Subject: Post Deployment Dad, Part 8 Hey Guys. Thanks for all the emails!! They are still coming in for Jason, Josh and Wes as well as Michael now. It keeps me motivated!! Michael will reappear but I’m not set on making him a regular yet. I also struggle with what will be the most hot and twisted while still having a foot in reality. Could this really happen? Can a father be that close to his son? How long would it last? Is it believable? A father and son having a physical relationship is one thing but don’t they both need something else? All of my stories are pure fiction. From my twisted mind. I guess I lose interest in the stories when you guys seem to lose interest. The more emails the more it keeps me going. So given that my mind has been wrapped around the following scenario. I hope you enjoy it. I’m not your father. You know the laws in your states. You know the chances of diseases. But live your life how you want to on your terms. Life is short. Love. Please support Nifty!! Donate: http://donate./donate.html Where we left them:: Josh lowered himself slowly on Wes. He was only fucked once last night and he wasn’t as open as he would have liked. But once he bottomed out there was no pain. Wes fit so well in him. Dad took care of itch better but Wes fit. Josh started moving first. Working his ass muscles as he pulled off and then sat back down. Pulling Wes’ cock into him each time. They were making out heavily at this point. One of Wes’ hands was on the boy’s thigh and the other on his back. He was letting Josh totally control the situation. He wasn’t going to last long. The boy had him all worked up. Josh was moving faster now. Up and down like a piston. On the brink himself. “Give it to me man. Cum inside me. I need it man” he repeated over and over into Wes’ mouth. Wes was meeting his moves with his hips. Wanting to cum so badly. At one point he hit Josh’s insides just right and the boy came all over his stomach and chest. Whimpering into his mouth. Once Wes felt the muscles contract in Josh’s ass he let go himself. Coating Josh’s bowels with his seed. Wes stayed on his back and Josh moved off of his shrinking cock. He laid on his side facing Wes with his leg thrown over Wes’ legs. His head on his shoulder. Wes pulled him in close and his hand went down to Josh’s ass. His other hand wiped the cum off his stomach and he fed it to himself and Josh. Both of them eating off of Wes’ fingers. The hand on Josh’s ass dug around until two fingers went into his hole and stayed there. “I don’t want you leaking me out.” Wes said, “Can we watch TV now?” he laughed. Josh just sighed and backed up on Wes’ hand keeping him in. They stayed like that till they fell asleep. The TV stayed on and they stayed in each other’s arms. Till morning. Part 8:: Josh and Wes made it home a day before Jason did. They pulled into the driveway in the heat of the day at 2 PM. A small U Haul was attached to the jeep as Wes figured he wouldn’t have to have his stuff sent with Josh helping him. It was like one of the smallest trailers they have. The plan was to unload it quickly into the third bedroom and then to bring the trailer to a dealer in town and get rid of it. Then they could get some food as there was nothing in the house. They emptied the trailer in record time and then set off for the dealer. Wanted to unload it like the dead weight it was. They were at the U Haul dealer by 3 PM and then went to Josh’s favorite burger joint to fill up before they went to the grocery store. They were done with everything and home by 5 PM. They brought everything inside and immediately stripped off before they started putting the food away. The air was still set to 80 degrees as they had left it. “Do you want me to lower the air?” Josh asked. “Why bother, we’ll be in the pool in a few minutes, and besides, I like the way you stink.” Wes answered with a grin on his face. Josh walked up to him and gave him a long kiss and then said, “Me too, I like the way you stink too, a lot.” then he went and put some food staples away. Wes had bought three cases of beer. He put two of them in the refrigerator in the garage and the third he was going to put in the kitchen fridge. He put the case in front of the fridge and bent over and started to empty it into the fridge with his ass on full display. Josh couldn’t help himself. He was on his knees behind Wes in seconds with the scent of Wes’ most intimate place making him dizzy. The scent of an ass that has sat on a car seat sweating all day. Ripe sweat. Earthy. The next time Wes bent over Josh grabbed his hips and plunged his face into Wes’ crack almost toppling him over. “What the fu….” Wes had to grab onto the fridge door almost pulling it over on top of them. “Damn boy, couldn’t you wait till I had the beer put away, I hate warm beer.” Wes was laughing. Josh lifted his face off Wes and said, “So fucking good. I couldn’t wait.” and went back to what he was doing. Wes put his hands on the fridge and pushed his ass back to Josh. If he wanted it that badly he was going to give it to him. After a few minutes the kid was making his hole itch too. Josh didn’t fuck often but he was hoping he would throw him a fuck right now. He was starting to make him crazy. Wes was becoming out of breath as he became more horned up. Nothing like getting his ass eaten by someone like Josh or Jason. They both knew how to hit the right places. But Jason wasn’t here so Josh was going to have to step up. “Fuck me babe, fuck my ass little brother…” Wes got out. Josh stopped for a minute and considered it as he also noticed that Wes called him ‘babe’. He was horny as hell but liked being on the receiving end better. But he wasn’t going to deny Wes. He stood up and said, “You sure?” “Oh fuck yeah, just stick it in me bro, need it” Wes said looking back at Josh and then kissing him. “I’ll get the lube” Josh said pulling away. “Don’t need it, just shove it in me, now” Wes pulled him back. Josh was unsure about that but he did as he was told. He lined up and started to shove himself in. He met a lot of resistance until he got through the outer ring and then Wes’ ass muscles started to suck him in. It was like they were trained to move a cock through his tunnel with the least resistance. Josh had to do little of the work. Once he was fully in Wes said, “Give me just a minute” and his ass continued to massage Josh’s cock. “OK bro, give it to me, fuck me hard.” Wes was concentrating hard on his ass. Making sure it was ready. Josh pulled out a bit and then went back in slowly. “Harder, don’t hold back bro, harder” Wes said and Josh started to oblige. He wasn’t going to last long anyway as he was not used to this roll. So he pulled back out and then slammed into Wes and then did it again. He was amazed on how well Wes was taking him without lube. Just the spit from eating his ass. “Oh fuck yeah. Give it to me man. Harder” Wes barely able to speak and breathing heavy. Josh was slamming into him really good now but was also feeling the cum rising from his balls ready to unload any minute, “I’m not going to last man”. “That’s OK baby. Give it to me. Fucking cum in me. I love you man” Wes blurted out. “I love you too brother, oh fuck I do, oh fuck…..” Josh was getting lost in his orgasm. “Yeah, breed me man….” Wes whispered. “Oh fuck….ooooh…..oh fuck yeaaaaah” Josh pushed in as deep as he could and held onto Wes’ hips unloading into his ass. “Oh fuck” he fell onto Wes’ back and held him around his torso. Wes was breathing heavy himself but was also getting uncomfortable. “OK baby boy. Let’s get this put away and out to the pool.” he started standing up straight. “But you didn’t get off” Josh was concerned. “Hell I didn’t. Look down at the case of beer” Josh looked around Wes and down. Sure enough Wes had left a load on the case of beer. “Oh hell.” Josh laughed “Leave it on them. That might help the taste.” Wes laughed too, “Sure, what the hell. It will give your Dad something to ask us about. As if there wasn’t going to be enough questions anyway.” Josh knew that was all too true. His Dad would be full of questions about the short trip he and Wes took. He was just worried what he would have to tell him. He was falling for Wes. But he didn’t love his Dad any less. But he didn’t want to disappoint him either. He loved his Dad more than anyone in the world. But Wes. Wes was more like him than anyone in the world. They clicked. But does Wes feel even close to the same way? As Wes put away the beer he was thinking too. Thinking how this teenager had gotten under his skin. His love for Jason was unconditional and permanent. But Josh made him feel like a million dollars. Him and Jason were family. Forever linked by tragedy and pain. He would never love anyone like he loved Jason, except for Josh, a boy that he shared the love for Jason with. He couldn’t describe it. “Hey Josh” Wes called out. “Yeah?” Josh turned like he was caught doing something. Wes smiled at him. “Never mind bro” he lost his nerve. Didn’t want to scare the boy off. Josh blew it off caught up in his own thoughts. They finished putting everything away and each grabbed a beer and went to the pool. They wouldn’t have to leave the house till the went to pick up Jason around noon tomorrow. Wes got up to the pool first. He was still naked with a towel and a beer. He laid his towel down by the pool on the deck. He put his beer on the rim of the pool and laid down facing the water. As Josh walked to the pool deck he was mesmerized by the sight before him. The dude, Wes, was the total package. Muscular, cocky and fun. Josh couldn’t ask for a better brother. Or did he want something more than a brother? He couldn’t decide. Wes watched Josh approach the pool deck stairs at the same time. Josh may have only been 17 but he looked at least 24. His dark stubble around his chin could have confused the most strict bouncer at a bar. Josh was a hot fucking man in his own right. And he was just as kinky as Wes liked. But there wasn’t much he could do about it. Josh was Jason’s son. He felt like he was going around in circles. Jason meant the world to him and if he never met Josh that would have been enough. But he did meet Josh. “Josh” Wes said again. “Yeah Wes?” as he laid out his towel next to the man. “I love you brother” Wes said. “Right back at you man” Josh said with a grin but knew he meant so much more. Things got weird after that. Both the guys didn’t know how to act. At the beginning of dusk they had gone inside. They cuddled on the couch but it still felt weird. They went to bed and cuddled there as well but sex was out of the question. They were both almost paralyzed with what they were feeling and the conflict it brought. Josh fell asleep first. Lightly snoring while spooned into Wes. Wes had his arm around Josh’s midsection pulling him in close. His limp cock resting on Josh’s ass. The only thing that could have made izmit escort this better was Jason curled up behind him. But would that still work? Wes soon went to sleep as well with the last thought on his mind being, ‘how did I fall for this kid so fast’. The next thing Wes knew it was morning. Saturday morning. No dreams at all. Just a deep sleep. As he became conscious he realized he was in bed alone. He looked over at the clock and it was just after 9 AM. How did he sleep so long? Where was Josh? He bolted out of bed and went downstairs going from room to room. Josh wasn’t anywhere. Then he went to the backyard. He wasn’t there either. “What the fuck?” he said aloud to no one. Then he started to panic a little. He went to the garage. The jeep and Pa’s car were both there. So he didn’t drive anywhere. So he started back upstairs to get dressed as he heard the back door open. He ran back to the kitchen to find Josh in shorts and trainers with a sheen of sweat on his body. Wes ran up to him and grabbed him in his arms, “You scared the shit out of me! I didn’t know where you were. I was about to go looking for you.” he said as he hugged Josh. Josh saw the fear in Wes’ eyes and felt bad about not waking him before he went for his run, “Sorry bro. I had to take a run. Clear my head a bit. I left you a note on the counter.” Wes looked over on the counter. It was right next to the coffee maker. If he hadn’t been in a panic he wouldn’t have missed it. He felt kind of stupid all of a sudden. “Well shit, I’m sorry man, I was just all worked up when I saw you were gone. I didn’t know….” he stopped. Didn’t know what to say from there. Josh pulled him in again and hugged him hard. “Thank you” Wes hugged back and said, “For?” “For worrying. Outside of Pa and Dad I’ve never had anyone else worry about me that way. It made me feel pretty special” Josh nestled his head into Wes’ shoulder. “Fuck baby. You are pretty special. To me and your dad. But everyday you’re even more special to me.” Wes started to notice Josh’s scent. He was so worked up that he didn’t take the time to notice before. The boy was still sweating and his skin was still hot from the run. His masculine teen scent was overwhelming. He lifted Josh’s right arm and put his face in the boy’s pit. He just held it there breathing him in. Then he started licking and sucking him in. Tasting him. “You got a jock on bro?’ he mumbled into the pit. Josh saw where this was going and he wasn’t going to object. “Yes” he said under his breath. As Wes pulled off the right pit and started for the left he said, “Good, take off those shorts, I wanna clean that ass next.” and then he dove into the left pit. Josh, meanwhile, struggled to get his shorts off while Wes cleaned his pit. He was able to get them down and step out of them without tripping over them which he thought was a feat in itself. Wes put Josh’s left arm down and pulled him into the living room. There were lube and poppers in there. Wes was still naked and now hard. Josh had his jock and shoes still on. Wes had Josh kneel on the couch and put his head on the back of it. Then he got on his knees behind him with his face at the boys ripe ass. He dove in and ate it with enthusiasm. As time went on Josh was whimpering. Wes went up and down that trench ending up at the boy’s cunt each time. Sticking his tongue in further on each lap. Loosening the boy up. After about ten minutes he stood up and twisted Josh onto his back with his body in a reclined position on the back of the couch. He removed one of Josh’s shoes at a time and then cleaned his feet with his tongue. He got in between each toe making love to his feet with his mouth. His feet were almost as ripe as the rest of him and Wes was loving it. He loved servicing a man. Even a teenage man. Josh was just as much a man as any other he serviced. But Josh was different from them all at the same time. It was true that since living in Houston he had only been with Michael. And then with Jason and Josh. But before Houston…before the hospital and the middle east…his preference was always servicing men. Whether he played the top or bottom role he loved to please men. A lot of men. With Josh he knew he would always have to play the top role and that was fine with him. He wanted to take care of and protect Josh. He was sure Jason would still use him but right now it was all about pleasing Josh. Josh was whimpering and in the position he was in he could hardly participate. All he could do was play with his own cock. But that was even hard to reach as Wes had pushed his feet back and his knees were almost on his own chest. Wes picked up the lube and started to lube up Josh’s ass. Massaging the outer ring with one then two fingers. “Fuck me bro” Josh blurted out. Wes was happy to oblige. Wes lined himself up to Josh’s hole. He was looking right into the boys eyes. Slowly he entered. Josh grimaced a bit but still took Wes all at once. Once Wes bottomed out he waited while still watching Josh’s eyes. He lowered himself and started to kiss Josh, tentatively at first, and then with more passion. Soon they were making out while Wes started to move in Josh’s cunt. A few minutes into it Wes realized that this wasn’t fucking. He was making love to Josh. He’s fucked with loving someone before but this was different. Josh wrapped his arms around Wes’ back and pulled him tight as they made out. There was something so tender about the way Wes was fucking him. He couldn’t put his finger on it but to him it was different too. But one thing he did know, holding Wes like this, made him very happy. Meanwhile, Jason was in New Orleans, he had gotten back Friday afternoon because he had decided earlier in the week that he needed a couple of days alone. So he told the boys he would be flying in around noon on Sunday. He took an Uber from the airport to the Best Western on Rampart Street. After he checked into the hotel and stowed his gear he laid down for about an hour. It was 4 PM. Well it wasn’t an hour. He slept for three hours. He took a quick shower to wake himself up and then, after he put on baggy shorts and an old tee shirt, went to the exercise room. It was a quick way to clear the cobwebs from sleep. He worked his arms and his chest as well as his shoulders and back. Once he broke a sweat and was fully awake he went back to his room and stripped down again. He drank a bottle of water and let the sheen of sweat dry on him. No need for a shower even though he was starting to get a bit ripe again. After cooling down for about an hour in front of the tube he was ready to get dressed again and go out. It was almost 9 PM. He put on some Billabong hybrid shorts that were just a bit loose on him. If his ass was flat they would have fallen off. He didn’t bother with a jock. Then he put on black socks and his hiking boots. He wasn’t really into the leather scene or anything. Just leaned towards a masculine look. But he did wear a leather wrist band. It was made out of lamb skin and hid his ID and money. He was only going to carry about 60 bucks with him and his ID as well as his room card. That was it. Well except for a bottle of poppers he dropped into his shorts pocket. After he tied his boots he put on a tight ribbed tank top, a wife beater if you will, that barely made it to the top of the loose shorts he had on. He saw in the mirror that if he turned just right you would get a quick glance of ass crack. Perfect. He took one last look in the mirror. His arms were still pumped as were his shoulders and chest. He still had a slight sheen of sweat and his scent surrounded him but was not overwhelming. He was ready to cruise the Quarter and then go to his favorite bar. It had been a while and he hoped it wouldn’t disappoint. He went to the corner grocery/deli by the hotel and got himself an aluminum bottle of Budweiser. Then he headed out to walk around the Quarter for a while. As he got closer to Bourbon Street the crowds thickened. That never changes. A weekend in New Orleans is busy whether there is an event or not. After an hour of watching the tourists get too drunk and the noise level become too much he decided to head to a climate more to his liking. He stop off at the Rawhide first for another beer. It was just after 10 PM now and it was moderately busy. The minute he walked in he felt like a side of beef that was just placed in front of rabid wolves. But he didn’t mind. No one would be too pushy with him. He grabbed a beer and did a little people watching in the front bar while he drank. He talked to a few random guys. No one that he really wanted to do much more with than talk. But it was fun. After he finished his beer he ordered another and then decided to make his way back towards the pool table. He knew from past experience that during the week the pool table was actually used. But on the weekend there was a cover on it and the lights were very low to non existent. He stood near one of the columns that separated the pool room from the main bar area and just observed. It wasn’t the body on body crowd that he had experienced a few times during decadence but there were still more than enough half dressed bodies wreathing around each other. Watching got him horned up but he didn’t want to participate. Not here. He had another stop to make. It was after 11 PM when he decided to leave the Rawhide. He stopped at the corner deli again and got another bottle of Budweiser for his walk. Elysian Fields Avenue was a bit of a walk but it was a nice night for it, although still a bit hot and muggy, and he could casually drink his beer while he walked. So he walked straight down Burgundy Street until he got to Elysian Fields and turned left up the street. The Phoenix/Eagle was across the street. It was 20 minutes till midnight and he had just enough of a buzz on to have a good time. When he got to the door there was a big bear of a man in leather garb checking ID’s. He let Jason pass while scanning him up and down. Once inside he took a quick look around and headed towards the bar. While things were a bit wild down here he knew it wasn’t enough for him. He grabbed his beer and then headed towards the stairs, to the Eagle, his primary destination for the night. The stairs were narrow and when you got to the top it was crowded with men. First thing he noticed was a young muscle twink in a jock strap. This was going to be a good evening. As he made his way into the crowded room he was hit by the smell of men, poppers and leather. He was home. First thing he did was take off his shirt and put it in his back pocket. He automatically felt hands all over his chest. He didn’t mind at all. His mission tonight was to be a complete slut. And although for him that would usually mean fucking as much ass as he could he wouldn’t be apposed to getting drilled by the right cock tonight. He walked up to the bar and the bartender was a striking man. About 5’7″ and izmit otele gelen escort muscular. The only thing he was wearing was tennis shoes and socks. His hair was buzzed as well. He went up and ordered another beer and when he got it he asked, “Is there a place for my shorts and tee?”. “Hand them to me bro. I’ll put them back here for you in a locker. You got any valuable in them?” he asked. “Just these” Jason pulled out his poppers, “But I’ll keep them with me” Jason then let his shorts drop and he bent forward to pick them up along with his tee. Now totally naked with just his boots on. He stood up and handed his cloths to the bartender who Jason could tell was more than smitten. He gave him a cocky grin and said thank you for holding on to his cloths. “I hope you’ll be hanging out for a while stud” the bartender said. “When the other bartender comes up we take turns picking up around the bar. Sometimes it takes us a little longer than other times.” he smirked. “I’ll look for you bro” was all Jason said as he headed towards the middle of the floor. Guys were dancing, sucking, fucking, kissing and drinking. It was midnight at the Eagle and Jason was in heaven. He made his way over to the corner where there were three really hot dudes naked and all over each other. One guy was black and built like Jason. The other two were white. One the same size as Jason and the black guy and the other one about the size of the bartender. The black guy saw him first and indicated for Jason to join them. Jason took a hit of poppers and walked over to them. The first thing that happened was the black guys was feeling Jason up from behind. The bigger white guy grabbed Jason’s head and started to make out with him. The smaller guy was on his knees working both the bigger white guys cocks. Jason started huffing the poppers heavily. Wanting to get lost in this scene. The smaller guy stood up between the two white guys with his ass towards Jason. He bent down and took the other white guys cock in his mouth and presented his ass to Jason. Jason slipped right in. The boys cunt was already lubed and swollen. It wasn’t his first cock for the night and wouldn’t be his last. Jason wasn’t apposed to fucking sluts. He preferred them actually. And this boy was doing all the work. Meanwhile the black guy was lubing Jason’s hole. It had been a long time and he wasn’t sure he could take the python he was feeling on his ass cheeks. But he was willing to try. As he fucked the boy he started making out again with the white guy getting blown. This made him lean forward and give the black guy a better angle to work with. As the black guy entered him he felt a jolt of pain but knew that would soon pass. Especially if he was willing and relaxed. It passed quickly. He started to push back. Every now and then he needed to get fucked. To be a whore. And this was one of those times. After a few minutes the black guy started fucking him hard. He couldn’t really fuck the small guy anymore. But the small guy adapted and pushed back on his cock and took control. The black guy had endurance but finally blew in his ass about ten minutes later. The black guy gave him a couple of soft slaps on the ass and pulled out and headed to the bar. Jason looked back and saw another dude on his knees cleaning the black guys cock as he stood at the bar. The bigger white guy took his cock out of the smaller dudes mouth and went behind Jason. He sunk his cock in to Jason’s cum filled ass and started to fuck him hard. “Are you tonight’s cum dump dude? You our party boy?” The dude asked as he fucked him. “Fucking need your cunt filled?” “Fuck yeah man” Jason said as he snorted more poppers. This is what he needed. All the stress. He was fucking twisted. Usually the Alpha around men. Using them. Every now and then he needed to be used. He wanted to be the one that let go. The stress from the hospital, the Marines, his Dad, his son. Wes. He just wanted to get fucked and fuck. Nothing else. The dude soon gave him his second load up his ass and Jason unloaded into the boy. But he wasn’t done yet. On a night like this he could recharge in a short time. He just needed a trip to the bar and a little down time. The dude behind him was already gone as he pulled out of the small guys ass. He walked over to the bar feeling the cum in his ass leak a little. He leaned over the bar and ordered another beer. While he did that he felt a face go into his cheeks and start to eat his hole. He pushed his ass out a bit more. Who was he to deny and cum hungry slut on his knees in the bar. He looked back and saw an older dude, around 50, was the one eating his ass. He didn’t mind. Unlike most cocky gays he didn’t care about age. He cared about what they looked like though and the guy looked fit. So he ground his ass into the dudes face to let him know he welcomed the cleaning he was giving him. As he did this he took a pull from his beer and looked around the bar. A guy in Levis with no shirt on stood a couple of people away from him. The dude was built and around the same age as Jason. He stood around 5’8″. Something familiar about him. Just then the dude looked over and looked right into Jason’s eyes. He got a perplexed look on his face and started to walk over. When he got to the side of Jason he looked at him and said, “Jason?”. Jason’s eyes focused and he stood up leaving the ass eater in the cold. “Luke?” his hair was longer. He had a scar on his chest that wasn’t there before. But he could see it now. It was Luke. “Luke, what the fuck are you doing here?” “I was going to ask you the same thing but I see you were enjoying yourself” Luke said with a smirk looking down at the dude on his knees, “You’re dismissed” he said to the older guy who then scampered away. “What are you doing here Luke. I haven’t seen you since before…..” Jason trailed off into a dark memory. “…before Gary died and you got captured. I heard man. I’m sorry.” Luke said. “It’s fine, it’s fine….but you still didn’t answer me. Why are you in New Orleans?” Jason asked again. “I moved here six months ago when I got out. I work at Northrup Grumman repairing ships.” Luke said. “I guess being assigned to the motor pool had its benefits after all.” Jason grinned. “Yep. Exposed talents I never knew I had.” Luke laughed. “Meanwhile you are naked and looks like you’ve had a bit of fun” “Yeah, about that. Been stressed lately and needed to let my hair down” Jason said shyly. “No worries bro. Why do you think I’m here? Where are your cloths?” Luke asked. “Bartender is friendly and is keeping them for me. You want to be naked?” Jason grinned. “Always” Luke said unbuttoning his jeans. “You want to be my wing man?” “Always” Jason laughed, “Let’s give the bartender your jeans and have some fun” Jason took Luke’s cloths and gave the bartender another tip as he handed them to him. “Just put them with mine. I have a feeling we’re leaving together”, he said as he looked at Luke. “You got that right” was all Luke said. They grabbed their drinks and headed back out onto the floor and found the corner where Jason had his first encounter of the night. “How much fun were you looking to have tonight Luke?”. “I’m in the same mood you are but I hope the night ends with it just being you and me. But for now I’m into whatever happens.” Luke answered. “You can bet on that. Now come here and give me a kiss” Jason said as he took the back of Luke’s head and started to make out with him. The kiss was deep and raw. That started three hours of bodies and fluids and sweat. At one point Jason lost Luke to a couple of muscle hunks that fucked him in both holes then discarded him. He was there to pick him up off the floor. “You alright bro?” “Oh fuck yeah. But I’m done. I just have enough left for you.” Luke said. “I’ll get our cloths and you go through some water on your face. We’ll walk back to my room.” Jason replied. “I have my car. I haven’t had a beer in hours. I’ll drive you back.” Luke offered. “But you’ll stay right?” Jason asked. “Won’t be able to get rid of me.” Luke said as he went off to the restroom. As Jason grabbed their cloths he started to remember how he, Gary and Luke would hang out. Luke was Gary’s friend first. Another Marine. They all became pretty close and once in a while Luke would end up spending the night with Jason and Gary. Jason would fuck Luke while he fucked Gary. He didn’t see either one of them again after he got captured. Gary got killed and was buried before Jason even made it to the hospital. He never knew what happened to Luke. Luke joined him back at the bar and they both got dressed right there. Luke lead them out to the street and to his car. They got in and when Luke started up the car the clock read 4:16 AM. “Well fuck. Guess we’re sleeping in” Jason said. “We’re going to sleep?” Luke said in mock shock. But when they got back to the room they ending up cuddling up naked in bed and talking. Telling each other everything that happened to them in the past year. Since Luke knew Jason’s history and about his late wife and his son it was easy to catch him up. And he told him everything. “So Wes, the Army guy you were locked up with and fucked for a month, is now alone with your son?” Luke asked. “I trust Wes with my life and with Josh’s life. He is very loyal. The three of us are a family now. And I have a feeling they are falling for each other.” Jason said. For the first time admitting it. It was the cause of most of his stress. He saw it before he left for Florida. He didn’t know if he should be the protective father or just let it happen. “Falling for each other?” Luke sat up in bed, “Is Josh gay too?” “Oh yeah. And twisted like his old man.” Jason laughed. “How twisted?” Luke was intrigued. “Very. Let’s just say that Josh and I have no secrets. And no boundaries.” Jason answered simply. “Oh fuck that’s hot. So, just to be clear, you’ve fucked your boy?” Luke asked. “And he fucked me once. I wanted to level the playing field. Does that bother you?” Jason was ready for the rejection if it came. He knew a very small percentage of men could stomach his life choices. But he didn’t care. All he cared about was Josh and Wes. Luke could be back in the fold too if he wanted. Luke absorbed all this information into his thoughts for a moment but realized that he was hard as a rock at the same time. “When do I get to meet the family?” he said with a grin. “Really?” Jason was surprised. He really didn’t expect complete rejection from Luke but he also didn’t expect any enthusiasm either. “Yeah really. I guess I should come clean with you too. I was always pretty envious of Gary. But I would never have betrayed our friendship by making my moves on you. You guys welcomed me into your bed enough anyway that I always felt like we had our own little family. And being the man whore that I am it worked out. But I’m pretty lonely here. Tricking gölcük escort on the weekend just fills the void for a little while. I’d love to become friends again and meet the family. If it goes further great but if not I’m good with friends. I need friends.” Luke felt really vulnerable at the moment. He put his head on Jason’s chest and let out a heavy sigh. “Then well meet the family tonight. I told them I was flying in on Sunday but we can surprise them. Lord knows what we’ll walk into. You mind driving to my place? It’s about 45 minutes away.” Jason asked. “Nope I don’t mind. Am I staying the night? I’ll need cloths I guess.” Luke was thinking. “Um…not really. Wes is always naked and Josh usually just has a jock on. The pool is suit free. So you’ll just need to put you pants on for the ride home.” Jason was laughing. “Let’s get some sleep. They fell asleep in each other’s arms and didn’t wake again until 2 PM. They got dressed, Luke in his Levis with a tee shirt that Jason loaned him. And Jason put on some board shorts and a tank top with flips. Luke drove them to Jason’s house and parked in the front of the garage. They arrived at about 4 PM. Jason opened the front door and was met by a quiet house. “Is no one home?” Luke asked. “My bet is the pool” They put there stuff down by the front door and walked to the back of the house and looked out the patio door. Josh was laying on his stomach facing the pool and the house and Wes was behind him obviously eating his ass. Jason simply said, “Strip” and they did. They both walked out onto the patio quietly. As they walked to the pool deck Wes was the first to notice. Jason held his finger to his lips telling him to be quiet. Wes got the message and smirked. “Turn over baby. I want to try something. And keep your eyes closed.” Wes told Josh. Josh complied and Wes went to work on his feet. Just before they started up the deck Jason whispered to Luke, “You sit on his cock and I’ll sit on his face. He’ll be in shock at first and then go straight into slut mode.” They quietly made their way up on the deck with barely a board squeaking. Jason bent down for a minute and gave Wes a peck on the lips. And then Wes greeted the new comer. He could tell he was a Marine so he was welcoming. Jason stood above his son’s head and Luke stood above his midsection. They held each other as they both squatted. Wes put some lube on Luke’s ass first and then applied some to Josh’s cock. Josh just moaned a bit but didn’t open his eyes. When he felt a hole at his cock he said, “Again Wes? You know I like you in my ass.” Just then his Dad’s ass smothered his face. “What the fuck?” he mumbled into his Dad’s crack as his cock was surrounded by the warmth of an ass. He knew Wes couldn’t be in two places at once. Jason started to make out with Luke above his son. After the initial shock he then felt his son click into slut mode. His tongue cleaning his dirty ass. Still with last nights activities dried around the hole. Luke was going up and down on the boy’s cock himself. Loving the girth the boy had. Long time since he had such a young one. And then Wes started on Josh’s feet again. Lovingly caressing each toe with his mouth. All the attention overwhelmed Josh and in too short of an amount of time he shot off into Luke’s willing ass while digging his tongue as deep as he could into the ass on his face. Luke and Jason both shot a load onto the boys stomach. As Josh came down from the orgasm he looked up and all he saw was a muscular ass lifting from his face. He also felt an equally muscular ass lifting off his cock. “What the fuck? Who are you guys?” he said trying to shield his eyes from the afternoon sun. And then a familiar form glistening from sweat stood above him. “DAD?!?!?!” he shouted. “When did you get back. I thought we were supposed to get you yesterday? Who’s your friend??” Josh went a mile a minute. Jason started to chuckle and said, “Slow down boy. A welcome home would suffice.” Wes started to clean the cum off of Josh’s stomach with his tongue as Jason talked. “This is Luke. He was sort of part of Gary and I’s family for a few years before the incident. I was hoping after you guys met him that he could be part of ours as well.” Josh and Wes both shot up and were on their feet in no time. “He was part of your family in the Middle East?” Josh asked, “So he was pretty special?” Josh was sizing Luke up with a non descriptive expression on his face. “Son, you know I’m a loner and not many people get close to me. You, Wes, Gary and Luke would be the only people I’ve ever let get real close. Besides, I sort of need someone now that the two of you are so damn hooked on each other.” Jason laughed. Wes and Josh looked at each other and turned beet red. They both started to object. But Jason cut them off. “Oh please the two of you have looked at each other like love sick puppies since day one. I love you both. You’re both my boys. Just don’t forget to let me join in once in a while.” Wes and Josh kind of giggled and looked at each other again. “You’re right Dad. I’ve sort of fallen for Wes.” Josh admitted. “You have? You mean it?” Wes said. “My son is a pretty honest guy Wes. You know that. And I know you feel the same way for him.” Jason said. “I love you both so much Jason, but yeah, I love your son. Something catches in the back of my throat every time I see him.” Wes and Josh hugged and kissed and then hugged again. Then Jason went and hugged them both. “I love both of you very much. Nothing makes me happier than to see the two of you happy. Both my boys.” He kissed them both on the lips and then they all broke apart remembering they had a guest. Josh started to make his way over to Luke. Luke was off to the side watching and absorbing everything that Jason just said. He said he needed someone and indicated that Luke was that someone. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice Josh walk up to him. “He is pretty hot Dad. I guess you should introduce us since I already fucked him.” Luke wasn’t use to someone talking like that to his Dad but he adjusted. “I’m Luke” he held out his hand. Josh looked at his hand and then batted it away and took Luke into his arms and gave him a hot, deep, raw kiss. “Welcome to the family Luke” he said as he pulled away. Luke had a stunned look on his face as Wes approached him. “Yeah Luke, welcome to the family, I’m Wes” he said as he gave Luke the same treatment that Josh did. But this time Luke kissed back. This was turning him on again. Jason saw the reaction that Luke was beginning to have and said, “Luke, we’re going inside for a few, boys leave us be for an hour or so.” Jason took Luke to his bed and as they laid down he said, “I share with my boys usually. Is that ok?” “Yes sir” Luke said out of breath. Couldn’t believe what was happening. He fantasized about being alone with this man so much before. But he loved Gary too much to ever do anything without him being there. But now he hoped that Gary would give him his blessing. “I wasn’t expecting to ever see you again Luke. But now that you are here I couldn’t think of a better person to share my family with. Sit on my cock baby. I want to have you now. And then you’ll have me. I want you to an equal.” Jason said. As Luke lowered himself onto Jason he said, “Are you sure about all this? You must already know I always had strong feelings for you.” “I knew. So did Gary. But we both loved you and never thought anything was wrong with it. Gary was the love of my life. You were Gary’s best friend. But Gary and I agreed when we were having sexy with a third person you were the only one that we made love to. I always had a thing for you too. So did Gary. Who knows, if we didn’t all get separated, we would probably have had you move in.” Jason said. Luke bottomed out on Jason’s cock. Jason’s pubes on his ass. He bent down and kissed Jason. Jason then began to fuck him. Pushing himself up into Luke. Luke whimpered into Jason’s mouth. “Oh please fuck me, feels so good” he mumbled between making out with Jason’s mouth. “You didn’t get enough last night baby? All those men?” Jason said while slamming harder into his new lover. “They were fun but they didn’t have the one thing I really needed.” Luke said getting more and more out of breath. “What’s that baby? What were they missing? Say it for me man.” Jason pleaded. “I didn’t love them. I could never love them. I fucking love you, always have, always wanted you.” Luke could feel Jason expanding in him. Ready to explode. “Me too babe. Me too. I fucking love you too. I love Josh and Wes too. You’ll learn to love them in time I’m sure. So you’re part of the family?” he said slowing down. Not wanting to come yet. “If the three of you will have me I’m yours. But right now you need to really fuck me. Stop slowing down. Breed me sir. Make me yours. Do whatever it takes.” Luke was becoming frantic needing a good fuck and all the love he could absorb from this man. Jason complied. And after he came in Luke he wasn’t done. As he was still hard and embedded in Luke’s ass he started to piss. Luke felt himself filling up. “What’s happening?” “You said whatever it takes. This is how I mark my turf. You’re mine now. As well as Josh’s and Wes’. You’re family.” and after he was done pissing he lifted Luke off the bed and took him to the large tub in the Master bedroom. His cock was still firmly in Luke as he climbed into the tub and then slowly got down onto his back. “I’m going to lift you off me and then you’re going to mark me too. Let it go baby.” “I don’t know how clean I am sir. I’m afraid….” Luke began. “Nothing to be afraid of baby. It all goes down the drain. I love you. Nothing about you will scare me off.” he lifted Luke up and let him empty himself on his midsection and then after they stood and showered washing each other lovingly. Luke looking up at Jason wondering how the hell all this just happened. A chance meeting at a bar with the man you could never get out of your system no matter how many tricks you had. They dried off and went out to the kitchen, still nude, looking for the boys. They were both in there having a beer as they prepared steaks for the grill. Josh looked up and said, “Now that all that’s over with when is he moving in?” “All what’s over with son?” Jason smirked. “Sound carries in this house Dad. The biggest question is how are four of us going to fit in that bed?” Josh said. The three guys laughed and Luke just looked around in shock. “Baby, I told you we share everything.” Jason said. Part nine cumming soon! I will revisit other stories and add to them when I figure out where they need to go. Thanks for reading!! Some other stories of mine: http://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ http://www.//gay/incest/when-dad-got-out-of-prison/ http://www.//gay/incest/wildcat/ http://www.//gay/celebrity/lust-in-space/ https://www.//gay/incest/runaway/ https://www.//gay/incest/my-uncles-trailer/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out fty/donate.html

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