth where a drop of his precum still hovered. His hand tightened, his grip in her hair hard. She shivered, her body afire, the desire for him overwhelming. She was still wearing her pants, and she could feel the material clinging to her wet crotch. She took a single step, her hard nipples brushing his chest. He cupped her, lifting her to her toes, the heat of her sex radiating through the cloth as she rode his palm for a moment, her fingers digging into his shoulder.

“Please,” she whispered. Grasping her hips, he spun her around and led her to the bedroom, stopping at the foot. With a shake of her mane, she peered from beneath her lashes, and bending from her waist, slowly pushed her pants off, her knees straight, as naked as him, exposing herself to his eyes. His hands rubbed her hips before sliding his fingers through her slit, her juices seeping out and covering his fingers. He brought them to her mouth and she licked them clean.

“So wet. You’re in heat for me,” he told her.

“And so greedy for you,” she breathed. Without a word, he pushed her facedown onto the bed. She tilted her hips, ass high, knees spread. He rubbed the head of his cock through her lips, teasing her. She opened her thighs even further, moving closer, willing him to ease the ache. Instead, he rubbed her wet slit with his cock before lightly spanking her ass. She curved her back even further, as he continued to slip his hardness through her wetness, the tip bumping her clit. She groaned, and he chuckled.

“Please,” maraş escort she begged. “Please, I need… please!” With that word, he pressed deep within her in one fluid motion and began to move deep with her as her lips clung to him. She groaned as she felt him pounding her, his hands tight on her hips. She lowered her head and brought her ass up, trying to pull him even deeper. He leaned into her, rubbing his bristle-covered face up her spine, abrading her skin. Seconds later, he pressed his chest against her, trapping her body to the bed, his chest hair brushing against her sensitive skin. She shivered at the touch. His barely perceptible thrusts tormented her; she wiggled her hips, wordlessly pleading him to pound her, to take her.

Placing his lips close to her ear, his breath tickled as he whispered, “What do you want, my slut? Hm? What do you want me to do?”

“Breed me,” she gasped, her voice muffled by the bedspread.


“Please, breed me. Make me your breeding bitch.” The instant those words were spoken out loud, she wished she could take them back. They haven’t spoken about their desire for him to breed her in a long while. He stopped thrusting and she could feel him lean back.

“You want me to breed you?” he asked, his voice neutral. She bit her lower lip. Was it too soon? She hesitated, not sure how to respond. Long moments passed in silence without her answering. He smacked her ass hard, the sting making her cry out. “Answer me,” he ordered. “Do you want me to breed you?”

“Yes, I do.” She cleared her throat and continued. “I need you to breed me.” She wanted to say more, to tell him how strong her desire was to feel him fill her womb, for him to mark her, to be wholly his, claimed by him, to completely belong to him, to obey the laws of their natures, to be able to gift him with this expression of ultimate submission and to be in turn gifted by his ultimate dominance, not once, but again and again and again. She opened her mouth but the words fled. All she could do was whimper a simple “Please,” and hoped that the word carried the weight of all she feels but could not express.

He was motionless, still buried deep within her. With each passing second, her feelings of misgivings grew. She has spoken out of turn. It was still too soon to resume this conversation. She silently berated herself and began to compose a mental apology. When she felt him withdraw from her, the thump of disappointing him filled her and her eyes stung with the sudden onset of tears. It was too soon. She sat back on her heels and burying escort maraş her head deeper in the bed, closed her eyes to prevent herself from weeping.

Feeling the warmth of his hands on her hips, she was flipped over onto her back. His hands pressed her thighs open and pushing her knees back, exposed her glistening wetness to his eyes. The bed dipped slightly as he settled between her legs.

“Look at me,” he commanded. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes, glittering with unshed tears. His own, dark and unreadable, stared deep into hers as he moved between her thighs and pressed against her entrance, moving only a fraction of an inch. With a groan, she arched against him and pinched her nipples, willing him to plunge deep within her aching sex.

“What do you want?” he demanded again.

Without hesitation, she whispered, “That you plant your seed deep within me, claiming my womb as yours, over and over again. To make babies for you. For you to be your whole self, completely you. To be yours, only yours. For you to own me completely.” She licked her dry lips and begged, “Please. Please take me. Please breed me. Please.”

Grabbing her arms, he pinned her wrists above her head. Never breaking eye contact, he sank his cock deep within her. With a sigh, she wrapped her legs around his waist, needing to feel him as completely and fully as possible.

His thrusts became hard as he led them in the most primal dance, her pelvis matching his rhythm, their movements frantic. He began to move more deeply within her, as if he was desperate to penetrate her completely. She pushed against him, wanting melt into him.

He lowered his head and kissed her, aggressively, passionately, desperately. It was as if he was trying to conquer her in all ways, to stake his mark on her lips as well as in her womb. Breathing hard, he broke the kiss and raised his head. Looking deep into her eyes, he ordered, “Cum with me.” Captivated by the depth of his eyes, she let go of the ball of erotic tension that had been building the moment he touched her. Her legs tightened around him, pushing into her. With a guttural moan, she called his name and opened her womb fully to him, his jerking cock nestling against her cervix. His eyes were wild. He growled, low and primal as he claimed her womb, conquering her in the most instinctual and primordial way, releasing his seed deep into his vessel, her walls convulsing and milking him for his very last drop.

He collapsed onto her, resting his forehead on hers, panting, his cock still firmly embedded in her. Her hands, free from his grasp, roamed, soothing him, lightly rubbing his skin. She could still feel him pulsing deep within her, her canal massaging him. They rocked against each other, their throbbing rhythmic and in sync, as he whispered against her lips, “We’re making a baby.”

His womb fluttered in agreement.

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