Subject: Remi’s Dirty Little Secret Chapter 1 Hello! This is my first story submitted to Nifty, although I’ve been reading these for years now. Hope you like it! Please be of age if you’re accessing this website! These stories will still be here until then! Please support Nifty and donate: fty/donate.html Chapter 1: Cam Slut Remi woke up that morning feeling overtly tired. He’d stayed up much longer than he should have, but he was having too much fun! He had run into not only one, or two, but three men last night online! He usually only cammed with up to two men a night, but this last guy was just too hot to pass up. During the late hours of the night, while his brother and father were asleep, Remi Castillo would whore himself out online. There were dozens of older men hounding on kids and teens in online chat rooms. Remi, being a sheltered kid, had joined these chat rooms with the idea of finding online friends. He had no idea that he’d end up spreading his tight little hole for men online within the same week of joining. He soon realized that he liked being defiled by random men online. He liked them belittling and demeaning him. It was almost like it his calling, something he was made to do. He knew he wasn’t supposed to let men call him a faggot and demand an up-close view of his hole, but that only made it more exciting. His little brain was so clouded by these perverse men, that they could get him to do virtually anything. Whatever the men demanded of him, if he was able to, he delivered. Remi, being a simple-minded kid, was easily seduced. It didn’t take men much to catch the attention of the little tyke. He was about to call it a night. The second guy Remi had met that night had cummed, yelling out obscenities at the kid during the time entire time they cammed. The guy was an older black male in his thirties. His dick was incredibly thick and pulsating, Remi thought. The man was no longer than six inches though. Honestly, any dick impressed the young boy, as his was so small. By comparison, all dicks belonging to men older than him were big. Just as the man abruptly ended the call, and the boy was preparing to shut the chat room down, another message popped up on his screen. Remi was prone to ignoring these when he was so tired, but the man caught his attention. His username read “T.” “Open your cam, slut. RIGHT NOW.” T said. That was new. No guy had ever been so straightforward and demanding in a first message to him. Usually guys try to get some type of info or hold a boring conversation. This guy got right to the point, and it turned him on. Remi hesitantly obliged. He didn’t know why, but the more intimidating the man, the hornier he got. Sure, he was tired, but his curiosity always got the best of him. Hence, how he became a cam slut. The cams opened, revealing the authoritative stranger. All the kid saw were rippling muscles, and abs covered by a long thick white shaft. He was immediately entranced. Hair lightly covered arms resting on each side of the man. He was sitting back, slouching in a desk chair shirtless. Just the bottom of his chin was visible. The man’s dick jumped, veins swelling along the shaft, up to the cut pink head. It was glistening and wet, suggesting that T had been stroking and getting horned up on his own. Remi guessed he had the honor of finishing this jock off. T was letting the kid take him all in, loving the silent worship. Remi couldn’t see it, but behind the camera he arrogantly grinned at the kid. He could see the boy’s cute face, but he hid his. The kid’s brown eyes seemed to sparkle as he marveled at his body. It was kinda cute. The ogling made his dick jump. He could tell his dick would receive proper worship tonight. After a minute or so of the kid ogling at him, he finally spoke. “Turn around and show Daddy your little pussy” he said. Hearing T’s deep voice for the first time, Remi swiftly and obediently did as he was told. There was a southern drawl there as well which turned him on even more. This was gonna be fun, he thought to himself. Flashing a quick smile to the camera first, he turned around facing his window. Bending his torso down, and his ass up, he reached izmit escort back and spread open his yellow cheeks. He could feel his little hole puckering in the air. Fuck it felt amazing. The feeling of the slight stretch of his pussy lips as T made a deep, quiet moan. He could never figure which was better; playing with his pussy, or having Men watch while he did so. T watched the kid’s pink pussy wink at him. His realized he was holding his breath, and exhaled with a soft, moaning “fuck.” He was new to this cam shit, stumbling upon this cam site for teens. He didn’t know what to expect, but it damn sure wasn’t this. He had seen the kid advertising in the main chat, asking to be degraded and treated like a whore. He had messaged him earlier but got no response. T simply figured he was busy with another guy. What a slut. All the stroking he was doing that night had made him more aggressive and unstable, needing something more to get him to that edge. He didn’t care if the little bitch was busy or not, he was gonna give him what he wanted. If he wanted to be degraded, he’d get that and more. The kid’s pussy was better than he had imagined though. It just really was…little. He imagined that maybe his thick index finger would fit, but it would take hella lube. His dick for sure would tear the bitch apart though. Call him sick, but he wanted to see it happen. If he couldn’t be there to test the kid’s hole, the kid would have to do it himself. “What can you fit in your pussy, faggot?” T asked over the cam. “What do you mean?” Remi asked, confused. “What the fuck do you have that will fit inside your pussy bitch?” T asked, irritated now. Damn, the boy was cute, but slow. “Oh, my bad,” Remi said sheepishly. “I have some pens that I stick in sometimes.” “Then grab those and see how many you can stick in faggot.” Remi hopped up and ran over to his little desk, his pens laid out before him. Grabbing three, and some Vaseline he kept by his bed, he was back in front his cam. He reassumed the position and began rubbing his finger into the Vaseline. Once they were coated, he brought it back around. He then began to lightly massage his tight hole. This always helped him relax. Just the feeling of it getting slick and slowly opening… T was fucking mesmerized at the sight before him. The kid knew how to put on a goddamned show. He watched as the little pink pussy slowly swallowed up the similar sized fingers. Gawd how he wanted to stuff his face in there and taste that. “Where the fuck are the pens I told you to get bitch?” T asked. Remi simply reached for them, showing them to the camera. That wouldn’t do, T thought. “When I ask you something, I expect a reply! Now where the fuck are the pens I told you to get bitch?” T asked, this time raising his voice at the kid. “My bad, they’re right here.” Remi answered, unsure what to really say. No man, except his dad and his brother, had ever really yelled at him like that. This was something else that was new. “Stop with this “my bad” shit too. That’s not how you apologize. Tell me you’re sorry bitch.” T demanded, adding an edge to his voice. He was steadily becoming more stern with the boy, seeing as he was so hardheaded. T was determined to fix that right up. “I-I’m sorry…” Remi said, his voice low and meek. T was starting to kinda scare him, but in a good way. “YOU’RE SORRY WHAT, FAGGOT?” T now yelled. He had to learn, and T decided it would be the hard way. “I-I’m s-sorry…sir…?” Remi stuttered back. “There we go. Good boy. That’s all I wanted to hear. Now start sticking those pens in. You should be loose enough now. And chop chop, daddy’s ready to bust any second.” Remi was shocked at this. One second, he thought the guy was gonna somehow punch him upside the head through the camera, and the next he’s calling him a “good boy?” Then, in the same instance, back to commanding him. Remi didn’t know why, but this made him hot. He felt so horny, that as soon as he stuck the first pen against his hole, it slid right in. He moaned aloud, putting on a show for the man. It was the least he could do, since T had managed to turn him on so much. He truly felt like a whore for this man. “Keep going baby boy, you got two more left. yahya kaptan escort Open that pussy up and stick it in for daddy, slut.” T said, voice even deeper than before now, cloaked in lust. Remi went for the second one. It was slicked up and ready to go. He had to figure out how to make room for it. The first one was already pretty much filling him. This second one was gonna be a little intrusive. As he poked at his hole, he couldn’t force it in. It just slipped up and the crack of his ass, attempting to evade the other pen. This wasn’t working and was becoming frustrating. T watched the kid and almost face palmed. Again, cute, but not very smart. “Get the other pen and move it to the side a little. That should open your pussy just enough for the tip of the other pen to find your entrance. Then just push it in from there.” T said with a kind of sigh. Remi took his advice and went for it. He quickly moaned aloud, not anticipating the feeling his pussy got. A jolt of electricity went straight to his little smooth balls as the pen rummaged around his small hole. Bringing the other pen back, he found the little bit of an opening and pushed it in, “Oh my Gawd” They both said in unison when the pen began to sink in, stretching the pink pussy to its small limits. Remi almost wanted to cry out, but stifled his moans into his covers. It wasn’t just that his pussy felt amazing, but also T was loving his little show so much. The pens felt kind of weird, but if T liked it so much, he fucking loved it. “One more bitch. Do what you just did again and get that last one in there. Stretch that fucking pussy for me faggot, and I’ll shoot this load just for you. Do you want that baby boy? Look at me and answer.” T moaned out, slowly stroking his cock. Remi looked back at the camera to see his audience. If Remi was having second thoughts, they vanished then. Watching T stroke was something straight out of porn. When he stroked his eight inches, the muscles in his arms bulged, and his veins popped. His chest bulged out and his nipples were hard. He seemed to glow in the light from a fresh coating of sweat. Sweaty and hairy muscles pumped up and down rhythmically. T slowly stroked, edging his thick meat, putting on a show for the boy. “Y-y-yes s-sir…” Remi whined out. He was so turned on he could hardly talk anymore. This made T chuckle a bit. The kid was so willing to behave and serve. It was cute, and sexy as hell at the same time. “Then show daddy how far you can spread that pussy.” Remi prepared the third pen. As he moved the other pens, they moved his insides. He began moaning into his covers more, rising in volume. Fuck if anyone heard, this was too sexy for him to care anymore. He brought it to his hole, only a little room made for it. It definitely didn’t feel like it would fit at this rate. He was simply too tight. There was no way it would get past his little ring. Remi kept watched the cock slowly being stroked for him…mesmerized by the slow movement. The entire top half of it was glistening and wet from precum streaming from the piss slit. Holy fuck that looked amazing, Remi thought. He imagined himself licking it up, and whimpering and whining around it as he swallowed the clear liquid. He wondered if it tasted like pee, since they came from the same place. He had tasted his own piss a few times and liked it. He could only imagine how precum would taste then. All of that thinking made his hole relax further and he felt the pens slide even further in. This elicited even higher and louder moans from the kid, and lower and deeper ones from T. “Come on baby boy, do it for daddy. You got this.” T cooed, psyching the boy up. Focusing on T’s slow stroke, he pushed the last pen up against his pussy. He didn’t want to disappoint him. He wanted to see T bust, so he had to this, or so Remi told himself. With a great push, the pen was in. A high-pitched croak escaped from the boy as he kept going. Soon, all three pens stuck out of the boy’s tight, pink, pussy, right in front of his webcam. T wanted to howl at the scene that had just played out. Seeing the kid spread his pussy gebze escort and bang that pen in was something he would never find anywhere else online, no matter how hard he tried. Nothing could replace what he just saw, or equal up to it. All for his pleasure, the kid pushed his limits with the sluttiest moans he could muster. The kid was putting on a show and T loved it. But it wasn’t over just yet. As he kept his ass stuck in the air, he made Remi tell him some of his darkest and nastiest kinks. Remi was without any inhibitions at this point, lust clouding his mind and filling his thoughts. He then decided to admit something he’d never thought he’d tell anyone. He told T that he wanted to be fucked and used by his older brother, Tony. This immediately set T off! He told Remi to call him Tony and moan his brother’s name, while at the same time playing with the pens filling his pussy. Being a cock slut, he did just as he was told. T continued to demean him and began telling him how much of a slutty little brother he was. Remi was in heaven! His older brother Tony was calling me his cute little faggot, his personal cock slut, his dirty little bitch. “Your pussy’s mine to use whenever I feel like it. If I have a rough day, your pussy’s gonna be up and ready for me to use to release stress. You’re just a hole that I can carelessly dump my cum in. Got that faggot?” T said, berating the kid with insults. This was turning him on so much that- “FUCK, HERE IT COMES BOY!!!” T’s cum splashed everywhere as he watched the yellow bubble butt on screen, shining from Vaseline. The little hole stuck between the two plump cheeks filled to the brim with pens. This was going to be engraved into his memory. It was eternal wank material that he’d always think of when he wanted to bust a fat load. It ended how it usually did though. The cum covered stranger immediately leaving the call and Remi without his own orgasm. Typical man, Remi thought to himself. As he pulled the pens out of his ass and began to turn to his laptop, he saw messages in the small chat box. “What’s your Skype bitch? Hurry up before I close the damn website.” T wrote. Remi quickly passed on the information. After that, he didn’t receive anymore messages. He could only hope that T had seen his message in time. Needing to clean up, Remi tip toed to the bathroom adjacent to his bedroom. He needed to clean the greasy Vaseline off his pens as well, so he could use them later for school work. When he stepped in though, he found something interesting. A dirty, stained pair of red briefs left on the floor. He know he hadn’t left them, they were much too big. His dad had his own bathroom in his bedroom, so he wouldn’t need to use Remi’s shower. The only other person besides him who used it was…Tony! He must’ve used the shower and forgotten them. They looked like they smelled, with different stains covering the cotton material. Remi wanted to do something risky, something really nasty, but he wasn’t sure he had the gall. He carefully and slowly put the greasy pens down on the counter, trying to make as little noise as possible. He swallowed hard and let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He was terrified and felt like any kind of noise would wake the entire house. He slowly bent down to the floor. His heart was beating faster and faster as his hand reached out for the waistband of the dirty underwear. When he finally reached it, he picked it up with two fingers. After a deep breath, Remi brought it to his nose. Days of sweaty, hairy balls washed over him. They smelled disgustingly musty, and he loved it! He sniffed it some more until the smell was stuck in his little nose. He decided that they were too hot to leave behind on the ground. He wanted to keep them to sniff while he jacked off. The entire idea turned him on so much that he did just that right on the bathroom floor. It didn’t take long; his little cock only needed a few jerks and that amazing feeling went through my body like electricity, leaving behind no evidence of his dry boygasm. Remi quickly cleaned the pens up and took the underwear with him. Hiding the underwear at the bottom of his laundry hamper, he quickly fell into a deep sleep. Part 2 coming soon! How was it? I promise to develop the plot more, but the original first chapter just had too much happening, so I cut it to this. I wanted this to act as a tease for what’s to happen down the line. I would love some feedback, so don’t be afraid to share!

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