Ryan’s Story Pt. 04


Ryan’s Story

Chapter 4

Julie’s team had a game every Saturday with one week being a home game and the next week being a road game. This Saturday it was a home game and mother and I were going to attend. Around eleven in the morning Julie left to go get ready for the game.

As soon as she was gone, mom grabbed me and holding me tight, gave me a deep passionate kiss.

“Finally some time alone baby. We have some time before we have to go to the game,” she said pressing her body against mine.

I smiled at her, took her hand, and led her upstairs to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom, we both hurriedly stripped off our clothes and fell into bed.

After a long passionate kiss, I pushed her over onto her back and kissed down her neck and shoulders. I kissed down her chest to her wonderfully large breasts. Holding one in each hand, I kissed her left nipple, sucking it into my mouth while I pinched the other one. She moaned and squirmed. I switched and took the other nipple into my mouth.

Looking up at her, I kissed down her belly. Then I kissed her on the inside of each thigh, ignoring her cock and balls as she squirmed, looking down at me.

I ran my tongue over her large ball sack which made her moan more. After kissing each one, I ran my tongue up the underside of her rock-hard cock. Staring into her eyes, I ran my tongue over the head and took it into my mouth. I then slid my mouth down, sucking up and down her cock, my eyes fixed on hers as she watched her cock slide in and out of my mouth.

After a few minutes of enjoying sucking on her cock, I moved up her body, kissing as I went, my legs straddling her. Raising up and looking down at her, I reached around behind myself and grabbed her cock. bodrum escort I guided it to my hole and then slowly lowered myself, feeling her pushing into me. My eyes were on hers. Down I went until I was sitting firmly on her, all twelve inches of her buried in me. I leaned forward and cupped her breasts in my hands and slowly started rising and falling, up and down on her cock.

We were both lost in the moment, enjoying the long slow fucking my ass was giving her cock. Then we were both startled and stopped by a voice.

“Well, what do we have here.”

Turning my head, I saw Julie standing in the doorway, staring at my ass with mom’s cock buried in it.

“Hey honey, what happened to your game?” mom breathlessly asked.

“The other team had bus trouble, so the game is delayed until later in the afternoon.” she said, adding “Looks like I came home just in time.”

As I smiled at her, mom said “Let us finish here honey, mom is close. We’ll talk downstairs.”

As Julie turned to leave, mom pulled me down to her, holding me tight, and started ramming into me, hard and fast. My yells and moans were loudly echoing through the house. Soon, she shoved into me and gave me a load of cum deep.

I collapsed down onto mom, laying my head on her heaving breasts. Both of us tried to catch our breath. I felt her hand running up and down my back, holding me.

“I’ll go clean up while you go see your sister.” mom finally said.

I felt her cock slide out of me and I rose from her. My legs were a bit shaky, but I slowly walked down the hall to my sister’s room.

Julie was finishing up removing her clothes as I walked in. Naked below the waist, her eleven-inch cock bodrum escort bayan was hard and sticking straight out and as she removed her top and sports bra, her wonderful tits came in view.

As I walked to her, standing beside her bed, she said “So, mom has been enjoying your hot little ass too?”.

I just smiled and nodded as I reached out and wrapped my hand around her hard cock. She laughed, “You little cock slut. Now we can play anytime we want.” as she shoved me onto the bed.

She grabbed my legs and jerked me over to the edge of the bed. Then she raised them high into the air, my knees pressing back almost to my head. This left my ass raised and she took advantage, leaning into me and shoving her hard cock all the way into me.

I squealed as I felt her hard cock slide into my tight but lubricated ass. Leaning over me, my knees on her shoulders, she looked down at me with a smile. “I’m going to fuck you anytime I want little brother. I know how much you love it too,” she said as she started pounding into me.

As Julie kept fucking me hard and deep, I looked over at the door and saw mom walk in dressed in a robe with a towel tied around her head. She watched for a few minutes then said “I am so happy seeing my kids having fun together. I’ll see you downstairs after so we can talk about this.”

After watching for another few minutes, she left. It didn’t take Julie long after that to get off, shoving her cock deep into me as she shot her warm load.

She pulled out, letting my legs fall and wiped herself off, and started to get dressed.

“We’ll have a lot of fun now brother. See you downstairs,” she said as she finished dressing.

I slowly escort bodrum got up, really drained. I wandered back to my room, stopping at the bathroom to clean up. After getting dressed, I wandered down to the kitchen, where mom and Julie were sitting at the table. They both smiled at me as I walked in.

“We need to be on the same page” mom started. “Since we are all enjoying sex in this house, let’s keep it that way. No telling everyone about the fun we are having. Ryan is going to have a hard time fighting off all the attention he will be getting from all the futa females at school. No need for him to get a reputation also. So Julie, don’t be telling your friends how much you are fucking your brother. Okay?”

Julie smiled and said “Sure mom. He is our little boy toy, let’s keep it that way. I need to get back to the field, almost game time.”

With that, she rose and walked toward the door. Mom said “We’ll see you at the game honey. Good luck and have fun.”

After she was gone, mom looked at me. “I need to fill you in on our family baby. You’ll be meeting a lot of them soon,” she said.

So she began her explanation. “All females in our family are futanari. And we kind of have a rule that you need to know. Any female can have sex with any male in the family. And the male should not refuse. I don’t think you will have any trouble with it, once you meet the other females in our family.”

I smiled at her and said “Okay mom. I know I do love it with you and Julie.”

Mom hugged me. She said “At the game, you’ll meet my younger sister, your Aunt Sue. You’ll like her I am sure.”

We got ready and headed for the stadium. Mom looked great in her heels, tight jeans, and school shirt. I wore my school shirt (supporting the team) and a pair of very short and very tight shorts, showing off my round ass very nicely.

Mom greeted a lot of people she knew. All females, they commented on me. Nice cute son you have as they checked me out.

I think I’m going to really enjoy attending school here.

(To be continued)

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