Subject: Rockhill State Jocks – Part 9 This is a fictional story based on my fantasies. This story contains sexual activity between 2 (or more) males, so if you find this offensive or if you are under the legal age limit in your country, DO NOT read this story. The characters, places, and events in this story are the products of my imagination and not based on any real life events or experiences, so any similarities are purely coincidental. Huge thanks to Zach who helped me proofread and edit this chapter! Please! Donate to Nifty to keep this awesome site fty/donate.html If you have any feedback or suggestion, e-mail me at: ail ————————————————————————— I ended up spending hours in the dorm lobby – sitting, watching people going in-and-out of the building – still shocked from what I had witnessed. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I knew Luke to be submissive, but fucking himself with a dildo? That was another level. The big clock on the wall showed that it was almost 6 pm. It should’ve been safe for me to go back to the suite at this point, but I had difficulty convincing myself to return to the room, so I continued sitting there like a depressed man. Moments later, Randall entered the building. “Hey, I thought you have an assignment to do,” Randall said as he approached me. “I… um… I… just needed fresh air.” I stuttered as I told him another lie. Randall then took a deep breath. “Yeah sure, nothing fresher than air-conditioned air in this lobby.” He said sarcastically. I realized it was a bad lie. “Well, there’s too much pollution outside. Outdoor air is overrated.” I said to him. He chuckled as he sat beside me. “You okay, bud?” He inquired with a smile. This was a recurring question he always asked me. “Yeah, of course. Why do you ask?” “It’s just… you seem a little off. You know you can tell me anything right?” I knew I could always trust him. But, as tempting as it was, I couldn’t just tell him that I just saw our asshole homophobic roommate shoving a dildo in-and-out of his ass as he fantasized about me. “No, really, I’m fine.” I smiled at him. From all the jocks, he was definitely the most caring. Sometimes he can be insensitive, but most of the times when he senses something wrong, he would immediately ask if any help could be given. “Why do you always asked me if I’m okay?” I jokingly asked him with a little laugh. “What do you mean? I’m your friend.” “Yeah, it’s just… You seem more concern about me than my parents. I’m just curious.” Then, his smile faded and his expression turned pensive. He looked down at his foot for a moment before looking back to me. “Well… Do you really want to know?” He asked in a very serious tone. This sudden change just made me more curious, so I nodded my head. “The reason is… um…” He stopped, hesitating to continue. “Have I ever told you about my dad?” “No.” I shook my head. Confused. Randall gulped. “Well, He… passed away a couple years ago.” “Holy shit, Randall. I’m so sorry.” I immediately grabbed his hand and squeezed it. The conversation turned dark really quick. “My dad was always happy you know. Always smiling. Always making people laugh.” He stared me right in the eyes. Deep in his eyes, I could see sadness and sorrow. “Then weeks before he died, he became a little different. He was still happy and smiling in front of me, but I noticed that he was becoming more reserved. He spent a lot more time alone in his room and drank a lot of alcohol. ” At this point, his eyes became glassy and his lips trembled – trying really hard to hold his emotion. “Then one day, I got home from school and I saw him laying lifeless on the kitchen floor with a gun in his hand. He fucking shot himself in the head.” At this point, I lunged towards him and wrapped my arms around his big muscular body – giving him a tight hug. “You know what my biggest regret was? I knew something wrong was happening but I never talked to him. Never asked him if he was okay, never asked him what was wrong.” He added as he wrapped his arm around my tiny body. I felt warm and safe. I really hoped he felt the same. “I don’t want something like that to happen again, especially to the people I love.” He hugged me even tighter. “I love you, Alex. You’re like a brother I never had.” Then, we slowly broke away from our embrace. “So, is it okay to fuck your brother where you’re from?”I joked to lighten the mood. “Fuck you!” He finally smiled, wiping his tears with the back of his hand. I ended up spending another hour in the lobby, listening to Randall talking about how the tragedy changed his life. How he was so depressed, that it was lacrosse and honing his skills, that gave him the strength and a strong support system. “Let’s go back to our apartment.” He got up and offered me his hand to help me up after we were finished, which I gladly took. We walked towards our apartment with his big arm wrapped around my shoulder. It was heavy, but I didn’t care. “Have you ever been to a Rockhill football game? I have never heard you mention that you have been to one.” He asked me as we walked out of the elevator. “Nope. Never watched it.” I answered his question directly. “Why? It’s the biggest sports on campus. Everybody, well almost everybody, went to every game.” “You know I’m not into sports,” I told him with a chuckle. It’s true. There are 2 things I don’t really like, sports and crowded places. A football game sounds like hell to me. “You should go and show some school spirit. You’ll definitely have some fun. Plus, maybe if Luke saw you cheering for him he’ll treat you better.” Randall tried to reason with me. “Speaking of Luke, I know he’s a fucking asshole but he’s an absolute beast at football. He’ll go pro.” At this point, we arrived at our front door. As I was about to grab the door handle, he squeezed my shoulder. “How about you and me go to the football game this Saturday? The team will face their biggest rival, East Capitol Tigers.” He asked enthusiastically. Thinking hard, I didn’t say anything for a moment. I was afraid he would ditch me at the game for his lacrosse friends. But seeing his face light up like a little boy, I finally gave in. “Okay.” “I promise you it’s going to be fun!” He said, opening the door. Inside the apartment was Luke, working out in the living room. He was wearing his signature workout clothes of compression shirt and shorts. At this point, it looked like his clothes were hugging his body even tighter – like it was part of his body. He was lifting a dumbbell furiously, sweat dripping from his body profusely. He looked so intimidating and powerful – making me forget for a second that hours ago he was on all four fantasizing about being fucked in the ass by my nerd-cock. “I think I’m going to join Luke for a quick work-out.” Randall immediately left to his room, leaving me with the big linebacker. I didn’t realize that I was just standing in front of the door, looking at him like a complete idiot. “What are you looking at you fucking fag?” He finally yelled, startling me. I knew I shouldn’t be scared of him, but I still felt intimidated. So I quickly left to my room. As soon as I was inside, I quickly scanned the room and everything seemed normal like before I left. The floor, which had been flooded with Luke’s sweat and cum, was now spotlessly clean. I turned my attention to the hamper full of my dirty clothes which sat in the corner of the room. Quickly, I grabbed a piece of cloth at the very top of the pile – my dirty underwear, the very same ones that Luke intoxicatingly sniffed. The underwear were still wet and sticky, soaked with Luke’s sweat and spit. Just touching them made my mind go crazy. In no time, my cock was hard as a rock. Just like a mind-controlled zombie, I immediately drop my shorts, fell to my knee, and wrapped my cock with the soaked dirty underwear before stroking it intensely. Before I knew it, I was shooting my load for the third time that day. ** The next couple of days were actually pretty enjoyable. After Randall opened up to me, our relationship was closer. We spent more time together – hanging out; working out; walking to class; eating; and of course, sex. He was more direct this time. No more stupid game of his. We did it A LOT – after working out; before going to sleep; back after class; even when we were showering. We were able to do this because, in those few days, there were only the two of us in the apartment. Luke was out very early and back really late preparing for his big game this Saturday. Rex was doing some mandatory ‘Wrestling camp’ out of town for the entire week. It was days full of sex and sweat. Those few days, I was completely forgot about Luke. Finally, Saturday evening came – gameday. I was just laying on my bed, scrolling through Instagram, looking at some cute puppies when I heard a loud knock. “Alex, let’s go!” “In a minute!” I sighed. I really didn’t want to go. I’m a person who’d prefer spending time alone rather than go to a party or any events. At this point, I regretted saying yes to his offer. I quickly jumped from my bed, put on my jeans and a navy blue ‘Rockhill State Knights’ shirt. As I opened the door, the sight of Randall greeted me. He wore a very tight sleeveless shirt – showing his bulging pecs and six-packs along with his exposed huge biceps and blue jeans. I gulped at the sight of him. “Ready?” He asked excitedly. I nodded before he wrapped his arms around my shoulder and we walked towards the front door. Since the stadium was across the road from our dorm, we arrived there in less than 5 minutes. The stadium was jam-packed. Not only the students and staffs were there, but the game was also attended by the towns residence – from young to old, everybody was there. That was the moment I realized how big football was to the campus and the community. “You brought the tickets, right?” I asked Randall after noticing all attendance were holding tickets. “We don’t need tickets, Alex. We have these.” Randall showed me 2 cards. Both of them had our photo and name with ‘VIP – ALL-ACCESS PASS’ written on the bottom. “With these, we can go to the locker room and watch the game from the sidelines.” “Where did you get this?” I asked, snatching the cards from his hand. “I asked Luke to get this for us.” He answered. “You know that asshole is a star player right? Everybody is obsessed with him and would say ‘yes’ to anything he asked. Heck, if he’s a cannibal, people would line up to be eaten by him. ” It was true. To some people, Luke was like a god. They either want to be like him or want to be with him. I don’t blame them. He’s perfect. If only they knew who he really was. “Let’s go there!” Randall pulled me as he pointing to the gate that says ‘Staff Only’. There were 2 security guards there, but they let us in when we showed them our passes. We walked towards the field through a long corridor. As we passed the locker room, I heard a familiar voice from behind us. “Hey!” It was Luke. He was standing in front of the locker room door wearing all his gear and uniform. My jaw dropped. This is the first time I saw him in his full football uniform and he looked hot as fuck! His navy blue jersey was hugging his body tightly with the shoulder pads making his chest look bigger. His massive biceps were on display – hard and veiny. He also wore white and shiny football pants which were also very mezitli escort tight and molded his bubble butt nicely for everyone to see. I could even easily see the cup bulging from his crotch. He looked more badass and intimidating now. The sight of him made my cock throbbed. Damn, he looked like a true knight! “There he is, our star player!” Randall ran to him and gave him a high five. “You ready for the game, champ?” “You know I’m always ready! I’m here to win, baby!” Luke pounded his chest with both of his arms. I just stood a couple feet away from them, trying to hide my growing boner. “Thanks for the pass man,” Randall said to Luke, punching his shoulder-pads protected chest lightly. Suddenly, Luke went back to the locker room for a moment and came back with 2 pieces of papers. “I know I said that you can watch from the sidelines, but I think it would be better if you sit with the fans.” Then, he handed Randall the papers. “Here is 2 front row tickets. You’ll sit right behind the team bench.” “Oh, thank you, dude!” Randall gave Luke a bro hug. I really wanted to thank him too at this point, but I was frozen in my spot. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t move or even speak. “I should go back. Enjoy the game, man. GO KNIGHTS!” Luke bolted back to the locker room, leaving me with Randall. “Why didn’t you say anything to him?” Randall said as he walked towards me, “What do you want me to say?” I answered, still trying hard to cover my boner with my hands. “I don’t know, thank him for the tickets? Give him motivation? Wishing him luck? You wanted him to treat yo-” He stopped midway and focusing his attention to my crotch. “Hold on.” Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand away from my groin before eventually touching my crotch with his other hand. I was shocked by his action. My heart was racing and I suddenly had difficulty breathing. He got me. Busted! “Alex.” He turned his attention to back my face. “It’s because of his football gear isn’t it?” At this point, I was still stunned so I just nodded. I think he could see the panic and horror on my face. “Hey, It’s okay. I know you like guys in sports gear from the moment you asked me to fuck you in my lacrosse gear.” He said as he put both his hands on my shoulder. “I just didn’t realize that a homophobic asshole like him, even in his football gear, could give you a hard-on. It’s okay, dude.” His words were making me calm. I could feel my heart rate slowing down and my breathing become easier. “Yeah, I’m fucking weird.” “No, you’re not. I remember my first day of lacrosse practice. I got home still in my gear, sweaty as fuck. Then when I got into my room, I finally looked at myself in gear for the first time. I know it sounds narcissistic, but I looked hot as fuck. I got a fucking boner looking at myself. I ended up jerking off while I pose in my gear and fucking cum all over my cup.” “Dude, not helping.” His story just made my cock throb again. “Sorry. I’m just saying that it’s normal. I bet Luke and Rex also got a fucking boner every time they see themselves in their gear.” “You know what, let’s just go to our seat.” We got into our seat just as the marching band entered the field for a pre-game show. Just like Luke said, we sat right behind the team bench. I looked around and people were yelling, cheering, and singing. Everybody seemed to be having fun even though the game hadn’t started. Not long after the marching band finished their show, the cheerleader came on the sideline. One of the cheerleading members looked familiar, but I couldn’t figure out who she is. She definitely knew me since she gave me a wave and a wink as soon as she saw me. Randall apparently noticed this. “Dude, did Carla Castellanos just wave at you?” Randall asked, looking at me with a surprised look. “Oh, right. That’s Carla.” I finally remembered. That was Carla, the girl I met the first time I got here. “You know her?” He asked me again confusedly. “Kind of. I met her at the airport when I got here.” “I can’t believe you know one of the hottest chicks on campus.” Didn’t know how to respond, I just shrugged. Then, questions started to pop in my mind. ‘He thought Carla is hot. Does this mean that he’s straight? or maybe bi?’ My thought then interrupted by a loud cheer from the supporter as the Rockhill State football team members entering the field one by one. For the first time, I finally saw the entire member of the football team and they’re all hot as fuck! The football team is basically a collection of the hottest, buffest dudes on campus. Then, as Luke entered the field, the cheer changed into a roar. All supporters went crazy and began to chant his name. I was stunned. I didn’t realize he was this big. It was later that I discovered why Luke was dubbed as ‘The Beast’ and ‘The Rockhill Saviour’. At this point, he played for less than one season but already broke a lot of records for Rockhill State. He held the records for forced fumbles, interceptions, and interceptions that lead to a touchdown, which I heard is very rare. Since we sat behind the bench, we could see the entire football team very closely without obstruction. I could see their bubble butts confined in their tight uniform, their muscle definition, and even their sweat dripping from their face very clearly. Within a matter of seconds, my cock was hard as steel again. Finally, the game started. Since I didn’t really know about football, Randall tried to explain the rules to me. But I didn’t really pay attention to him. My focus was reserved to all the big, muscular hunks running around the field with their bubble butt bouncing up-and-down. Every time the defense team played, my whole attention was reserved for Luke. He was indeed a beast on the field. The crowd roared every time he played. My cock couldn’t help but twitch every time he tackled a player from the opposing team. Suddenly, a fucked up idea came to my brain. “Hey Randall, do you know when is the stadium gonna be empty after a big game like this?” I asked Randall. “Usually it will be deserted 2 hours after the game. They clean everything in the morning.” He answered without looking at me, focusing on the game. “Including the locker room?” “Yeah. The players usually go straight to a party after a game. Why?” Randall stated as he finally looked at me. “Just asking.” After that, I couldn’t focus on the game anymore. Instead, I was cooking up a plan – calculating every step carefully – so it would be flawless. At the fourth quarter, the Knights were leading the game with 56 – 14, a Rockhill State win was inevitable. It was time for the first step. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and opened the text massaging app. After selecting Luke as the recipient, I began to type. ‘STAY IN THE LOCKER ROOM AFTER THE GAME UNTIL EVERYONE IS GONE. I GOT A REWARD FOR YOUR WIN TONIGHT. KEEP YOUR GEAR ON. DON’T SHOWER.’ I reviewed the text a couple of times. I thought it was pretty good since I want it to be a command rather than a question. It was simple and direct. All capital letter also made it looked more authoritative. Satisfied, I immediately hit send. Suddenly my heart started to race. ‘There’s no going back now.’ I thought to myself. There were only 2 possible scenarios that could happen. He was either obeying the command or getting mad because of it. After another touchdown by the Knights, the game finally ended with a final score of 63 – 14. The team could be seen celebrating on the field for a moment. Their happy expressions were so precious, it made you forget that a lot of them are homophobic assholes. After the team went back to the locker room, the supporters began to disperse, filing out of all the exit. My heart was still racing at this point. Luke must’ve already read the text back there. “Let’s go,” Randall said as he got up to leave. Still have unfinished business, I decided to make a fake excuse to stay at the stadium. “Umm… I think I’m going to stay here for a while to take some pictures.” “Fine, I’ll wait for you.” He said as he sat again. “No, no, no. It’s fine. It’s not going to take long.” “Alex, what’s going on?” He definitely felt something was up. I could see the suspicious look on his face. “I told you I’m going to take some pictures.” “Okay. That’s fine if you’re not going to tell me. Just… Call me if you need help or have an emergency or something.” He said as he got up to leave. “Chill, Randall. I’m gonna be fine. You’re not my boyfriend.” “I’m not?” he said in a mocking voice, flashing his boyish smile at me before continuing to walk towards the exit. I stayed at the stadium for almost one and a half hour until the stadium was almost empty, waiting for a text back from Luke that never came. At this point, it was Impossible if he hadn’t checked his phone. I was pretty disappointed. ‘Maybe he chose to go to a party with his teammates. He’s a star player anyway.’ I thought to myself as I headed to the exit gate. Just as I was leaving the stadium, I heard a girl yell from behind me. “Hey, Alex right?” I turned around and saw Carla running towards me, struggling since she had a big gym bag with her. Even in the dark, I can tell that she was beautiful. “Hey, Carla.” “Hey, how are you doing?” She asked as she pulls me to the nearest bench. “I’m good. What’s up?” I said as we both sat on the bench. “Just catching up.” She said, smiling. It was kind of weird that Carla suddenly wanted to talk to me, let alone interested in my life. She didn’t even talk to me the first time we met. I was kind of suspicious. We ended up talking about our life on campus, what we did for almost one semester here. She was actually pretty funny and we talked for almost 30 minutes. But then, my suspicion turned out to be true. She had a hidden agenda. Like an investigative journalist, she asked me a lot of questions about Luke. Does he had a girlfriend?; What type of girls is he into?; and in the end, asked for his phone number. She got up as soon as I gave her his phone number. “Thank you, Alex. it’s been nice talking to you.” She gave me a final look before grabbing her gym bag and left. I just sighed. As I was about to get up, suddenly my phone buzzed in my pocket. I quickly pulled it out to learn that I got one message from Luke. My heart was racing again. Without thinking, I opened the message. ‘Where r u? Everyone’s already left’ BINGO! I immediately ran towards the staff entrance; swipe the VIP card; and got back inside the stadium. My cock started to rise again as scenarios of what I was about to do to him flooded my brain. I continued to run through the empty hallway until I reached the locker room. When I arrived, the door was closed, but since there was a small window on the door, I could easily peek inside. I was surprised when I saw the inside of the locker room. It was huge and very nice! The lockers were lined up at the left and right side of the room. The room was carpeted, with a big knight helmet printed in the middle of the floor. On the right side of the room was Luke, following my command – still in his football gear, complete with the helmet, gloves, and cleats doing push-ups. sweats was pouring from his body, making his uniform wetter. He was indeed a beast. Didn’t want to wait any longer, I barged into the locker room, startling Luke, who immediately got up from the floor. As soon as I was in, the strong odor of stale, pozcu escort musky, athlete sweat invaded my nostril – fueling the that was slowly taking over my body. I couldn’t help but take a really deep breath. Nothing smells better than a badly ventilated freshly used locker room. “What do you want, fag?” Luke said in his deep, husky voice with his hands folded on his chest -making his big, sweaty biceps bulging. ‘Oh, you want to play this game, huh?’ I thought to myself. At this point, my mind was already flooded with lust. I couldn’t think straight anymore. I walked towards him slowly and stopped a couple feet in front of him. Since he was towering over me, I have to slightly look up to saw his face. “Hands behind your back,” I commanded. “Who the fuck do you think you are? FUCK OFF!” He pushed my shoulder with his big, gloved hand. His push was not harsh. It was hard, but it didn’t really hurt me. Then, I grabbed the collar of his shoulder pads with both of my hands and pushed him to the wall behind him. Since he was double my size, I couldn’t have done that by myself, but I could do it easily without a struggle. It was like he purposefully helped and let me push himself to the wall. I could hear his breath became faster as he was trapped between me and the wall. He could easily push me away with his free hands, but he didn’t. He wanted this. Without letting go of his shoulder pads, I moved my head closer to his armpit and took a deep whiff. Immediately, a strong smell of his virile, sweaty jock musk filled my lungs, making my cock throb like crazy. As I was enjoying his manly aroma, I moved and slipped my right hand under his jersey, slowly caressing his hard, bulging 8-pack abs. “Ooohhhh…” I could hear him moan as soon my small hand caressed his smooth abs. After rubbling his abs for a while, I slipped my hand further underneath his shoulder pads – gliding my hand until I found his right pec to give it a squeeze. “Aaaahhh…” He moaned again. Satisfied with his response, I moved my attention towards his nipple, rubbing, pinching and tugging it slowly. “Ahhhh NO…” He moaned louder, I could feel his body shudder. “Shit… I-I’m not a… f-fag… Aahhhh…” After hearing him say that, I moved my head away from his armpit. I pulled his helmet up until I could see his face and looked him right in the eyes. The same expression of defeat and humiliation was on his face, just like a couple weeks back. “You’re not a fag Luke…” I said to him as my left hand pulled his face towards mine. “You’re MY fag.” With that, I planted a deep,wet kiss on his mouth, which he gladly accepted. We both moaned as our tongues wrestled each other. He wrapped his arms around me, exploring my back and ass with his big hands. I kept my left hand on the back of his head to prevent him from pulling away, which turned out to be unnecessary. Just like him, my other hand was also doing an exploration of its own – rubbing and squeezing his big, bubble butt. Both of us didn’t want to let go. It was the hottest kiss I’ve ever experienced. After a while, I decided break our kiss. I could hear Luke groan in protest, but I immediately dive into his neck. Just like someone who hasn’t drank for days, I lapped up all the sweat on his neck, trying to taste every drop of him. I could hear him moaning again as one of his hands lifted my shirt to expose my back. “Oohhh… Fuck, Alex… Aaahh…” Then, I heard him whispered softly. “I… I-I’m your fag…” Hearing Luke saying that made my mind go crazy. I ‘attacked’ his neck more violently – kissing; licking; and sucking on every inch of the flesh of his neck until I heard him say it again. “I’m your fag, Alex… I’m your fag…” This time, he said it out loud without hesitation. What he said awaken something inside of me. Something I didn’t know existed within me. Hearing him saying it out loud like that made me feel… powerful. Made me feel like I was the “beast” in the room. I never thought I was a dominant person. If anything, I feel more like a submissive… being. Getting used and controlled was the things that kind of turning me on. I might be the smallest in the room, but at that moment I was the strong one – the one with authority. I pulled my face away from his neck and looking into his eyes, I could see the reflection of the hunger and the lust we were both feeling. I could see that he wanted me, and I wanted him. There was nothing else that mattered besides him. “FLEX!” I barked at Luke. Without any hesitation, he struck a double bicep pose. I circled him a couple times – admiring his big, muscular physique while taking in the fact that the strong, football star was surrendering himself to me. After satisfied, I stopped in front of him and rubbed one of his biceps – feeling how big and powerful it was. His bicep was covered in sweat, making it look so tempting. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I gave the bicep a gentle lick, making his body shuddered. “Who owns this muscle, Beast?” I asked him with a stern voice as I continuing to caress his bicep, tracing my finger along the bulging veins. “I-It’s yours… Alex.” He answered with hesitation. “Who owns this muscle again, Beast?” I asked him again. This time, I squeezed his hard muscle. “You do, Alex.” This time he answered more sternly. Then, I moved to his back and immediately grabbed his big, bubble butt. He jolted in response. “What about this. Who owns this ass, Beast?” I asked as I gave his ass-cheeks a squeeze. “You do, Alex.” He answered more loudly than before. I moved again and stopped in front of him. I looked at his bulging crotch before grabbing it with my right hand. It was covered by a hard protective cup that all the football players wore. A moan could be heard as soon as I touched it. “What about the monster behind this thing, Beast? Who owns it?” I asked as I jerked the cup up-and-down. Making him moan even louder. “Ooohh… I-It’s Yours s-sir… You own it!” I smiled as soon as I heard him called me ‘sir’. Who would’ve thought that the famous Rockhill linebacker is this submissive? That the ‘Rockhill Saviour’ was craving for authority? Satisfied with his answers, I decided to move on to the next step. “Kneel,” I commanded and he immediately complied – slowly went into a kneeling position, still showing the double bicep pose. At this point, my whole body was drenched in sweat, so I decided to take off my shirt. I looked down at Luke and couldn’t help but smile as he stared at my body with lust and hunger. “Do you like what you see, Luke?” I asked as I rubbed my sweaty body with my hand seductively. “YES, SIR!” He answered immediately, loud and clear. “M-May I taste it?” Luke added, looking up to me like a puppy. I couldn’t say no to that. “Sure, go ahead,” I answered as I took off his helmet. He dove his face towards my body as soon as his helmet was off. By this time, my body was more developed from all the work-out I’ve done with the boys. My 6-packs abs were already more built and visible. Luke gave each of my 6-packs abs a gentle kiss – like an appreciation kiss – before running his wet tongue over them, lapping all the sweats. The sensation his soft, warm tongue created over my sensitive skin was amazing. I could feel my breathing becoming heavy after a while. This was the time I decided to stop him. I pulled his face away from my abs only to be met with a disappointed expression on his face. It was time for me to see his body. “Take off your jersey,” I ordered. Without hesitation, he tried to do it. Turns out, it was not easy. Since he wore a big shoulder-pads and a very tight jersey, he couldn’t take them off one by one and had to pull them both at once. He struggled for a while before I eventually helped him, pulling the shoulder-pads over his head. “Thank you, sir!” Luke said as his beautiful muscular body was finally exposed. Couldn’t wait any longer, I dropped my jeans, uncovering the white jockstrap that I bought a couple days ago. My erect cock was stretching the fabric by making it tent. The pouch was drenched in pre-cum and sweat. “You want this, right Luke?” I asked as I took a step forward, making my crotch only a couple inches away from him. I could see him closing his eyes and a take a really deep breath – inhaling all the scent. “Y-yes, sir.” “Give it a kiss, then.” He instantly closed his eyes and moved his head forward, taking another deep breath before eventually giving my cockhead a long, passionate kiss. The feeling of his soft lips and warm tongue against my sensitive cockhead made my cock twitch a couple times. Fresh pre-cum couldn’t stop flowing, which he quickly cleared with his tongue. “T-take it out, Luke,” I commanded Luke as lust took over my body. I wanted more. He complied, quickly slipping my cock out from the pouch. It was as hard as a pole. My cockhead was turning red from all the blood flow going there. Just as Luke was about to put my throbbing cock into his mouth, I push his head away with my hand. “No, no, no. Not yet, Beast.” I wanted to explore his body first, marking every inch of his bulging muscles as my territory. Marking it mine. “Flex again!” He immediately did another double bicep pose – showing me his huge guns again. I licked my lips in hunger before getting close to him. I put my hard cock on his shoulder before gliding it to his bulging bicep, smearing all my pre-cum on it. After I reached his bicep, I rubbed my wet cockhead all over his bicep. Making sure every inch of it was covered in my pre-cum. “Shit, Luke. Your football player bicep is covered in nerd’s pre-cum. Fuck! You like it don’t you?” The lust was finally taking control of my brain. Suddenly I had a strong urge to humiliate him. “Look at it, Luke! Look at my nerd’s dick dancing around your big, bulging, alpha-man bicep!” He just looked at my cock assaulting his bicep in a helpless expression, like he was trapped and couldn’t do anything. Then, I moved my attention to his elbow crevices – the space between his bulging biceps and his flexed forearm, pushing my hard cock into it slowly. “Oohhh Fuck, Luke!” The tight space created an incredible pleasurable feeling. I found myself beginning to fuck it, thrusting my cock in-and-out. As I violently fucked it, I could feel Luke flexed his arms harder, making the space became tighter. “Oh shit. I’m fucking your bicep. I’m fucking your bicep, Luke.” I lost myself in pleasure. It was incredible. I never expected it to be that good. I felt something start to build up. As I felt I was about to cum, I quickly withdrew my cock for I didn’t want the night to end prematurely. I looked down at my cock, my cockhead was already wet with pre-cum again. It was time to explore more of his body. “Lay down!” I barked at him and he immediately complied. I moved closer to him and went on to my knees, straddling his body. His muscular body looked really tempting. I couldn’t help but rub my hands all over his big, hard, muscular body. “You’re perfect, Luke.” I complimented him. His eyes were closed and his head was tossing left-and-right, trying to contain the pleasure my hand gave. “Any boy would do anything to get a body like this.” I continued caressing his body, but this time I was focused on his pecs. “And girls would KILL to do what I’m doing to you right now.” While my hand was squeezing his pecs, I reached down to him and planted another kiss. Our tongues were battling escort bayan each other once again. He moaned and grunted as I rubbed and pinched his nipples violently. I stopped the kiss after a while and decided to continue marking his body as my territory. I scooped a drop of pre-cum from my piss-slit with my finger and offered it to his mouth. Without saying a word, he opened his mouth and sucked my finger. He sucked my finger like a baby sucking on a pacifier, I rubbed my wet cockhead on his big, bulging pec. Trying to smear my pre-cum all over it. The sensation it created was incredible, especially when my sensitive cockhead grazing against his hard nipple. After I was done, I move closer to his head, so now my cock was above his face. “Now it’s time for the real thing,” I said to him as I waved my cock above his head, teasing him. “You want this in your mouth, Luke?” “Ye… Yeah…” He said as he looked at my hard cock with lust. “You got to pay some respect first,” I said as I hold my cock down so my cockhead was pointing at his mouth. “Kiss it.” Quickly, he lifted his head and gave my cockhead another kiss. “Good. Now open your mouth.” I shoved my cock into his mouth as soon as he opened it. His body jolted as I thrust the entire thing in. After he was calm, I moved my hips up-and-down to face-fuck his sweet, wet jock-mouth. I looked at the full-body mirror to my right, and the sight was incredibly hot. I, a small nerd was face-fucking a much bigger, muscular football player who was laying helplessly. “Fuck, Luke! You’re being facefucked by a nerd! Shit!” My trash-talk begin again. “I wish all your teammates and coaches were here so they could see who you really are.” I continued facefucking him in a steady rhythm. “A fucking football fag!” I didn’t know how long I fucked his mouth. The sensation his wet mouth and tongue created was phenomenal. My head was clouded with lust. I couldn’t focus on anything else besides fucking his jock mouth. Starting to feel that I was about to reach the point of no return, I immediately withdrew my cock from his mouth. I have something more in store for him. I looked down to him – his face was red, with spit and pre-cum covering his face, but I could still see the hunger in his eyes. I decided to turn my attention to his crotch. I pulled his tight football pants to his ankle and the sight of his erect monster cock greeted me. Since his cock was really big, his cockhead was peeking out from the waistband. Instead of covering his cock, his protective cup was covering his balls. I was confused as to how he could fit his cock into the cup since his cock was huge even though it was flaccid. I slipped his cup out of the pouch and gave it a deep whiff, inhaling all his manly aroma – a combination of his sweat, piss, and cum. It was addicting and intoxicating. His cock looked so tempting, it was calling me to put it into my mouth. But I decided that it was time for the main event. “Get up,” I ordered as grabbed his shoulder-pads from the floor and handed it to him. “Put this on.” I wanted him to wear the shoulder-pads since he looked really hot wearing it. It made him look more like a football player – more like a ‘beast’. “Now get down on all four!” I said as I pointed into the floor. My eyes went to his back and the sight of his big bubble butt greeted me. Couldn’t wait any longer, I spread his cheeks apart and his pink, puckered hole twitched as it was exposed for me to see. After licking my lips in hunger, I immediately drove my face into his crack to take a really deep breath. The aroma was so fucking amazing. Just as I expected, his sweaty jock-hole smelled sweet. It was hypnotizing. I wished the air smelled like that. After inhaling every bit of his scent, I gave his hole a gentle a lick. He shuddered as soon as my soft tongue touched his puckered jock-hole. Moans escaping from his mouth again. Over time, the gentle lick became brutal. Not just licking it, I also pushed my tongue into his hole. He let out a loud moan every time I jabbed my tongue into his tight hole. As my mouth was doing feasting on his hole, my hands were also working on him, giving his erect monster cock a massage – jerking it from the base to the tip, just like milking a cow. I also gave his cockhead a gentle rub every time my hand reached the tip. After savoring his football ass for a while, it was time for the finale. I saw a table near the center of the room and an idea popped in my head. I looked down to him – he was panting as sweat was dripping profusely from his body. “Lay on your back on that table!” I ordered him, pointing to a long wooden table. He didn’t move for a second, trying to catch his breath. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to get up, he finally did what I ordered. I walked towards the table jerking my cock and covering it with the pre-cum that I collected from ‘milking’ him. I went to the edge of the table where his legs were hanging and took off his cleats and pants that were around his ankle the entire time. After finishing with disrobing him, I moved in between his calf and put his big, heavy legs on my shoulder. “A-Alex… what are you doing?” Luke asked me, lifting his head to see what I was doing. “I’m giving you a gift for doing so well on the field today,” I answered as I continue to jerk my cock. “No… Please no, Alex… Don’t fuck me… I’m not a faggot… Please…” He pleaded. It was definitely one of his ‘acts’ since he could easily kick me with his strong legs or pushed me with his free hands if he was serious. “I thought you are my faggot, Luke,” I said as I scooped another pre-cum from his cock and smeared it on my cock. “No… I’m not a faggot… Please… No…” He continued to plead. “I know you always wanted this, Beast,” I said as I aimed my pulsing cock at his throbbing jock-hole. “Just relax.” “STOP… PLEASE… IM NOT A FAGGOT… PLEASE… OH, SHIT!” He yelled as I began penetrating his jock-hole, pushing my cock-head inside his hungry, pink cunt. His ass muscle clenched as soon as my cock-head invading his hole, squeezing it. I slowly kept sliding my shaft in slowly, trying my best not to hurt him. His hole was really tight! The fact that his ass muscle kept clenching didn’t help as it only made his hole tighter. But after a while, my cock was finally buried in the beast’s ass. “OOHHH FUCK, ALEX! AHH! YO… Y-YOU FUCKED ME! YOU POPPED MY CHERRY!” He moaned as my balls finally hit his ass. “AHH! A NERD IS POPPING MY CHERRY!” “That’s right, Luke. A nerd is popping your cherry.” Then, after he became more relaxed, I started to move my hips slowly, thrusting my cock in-and-out. “OOHH SHIT! YOU FUCKED ME ALEX! YOU FUCKED MY ASS! AAHHH!” “Yes, I am, Luke. I’m fucking your tight linebacker ass.” I continued to ram his ass in a steady pace. “How does it feel, Luke? A star football player being fucked by a pathetic nerd?” My desire to trash-talk was rising again. “I know you like it. What would your teammates and coaches think if they saw you getting fucked by a nerd like this?” At this point, Luke was just moaning loudly. His eyes were closed with his hands above his head, showing his smooth armpits and bulging biceps. “What would everybody think if they knew that their football hero turns out to be a fucking faggot?” I bucked my hips faster, lost in the pleasure his tight ass gave me. “You always act like a fucking alpha… Ahhh… Always being cocky and shit… Ooohhh… Deep down you know you always craved this… You know you’re just a fucking cock-whore.” I completely lost myself at this point, felt like I was possessed. Never in my life would’ve I thought I could say something degrading and awful to a person like that. It was like someone else was taking over my body. He just continued to groan and moan, trashing his head left and right. Still not satisfied, my trash-talking continued. “What’s your name?” I asked him, looking at him directly at his eyes. I had a really strong urge to humiliate him even more. “I-I’m Luke.” “What’s your full name?” “I-I’m Luke Peterson.” “What’s your jersey number?” “F-Fifty-nine” “What position are you on the football team?” “I-I’m starting Linebacker… For Rockhill State Knights!” “And what are you to me, Luke?” “I-I… I’m your fag, Alex. I… I’m your fag!” “Repeat your answers to me!” “I’m Luke Peterson, number 59, starting Linebacker for Rockhill State Knights, and I’m your fag!” “AGAIN!” I yelled, slapping his cock. “I’m Luke Peterson, number 59, starting Linebacker for Rockhill State Knights, and I’m your fag!” “I’m Luke Peterson, number 59, starting Linebacker for Rockhill State Knights, and I’m your fag!” He continued to repeat it over and over again. I could tell that he was turned on by the humiliation since I saw his cock throbbed and his ass tightened every time he repeated the ‘mantra’. Hearing him saying that over and over just turned me on even more. So I grabbed the collar of his shoulder-pads and fucked him as hard as I could – sliding my cock in-and-out at a rapid pace. Then, I looked down to his muscular body and saw it become tense. Not long after that, his monster cock was throbbing like crazy – something was coming. “OOHHH… ALEX… FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARD!! FUCK MY JOCK ASS HARD!! FUCKK!! FUUCKK!! FUUUUCCCCKKK!!!” With that, his monster cock erupted, spewing load after load of his warm, sticky man-juice all over his face and body. As he was cumming, his muscle ass was tightening really hard – squeezing my cock. The sensation was taking me to the point of no return. “AAHHH…AHHH… LUUKKEE!!!” I shot my own load into his stomach as his monster cock was still erupting. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I could tell from the amount of cum spurting from his cock, Luke was also experiencing the same. “Fuck,” I whispered as I pull my cock out from Luke’s ass. I felt myself slowly going back to reality. At this point, my energy had all been drained. I couldn’t even stand anymore. So, I collapsed on top of Luke’s muscular body. We didn’t move for a while. The only sound I could hear was our heaving breath. But then, I could hear him whisper something. “Get away from me.” Still didn’t have energy, I didn’t move. Besides, since he was whispering, I could’ve misheard him. “GET AWAY FROM ME!” This time, I could hear him loud and clear. Before I could do anything, he pushed me away- making me fall to the floor. It hurt as hell. He immediately jumped from the table, looking at me with a scary expression that I never have seen before as he was backing up until he reached a wall. His breath was still heavy and his fists were clenched tightly. I didn’t know why, but he was clearly upset. “Luke, what happened?” I took a step towards him to calm him and trying to figure out why he was so upset. “STOP! DON’T YOU DARE GET NEAR ME!” He yelled at me, stopping my move. “GO AWAY.” He pointed at the door. Still confused, I didn’t move. “GO AWAY!” Seeing me just standing still, he yelled again – this time louder. “Luke are you okay? I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?” I tried to approach him again, still trying to calm him and making sure he was okay. “JUST GO! GO BEFORE I FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” He grabbed a helmet from a nearby locker and swung it towards me. I could see tears running down his cheek. Never would’ve I thought I could see Luke cry. But that night, he did. I hurriedly put on my jeans and shirt before running towards the exit. Before I closed the door, I looked back to him one last time. “I’m so sorry, Luke. I’m sorry.” I said to him before closing the door. “I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE!” I could hear him yelling from inside. One of my best night has turned into one of the worst.

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