Subject: Running With The Big Dogs 28 All the usual disclaimers apply. Please support Nifty by making a donation today. Do it for yourself and do it for the young horny boys jacking off to these sexy stories. Keep the cum flowing ! Yours and their’s. Send constructive comments to me at hoo. Thanks, guys ! Running With The Big Dogs 28 The hot Missouri ranchers hugged each of us, welcomed us and helped us bring our bags in and showed us where we could bed down. Coach and my dad huddled in the kitchen with the ranchers, I guess to talk about our activities for tomorrow. Not sure because I was out like a light. The next morning we woke up to the enticing smells of fresh coffee and sizzling sausage. All the Big Dogs wore our colorful soft running straps and gathered in the big eat in kitchen. We were greeted by our three cowboy hosts, Buck and Joey and their sexy stud of a rancher son, Jade. We learned that after breakfast and showers, we should dress to tour the thousands of acres of this amazing ranch on four wheelers and dirt bikes Buck said there were plenty of helmets to go around. “Safety first ” , the big guy and head of the family said. Our hosts hired two caterers to prepare group meals during our stay. Buck introduced Luis and Enrique to us. Both wore waist aprons and nothing else but big friendly smiles. Luis was a sturdy brown Mexican stud with a smooth chest and killer pecs and Enrique looked Like a hot Ricky Martin Puerto Rican type. We craned our necks to check out their sexy bare asses as they served us a big, delicious breakfast, including pineapple. Coach said, “Men, load up on the fruit. It makes your young cum even sweeter !” Our youngest guys, Kipper and Camo really liked it when the dads called them men. They smiled and gobbled down chunks of sweet pineapple ! We stripped naked outside the big gang shower and checked each other out. I was not the only guy who paid special attention to our cowboy hosts, dads Buck and, Joey and their studly son, Jade. All were blond and smooth and well hung and cut with Prince Albert pierced cocks. Buck’s daddy dick was girthy and the sight of his seven thick inches made my ass twitch in anticipation of our evening activities. I have an itch that I need that big pierced daddy cock to scratch. istanbul travesti So wild. So fuckin’ hot ! Luis and Enrique took off their aprons so we could check out their thick cut cocks that were already plumped up. In fact, every guy there was throwing a bone and we took turns stroking and washing each other’s sexy wet bodies. Mikey “likes dicks” got on his knees in the hot shower, mouth open, ready to suck dick. Coach announced to everyone, “Men, save your loads for tonight but if you want to slap your cocks on Mikey’s handsome face and piss on him and in his mouth, you horny fuckers go for it. And oh, yeah, when it comes to eating ass, knock yourselves out !” Excitement buzzed in the big crowded gang shower. Mikey, the fit young gymnast and runner looked up at us as we took turns slapping his face with our cocks. I had huge respect for hot Mikey who started having sex with his dad and twin uncles and gramps at a young age. Those hot family fuckers were star attractions at the recent orgy. The double penetrations were a horny crowd favorite ! We pissed so much all over young Mikey. His 6.5 inch cock was hard as stone and looked a full inch bigger because of the thin cock ring Mikey always wears. We pissed in his open mouth and he took a bunch down. But then he started pissing out what we were putting in his thirsty mouth. So wild. I wish you could have been there to watch the fit caterers, Luis and Enrique slap Mikey’s face and then piss like champion racehorses down his teen throat ! And I got so hard when the three ranchers and my dad, Mark and Coach Walker took turns eating the asses of me, Kipper, Ky, Kolby, Joe Boxer and his cute little bro, Cameron, who we now call Camo ! Our high and tight asses were getting primed for an aggressive work out later tonight ! Everyone rode four wheelers and dirt bikes as we toured the ranch, inspecting fields and streams and cattle and salt licks, ponds and two large barns. The fences looked in good shape and the many head of beef cattle looked very healthy. I was so impressed with the spread that supports the three sexy ranchers, a few other family members and four farm hands. At one stop, Buck introduced us to Bill and Ted, who owned farms nearby but most days, worked on the ranch. Both kadıköy travesti were big, manly guys, Bill white and Ted an amazing looking American Indian. His long black shiny hair hung below his cowboy hat and spilled down his back. Jade leaned over and told me Bill and Ted showered at the end of each day at the ranch He also told me the guys asked for sex lessons after they worked on the ranch for a while but before Jade joined the rancher family. Buck and Joey were happy to teach their ranch hands all the joys and pleasures of man on man sex. After a beautiful sunny day of fresh air touring the big Missouri ranch, we headed back to the huge Victorian farm house. We were served chicken pozole soup by Luis and Enrique who now were only wearing regular white jockstraps. The soup was so tasty and the caterer’s hot asses looked pretty damn tasty too. We spent the afternoon lounging nearly naked in our runner straps playing video games. Jade has a kickass gaming console and all the best games. We had a blast and got to know Jade, a smart and friendly and optimistic guy. He answered our many questions about his pierced cock. He told us he wanted a Prince Albert when he turned 18 to show his new dads, Buck and Joey they were bound together in love forever as a family. Jade knew how lucky he was that before he died, his father figured out he was gay and would need love and protection from a gay couple like Buck and Joey. All three men considered themselves very fortunate to have the ranch and to have each other. Dinner was more soup, fruit salad and the best chicken salad sandwiches I ever ate, topped off by double fudge brownies. Thanks, Luis and Enrique! After hours of gaming, Jade switched one big flat screen to Corbin Fisher porn and another screen to hard core Treasure Island porn. Wow, those horny guys are out of control and loving every suck and fuck and drop of delicious sperm ! Very inspiring. We just lounged around, watching porn, stroking and making out. Right now I am sitting between my coach and my dad, going back and forth kissing and tongue wrestling each hot man as they rubbed my chest and abs and sucked my sensitive nips. I knew some guys were in the big shower cleaning their asses and I needed to get that done too. Dad and bakırköy travesti Coach and I walked to the group shower but we had to sit and wait our turn. We watched naked men stick metal nozzles in the asses of boys and teens. We saw Camo and Kipper kissing and rubbing each other’s bellies. It was quite a sight when Kolby and Joe Boxer and Kipper and Camo shot warm water out of their young assholes at the same time ! Now they were using hoses to fill up the three ranchers and caterers, Luis and Enrique and wow. I just saw semi hairy Bill and his farmhand friend, Ted get down on all fours, arched backs and ready to get douched out. It was fun to watch the sexy naked boys filling the hot asses of these big manly men. Jade was the hottest by far but every single guy made my dick hard. Dude, you would have been fuckin’ amazed to see the douche water shoot out of the hot sexy asses of Buck, Joey, Jade and Luis and Enrique and finally Bill and Ted. Amazing ! A few guys got out to dry off making room for me and Mikey Dicks and my father Mark and our Coach to get in and lather each other up. The steam was rolling but you could make out the high asses and hard cocks all around us. Mikey and I got down on the tile floor and arched our backs. I think it was my big bro Ky who stuck the nozzle in my hole and filled my ass with warm water. The men told me to point my ass at my Buddy Mikey and I did. He knew what the guys wanted to see and told me it’s ok. So after I held it as long as I could, I let loose and the douche water And it shot out and was a direct hit in Mikey’s cute face. Thank god it was clean ! Now it was my turn to get blasted. Mikey smiled at me as I got in position. Then he changed his mind and told me to lie down on my back so he could squat over my face. I knew some of these horny fuckers wanted me to open my mouth but that was not happening. No way, man. But they cheered when I got a full face blast of douche water ! Not so bad When dad and Coach started to exit the shower, Ky and I told them no way were they not getting out without getting cleaned out. Fairs fair, guys ! So we got them down into position and filled them up three times to make sure their daddy holes are squeaky clean for the sexy night ahead. Super fun to watch them blast water out of their manly asses ! We finished our showers, dried off and gathered back in the big living room / lounge area where the kissing and rubbing and making out were evolving into more. Please send constructive feedback to hoo. Thanks, guys !

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