Second time with Simon

Second time with Simon
It had been several months since my first meeting with Simon, who picked me up in a hotel reception and took me to my first gay club, we had exchanged email addresses and it was with some surprise I saw an email in my inbox from him. I was both excited and nervous at the same time. He asked if I had any plans for another “business trip”. I replied I was due to be in the midlands next week and gave him the name of the hotel I was to be staying in. His reply was swift and said he was available and could meet me there if i wanted too. Of course I wanted too, he and his TV friend Paula had taken me to heights of pleasure I didn’t know existed. We arranged to meet the following week in my hotel.
It was a long week but eventually I was alone in my hotel room getting ready for Simon as he had asked. I was to dress in more leather, the same trousers and cowboy boots as last time, but this time also a black leather shirt and matching waistcoat topped with a double breasted leather trench coat. At 7:30 pm Simon texted me to say I was to meet him under a bridge over the canal just down the road from the hotel in 15 minutes. Once again I found myself walking down to the hotel reception feeling very self conscious dressed head to toe in black leather! I followed his directions and waited under the bridge for what seemed like ages. A couple of teenage girls walked passed and laughed to themselves when they saw how I was dressed which made me feel VERY uncomfortable. “I like your coat” said a familiar voice. “Let’s have a look at the rest of you” it was Simon. “Go on, coat off. I want to see how my guy looks for me”. When he saw my outfit he was well pleased and complimented me on how I looked. “So when did you last suck some hot cock” he asked me to which I had to reply the last one was his all those months ago. “Well then you must be gagging for it, on you go” he said as he pulled his cock out. “What here in public?” I replied. “Fucking yeah go down on me right here right now” and so I did! There I was dressed all in leather squatting down in front of another guy with his cock in my mouth under a canal bridge in full view of anyone walking along the canal bank.
Simon had his phone out and took several pictures of me servicing him. He told me to stop as he was near cumming and wanted to wait for later on. ” Right put your coat back on and follow me” I followed him back to his car and he drove me back to my hotel. Once again I felt self conscious walking past the woman on reception this time with Simon
in tow. Once at my room Simon stripped naked and wanked himself whilst watching me show off my outfit for him. I was once again instructed to take him in my mouth until he was hard. “Enough, get your kit off except for the shirt”. Simon then had me lean over the back of the chair and I felt some cold lube being pushed into my hole with his finger, first one then two and before I could say anything his rock hard 8″ slipped up my well lubed arse hole. Simon fucked me for a solid 5 minutes in that position and I just fucking loved it. “Don’t worry, he said, I am wearing a rubber for now” The “for now” bit had me wondering what he meant. He came with a moan and a final thrust then pulled out and I thought that was it but no, he then knelt behind me a proceeded to tongue my hole sending me into exquisite waves of pleasure. “Turn round, I want your cock” Simon sucked my cock until I became fully hard then he sucked harder and harder until I shot my load into his mouth. We both collapsed onto the bed. “Did you like that?” he asked and I replied it was the best head I had ever had. “No I meant the ass fuck silly, everyone likes head” “Well yes” I replied. “Good, because there will be more later I promise you”. We lay there naked for about an hour until Simon suggested we shower together then get dressed for our night out. After showering Simon told me to open his bag and see what he had brought with him. To my delight there was some items of bondage equipment, leather cuffs, a ring gag, a large butt plug and a leather paddle. Also, there was some items of fetish clothing, leather chaps, studded wrist cuffs and a couple of spiked collars, one with a dog lead attached, a chest harness and a leather cap. “Where are we going before we get into this stuff?” I asked. “Oh no, we are dressing in that gear first and then we are going to a place I know” said Simon. “You will be wearing the harness under your waistcoat, a pair of chaps, your boots, wrist and ankle cuffs and the spiked collar with the lead. I will be wearing my biker jacket, leather jeans, motorcycle boots, the other collar and the cap. Now hurry up and get changed so we can take a few photos of each other before we go”. I dressed quickly and soon was ready for the photo session which had us both general posing and some in posed sex acts. Simon then lubed my hole again and pushed the butt plug up me and fixed a pair of nipple clamps on a chain to each of my nipples. He told me to put on my trench coat and fasten it up completely which covered everything from the top of my boots to my neck. “Your serious, we are going out like this?” I asked. “Oh yes, we are going to a very private club I happen to be a member of and trust me you will fit in well dressed like that”. I found it very hard to walk anything like normal with the butt plug up me, but managed it out passed the reception desk with a very odd look from the woman behind the desk, to Simon’s car.
To be continued………..

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