Life in The Village, through the eyes of Tom Grant, the only teacher at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)
(re-written from my 2013 version)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?


From Chapter 21

Mum eases herself out of the chair and heads for Uncle Bill. “Thank you, Bill,” is all that she says, hugging him. Then she joins the three of us. She manages to peel Will off me and hugs him, and kisses him. “Will, darling, welcome to the family,” she says in a line reminiscent of a mother having just been introduced to her son”s fianc�e. She offers her handkerchief and Will dries his face.

“Thank you, Aunty Susan, for not hating Tom, and not hating me.”

Mum replies, “I was right at breakfast, wasn”t I? And so were you – one doesn”t need to be a boy and one a girl. I could see it in your eyes.”

Uncle Bill says, “Let”s talk later. Amelia will be wondering what”s going on up here. If she asks any questions, let me do the talking, OK? And let”s give the boys some time to compose themselves before they come down. I hug him. So does Will.

They close the door behind them, leaving Will and me in each other”s arms, smiling and trying desperately hard not to continue crying. Will gently dabs my face with Mum”s handkerchief, mingling my tears with his own.

“I love you,” is all that is said.

Chapter 22 – A Sketching Lesson

Will and I are alone. And we are both `out” to my Mum and Dad and to our natural father.

One hurdle cleared, but with many more ahead of us, I”m sure.

After years of living in fear of being `found out”, I feel that I can, at last, be myself around Mum and Dad. Telling Sis will be another matter – hopefully it won”t be quite as traumatic. I feel emotionally drained. The lead-up to what has just transpired really sapped my energy emotionally.

Will and I continue to hold one another – rubbing each other”s back, hugging supportively and wiping away each other”s tears; me with my fingers and Will with Mum”s handkerchief, as we re-gain a semblance of breathing normally, the heaving of our chests subsides, and weak smiles return.

“Now, that wasn”t so bad, was it?” Will whispers encouragingly in my ear.

“I had no idea which way that was going to pan out. I”m glad Uncle Bill, your dad, our dad, was here. I couldn”t have gone through with it if he wasn”t here! I was scared of what Mum and Dad were both going to say, and do. Most of all, I didn”t want them to turn nasty towards you! I would not have allowed that to happen. I would have put myself between them and you if I had to.”

He kisses my neck. “Thank you, Tom. Hey, your mother even welcomed me into the family. I guess you”re stuck with me now!”

His humour, as always, lightens my mood and dissolves any residual tension. “Don”t worry. I”m looking forward to being `stuck with you” later – in bed.”

“Is that `stuck in me” or `stuck on me”?”

What a cheeky young bugger he is! “Both, I hope! In fact, I could do it right now, except they”re waiting for us downstairs.” Will runs his hand down to my groin and takes a handful. I start to respond, physically. “Hey, Will! Not now! I don”t need a wet spot on the front of my trousers! And neither do you,” I say as I feel his semi hard-on. “Bathroom! Wash your face. You look a mess! Cold water.”

“You too, bro. Let”s go.”

I let Will go downstairs first. I don”t need Amelia seeing us looking like a pair of love birds, or with my hand in his back pocket. I”m the last one to sit at the table. I see that there are glasses filled with either white wine (I hate champagne!) or with some sparkling non-alcoholic substitute. `What gives?” I wonder.

Dad speaks up, “Tom, your mother and I are so glad that you are home for the holidays, and that you”ve found Will and brought him along too. Who could have imagined that you would travel all that way to find us a nephew?”

I realise that Sis still doesn”t know that Will and I are (half) brothers. I”m glad that Dad has chosen his words carefully.

“I”d like to propose a toast, to our new extended family, and especially to Will. Welcome!”

Everybody clinks glasses. “Welcome, Will.”

Amelia adds her bit, “To my new cousin, who is going to teach me how to draw faces like he does!”

We laugh and I say, “Here”s to Amelia”s new faces.” We clink glasses and drink again.

I attempt to act `normally” towards Will over dinner, and he pays more attention to Amelia than to me which, I”m sure, pleases everyone at the table – especially her!

“So, when are you going to teach me to draw faces?” she puts to Will. I can tell that she will give him no peace until she gets a lesson or two.

I suggest, “What about straight after dinner? I”ll do the dishes, Sis, and you can have Will all to yourself for a while.”

She looks surprised and says, “What? You? Do my dishes? Why? Weird! But thanks!” Then, turning to him and interlocking the fingers of both her hands, as if praying, she pleads, “Would you, Will? Please? Pretty please?”

Will looks at me and I give him a quick nod and a wink, saying, “Her faces will definitely benefit from a touch of your magic! Any change would be an improvement.” Sis doesn”t seem to realise that she”s just been insulted. Hahaha. Then I add, “While you”re doing that, I”ll clean up here, then go and `brush my teeth”. Will looks at me and smirks. Hopefully Mum doesn”t notice! The words are our pre-agreed code for `use the enema kit and prepare myself for having you inside me”.

He smiles and replies, “OK. I”ll brush my teeth after I”ve spent time with Amelia.” Mum, Dad and Uncle Bill look from Will to me. I can tell that, hearing two guys discussing the brushing of their teeth, they sense something, but they”re not sure what! Yeah!

Dinner is delicious, and Will is introduced to another gastronomic delight – pavlova. The combination of the meringue base and freshly whipped cream topped with pieces of fresh fruit, has him drooling for seconds before I”m half way through my first helping. “You can thank Amelia for this. She loves to make it, and we all love to eat it,” Dad tells Will.

Amelia asks permission to leave the table, then leads Will off to his time of torture. It suddenly hits me that I”ve been left alone with my parents – all three of them. This could be ordu escort awkward. I”m suddenly anticipating a modified session of the Spanish inquisition, especially from Mum. I can just imagine the loaded questions:

�      `When did you first realise…?”

�      `How long have you been…?”

�      `Have you and Will…?”

�      `You know all those school mates who used to come over and spend time with you, up in your room…?”

Should I be honest with them? After all, honesty is what I am known for. Hmmm. I don”t think so! Not on this subject, Mother!

Thankfully, Uncle Bill hijacks the conversation with his favourite subject – him! He goes through the list of his recent travels, sites, subjects, business deals and details of his newest digital equipment. I take the opportunity to clear the table and wash up, while still making encouraging remarks and asking questions; both are designed to keep his discourse going, and to prevent the beginning of any dialogue from Mum!

After about 20 minutes the kitchen is spotless. I even present the `rents with some after-dinner drinks. Looking around, Uncle Bill traps me with, “Good job, Sport! You”d make someone an excellent wife!”

I can”t help but bite. “What? That”s not funny, Uncle Bill!”

“Gotcha!” is all that he says. Mum and Dad laugh – another victory for Big Willie, the comedian, at my expense!

“He hasn”t changed at all, has he?” I ask, turning to them for some comment of support. “I”d better go and brush my teeth.” Then I high-five Uncle Bill on the way past and say, “Thanks for today! For everything!”

Mum says, “Thomas…?”

“Yes, Mum?”

“I”d really like to talk with you sometime.” Her tone is a little more sombre than simply inviting me to have afternoon tea and a chat with her.

“Sure, Mum. Any time!” And I think, `…if you can catch me!” It”s not over, I can tell. What the hell does she want, now?

I reach the first floor and I can hear laughter coming from Amelia”s room – male and female. If it was a different 17-year old boy in there with her, I”d be quite concerned. Mind you, if the 14-year-old in there with Will was a boy, I”d be even more concerned; very suspicious!

I take a dump, retrieve the `equipment” and spend some time ensuring that I”m clean. I wash everything and leave it ready for Will. Lastly, I remember to brush my teeth – really – with some strong minty toothpaste. I need people to smell that I have actually done what I said I was going to do.

I head downstairs. Amelia and Will are showing bits of paper to our parents. Amelia is bubbling with enthusiasm. She rushes to me. “Tom, look what I did,” thrusting several drawings so close to my face that it”s hard to focus.

I take them and say, “Let me sit down, Sis, so that I can have a good look.

“Cup of coffee, Thomas?” Mum asks.

“Thank you, Mum, but I”ve just brushed my teeth.” I give her the Cheshire Cat grin. “You always told me not to have anything else to eat or drink before going to bed after brushing my teeth.” She smiles at her good parental training. Will smiles, knowing that I am ready for him.

I spread out the five drawings on the table. I can tell that Will has given her a lesson on eyes. On some faces, he has drawn one, and she has copied it. On others, it”s obvious that she”s done both. Not professional, but not bad! A great improvement over circles with a black spot in the middle! An iris, eyelids and eyelashes make a huge difference! The discussion continues for many minutes, with Amelia giving us all the details of how to draw eyes, repeating, almost verbatim, the master”s lesson.

She then produces another A4 sheet and shows it to me. It”s her! Will has done a pencil portrait of Amelia. In the lower right corner, he has written, `To Amelia. Love from Will.” In the lower left corner, just above the date, he has signed it with the initials `W.O”B-G” instead of his usual `LW”. It seems that `Little Willie” has become `William O”Brien-Grant”!

Many things run through my mind. Is this his own choice? It must be – nobody but me was alone with him (except Amelia) to coach him in any name change. Will this only be his artistic name, or is he going to adopt it outright? Will he need a new Driver”s Licence? Hmmm. That”s another thing I should discuss with him. I am immensely proud of my little brother and his growing maturity.

“Have you guys seen this one?” I ask Mum, Dad and Uncle Bill.

“No. What? Show us. Let me see,” all three of them chatter.

“It”s you!” Dad says to Amelia, somewhat surprised.

“Oh, my goodness!” Mum gasps. “When did Will draw this?”

“Just now.” Sis says with great enthusiasm.

“You see what I mean?” Uncle Bill poses to them. “Look at the expression that he”s drawn… youthful, energetic, mischievous. Can you see that he”s not only captured her facial features, which are correct right down to the last freckle on her nose, but also her personality? This boy is a genius. Make no mistake! Why, he”s even better than I am!”

“Whoa!” I say, hitting my open palms on the table. “Everybody, please note the date and time. History has just been made – and we are all witnesses.”

“To what?” Will asks, coming down the stairs and looking puzzled.

I can”t help myself. “Are you gonna tell him Uncle Bill, or shall I?” Uncle Bill just stares at me, so I continue, “OK. Don”t bother! Will, your dad has just conceded that you are more of a genius than he is!”


Uncle Bill finds his tongue, “Son, I could tell that you were good, but seeing what you have just accomplished in such a short time, with distractions or, should I say, one notable distraction, I”m left almost speechless.”

“Whoa again!” I cry out. “History twice in 60 seconds! First, he”s only a 2nd-string genius, and now he”s speechless!”

“Smart Alec!” And Uncle Bill reverts to his shoulder punching!

I feign pain. “Oww, oww, oww! I”m mortally wounded. I”m going upstairs to lie down on my bed and die!”

Everyone chuckles. Uncle Bill, however, gets in the last laugh. “I don”t have the number of a local doctor, but I do know where you can get good acting lessons!”

I good-heartedly concede defeat, then do the rounds. I hug Amelia and compliment her again on her `new” faces.

“Weird!” is all that she can muster, considering that I have actually embraced her.

I add, “And thank you for preparing another of your magnificent pavlovas this afternoon and while we were all discussing Will”s future!”

“Weirder!” She shakes her head at my compliment.

I hug Uncle Bill and Dad, then kiss Mum. When I get to Will, osmaniye escort I look him in the eye and say, “You can stay and talk about the drawings, if you like. I”ll see you upstairs, later.” The parents all turn in unison, as if watching a tennis match, and look to Will for his response.

“OK,” he says calmly, surprising me and probably them. “I”ll be up soon.”

Is this his way of deflecting everybody”s thoughts about him and me rushing into bed together? `Genius!” I think to myself, and we do our secret handshake. I head up and know that he won”t be very long. He”s bound to be as keen as I am, maybe even moreso. I”m beginning to think that his libido has no limits.

I remove my shoes and socks then ensure that the lube is handy, and I grab some tissues and fresh towels. I lie, fully clothed, on my bed, with my legs dangling over the edge, and wait for Will. I”ll let him undress me, and I want the pleasure of removing his clothes too.

As I contemplate the impending fun for both Will and me, two things happen. I can feel my cock swelling so I jiggle it to allow it full freedom to expand. Also, images of naked boys flash through my mind: Karl, Kurt at The Village plus cute young Andy at the beach; Jake plus white-Speedo”d Joey; Simon and Luke; and, of course, Will, my highly amorous little brother.

Finally, there is `horse-boy” Sam. I haven”t seen him naked but the bulges caused by his pulled-up-tight, thin pants, coupled with Will”s description of him being `hung like a horse and spurts like a fountain” enables me to contemplate his nakedness. `Quite a harem” I think to myself.

I”m now totally rigid.

Will comes in, shuts and locks the door and immediately focuses on the prominence in the front of my pants. “Thinking of my backside again, are you?” he smirks.

“That, and the rest of you!” I shoot back, lowering my eyes deliberately to the bulbous lump in his groin area. Then I add, “and the guys at home and our new friends at the beach.”

He considers what I have said, then replies with a smirk, “Tom, if I couldn”t be here with you, which one of the others would you like to have instead?”

How do I answer that? It”s the most loaded question that he has ever asked me! I think that he has already been exposed to too much of Uncle Bill”s thinking and humour! Imagine Will wanting to know who else I would like to have sex with, which I am sure was his intent!

I decide to humour him by thinking out loud. “Hmmm. Would I, could I, ever replace you? No way! But, if I had to choose another `companion” just for the night… Let me see if I can eliminate them one at a time. Well, it wouldn”t be Jake – he”s all yours, and I just couldn”t expose myself to him, the way you do. And Karl is yours too. And young Andy is cute, but I think I”d be too horny for him just at the moment. So that leaves Kurt, Joey, Simon and Luke. Hmmm… Joey”s a really nice kid, and very desirable too, but I don”t think that I could corrupt him and bring myself to do with him what I want to do with you. I”m almost certain that Kurt wouldn”t mind being `corrupted”, but at the moment there are other fish in the sea (or the weir). So that leaves Simon or Luke. The circumcised one or the uncut one? Hey, this is too hard! What about both of them together? Now, that could be really interesting!”

Will replies, “Tom, it”s funny that you should say that, Simon told me while we were riding tandem, that he and Luke live on the same floor, and in the same high rise as Andy and that they are really close to the beach, and that both of his parents are working each day this week. Apart from the fact that they must be quite close to your parents” place, it sounded like he was seeing whether I, or both of us, was open to some sort of invitation. After watching the pair of them in the shower this morning, I can just imagine what they”d be like in Simon”s bedroom! Would you like to find out?”

I endeavour to keep any potential enthusiasm to myself, and respond with, “Maybe. But, tonight, bro, it”s just you and me. My `teeth are already brushed” and I want you so badly!”

When he returns from the bathroom, I move to him and begin to undo his shirt buttons while looking directly into his beautiful blue (inherited from our dad) eyes.

I caress the firm muscles of his body – shoulders, back, butt, pecs, abs, and yes, then I feel the firmness of his bulge! With all buttons undone, I slowly and deliberately remove his shirt and can tell from his humming and closed eyes, as well as his deep breaths, that he is savouring the feeling, in anticipation of more to come. I hug him to me and kiss his neck then step back a little, expecting him to repeat the same, or similar, on me.

He surprises me by ignoring the shirt and heading straight for my trousers – undoing the belt, releasing the button and clasp and then slowly lowering the zipper, allowing the two flaps to drop open. The only thing that stops everything from falling down is one of his hands squeezing my glutes while the other is fishing for my cock.

Releasing my butt, he allows the trousers to drop to my ankles then slides the same hand up inside the leg of my Calvin Klines, continuing his fondling and squeezing. He explores my crack and locates my hole, merely rubbing over it rather than probing to gain entry. His restraint is exciting, and I feel my sphincter begin to contract each time that he touches it.

All the while, his other hand is rubbing up and down the length of my cock on the outside of my CKs, eliciting a growing dark wet patch of pre-cum on the red material. He kneels and sucks the wetness, drawing as much of my cock head into his mouth as the tight material will permit. Then he gently lowers them to join my trousers. He runs his fingers up the inside of my legs, bypassing my cock and balls and continues up my stomach, which causes an involuntary contraction of my abs and a shudder from my body. He continues underneath my shirt as he stands. Buttons undone, shirt removed, I step out of my ankle encumbrances. Liberated, and fully naked!

He wraps his arms around me and our upper bodies rub skin-to-skin. He begins to kiss my neck and tease my lips with his darting tongue. He”s turning me on big time! I cannot wait to get him naked too, and I remove his trousers with some haste. The multiple wet patches on his undies indicate copious amounts of pre-cum as his cock has altered positions!

They soon join his trousers on the floor.

We press our fully-naked bodies together, caressing, rubbing, frotting, kissing. He turns his back to me and I rub my cock up and down his crack which becomes ostim escort very slippery with all of my natural lubrication. At the same time, I milk his cock and grease it up with his own oil. We both turn, and he wiggles his wet and sticky rod into the length of my crack and begins to do what comes naturally – thrusting.

I wrestle him to the bed and we roll back and forth, first one on top, and then the other – face down and face up, enjoying each other”s firmness, slipperiness and body heat. We are both breathing heavily.

“You do it first,” he says. “but without the lights. Let”s see how good YOU are in the dark!”

Cheeky sod! He turns off one of the lamps. He rolls onto his stomach. I grab the lube with one hand and lay it next to me. I reach to turn off the second lamp then feel for his backside. I massage it then kiss it.

“Hmmm. Good start!” he groans. I part his cheeks with both hands and explore him with my tongue. When I touch his hole, and begin to lick it, he shudders, “Hell, Yeah!”

He pushes his butt into the air and slowly raises himself onto his knees. I continue licking and probing and I can feel his hole contracting and quivering. Then I reach for the lube and grease my fingers. As I insert one, then two, then three, Will continues to moan, then whispers, “Do it to me, Tom. I want you in me.”

I grease my steely rod and rub the head over his hole, pushing gently until I know that it can”t go anywhere but in. I grasp his hips and draw him back onto me – gently and deliberately. I feel myself penetrate his privacy and I push – long and slowly to maximise the sensation.

“Oh, Will,” I groan, “fuck, this feels good. Soooo good.”

He thrusts his butt backwards, forcing me right inside and enveloped by his velvety heat. “Do it!” he commands. “Don”t be so bloody gentle! I won”t break, you know!”

His wish is granted and I begin to pump, in and out, pushing hard. I love the feel of his firm cheeks each time they make contact with my pelvis!

I reach around and grasp his cock with one hand. It throbs in unison with my thrusting. My hand is wet with his excited pre-cum which I rub up and down his hard meat, even around his manly balls which feel so good to fondle and jiggle.

As I sense my pleasure begin to build to a crescendo, I begin to ease off, wanting to delay my explosion, but Will is having none of that. “Don”t stop!” he growls. “Just go for it! I want to feel you cum and feel the excitement of your body enjoying itself.”

I resume my rhythm and can feel the eruption grow from a deep tingling to an unstoppable rush, my sperm needing to escape my body via my beefy probe. I hug Will hard and explode my juices into him. The voluntary thrusting gives way to uncontrolled spasms, as I relax onto him.

“Fuck, that felt good.” Will groans.

“Hell, Yeah!” I whisper back. He giggles at my use of `his” expression.

We collapse together, my cock still plugging his hole. We roll into a spooning position and I caress his body and kiss his upper back and neck.

“That felt like one huge load that you let go,” Will chuckles.

“Well, it”s been building all day.” I reply. “You can thank our new friends at the beach for kicking that off. You know it”s all going to pour out when I start to shrink. We can do without that.” I reach for a towel to prevent too much `spillage”.

“We”re both gonna need a shower,” Will says. Then he adds, “Hey, Tom, can I please do it to you in the shower?”

I don”t ask why, but, as I consider his request, I ponder whether the reason might have anything to do with the guys showering at the beach. Besides, this will be a first for us – good enough reason, anyway. “OK. Why not?” I reply.

As I pull out of him, I use one end of the towel to plug any leakage and the other end to wipe myself of spunk and lube. I leave him with the towel and make it to the shower first, adjust the water temperature and step in. “OK, bro! Come and get me!” I say, wiggling my butt at him. His holds his still-rigid cock as he joins me. We share the water. I let its warmth run over my hair and down my body.

Reaching for the soap, I begin to wash myself but Will insists on taking over. Standing face to face, he cleans my cock, balls and legs then adds extra soap and reaches around for my glutes. I press myself against him and his stiffness pokes into my stomach. I take the soap and wash his backside while he”s playing with mine. He turns me around and I lean forward for him.

He uses soap instead of the strawberry lube to prepare me. Then, just as he is lining up his cock, I sway my hips to one side. “Hey, keep still!” he says. He lines me up again and I wiggle the other way, causing his cock to slip past my hip. “What are you doing?” he asks, a little miffed. “Keep still!”

I do it again. This time he slaps my bum cheek. It stings but I”m enjoying the playfulness of it all. He grabs me around the chest with both arms, pushes me against the wall and forces his cock into my crack, then he bobs up and down until I can feel his head right at my hole. I push back onto him to ensure that he won”t miss this time.

“That wasn”t fair, you know!” he moans as he guides himself slowly into me and then begins thrusting.

“Hey, you enjoyed it as much as I did.” I tease him.

Silent thrusting. “Yeah, I suppose! And I did enjoy giving your bum a good slap! But I”m enjoying this a whole lot more! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!” While he pumps away in and out of my hole, he reaches around with both hands and holds my swelling-again cock with one and my balls with the other. “Pull away from me again and it could be painful,” he says, isolating my balls with a still-firmer grasp, as a warning. He repeats, “Very painful!”

I decide to tease him a little and paraphrase his earlier question to me. “Will, if I couldn”t be the one in here with you, which of your friends, old or new, would you like to have instead?”

He slows momentarily and then continues his rhythmic pumping and heavy breathing. “All of them!” he jokes as he thrusts really hard.

Then, with each subsequent push, he recites one of their names… “Karl…, Kurt…, Jake…, Sam…, Simon…, Luke…, Joey…, Andy…, Tom…, Tom…, Tom…, To…om!” and, as he wraps both of his muscular young arms around me for support, I feel my insides being bathed with the heat and fullness of his youthful seed.


(to be continued)


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