RAWIt was the middle of a Nor’ Eastser (Bad Snow Storm In New England) when the lights went out and the winds were howling like giant monsters across the roofs… Snow was piling up fast and the only place to be, was in bed.My fleece sheets and I were cozy and the battery operated toys were set to run smoothly for a cold and snowy night…I wasn’t sure if I should start feeling myself, perhaps, my handsome next door neighbor, Mack, would oblige me with some candles and wine and then I would be finished for the night with an outrageous orgasm and he would be trying to work his way into my pussy with his tongue and cock..But I knew better because he had been away all weekend and left a note with a key in my mailbox to gather his mail and leave it in the back inside a metal lock box…I was always obliging on his long weekend escapades…My imagination became wild thinking about fethiye escort this hunk of a neighbor and I don’t ever think he ever imagined me naked fucking and sucking him…I almost pleaded with myself to stop thinking about him and his imagined huge cock stuffing my pussy, my mouth and asshole… I wanted him badly, but the weather conditions being what they were, it was a sure sign I was alone for the night, with my toys and all things wildly erotic going on in my head…My clit was throbbing for attention and my pussy was wet with enthusiasm..I rummaged through my toy box and found the best one for this night’s story of stories..It was the twelve inch real like dildo with an ass plug and clit pleaser…the one used to fuck your favorite girlfriend or boyfriend ….I gently placed the ass end and began to massage the fake cock with my hand and as I did this, it was escort fethiye rubbing my clit with a slow and soothing crescendo, warming and wetting my cunt…All kinds of loving and fucking thoughts ran through my head about Mack, his delicious cock and all, every which way pleasing me and I him… I wanted his cock as far down my throat as I could take it, without gagging…His huge, bull balls being the final treat to suck on…I wanted to fuck Mack’s asshole with my twelve incher and hear him moan, until his cock and balls couldn’t take it… He was a sexy son of bitch, I mean all of him.. His dark hair and eyes and protruding, well developed muscles all wrapped around little ‘ol me.. I began sucking on the dildo, as if it were Mack’s. My mouth was hot and wet… The doors were shaking as were the windows. The candle light was dimming and soon the room was pitch black… fethiye escort bayan My cunt was burning hot and needed a fuck, I mean a good long fuck before this night’s self fulfilling escapade was over… I knew just the vibrating dildo that would finish it off nicely… My nipples were as hard as the frozen snow and needed my soothing… I began to suck on them, as I was pouncing up and down on the biggest dildo I could muster. So hot was I and the fleshy cock toy just played so nicely for me… I was screaming for Mack, yes, for Mack.. My orgasms were many before the big one… There was enough squirt to fill a pool… After I had lay all up and satisfied, there was a knock at my door and the sun was coming up through all the snow. I was too tired to answer, but the knocking would not stop… I decided to sleep it peacefully for the remaining day until the lights were fully on…When I finally awoke and went to the door there was note from Mack telling me he was home and if I needed anything he would oblige… Well, I knew that I needed him, so this was an open invite…. Part II tomorrow… Huns

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