Sara Part IIII


Sara Part IIIIFour days after Mark fucked me I shot my first scene. By the end of the week I had done 10 by the end of the first year I had done well over 150 and had developed a reputation for taking really big dicks and for rough sex. I wasn’t mega-star status but I was pretty damn close so when I got the call asking me to rep the production company at the upcoming Adult Video Awards in Las Vegas it was hard to say no. The fact that I was also up for several awards might have had something to do with it as well though.The first few hours of the show was pretty mundane. It was myself and a couple of other girls standing around a booth, dressed rather slutty, and meeting/greeting fans. As the day wore on and more and more guys came up to me to tell me how much they loved my “work” I was really starting to get into it and I was thinking of how I could see myself doing this long term. Then it happened.“Sara?” the voice was vaguely familiar but really made me turn to look was the fact that someone was using my real name and not my stage name, Megan Mynor. Megan was my middle name and Mynor was a nod to the fact that even though I had grown 2 inches and my tits had gotten a little bigger I still looked young. “Dad?” it was almost a whisper as I saw him standing there. My dad, not my Daddy. Not the man that took care of me and showed me some form of love and affection when I needed it most but instead it was the man that had abandoned me all those years ago. My biological father.“Oh I am so happy to see you baby.” He moved in fast and hugged me tight and almost immediately a security guard pulled him away.“Step back.” His voice boomed.“It’s OK John, I know him.” John, the security guard, stepped back but kept a watchful eye. “Dad, what are you doing here?”“I delivered some of the displays and such for the awards. I saw your picture and had to see if it was really you, my babygirl.”“Look, I can’t really talk right now. Not about this.”“I’ll be here all night. I’m parked out in the back lot. If you get the chance I would love to talk to you.”“I’ll try, OK?”“OK. Wow, my little girl is all grown up.” He smiled and I wanted to scream at him that I wasn’t his “little girl” anymore. Hadn’t been since he abandoned me, instead I turned away and he disappeared into the crowd.I tried not to think about my run with my father and after a while I was able to get back into the spirit of the event. I met fans, flirted with both men and women, took a ton of pictures and just basically enjoyed myself. Eventually though the first night came to an end and I started wondering what he could possibly have to say to me. What I would say to him….I kept on wondering about that even as I was knocking at the door of his semi truck.“Sara! I’m glad you came.” He smiled as he opened the door and I climbed up into the cab. I sat in silence as he talked and I started thinking to myself that maybe I should just forgive and forget. What he did was inexcusable but I had moved on. My life was actually better than it might have been had I stayed in that small town. I was on the verge of forgiveness when I happened to see a framed picture on his dashboard. There he stood, at what looked like Disney World, with some woman I had never seen and surrounded by 3 c***dren. The words “World’s Greatest Dad” were written on the frame. My blood began to boil and I was about to tell him off and storm out of his truck and his life. I was really, really close until I looked into the sleeper area of his truck.Laying there on the bed was a movie, a porn movie….one of my porn movies! On a small shelf there were others and they were all movies that I had been put on the box cover. I knew then that this wasn’t a mistake at all. He most likely knew I would be here and he has been watching me getting fucked in movies! My deviant little mind concocted a plan.“Um, Dad?” I reached for then held up the box laying on his bed, The Best of Megan Mynor it was called. His eyes snapped open and he stammered.“Oh yeah. That. Someone from the show gave me that and….” He didn’t know how to finish that sentence.“Did you…..watch it?”“What? No! No way! Of course not!” he was lying of course. The movie case was new-ish but had obviously been bouncing around back there.“Um, then where is the actual movie?” I opened the case and showed him it was empty. “Is it in the DVD player?” I quickly slipped to the sleeper compartment and before he could say or do anything I grabbed the remote and hit PLAY. The screen lit up, mid scene, of me getting plowed by two guys.“Sara, it’s…..it’s not what you think.”“Oh really? Because I think my Daddy has been watching me getting fucked on screen.” His eyes couldn’t help but flash from me to the TV screen where those two men were just starting to cum onto my face. “Is that it Daddy? Where you laying here, watching your little girl getting fucked and jerking off? MMMM were you wondering what it would be like to fuck me Daddy?” I went into seduction mode.“I’m so sorry Sara, I don’t know what to say.” “It’s OK Daddy, really. I make these movies so guys like you can jerk off for me. It gets me hot.” I started feeling on my tits through my thin t-shirt and he was openly staring at me.“But….but….”“But what? You’re my Daddy?” he nodded his head and literally licked his lips. “That makes it even hotter.” I flashed my patented wickedly sexy grin. “Come watch with me Daddy. It’ll be like movie night when I was little.”He seemed unsure of what he should do but that didn’t stop him from climbing into the sleeper with me. We laid there, watching me on screen licking another’s pussy while a rather hung man was fucking me from behind. I felt his heart beat getting faster and I saw a bulge growing in his pants.“Oh I remember this scene. It was so fun….and afterwards I let that guy fuck me in the ass.” I let my hand slide onto his now fully hard bulge.“Sara?” he was moaning as I slid my hand up and down his throbbing cock through his pants.“MMMM it’s OK Daddy. Isn’t this what you think about at night avcilar escort when you watch my movies?” I had already started to undo his pants and expose his stiff cock.“Ohhh fuck, Sara!” he almost screamed as I took his cock into my mouth and sucked and slurped up and down his entire length.“MMMM you’re so hard Daddy, so fucking hard for your little girl.” I grabbed his hand and put on the back of my head. “Come on Daddy, fuck my mouth.” I smiled and felt him push down.“Oh Sara, ohhhh that’s so fucking good.” He was going crazy. Humping his hard-on into my mouth and moaning louder and louder. I was afraid that he was going to come before I my plan came to fruition.“MMMM you wanna fuck me Daddy? You wanna stick that hard cock into your slutty little porn star daughter?” I started to undress, showing him my perky little titties, my shaved pussy. “Tell me you want to fuck me Daddy. Tell me!” I laid back and spread my little cunt.“I do. I do Sara. I want to fuck you.”“Then come on Daddy, put that cock inside me and fuck me like you’ve been imagining.” He wasn’t huge by any stretch of the imagination, not small but not huge. I’d certainly had much, much bigger. That being what it is and as much as I tried not to I was actually kind of liking it.“Oh…Oh wow! Oh Sara!” he began to moan as he pumped his cock into me and his eyes rolled in the back of his head.“Yes Daddy! Yes! Get that little pussy! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me like you dreamt about!” I started thinking about how my other Daddy used to fuck me back in that shit bag motel. “Ohhh yeah! You like that little fucking whore cunt Daddy? You could have been fucking me like this since Mom left! You could have been my first Daddy!” I started pushing myself towards him as he drove his cock into my slick little gash.“Ohhhhh. You’re….you’re gonna…..make Daddy cum!” “MMMM Daddy, cum on my face. Shoot your hot cum all over your little daughter’s pretty face Daddy.” He pulled his aching cock free of my tiny slit and straddled me. I watched as he beat on his shaft and stared down at me playing with my tits. “Do it Daddy, please! Cum Daddy! Cum on your little girl, Daddy’s little princess!” he growled and began to unload. Spurt after spurt of his seed splashing down onto my face and tits. I will say this, he might have an average sized cock and not be able to last very long but he sure did shoot a lot of cum.“Shit. That was amazing Sara.” He panted as he fell onto the bed next to me.“Hmmm. I’m glad you liked it Daddy….because it will never happen again you fucking asshole.” I spat at him and reached for a novelty award ribbon with “#1 DAD” written on it. I wiped his cum from my face with it and threw it at him then started to get dressed.“What the….Sara?”“Fuck you! You don’t think I saw that family picture? You abandon me but you’re perfectly OK to raise someone else’s k**s?”“Wait! Just wait a second. Let me talk….”“No! You had all these years to explain. This will be the last time you will ever fucking see me you worthless fuck.” I started to leave then looked back at him. “And you’ll have to live knowing that the last time you saw your daughter was with your own cum on her fucking face you sick fuck you.” I slammed the door and walked away. That would be the last time I ever saw or spoke to that man.After my little tryst with my birth father I felt oddly better. It was like that was always something gnawing at me. Like it was a demon that needed to be confronted and after I did the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. Fucking your biological father to get back at him may not have been the healthiest way to go about it but it worked. The rest of the week was amazing! I won a few awards, nothing major but enough to catapult my career. I met some great new people and made some contacts for future work. The real fun though happened on the last night of the convention.After winning the awards I was on a natural high and decided to try to slip into the hotel bar to celebrate even though I wasn’t 21. I expected to see a bunch of industry people there but apparently they either left early or were off doing other things because there was nobody there that I recognized. Thankfully the bartender was a fan and she just smiled and said “You look 21 to me.” And poured me a drink on the house, then another and another. I was an hour in and feeling a really good buzz going on.“Hi again.” I heard his voice coming from the side of me and when I turned I saw rather insanely handsome older man smiling at me. “We met earlier….at the convention.” He extended his hand and I shook it. His wedding ring did not go unnoticed.“I met a lot of people. Sorry, but hi.” I giggled as I felt his large hand completely covering mine.“Can I get you another drink?”“Sure. Gin and tonic.”We started conversing back and forth and he told me about himself. He was 40, married with 3 k**s and from Akron, Ohio. He was in town for a plumber’s convention which was starting the next day and he came out early to catch the porn convention.“I have to tell you, I am a huge fan of yours.” He blurted out.“Oh really? Seen a lot of my movies huh?”“You can say that. I have all of them.” He smiled at me in a way that made me melt. “I even have the JB Bangers movie.” He was referring to a movie I shot that was originally supposed to be a custom commissioned movie for some stupidly rich guy but afterwards the company tried to release them but was unable to. The JB stood for Jail Bait. It featured girls that although legal looked younger and while never mentioned any specific age we portrayed ourselves as young teens.“No way! There were only like a few of those released. How in the hell did you get one?”“I did a plumbing job for a guy and I guess he knew a guy that knew a guy. I saw he had it in his basement and I saw you on the cover and I kind of, you know….stole it.”“Awww look at you committing thievery for little o’ me.”“Like I said, I’m a huge fan.”“You know, I’ve never even seen that. I mean yeah I was in it şirinevler escort and all but I never saw the finished version. I didn’t even know I was on the cover.”“Really? I…..um….I have it up in my room. I could loan it to you.”“Oh no I couldn’t ask you to do that.” I let my hand glide along his thigh. “But we could watch it together. I have a DVD player in my room.”“Just let me settle my bar tab.”“K. I’m in room 714. Meet me there in 20 minutes.” While he was paying his bill and going to his room to get the movie I took the opportunity to change into something….sluttier. I had worn a Girl Scouts uniform in JB Bangers and I had actually brought it with me to wear during the meet and greets but just hadn’t. Now when I say Girl Scout uniform I don’t mean one of those cheap ones you buy at adult book stores or even at a sex shop. This was the real deal I had found it at a thrift store and with me being as small as I was it actually fit me. It was just shorter on me than whomever had worn it originally and the top was tight across my tits. Also, I had never been in Girl Scouts but I could only assume that a tiny little thong and Fuck-Me heels weren’t accepted attire. Either way the look on Brian’s face told me he didn’t mind the additions.“Wow.” He held up the movie and there I was on the cover wearing this same outfit. “Did you wear that for me?” he had come in and was standing really close.“MMMM what do you mean Mister? I just got home from a scout meeting.” I grinned and pushed myself up against him. His hands slid down my back and grabbed my ass as I got up on my tip toes. His lips pressed hard against mine and I slid my tongue against his. I could feel the lump in his pants pressing against my tummy.“Megan, if you only knew how many times I’d fantasized about you.” He almost whispered to me. I thought about telling him my real name but decided against it. He didn’t want to fuck Sara. Sara was just some random slut. No, he wanted to fuck Megan Mynor the porn star. She was the one he jerked off to, the one he imagined fucking while banging into his wife and she was the one he was going to fuck that night.I felt his bulge getting bigger and bigger, throbbing against me and I just couldn’t wait any longer. I slowly dropped down, crouching before him and rubbing my hand along his swollen cock through his pants. For the first time I started to get the idea that this man was huge. I played it cool though and started to tease him.“MMMM wow Mister. You’re getting really excited huh?” I was biting my lip and looking up at him then pressing my lips against the huge cock waiting underneath his pants and then I started lightly gnawing at the head. “Oh wow I can feel it throbbing.” I started to pull down on the zipper with one hand while feeling up my tit with the other. When I would look up at him Brian had this look on his face. It was a mixture of disbelief and sheer glee.“Go ahead sweetie. Take my cock out.” He brushed the hair away from my face and smiled at me. I undid his pants and tugged them down. I expected him to have a good sized cock but I wasn’t expecting what I found. “Holy shit! You’re fucking huge!” I fell out of my little roleplay. “Look at this! You’re bigger than my head!” I held his immense dick in my hands and laid it along my face. I felt him throbbing faster and still getting harder. I regained my composure and started to stroke that huge dick. “You like big cocks Megan?” I smiled and ran my tongue around the head, tasting his pre-cum.“I dunno Mister. I mean I’ve played around with a couple boys at school but they weren’t as big as you.” I ran my tongue down the underside of his shaft and around his big balls. “MMMM fuck that’s good.” “You wanna see my little titties?” I leaned back, still amazed at how big his dick was. I started to unbutton my uniform top as he watched and slowly stroked himself. I pressed tight against him with his huge cock between my tits and the head at my lips. I could feel his heartbeat as I opened wide and took the swollen tip into my mouth. he was so fucking thick I wasn’t sure if I could actually fit him in my mouth let alone deep throat him….but I was gonna try like hell.“Ohhh fuck! That’s a good girl Megan. Oh yeah, suck my fucking cock.” He was moaning and moaning and there was so much pre-cum I thought for a second that he actually came as I worked up and down his immense tool. I had found my rhythm and was thinking that I was actually going to fit his entire cock in my mouth when he suddenly pulled me away and lifted me up to him. Once again his lips met mine and this time his hand was shoved between my thighs. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers ground against my wet cunt through my panties. “Some of the other girls in the troop call me a slut. They say only sluts like sucking a boy’s cock.” I started grinding myself against his hand.”Ohhhhh, but….but I just can’t help it. I love doing it. I love sucking cock Mister“Any of those boys ever fuck this little pussy?” he was finally playing along completely now.“N….No. You’d be the first.” I was biting my lower lip as he frigged my needy little slit and I felt his fat cock against my thigh. “Do you wanna Mister? Do you wanna be the first to fuck me? The first to fuck my little virgin girl scout pussy?” he had slid into my panties and into my gash. He was fingering me so hard and so fast I swear I thought he was actually lifting me up off the floor.“Oh damn, you are so fucking wet Megan.” He didn’t have to tell me. I could hear my pussy gushing wetly as his fingers banged into my cunt. “MMMM you going to cum for me? This young little pussy going to cum?” I was literally speechless as he plowed 2 fingers. All I could manage was to nod my head.I was on the edge, teetering and craving for that release but just as he was about to push me over he stopped. I looked up at him and he had this wicked grin on his face and before I knew he pushed me down onto the bed and just like that his head was between my thighs. As taksim escort soon as I felt his tongue on my clit I started to shake, involuntarily trying to push him away but he held me down and ate my pussy.“Ohhhh fuck! Yesssss! Fuck yessssss! Eat my fucking cunt!” I was clawing at the bed as he sent shockwaves of intense pleasure through my body. He pulled away and looked as if he was about to say something but I pushed his mouth back to my mound. ”Don’t stop! Please! Don’t fucking stop! Make me cum! Make me cum Mister then fuck me!” the look on his face was so hot as I humped my mound to his mouth. His oral skills were intense, so much so that I found myself thrashing around on the bed, fighting off my orgasm just to prolong the pleasure waves that were ripping through me. Eventually though it was too much and I came….and I came hard. My eyes fluttered into the back of my head and I locked my legs around his head. I was still in a bit of a daze when I felt him push my legs open and when I looked down his huge cockhead was resting against me. Fuck he looked even bigger against my small body.“MMMM Megan, I think those girls were right. I think you are a little slut.” He smiled down at me and slapped the head of his swollen dick down hard against my still spasming cunt. I felt his cock sliding up and down my slit, soothing my sensitive pussy only to spank down loudly. “Little sluts like you get fucked hard. Is that what you want Megan? Do you want me to fuck you hard and make you a slutty little girl?” the tip of his cock threatening to penetrate me.“Ohhhhh! Yes! Yes! Oh god yes! Please Mister, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck my slutty little girl scout cunt and make me be a whore!” he was so long and so thick, I was actually a little bit scared….and I took dick for a living. “Do it Mister! Shove it in! Gimme that huge fucking cock into my virgin cunt!” and that’s what he did. I screamed, or at least I tried to. My mouth was open but no sounds came out as his huge pole filled me in a way I had never been before. Not even the day that Daddy’s friend took my cherry for real.“Oh fuck you’re tight!” he grunted as he plunged ball deep into my stretched pussy and held himself there. I felt him pulsating inside me and I swear I thought I was the outline of his dick in my stomach.“Fuck me!” I finally found my voice. “Fuck that tight little teen pussy!” he grabbed my legs roughly and held them up and opened wide. He snarled and pulled back only to ram back into me hard and deep. “Oh god! You’re big! Ohhh fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard and use my little whore cunt!”“Ohh take it Megan! Take my fucking cock you filthy little jailbait fuck slut!” he stared at me with a hunger and hammered his entire length in and out of my sloppy pussy faster and harder. The room was filled with me screaming, him calling me names and that sound of wet skin slapping against wet skin. “Bend over baby. Let me fuck you from behind.” His hands were rough as he flipped me over and I assumed the position. I could hear him mumbling his approval of my ass just before he slammed back into me.“Fuck! So big! So fucking huge!” his cum filled balls slapped against my clit.“Ohhh Megan…..you’re so tight. So fucking tight!” I felt him swell up and I knew he was close.“Are you gonna cum Mister? Are you gonna cum for me?” he was nodding his head. “Ohhh I want it! I want your hot fucking cum inside me! Cum in me Mister! Fill my slutty little girl cunt with your hot fucking load!” he pulled back on my arms and jackhammered into me then just me tight to him as he exploded into my accepting fuckhole. I started to think that he would never stop cumming but when he fell on top of me on the bed, his dick still inside me, I knew he was finally done.“Wow, that was……better than I ever imagined.” He exclaimed and then rolled off of me. I moved to my back and watched his cum trickling from my gaping pussy.“MMMM you really are fucking huge. I so needed that.” And I was telling the truth. I hadn’t had any dick since Daddy did me in his truck in the parking lot.I ended up staying an extra day just to fuck that huge cock some more. Eventually though I had to get back home. I had shoots lined up and I knew I would need a couple days to recover from the fucking Brian gave me. I thought about exchanging numbers with him but then decided against it. Kind of sexier with it just being what it was. Besides I didn’t think his wife would appreciate it.A few weeks later is when I found out that I was pregnant. I was birth control and hadn’t had any cream pies in a while other the few loads that Brian deposited into me. I had no doubt that it was his. I thought about trying to find hum but I never knew his last name and didn’t really feel a need to tell him. At first I figured I would take some time off from the business while I was pregnant then go back to work but something changed inside me. I decided that I didn’t want to continue in porn. I had enough money saved up to support myself for a while and I didn’t want to be a mother and a porn star.The company was pretty understanding even though they figured I would be back, but I had other plans. I was going to leave California for the mid-west. Some small town that didn’t know me, someplace I could get a fresh start. It was two days before I was to leave when the company called me up with the offer to do “Gang Bang Me and Knock Me Up”. I was reluctant but when they doubled their offer I relented. One more movie and I was done.I shot that last movie on a Thursday and by Saturday I was packed and leaving California. I tried to get Amber to leave with me but she just wouldn’t. I was sad about leaving her but she promised to come visit when I got to where I was going and settled in.Eventually I did find a quaint little town. I had my baby, a boy, and shortly after I met the man that would become my husband and the father of my daughter. I went to college to become a teacher and took a job teaching math at the local highschool. My past had become a distant memory, my porn career seemed like another life, one that some other Sara in some other dimension had lived. I was a wife, a mother, I was on the PTA and a soccer mom. That all changed the day I got that anonymous email….the one with a clip from “Gang Bang Me and Knock Me Up”.

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