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I slumped onto his chest as the pain continued coursing through me in wave after wave. The weak elderly voice of his mother called something from the other room in Russian, to which Dad responded in Russian as well. “She ask what happen. I say you stub toe and will be okay.” “Niko, my Niko,” He gently petted the back of my head, “I am so very sorry, little one. I am too big to be so fast. Forgive Daddy, Sobachka?” I could barely breathe, much less answer. He picked me up in his arms and against his wide hairy chest, then carried me into the living room where we slept. He knelt down and placed me on the pallet, the pain now subsiding quickly. “You didn’t do anything, Dad. Daddy. I went too fast. It was my fault.” I answered finally, wanting to erase the look of worry and guilt from his handsome bearded face. “No, my son, I am grown man. I should know of these things. You…you have not made sex before, yes?” “No, this is the first for me.” I responded honestly. “Niko, you like the girls or the boys?” He asked as if it had just occurred to him. “Both, I guess. Before you, just girls. Now, though, I’m not so sure.” “Is good you like the girls, too.” His eyes softened. “America does not yet have enough Voronov’s I think. Is good for you to marry and make more, yes?” His eyes twinkled as if the thought of my providing him with grandchildren made him very happy. “Yes, I’ll ‘make’ many more Vornov’s.” I laughed quietly, the pain in my ass now completely gone. “But, you do not mind to be ‘close’ to Daddy, too, uh, Niko?” I smiled and reached a hand up to slide my fingers through the dense curly hair of his chest, slicking them through the drying cum of his earlier load as I began to answer. “No, I love being ‘close’ to you.” “Very close, Sobachka?” His voice darkening as his hand reached between my thighs and thick fingers slid into the cleft of my ass. “Very close, Daddy.” My mouth opened to him as he leaned over to slide his mouth over mine once again. Kissing me deeply, he pulled his hand from my ass and rolled me onto my stomach without breaking the kiss. His strong hands began to massage my shoulders as he moved to kneel between my legs. His knees spread mine widely as his tongue took ownership of my mouth and rough hands worked the muscles of my shoulders and back. I felt his weight lower onto me, the coarse hair of his body set- ting my skin on fire as it pressed into me. I loved the feel of having all his weight on top of me, his long tall body covering mine completely as if protec- ting me with his larger physique. I could feel his rigid cock pressing my asscheeks widely apart. The girth of that huge meat making it impossible for them to do anything else as he left the kiss to lick and nuzzle his beard against my neck. He began sliding that fat beast up and down along my crack while his hands continued massaging and relaxing me. I’d descended deeply into a haze of utter peace and relaxation, no doubt helped along by the vodka consumed earlier, when I felt the head of his cock move against my eager young hole again. I lifted my head in concern as his mouth came around to capture mine in another head-swimming kiss. My ass relaxed and I felt the wide head of his cock slip inside. The feeling was one of being stretched tightly and filled too full, but there was no pain this time. There was only a rather exciting discomfort from being opened up wider than ever before. I groaned into his mouth passionately at the sensation of his huge cock entering my sixteen year old hole. He pulled back slightly and whispered, “Quiet, Niko…we must be quiet, little one,” and then moved back into to kiss me even deeper still. He eased more inside me. I loved the thought of him pushing into me, but I felt like I had to go to the bathroom and push what was inside me back out. “Daddy, I can’t…” I broke this kiss this time and looked at him with deep regret. He kissed my forehead, “Yes, Sobachka, you can. You can do this for Daddy. I promise, my son, it get better. You trust Daddy, yes?” “Yes…” I responded without conviction, keeping my voice in a quiet whisper to match his own. “Nyet. No, you do not.” He chuckled quietly, leaning his fore- head against mine. “It is for me to teach, though, and I teach you to trust me now.” He slid his arms up mine and folded them around my chest inside his own. Wrapped in his arms I did trust him as more of his cock was forced up into my ass. “Oh Daddy…” I gasped, the feeling of having to push him back out was beginning to fade. “Quiet, Sobachka,” He chuckled again and lifted a hand to cover my mouth. “Is not good to wake mama and papa when Daddy is being ‘close’ to his Niko.” He fed more of his cock into me. My insides strained against him. I tried to picture how it could possibly fit inside me and could only envision a small arm stuffed into my body. I began to whimper into his hand, his cock was doing crazy things to my body from the inside. By the time his crotch was pressed into my asscheeks, I was thrashing underneath him and leaking precum all over the blanket. “No, no, Niko! You must be quiet!” He insisted, his whisper heated and intense. “Here…” He slowly removed his fat cock from my hole, the exit as excrutiatingly wonderful as its entrance. “…we go to creek, yes? There you will not have to be so quiet. Come.” He lifted me up and grabbed the top blanket. We moved silently to and out the back door. About twenty feet from the door, he stopped and turned toward me. “Niko, I have idea we should run. Is good for you?” I looked at him standing in the moonlight expectantly. Drawn up to his full 6’7″ height, packed with muscle and coated with that amazing dark curly fur, and his handsome face flushed with love and lust…there was only one answer. “Oh yes, it is very good for me.” A brilliant smile brightened his heavily bearded face. “Then…we run!” He was off like a flash. I caught up quickly and we ran side by side till we came to the creek. He tossed the blanket down, and then me playfully on top of it. He stood there looking down…thick legs spread, hands at his side, thick meaty cock piercing the air in front of him, heavy breathing lifting his massive furry arms, chest, and shoulders. With the beard, intense eyes, and shock of bristly black hair jutting over his forehead he looked again like some wild Russian warrior. The sight of him like that left me feeling small and vulnerable… that feeling excited me even more as he towered over me. “Beautiful…” He lowered himself on top of me and sealed his lips to mine. He kissed me as if he never wanted to stop, his hands sweeping up and down the sides of my body as if enthralled in the feel of my smooth skin. He slid down my body and moved his arms under my thighs. He then moved upward, raising my legs in the process. The wiry hair of his chest and stomach scraped against the soft skin of the back of my thighs as he moved. He somehow knew the raspy feel of it drove me nuts, escort kocaeli as it was clear he was scraping it against me on purpose. When he’d risen high enough and tilted my ass far enough, the brillo pad of his stomach scraping against the tender flesh of my young hole left me crying out and gasping for air. Suddenly he was completely on top of me, my body bent double underneath him. His cock was poised at my hole only for a second before he plunged it in and clamped his mouth onto mine to muffle my yells. My hole had shrunk back up some and my body spasmed with the sudden stretching of it across the massive girth of his huge slab of Russian meat. The slickness of the cum that had been applied there earlier ran out about halfway through his entry, the second half burning through my ass as he drove on in anyway. I clawed at his back, kicked, and twisted my face away to cry out into the humid night air. “No, Sobachka,” He grabbed my jaw and forced me to look up at him, “you must fight. You must make your body take Daddy’s cock. You must ride Daddy’s cock and must make it yours, little one! It is mine to give for you, but it is you who must learn to accept it.” He pulled out and shoved back inside, the wetness of my ass making it slide in easier this time…though, still not comfortably. I couldn’t help crying out again. “Ride me, Niko. Ride me as I ride you. Daddy and son, we ride together, yes? Close, yes?” His voice was deep and demanding as he brought me along mentally to where we were sexually. “I give to you what is mine to give…daddy’s cock. And you, you give to me what is for you to give…your little zhopa, uhmmm, the little ass of my beautiful boy. No way for Daddy and son to be closer, yes?” His words broke through the discomfort. I loved my dad, I loved him incredibly. I’d missed him for seven years, and now I wanted to be as close to him as possible. I agreed with him, ther…was no way for us to be closer. I wanted him to give me all he had, and I wanted to give him eveything I had. “Yes, yes…oh, fuck me, Daddy!” I groaned “You want Daddy fuck you, Niko? This is what you want, my son? Say again. For Daddy…say again!” He demanded hoarsely, holding his huge cock completely still inside my ass. I looked into his eyes and opened my mouth…nothing came out at first. All I could do was look into his handsome dark face and feel the words repeating through my mind before I finally managed to get them into my mouth. “Fuck me, Daddy.” I whispered haltingly between heaving breaths, “Yes…God…………..I want you to fuck me!” He pulled out to the head and then shoved back in, snapping my head back with the force of his re-entry. “OHHHHHHHHHH GODDDD…” roared from my chest at the same time as he groaned my name out into the night. His huge cock flexed and jumped inside me as he leaned down to rub his nose across mine. “So tight, Niko, ” his thick fleshy lips brushed mine before his fat tongue swabbed inside. It felt as if his fat Russian meat was a foot wide and that every- thing inside was mashed up against his massive invader. Even my arms and legs felt as if his huge cock was stroking them from the inside. He pulled his face back, “Niko, you grip cock so hard, Sobatchka. Daddy can not move, my son. Relax. Relax little ass and let Daddy give what he has for you.” “I can’t…I’m not….I’m not doing anything…I don’t have any con- trol.” I tried to explain. In the position he had me, I couldn’t have tightened my asshole if I tried. He started to pull out slowly, dragging the sensitive flesh of my hole outward with his fat meat. The sensation was agonizingly hot! It felt as if he were stroking his cock over each nerve ending individually. I groaned and writhed underneath him in response. He eased back onto his heels, letting my legs slide down until they landed softly into the crook of his elbows. “Ohhhh, Sobatchka…” he whispered reverently, his head tilted downward to take in the slow extraction of his formidable cock from my over-stretched asshole. “Daddy’s cock is very big for body so small.” He looked up at me with concern. “Is new for me, too, Niko….this that we do. I see before, yes, but in picture. It is not for me, so I pay no attention. But, I think I know how to fix.” He let my left leg fall to drape around his waist, bringing his hand to his mouth and spitting several times inside. He lowered his hand to where his thick cock was still being dragged from my aching hole. I felt his hand bumping my ass as he sla- thered his mammoth meat in his own spit. Staring down, he murmured, “So tight, Niko. Your ass it suck at Daddy like baby on mother’s breast…hungry and not want to let go. You such treasure for Daddy, Sobatchka, such treasure…” Finally, he was out to only the tip of the three inch spongy head of his long cock. “Kiss Daddy, Niko.” I started to lean up. “No, no, my son. Here…” he flexed his cock so the head wi- dened inside me. “Sobatchka kiss…puppy kiss.” “Ohhh god…” I exhaled heatedly as I flopped back down onto the ground behind me. He smiled, “Ahhh…you like to kiss Daddy’s cock this way?” “You called me, ‘puppy.’ ” “Da,” he responded, a confused look on his face, “But, is same as ‘sobatchka.’ Words are words, no different…yes?” “No. Nooooooo,” I shook my head from side to side, a wide satisfied smile on my face, “that one feels different in English. It reminds me of how much bigger you are, how much smaller I am, how muscled and hairy you are, and how slim smooth and young I am. It makes me feel like you are my daddy in a way that’s different from other wayss. I hope that makes sense.” “Ah, Sobatchka…puppy…it is more sense that it make than you know. It feel same for me to say in Russian. When you were little child… no, it not same. Now, it same. It remind me of all you say. So, I say it sometime in English for you and sometime Russian for me, yes?” God, I loved him! “Yes.” “Puppy?” He raised his heavy eyebrows into striking arches over his startling pale green eyes. “Yes?” I smiled back at his expression…floating relaxed in the lull of his taking my virgin teenage ass. He lowered one eyebrow, leaving the other arched high…cocky and proud, “Give Daddy puppy kiss.” I squeezed my asshole down on the head of his cock, expelling it completely from my hole. His response was a deep groan from his broad hairy chest before spreading my asshole wide again and forcing his long fat cock back into my body. “DAD! DADDYYYYYYY….” The one cocky eyebrow re- mained raised dominantly as he buried himself inside me to the hilt. My body flopped and twisted as the feeling of his extra wide cock filling me moved deeper and deeper. “Is better now, I think? Yes?” Until he chuckled and I opened my eyes, I hadn’t even realized I’d grabbed onto his furry shoulders and pulled myself up off the ground. “Oh yes. Ohhhh yes, it’s better.” I whispered hoarsely, as I pressed my face into the thick curling hair of his chest. He eased his huge cock back out with an extended movement of his hips, and then drove back in. My vision went white as my body bucked and breath caught in my chest. He’d punched across something inside me that sent white heat searing up my spine and into my head. “What is wrong, Sobatchka?” He asked quickly with concern. “Is bad, something I do?” “No. No.” I gasped. “You hit something new inside me. Some place different than before.” “Daddy hurt you, Niko?” “No….it was….well….” My chest heaved, “It was a shock, but it was great. Kind of incredibly, really.” “You know what this is, this thing I hit? “No….” “But, it is okay, yes? Is good, you say?” “Ohhhhh, yes!” He hauled that massive Russian python from my hole and then shoved it back in hard and fast. I bucked and yelled into his chest again, gripping his shoulders as if to hold onto my sanity as my body exploded into fiery stars again. I bit into the heavy muscle under his skin, tasting the sweat of his body as he pulled back out. The next thrust sent me thrashing underneath him, my body on fire doubly now…first, from the huge cock spreading my ass and lunging deeply into my body and, second, from whatever his huge mule-dick was punching across. The hard nub of a nipple slipped under my mouth, and I attacked it with all the pent up sexual need exploding through me. “Aghhhhhhh, sookin syn! Sookin sin!” (I later learned this meant ‘Son of a Bitch.’) “Sobatchka…puppy…Daddy can not…AGGHHHHH!!!” Hearing him losing it, my dick thrusting inside the fur of his hard stomach, and his huge cock now ramming in and out of my ass as it continued impaling itself against that mysterious place in side me over and over pushed me over the edge. My balls drew up against his pounding musky crotch and began firing jet after jet of teen cum in between us. “AH! Sobatchka, you grab Daddy! SOOKIN SYN, MY SON! I FEEL!! I FEEL YOU CUM, PUPPY! I TOO CUM !! NOW!!” izmit anal yapan escort He bellowed into the warm night air. “TAKE DADDY, NIKO, TAAAAKE DADDYYYYY…!!!” He shoved me back onto the ground and bent me double again, my knees now pressed into my shoulders. His mouth crashed down onto mine as his tongue attacked the inside of my mouth and throat. He groaned into me as he began slamming his hips into mine. I felt my muscles bouncing against bone as he rammed his huge cock in and out of my ass as if trying to fuck it all the way up inside me to my neck. Just as the last of my own cum dribbled from the head of my dick, the heavy vibrations coursing through me each time his hips slammed into mine started my balls boiling and threatening to overflow yet again. I yelled back into his commanding mouth as a second orgasm began racing up the length of my teenage meat. My ass spasming against his thick powerful cock and hips jerking wildly against him seemed to make him lose all control. Big strong hands raised up to take each side of my head in a steel grip and tilt my face to the side. He kissed me violently as his groan- ing tipped over into yelling that matched my own. We now laid there, exploding our vocal release into each others’ mouths. At the same time, my dick unloaded a second time in between the sandwich of our stomachs and his huge cock began unloading inside my ass. His cock thickened even further than before, stretching my ass- hole and my insides wider than it felt previously possible. The feeling of it all left my head spinning with how incredible this man was, my father, still raging his monster cock in and out of my flooding ass. The fact that he loved me so much and treated me with such great pride and affection had already made me feel as if he were the most wonderful man in the world. But, this! Having his body shoved deeply in- side my own blew me away. The fact that it was even possible was almost beyond my grasp. The fact that it was actually happening was more than I could comprehend. All I could do was lay there and let it drown me in awe. Even as he continued ramming his huge swollen fuckmeat into me, I could feel it exploding and splashing my insides in a flood of thick white-hot cum. His pistoning cock carried some of his load out on each stroke, leaving it splattering his crotch and my ass each time he drove back in. Soon, it was running down the crack of my ass to my back. His balls began making a hot wet smacking sound each time they crashed against me. Our yelling subsided and soon we were both just mumbling into each others’ mouths…still riding out the last of our gut-wrenching release. Dad eased his face away, two big paws petting the sides of my face with so much force I was pushed from one side to the other. “Niko, Niko….incredible….” He lowered his forehead to mine as sweat dripped off his nose and onto my cheeks. “First time for Daddy, first time for son, yes? You say before it is first time you make sex, yes?” “Yes, it was.” I mumbled back…still in awe of him and what he’d just done to me. “Is good we have together, yes? First time for me with man, and first time for you with any. Is good, I think, yes?” “Oh, god yes, it is good.” I rolled my eyes and slid my head to the side with the enormity of it all. “Sooooooooo, Daddy’s cock feel good…not too big?” “Perfect,” I turned my head to face him again so he could see the utter sincerity on my face, “incredibly perfect. And me, Daddy? Was I good?” I knew the answer. At least, I thought I did. It was all a blur, but I thought he’d said a number of times that I was great. Still, I wanted to hear it in the quiet of the moment. I wanted to hear it where I could concentrate only on the answer and not what his incredible body was doing to me at the same time. “Ohhhhhhh, Sobatchka, Niko, Puppy….” He dropped his full weight on top of me. My legs splayed out wide to the side as his chest fell to mine and his head settled against the side of my face. “I not know it could be like this before.” “Until you, I think only of women. Still, I will think only of wo- men…except for you.” He leaned up and braced his arms on each side of me. “You….you grip me from inside like small fist, stroke me like tight hot hand. Your body, deep inside, it grab at my cock like it want to hold me there. And, you touch me like you have instruction book, Niko. This I do not understand, but must be natural for you. That say it special with you, yes? Special for us together, yes?” Special? That was putting it mildly! I rocked my hips as much as I could, eliciting a renewed throbbing and jerking from the huge cock still shoved deeply inside my young body. An eyebrow arched yet again on his handsome face poised over me in the dim moonlight, “Yes?” “Yes…” He looked up and around, “We should get back, Sobatchka. Morning come early and every day there is much to do. You must be ready for Daddy to let you up, yes?” “Noooo…” I smiled quietly, “I could lay here just like this all night.” “Ahhhh Niko, such sweet boy. You make easy for Daddy to love you much.” A big warm hand stroked my face. “But,” He shifted into father mode. “…is not good for daddy to let son get little sleep before such long day.” He began easing his cock out of my ragged sloppy sixteen year old ass. “Oh god….OH GOD!” I exclaimed and writhed underneath him. My ravaged ass sent shockwaves of pleasure through me as inch after fat inch of his long sturdy cock pulled its way out of my body. “So beautiful, Puppy, soooooo beautiful the way you are with me….with my cock. Big is good for you, uh, my Niko? Smaller not have so much to give you pleasure. Big have much more to give to you, yes?” The look on his face was purely serious. Not a hint of self- flattery existed in his open expression. It was as if he wanted me to re- assure both of us that his cock wasn’t too big for me and that it was in fact a good thing he was hung so hugely. His cock finally slid completely out of me and I prepared myself to answer him in a way I hoped would do just that. “You fill me up…and I…I feel so loved when you’re there. It’s hard to believe it felt so good.” “Is good, then?” “It’s good, Daddy.” I smiled at his concern. “Good. We wash, then we walk home and sleep, Sobatchka. You must have sleep. Daddy must have sleep.” He was back in father mode again. He stood and extended a hand. When I took it, he pulled me up on legs so shakey I could barely stand. He chuckled as I grabbed his thick hairy forearm with my other hand for support. Reaching the creek, I refused to go into the now frigid water past my feet. Dad just laughed and then gasped as he splashed his crotch quickly. He stepped over to me and wiped a wet hand across my lower back and the outside of my ass, taking most of the cum spread over me with it before swishing that hand in the creek. We dried off silently with the edges of the blanket and then set off for home. Warm and happy, I let myself bump into him regularly as we walked…smiling quietly along the way. With the house now in sight off in the distance, he stopped and pulled me back against him. “Niko, before we go inside…” He slid his hand to my face and turned it back over my shoulder. He lowered his head and skimmed thick lips back and forth against my own. His heavy beard and mustache brushed sensually across my nose, cheeks, and jaw. “Niko…” His lips parted and his tongue slipped inside. I felt his cock harden in the crack of my ass, and then slip out to the side before shifting upward along my spine. His greater height left his balls pressed into my waist as the head of his cock reached up between my shoulder blades. As the kiss deepened in passion and physical depth, his tongue now swabbing into my throat, one arm moved across my chest as the other wrapped around my waist. He bent his knees, then lowered his body till his head was below mine and our kiss was almost broken. His arms tightened with easy strength as he straightened his body and lifted my feet from the ground. Suspended, my legs reached behind and encircled his wide muscular thighs. He’d lifted me higher than himself and I was now tilting my head down as well as back over my shoulder to maintain his deep warm kiss. In this position, his hard cock was once again sliding inside the cum sodden cleft of my asscheeks, sliding rapturously against my puffy and tender asshole. I hung there in his arms glad he’d only cleaned off my back and the outside of my ass. Heat took over and I rolled my hips until his cock shifted enough to place it back at my slippery hole. I rolled them back down until most of the three inch head slid inside. “Uhnnnnnnn….” I groaned at the sensation of being spread open and entered again. My hole stung as it struggled to stretch around his incredibly thick girth, but that was nothing compared to having him gebze escort in- side me again. Dad’s tongue began diving into my mouth as his arms eased my body down his and further onto his long fat cock. He was going to fuck me again…and that, I suddenly realized, was exactly what I wanted. As he pressed inward, the head of his thick ass-buster hit that place inside me again…but, it wouldn’t go further this time. As if trapped, his hefty cockhead pressed there as my weight pushed it harder and more purposely into that mysterious bulb inside me. I began to squirm against him as fire shot through me. The movement dislodged his cock just enough that it prodded past the sensitive node and slid into my ass till I was fully impaled on the wide shaft. My hands flew behind me to grip his head for support as pleasure ripped through me at having his huge cock settled back balls-deep inside my young body once again. I gasped and heaved, breaking the kiss and staring forward in wide-eyed amazement. The first time, having his big cock stuffed inside me had been too new and shocking to really take in all the feelings it created. Now, I hung there panting in the pressure of it filling my insides as the massive length and girth of that steely shaft stretched out even the deep- est reaches of the bowels. His huge cock widened my tiny young asshole with excrutiating tightness around the throbbing steel of the base of his horse meat as my mind scrambled to accept everything that incredible cock was doing to me. He tightened his arms and lifted me back up and off his huge Russian meat, leaving only the tip of the head teasing my hole as it attempted to close. As he held me there for a moment, I tried to catch my breath and give my brain a short reprieve from feeling as if it were melting all the searing heat rushing through my body. “Niko….” His arms pushed my body back down as he thrust his hips up- ward, punching past my hole…punching past that small bulb inside me, and shoving that huge drainpipe slab of daddy meat back deep into my insides. “Oh god….oh god….oh god…..ohhhhhhhh god….” I chanted mindlessly, the feel of him shoving everything inside me apart to accomo- his long cumbersome cock suddenly cleaving my fevered brain in half. He lifted me again, and dropped me back down. “Daddyyyyyy…!!!!” It was too much. His cock was too big. It reached to far inside me in this postion. It punched past too many places. His arms felt too big and too strong. His chest, stomach, and thighs were too hairy…the feel of all that bristly hair scraping against my skin was too much to add to everything else. I felt my mind slipping away and deserting my body, leaving me with nothing but the feeling of Dad’s huge cock pum- meling my sixteen year old ass. I knew I was close. Even though I’d already cum twice tonight and he’d only driven a few strokes up inside me this time…still, cum was building at light speed inside my balls again as if this was the first time. “Nikoooo…” His voice dropped to a low demanding growl, a tone I hadn’t heard in his voice before. He rose me up and slammed me back down, punching past everything yet again. This time, he immediately repeated the exit and then slammed right back inside. My whole body jerked and bounced with the impact. I bucked against him as the tingle deep under my balls and along my shaft increased threateningly. Again, he pulled me off and then rammed back inside with no time in between. Using my own weight and the powerful thrust of his hips he began plunging his enormous cock in and out of my body…battering my ass with his thick hard meat and sending shockwaves up to burst inside my frantic head. Again and again he pounded into me until the world suddenly became a sweeping blur and I found myself landing on the ground on all fours. I didn’t have time to wonder at what happened as he grabbed my hips in hands banded with steel and began driving into me with a fury and need that was new and brutal. It hurt. He was ramming that huge cock deeper than ever, ramming past everything inside like a piledriver busting through rock and concrete. As much as it hurt, though, there was also a crazed ecstacy in the power of his savage thrusts…something that made my vision begin to cloud in the bone-jarring force. Gone was my father. Gone was the loving dad that’d been so careful and gentle with me. In his place was a raging hairy beast all but raping my teenage hole with merciless fury. That was it!! My balls drew up from their sack and into my crotch. I felt as if everything inside my body was being drained dry as my cum flew up my shaft and began splattering into the dry dirt underneath me. At the same time, a stiffled roar burst from his chest and he jerked me back to meet his powerful thrust with so much strength my teeth slammed together. He held me there, roaring quietly into the night, his cock jum- ping wildly within my insides as he flooded my bowels with a second load of thick hot cum. His steely shaft thrashed and jerked as I felt more and more of his cum splatter forcefully against the walls of my ass. My own dick continued unloading into the dirt as Dad ground his hips back and forth, displacing my insides with each move. Lightning shot off behind my eyes as he stirred his cock inside my bowels in a bath of his own thick load. I dropped my head to the ground, my breathing labored as the last of my cum flowed from my dick. “Don’t move, Sobatchka, do not move.” He commanded sharp- ly as he rasped the words out between his own heaving breaths. I went completely still, even keeping my breaths in check. His big wide hands slid up my sides and then back to my hips as a low deep quiet groan began easing from his throat. I felt his cock widen and harden to to brittle iron as a warm wetness began to pour from his horse-dick and fill my ass. My inside began to bloat just as hot piss and two loads of thick cum began to flow out of where my asshole still clamped down on his huge cock. My lips parted and my breath caught in my throat at the feel of the warm liquid escaping from my butt and running down over my dick and balls. I probably would have been grossed out if it hadn’t been for how sen- suous and sexy it felt…the warmth, the wetness, the slide of it over the sen- sitive skin of my ass, balls, and dick. “Sobatchka…puppy…you do same,” He whispered, his voice becoming relaxed as his breathing slowed closer to normal. “Is best time, after making sex. It feel like cumming still. Relax and try, Niko, you see is true.” I just wanted to enjoy and wallow in the feelings radiating through me from everything we’d just done together. I relaxed, though, as he’d asked me to do. I did need to piss, but I kept clenching back down against it each time it was ready to flow. As if sensing my situation, Dad reached around and under me to lightly stroke a strong blunt finger against the underside of my dick. First, a few drops spilled out accompanied by a heavy tingle rising up from between my asshole and my balls before it spread out into the lower half of my stomach. Then, a short stream followed by a long continuous one. “Ahhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” I groaned as the feeling stretched out through my arms and legs to the tips of my fingers and toes. He was right. It felt as if I was cumming all over again. Softer, lighter, more relaxed…but, still as if I was shooting yet another load. “Good, Niko, very good.” He whispered quietly and intimately. “It feel very nice, yes?” “Yeah,” I managed to get out as my dick flexed with the last few spurts. “I didn’t know………” “Good. Good you learn from me. I learn, too. This…umm.. that we just do….new for me, too. I have to piss, but not want to leave Niko’s warm body. So…” I felt rather than saw him shrug his shoulders in his postion still behind me. “…I stay and piss. Best ever to go still inside my beautiful Sobatchka.” “And, now, we both clean, yes?” His voice became more energetic. “Well, sort of,” I responded. “Now, we both have…” “Blya, we wipe with wet blanket. No need for cold creek. Wash blanket in morning.” He pulled me up to my knees and back against his chest, reaching up to turn my head back over my shoulder again. He kissed me lightly, tenderly, three times before pulling back a bit to look into my eyes. I thought he was going to say something, but instead felt him begin slowly withdrawing his long thick cock from my ass. Without the cum to lube the way, my ass grabbed and gripped each inch as he struggled to pull it free. “Oh god…” I moaned as his fat meat dragged my asshole out- ward. His mouth came down on mine and swept in for a long deep kiss as pulled the rest of the way out and left me feeling enormously empty inside. When he pulled away again and hauled us both to our feet, it was if he read the feeling of emptiness in my face. “Tomorrow, Niko, tomorrow.” Other stories: Discovering Uncle Tip http://www.//gay/incest/discovering-uncle-tip/ Teddy’s Discovery http://www.//gay/incest/teddys-discovery/ Hay Baling and Uncle Buck http://www.//gay/incest/hay-bailing-and-uncle-buck/ Bad Uncles and fty//gay/incest/bad-uncles-and-dads/

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