Subject: Punish me, dad – chapter 2 – PUNISHED WITH SEX. Chapter 2- PUNISHED WITH SEX. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: www.luces-delatierra.blogspot.es or in English pot.es Totally nude and with the dildo still in my ass I went straight to one of our kitchen chairs and sat. I wanted to be fucked with the dildo a bit more. I had never been so horny and I had two real needs: one was making amends with my wonderful father and being punished by him more. And the second one was jacking off before him. I had shot three loads but I wanted to cum a fourth time before him. I would be embarrassed and blushing but I really wanted to tell him all I had felt. Besides I suddenly discovered I could never find anybody I would desire after now more than my father. He’s told me incest was acceptable in some circumstances and from being the disobedient Ted he’d always found, I wanted to become the pleasing Ted and keep on working with him and even give him sex, for he scarcely had any. I was thinking all this as he was preparing coffee and I made some clear movements with my ass that of course he saw with which I was sticking the dildo deeper and clearly fucking myself with it. But finally coffee was ready and he put in on the table together with my last almond cake I had cooked yesterday. He looked at me totally nude and asked. -Is there anything you want to do now, Ted? -I want to be punished more, dad. And you told me to wank now in your presence and fuck I really need to beat my meat. -Then start –and he saw me taking my fist to my hard cock and beginning my masturbation-. I can see you are not even blushing. I want to know why you suddenly have the need to be punished and I want to hear you. But since wanking before me seems to give you some fun, you can do it after now as often as you want. -Thanks, dad. –I said as I kept on wanking and having the first sips of my coffee and tasted the cake too. -So what do you have to tell me, Ted? -Ok, I’ll start –I said wildly beating off but curiously as he had just said I was not blushing- but first let me repeat how sorry I am, dad, for you don’t deserve the stupid words I addressed you. -Never mind about that now. Tell me. -Now I know what a monster I can be before coffee. But I never thought one day I could even cum in that time. And I’ve already shot three loads with you and I want to shoot a fourth one now, knowing my open-minded father will not mind. I think you’re getting hard, dad. -I am –and then he started stroking his crotch and getting harder. I kept on talking. -So with no lucidity the first thing I felt was you were shaking me as other mornings. But I had hardly slept last night and I was more than a monster and I’m sorry to say my first reaction at your smell was disgust. But it was because I needed more sleep, dad, cause I’m used to your smell and I’m afraid I insulted you and said things that now I don’t mean at all and I will be all my life sorry to have said to you, dad. -I’ve told you I easily forget, more when I’m sure you don’t think wrong of me now. And it is true at least that I stink. I should have more showers. -Do not do it for me, dad. Indeed since I told you this in bed, I will tell you again. Your manly smell now is driving me crazy. Forgive me, dad, but just smelling you is gonna make me cum –and just then I shot my fourth load but I added-. If you don’t mind dad I’m gonna masturbate again. My last words had been the clincher. He had heard me again say I loved his smell, and had seen me cumming, so he took his dick out. It was the first time I could see my father’s dick and I was sure that from then on I would always desire it. He told me he would keep it back if I was shocked but I only told him I had already shot four loads and wanted to achieve my fifth one and I wanted him to cum at least once, and I would keep on jacking off also aroused at his dick. -So ok, I’m becoming convinced that you like this intimacy of father and son jacking off together. Go on with your story. -Then I noticed how you tore my briefs to pieces and you began to spank me. It was many things, dad. The surprise of being so unexpectedly exposed naked and the pain of the spanks and even with my scarce lucidity I started feeling that I deserved it. I love you so much, daddy, believe me. With your first spank I think I began to think that being spanked was the right thing in the right time. I don’t know whether I am a masochist, dad. It’s just that I think punishment is the best thing to be able to become now your best friend. I cannot explain it better, dad, but please keep on punishing me. I had finished eating my almond cake and escort kocaeli he saw I had a free hand now and suddenly approached it to his dick and asked me to keep on jerking myself off as I wanked him provided I felt ok with that. I thanked him and told him it was perfect he had allowed me to make him cum and I wouldn’t stop. -You spanked me just a few minutes and I shot my first load and I was embarrassed that you had seen me but you told me the punishment would continue and I should wait for you on my bed with no clothes on. I was meditating all the time, trying to figure out why I had shot a load and unable to find a reason then. Then I noticed in your smell that you had come back. I suffered many transformations about your smell, dad. In this moment it stopped disgusting me. It did not arouse me yet; it was just my dear father’s habitual smell and having already cum I started to recover some lucidity and I was not disgusted anymore. But now you faced me and I could see totally stunned that you were holding a dildo and you said I should feel embarrassed and lick it. And I mustered courage to ask you why you had a dildo at home. And then dad, I almost started crying when I saw what a brave father I had. I felt more remorseful yet for the words I had told you and at the same time I perceived I wanted to be forever a friend of that brave man’s. I also noticed for the first time how cute you are. Now you said you were gonna stick the dildo in my ass and that would be the end of the punishment. I was of course terrified cause I have never had anything inside my ass and I thought it would really hurt me but I also sensed I had no right to protest and thought again punishment was the right thing. You finally stuck it in my ass and I think you reached my prostate. Only thus I can explain to myself that I shot a new load. And now the crucial moment of this morning came and possibly one of the crucial moments of my life. -Tell me, Ted. -You asked me to tell you the truth and I could choose and you said I was brave. I could tell you to withdraw the dildo from my ass or ask you to keep on fucking me with it. Yes, dad, I have always thought about myself that I was brave. But now I also knew you thought that about me, dad. I had insulted you and your response was praising your son. Besides the dildo in my ass was heaven. So it was easy for me to ask you please to fuck me longer with it. -And what did you feel? Did you like it? -Indeed I never thought I could have fun with my ass but oh it was so good and also feeling I had a brave father who had seen me cumming twice and only wanted my fun now despite the words I had said to you before. And as I was being fucked, I noticed for the first time that your masculine smell was driving me crazy. I had already noticed how cute you are but I started to realize you were sexy too. I know you are open-minded and we have talked many times about sex. Believing you would get shocked I told you now that I desire you. Your smell, your sexy body, your openness of mind as you kept on fucking me made me soon desire I had your longer dildo too inside my ass and soon I thought I would even desire to have a dick up my arse. I wondered what my father’s dick would look like and I’m so happy I can be pleasing it and please dad, never repent and after these twenty-four hours of punishment, you can ask me to wank you as often as you desire, every day, please dad. -Anything else to tell me about this morning? -Yes, dad, I even mustered courage to tell you to punish me with sex, even to give you a blowjob or be fucked by you and you didn’t get shocked either. And then I shot my last load in my room this morning. -Did you reach g-spot? -I don’t know, dad, but I think I didn’t. But I would like to have fun with the dildo or the dildos; I want to know the black one too, more often. To end my story I remind you that you told me you would punish me more and told me what the punishment would be and never said no to allow me to give you some sexual fun. That’s the end of my story, dad. I need to cum again. -I need to cum too. So ok, Ted, both of us together, now! And I did cum a fifth time and the day was only starting and it was pornographic to see my father cumming, and knowing I had made him cum. -So please, dad, I beg you to punish me all you want now. Punish me with sex too. -I think you have enjoyed jacking me off and you could do it any day now. No need to go further. Anyway I will first take everything off. I want to know if you also like to see your father buck naked but I tell you that of course my stinking smell would be clearly perceptible when I am naked. So don’t worry and tell me the truth, whatever this is. You can even tell me, and I won’t get angry, that my smell disgusts you. But first I want to be sure, so Ted, would you like to see your father totally nude? -Yes, please dad. Then Richard Atterton began to strip and I humbly asked him whether I could jerk myself off. He told me to do it if I really felt like. What a hot body kocaeli anal yapan escort I was watching as I pumped my cock ferociously. The more I could see of his skin, the hornier I was. Indeed his masculine smell now was easier to perceive and it made me hornier and harder. When he finally pulled down his shorts, with no underwear now, I almost shot a new load but didn’t. My father hadn’t finished breakfast yet and sat down to finish it comfortably naked sitting next to me. He asked whether I was sure I liked him sitting naked there and whether his smell still aroused me. -I love to see your naked body, dad. I only hope I can see it more often. -So do you think you’re gay, Ted? -All I know is I am feeling gay now. Either gay or bisexual but after now I will always have the need to see naked boys, especially you. -Good, you know you can be comfortable with me with any feelings you have. And what about my smell? -I’m about to cum again, dad, is that an answer? -It’s more than enough for me. Well, Ted, I know you want to suck my cock, but no need to start there. I will suggest you something different to give you some time to think twice about it and I want you to know now that if you finally do it, it won’t be punishment. It will be just for your fun. -I would like to suck your cock, dad. But what is it you want? -You know my feet stink but I’m gonna outstretch them now. You have to do nothing, but if you want you can rest your tongue on my stinking feet and lick them. But if you do, for God’s sake, Ted. Don’t confuse things: this is not punishment. I just want you to try, that’s all, but if you don’t like it just stop. He outstretched his feet then and the mere smell was calling me and unhesitatingly I rested my tongue on the foot closer to me, his right one. No sooner I could taste it, I started wanking again and I said to my father. -Dad, though I have known your smell for years and the smell of other guys I think I have never known I am gay cause I have never discovered man’s tastes. It’s so scrumptious dad. Thank you for this, punishment or not. I want to do it more often. -If it gives you fun, you can do it whenever you want. Ok Ted, since you are enjoying, lick my left stinking foot too till you shoot a new load. I think you will be able. -Today everything’s possible with you, dad. –I said as I moved to his left foot and licked it as a crazy young man who had just discovered what fun is. My dick was savagely being masturbated in the scarce three minutes I was on his left foot and I shot a sixth load. -Now you will also try my armpits, but remember I only want to find out what your pleasures are. This is no punishment either. He raised his arms then and just the vision of his pit hair made me desire to have a new masturbation and indeed I started jacking off before I started licking my father’s sweaty armpits. I told him. -Now I have no doubts I like boys, dad. Oh, if I could be able to cook armpit cakes, instead of almond cakes, I would cook them, but with your tastes. -Glad you like it. So remain in them all the time you want till you achieve a seventh load. Despite the many times I had cum I was persuaded I had to cum with paradise. This cum was, say, compulsory. And I wanted him to allow me to taste his cock next. So after only ten minutes I have to necessarily cum again. Seven times! I couldn’t believe it. -Now first we will have some rest. -You know, dad, I’ve shot seven loads with you so far. Thank you for everything, you hot man. And please make me do more. -You have been showing me this morning what a real man is made of, Ted, and I thank you. But now it will be me that makes something you don’t expect. I have the need now to find out whether I am as brave as you and far from desiring to punish you, I want my son’s fun. And unexpectedly he bent his head and almost treacherously he started to suck my cock! -Dad, don’t to that please. -I don’t want to punish you, but you want to be punished, isn’t it? -Yes, dad, that’s why it should be me blowing you. -I’ve done several things to you today and you seem to have enjoyed them all. I don’t know to what extent you can consider something as punishment if you’re having fun. But now I am sure you are embarrassed as you have never been and let’s say that this is real punishment, something you were not expecting at all. And you can suck my cock later if you want, but first understand me, Ted, incest is not something with which any father should punish his son. If you suck my cock later, it has to be consensual and desired, do you understand? -Yes, dad, how hot you are. Of course I will suck you cock later dad and it won’t be punishment. -Besides Ted, I have the aim of finding out whether I can be as courageous as you. And don’t worry about me. I am finding the taste of your cock delicious. So I will blow you more often and it will only be for your fun, understood? And fuck, for my fun too. What a good taste. Hearing him, I had to shoot a izmit yabancı escort load in his mouth. I had no time to warn him. But he was delighted at the taste of his son’s spunk. I didn’t know how many more times I could cum that horny day, with such sexy man. -So Ted, I told you than incest is acceptable in these conditions and indeed I feel even better now. I will please my brave son more often. Now if you want you can suck my cock. But first I want you to try and lick my balls too in case you don’t want to do it after all. -I wanna taste all of you, dad, and you can be sure I will suck your cock. You have deserved it. -One more thing. If you want more punishment, I will have to think of something different. But now we are only two boys horny at each other. We are becoming fuck buddies, discovering each other, that’s all. And as your fuck buddy, I want you to call me Richard. Do it now and later you can do whatever you want. -Thank you, Richard, you hot man. And now I’ll give you the pleasure you deserve. I really wanted to suck my father’s cock. At last he’d given me permission, but I could not lose the opportunity of tasting one more part of his sexy body so I rested my tongue on his balls as securely as if I had spent my whole life licking balls. And there I wanted to be for long. Such a hot taste they had. I had the security that I would suck his cock later but I was slow pleasing that hot man for I supposed that my licking his balls was driving him crazy. But finally after a couple of minutes, I went with security up that sexy cock that many years before had given me life. I liked it so much that before stopping at my father’s glans I had the need to ask him. -Dad, could I suck your tasty dick more often? -Now you can do it whenever you want, Ted, if it is out of fun and not punishment. Incest in this case is also acceptable for I will also suck your cock now many more times. The taste of my son’s manhood has driven me crazy. Knowing all that and totally sure that after now I would always play with dicks, I devoted myself to give exquisite pleasure to my father. I supposed I was doing it quite good, hearing him moan and also guess that the fact that his very son was the one sucking his cock would totally blow his mind. -Now if you agree, Ted, we can be constantly having sex with each other. I would have preferred being the only one giving blowjobs, but my father had never been a liar and if he was telling me that he had enjoyed giving his son a blowjob, then that was a fact. Ok, after now we could do anything and expected my father would fuck me too sooner or later. I had the need to be punished more often but knew well this was no punishment, only fun for both. I continued sucking his cock like crazy for ten more minutes but my father was twisting now on the verge of orgasm and finally he had no more chance than blasting a huge load in his incestuous son’s mouth. My first taste of jizz, it was delicious! And of course I told him. -Would you not fuck me sooner or later, dad? -I will have to think about it, Ted; I don’t want to give you any pain. -I think the dildo is opening me up for you, dad. And it’s me that’s asking you. -I can do something different though. I can see you’re having fun with the dildo inside you. You will be twenty-four hours with a dildo inside, but it needn’t be the brown one. Would you like to try the black one now? But let me remind you it’s a monster dildo. -Please, dad, lend it to me. He went to his room and I was waiting for him anxiously. If fact when I saw the black dildo I was a little afraid but my father’s sweet gaze encouraged me and I had nothing to tell him. He approached my ass and was for a minute fucking me with the brown dildo and I moaned. Just a minute later I sensed my father removing it from my ass. It was a strange feeling to feel my ass now with nothing inside. But this emptiness didn’t last long. Straight away and smiling at me, he just told me now he hoped now I could enjoy some of the pleasure he enjoyed and stuck the black dildo in my ass. The length of this dildo was causing me some pain but I almost shot a new load at the feeling; it was almost ecstasy and I told him. My father fucked me a bit with it and told me that since the brown dildo was vacant now he would stick it in his ass and I should tell him whether it made me horny too. He continued for a minute fucking me with the long black dildo and fucking himself with the brown one too. It was pornographic to watch my father fucking himself. He told me now he would go to the carpenter’s shop for there was work to do. I should do whatever I wanted; even go to the workshop with him later of cook something. And I even could, if I so desired it, put my clothes on again. But I was sure I wanted to continue naked before him. I told him I would cook a cake and then go to the workshop with him. He headed to the workshop buck naked and I started cooking some cakes, with an apron on, of course. As I was cooking I had a strong desire to be soon back with that hot naked man, my father, and have some more punishment or more fun or both. I really hoped he would fuck me, but finally the cakes already cooked I headed to the workshop with the black dildo now in my ass and deliberately fucking myself with it a bit more for him to see me.

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