Saturday Morning Jog. (Based on a true story)


Saturday Morning Jog. (Based on a true story)An attractive young woman, Jessie, in her mid-20s is running on a school’s track. She wears a sports bra and nylon running shorts. The time is just past dawn. We hear her thoughts. “One more lap. I feel strong. Strong and athletic. And sexy. I wish Amy would run with me, but her dancing keeps her slender and strong. I love it when she dances for me. If she ran with me we could take a shower together. Like last night. She was so sexy. I’m getting horny, but now it’s time to think about running. And being strong. And being sexy.”She stops and leans against a fence to catch her breath and stretches. She picks up a bag that was on the ground by the fence and walks to a building. She looks around her and then enter furtively. It’s a locker room. We hear her thoughts again. “I like it that the college has its track and locker room open. It means I can take a shower after I run on Saturday mornings before I meet Amy for breakfast. And maybe for sex when everything goes right.” She goes to the 2nd row of lockers and sets her bag on the bench. She opens it and takes out a towel and a tube of soap. She puts the bag in a locker and takes off her clothes. As she puts her panties into the locker, she hears the door open and close and 2 voices.We continue hearing her thoughts. “No one else ever comes here this early. I don’t think anyone would complain if I’m using the track. I wonder who it is.” Jessie peeks around the lockers and çanakkale escort sees two college girls, 20, one brunette and one blonde. undressing. “I miss my girlfriends from college. These girls look so young. And so delicious. Wow!” She sees the two girls kiss as they undress. “That’s not what I expected to see. How can I get in on this?” The girls continue undressing and kissing and touching while she watches. She keeps pulling back when she thinks they’re about to look her way, but they’re too busy paying attention to each other.”I can’t just walk up now because they’ll know I was spying on them. But I want them so much. I can’t bear how horny I am now. I wish I were in the shower with Amy. I should just walk out there and tell them how I feel. They’re lesbians, too. But maybe they’re not very experienced. it might freak them out to find out I’ve spent more than half my life loving girls.” The girls are naked now and each picks up a towel and a tube of soap off the bench. “They’re going to come this way to shower. Is there a place to hide in here.” Jessie spots an empty towel bin near the open doorway to the shower and she jumps behind it. The girls walk into view, hand-in-hand, and into shower. They put their towels on a hook outside the shower. They go in and take a shower together. Jessie kneels on the ground and spies on them soaping each other with their hands, playing with each other’s soapy breasts, kissing, escort çanakkale and Jessie can’t hold out and has to masturbate while she watches. When she has her orgasm, she moans and immediately bites her lip to keep quiet.One of the girls asks the other “was that you.” The other shakes her head. “It was out there.” The two tentatively walk out of the shower, their arms around each other’s waist for support. They look behind the bin and spot Jessie on the ground. “Who are you”, the brunette one asks.“Oh, hi, I’m Jessie. I was out running, and then I came in here to take a shower.”The other girl asks “why are you spying on us?”“No, oh, well, yes, kind of. You see, I heard you in the shower, and I was going to take mine, too, but when I saw you kissing like that, it made me uncomfortable and I decided to hide. But then I kept watching you and you both were so excited, and it kind of made me all turned on and I couldn’t help it …” she shrugs “and you heard me.”The brunette smiles. “I’m Valerie and this is Olivia. I know how you feel. Most of the girls in the sorority like to make out where the other girls can spy on them. It’s a game we play for each other because we all get turned on spying on the other girls. Like, have you ever kissed a girl?”Olivia tells her “Why don’t you stand up.”Jessie stands up. “Well, I’ve thought about it.”Olivia tells her “Come here in the shower with us.”Valerie and Olivia lead her into the shower. çanakkale escort bayan The two girls are soaping her up, especially playing with her breasts. They’re kissing her back and her chest and her face.We hear Jessie thinking “Why can’t they see how turned on I am.” She starts to rub her pussy.Valerie pulls on Jessie’s nipples. “Look how turned on she is. I think she’s ready.” She asks Jessie. “Are you ready to kiss a girl?”Olivia leans towards Jessie and kisses her quickly. Jessie pretends to be surprised and steps back away from Olivia. But Valerie was standing behind her and she ends up in Valerie’s arms. Jessie turns around in Jessie’s arms and they stare into each other’s eyes and Jessie’s mouth is open like she wants to talk but doesn’t know what to say. She lets the other girls continue to caress her and closes her eyes. Valerie is playing with Jessie’s breasts, and Olivia rubs her bottom and her pussy. Jessie is telling them not to stop and how good it feels. Then she reaches out to caress Valerie and is French kissing her while Olivia kneels down and licks her. After she cums, Valerie and Olivia trade places until she cums again. All three are standing now, and the girls are still kissing and caressing Jessie, and she loves being the center of all of their loving attention. They ask her if she’s doing anything for the rest of the day, and she tells them no. They tell her that they want to introduce her to the rest of their sisters, and that their sisters would love to teach her all about lesbian sex. Jessie pretends to think about the offer and then agrees, and the other two girls happily hug each other with Jessie in the middle. They turn off the showers and we see the three walk out of the shower with a girl on each side of Jessie and an arm around her.

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