Shadow Dancer vs Nightwing – Simone Part 2


Shadow Dancer vs Nightwing – Simone Part 2[[ Pictures from this roleplay are posted in my picture section. See my album Shadow Dancer vs Nightwing Simone ]][20:47] Shadow Dancer: You again!! gasps[20:47] Nightwing Simone: We get disturbed but that will lose again[20:49] Shadow Dancer: This time i have you all to myself.. my ring starts to flare up.. i go to shoot you with a energy blast… trying to stun you.[20:49] Nightwing Simone: blocks the shot with shadow shield[20:49] Nightwing Simone: and hides[20:50] Shadow Dancer: Smirks as i create darkness… making the area go black…. the area going very cold[20:52] Nightwing Simone: Darkness is not only your friend[20:52] Nightwing Simone: fires a shadow dart[20:53] Shadow Dancer: Goes to create a sphere of dark force energy around me… turning around to see you.. my eyes glowing a dark black…. now your in for it…. my ring sending a energy fist back at you to grab hold of you.[20:56] Nightwing Simone: is affected[20:56] Nightwing Simone: and tries to hide[20:56] Shadow Dancer: Smirks as the dark force matter fist grabs hold of you and tries to slam you against the X frame.. trying to pin you on it.[20:58] Nightwing Simone: tries to hide in her shadow but can´t create him now[20:58] Shadow Dancer: Tries to send you backwards at the X frame.. trying to pin you against it.[20:59] Nightwing Simone: weakened tries to escape the power pushes her back[21:00] Shadow Dancer: My ring glowing dark… altering your shadow from the floor.. I go to make it literally become 3D giving itself mass and weight… I go to make it reach up to grab hold of your wrists and ankles from behind you… pulling you backwards to stretch you out onto the frame.[21:01] Nightwing Simone: OH NO can´t fight this[21:02] Shadow Dancer: ( 1 more time not on it )[21:02] Shadow Dancer: The shadows stretching your arms and legs out wide… shortly after you feel the manacles wrapping around your wrists and ankles. locking you onto the frame[21:03] Shadow Dancer: Restraints coming around your wrists, ankles and neck…. locking you onto the frame[21:05] Nightwing Simone: No can´t belief that happens[21:06] Shadow Dancer: Laughs… hah new powers indeed… I walk up to you.. touching the side of your face… my ring flaring up again.. this time.. trying to sap your energy.[21:07] Nightwing Simone: No..getting so weak. what´s going on???[21:08] Shadow Dancer: Rasping…. smiles.. oh your going to be more than weak when I’m done with you…. I’m going to turn you into my whore! my pet! … my sex slave! cupping your breasts… I go to remove your top… letting it fall to your waist.[21:09] Nightwing Simone: Stop this you Shadow Bastard[21:10] Nightwing Simone: I´m Nightwing I will never give in to you[21:11] Shadow Dancer: Goes to remove your top… my fingers slipping along your breasts….. mmmmmm your mine now… my fingers gripping hold of your nipples… stretching them outwards in different directions.[21:12] Nightwing Simone: struggles angry but weak and hopeless against the restrains[21:14] Shadow Dancer: I lean forward to you.. placing my fingers on your mound… rubbing your crotch thru the fabric as i place my mouth over your nipple… Starts to suckle on it.. licking your nipple in circles… then teasing the tip with my tongue.. bending sarıyer escort it in different directions.[21:14] Nightwing Simone: Damn don´t dare this[21:15] Nightwing Simone: struggles wild[21:16] Shadow Dancer: Rubbing your slit… i boldly work my hand under…. caressing along your slit as it goes to it… rubbing you up and down along… mmmmmmm what is this…..[21:17] Nightwing Simone: fights against upcoming arousal[21:18] Nightwing Simone: knowing arousal would lead to totally weakness at all[21:20] Shadow Dancer: Goes to remove your bottoms… my fingers passing over your body…. licking .. sucking.. nibbling my way downwards… my fingertips. lightly scratching across your skin… tell me the secret to your power… or ill make you cum for me all night until your reduced to a mere fuck toy.[21:21] Nightwing Simone: Noooo I will never reveal you my source[21:22] Nightwing Simone: concentrates desperate on her powers as her nipples slightly grow[21:23] Shadow Dancer: Spider walking my fingers over your slit.. i start to wiggle my middle finger into your slit… slipping it in and out of you…. mmmmmm go on…. tell me.. what is the source of your power….[21:24] Nightwing Simone: oooh oooh no stop it[21:24] Shadow Dancer: Working a 2nd finger into your slit… pumping you i start to lick and suck my way downwards… my free hand cupping one of your breasts roughly squeezing from the base upwards.[21:26] Nightwing Simone: /groans slightly as the power gives more and more way to arousal[21:27] Shadow Dancer: Speeding up.[21:27] Shadow Dancer: going faster[21:27] Shadow Dancer: faster[21:27] Shadow Dancer: faster[21:27] Shadow Dancer: pumping you with 2 fingers[21:28] Nightwing Simone: aaah aaah aah noooo uuum aaah noo[21:28] Shadow Dancer: mm my kneedy slut wants more dont you… Don’t you! pushing my fingers deeply into you and then wiggles.[21:28] Nightwing Simone: shrieks[21:29] Shadow Dancer: mmmmm yes that’s it! Say it.. you want more! i go to try to work a 3 rd finger into your slit… pumping you over and over.[21:30] Nightwing Simone: aah no you evil bitch[21:31] Shadow Dancer: I said beg! my other hand going to your slit.. placing the band to your slitty i make it flare up.. buzzing you hard.. sending a deep vibing pulse into your slit as your being fingered.[21:31] Shadow Dancer: Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz[21:32] Nightwing Simone: groans as her resist to arousal fades[21:32] Nightwing Simone: NOO..AAHHUUMM AAH[21:33] Shadow Dancer: Working you up to the edge.. then stopping.. letting you ebb…. Tell me your weakness![21:34] Nightwing Simone: her nipples stand out proud and thick[21:34] Shadow Dancer: Tell your source of your power![21:34] Shadow Dancer: starts to slip my fingers back in as you start to speak[21:35] Nightwing Simone: snipes “NEVER”[21:36] Shadow Dancer: Placing my ring to your slit.. i buzz your slit again..[21:36] Shadow Dancer: BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ[21:38] Nightwing Simone: groans louder as her cunt´s getting wet[21:39] Shadow Dancer: Working you up to the edge each time.. closer and closer .. not letting you cum for me… Tell me what your power source is and ill let you cum![21:40] Nightwing Simone: is now completely delivered to her increasing arousal and feels she will cum and she will[21:41] esenyurt escort Shadow Dancer: Tell me …. your source! Tell me and ill let you cum![21:41] Shadow Dancer: Or do i try your anus![21:42] Nightwing Simone: AAH UUUHH Yes she groans in daze[21:42] Nightwing Simone: AAh yes please cummin yes[21:43] Shadow Dancer: Oh no you dont! your going, going to cum until you tell me… working my finger to your crack… i touch your anus as i push my finger into your slit.[21:43] Shadow Dancer: Tell me your power source.[21:44] Nightwing Simone: Noo don´t stop pleease need to cum[21:44] Nightwing Simone: her nipples are ready to burst[21:45] Shadow Dancer: Tell me your secret! teasing your holes…. tell me and ill let you cum![21:45] Nightwing Simone: PLEEASE make me cum OOH[21:46] Nightwing Simone: I can´t tell you no…but need to cum mmmaaauu[21:46] Nightwing Simone: OOH god please[21:48] Nightwing Simone: juice drops out of her cunt[21:48] Shadow Dancer: Tell me… licking… sucking working down to your slit… I go to bring your legs up over your head one at a time…[21:52] Nightwing Simone: light-headed for lust “need to…cuuuum oh please[21:52] Shadow Dancer: I slap your ass hard with both hands… WHAP! gripping your backside.. you want to cum dont you! … licks… don’t you …. licks….[21:53] Nightwing Simone: Please make me cum you must do must do[21:53] Nightwing Simone: OOOH NOOOOO AAAH need it oOAAA[21:54] Shadow Dancer: Slaps your ass hard.. WHAP! letting you feel the sting of my hand… TELL ME![21:56] Nightwing Simone: AAAh UUUmmm mmaa uummm mmmask please cummin please[21:57] Nightwing Simone: has no control about her words[21:58] Nightwing Simone: addicted to one and only desire[21:58] Shadow Dancer: I slap your ass hard one more time.. WHAP! then quickly uses my fingertips .. dragging along the back and inner part of your legs… one hand going to your slit.. the other to your anus… working 2 fingers into your slit.. my ring buzzes your clitty.. stimulating you…. my other hand cupping your ass.. working my finges along your crack…. i insert one finger into your anus… wiggling….. CUM! CUM FOR ME SUO+PER SLUT![21:59] Nightwing Simone: groans heavily and exhausted[22:00] Shadow Dancer: Trying to make you cum… pressing my lips to your slit.. darting in and out of your slit at a higher angle[22:00] Nightwing Simone: YEEES UUUMMM AAAYES[22:02] Nightwing Simone: /her whole body starts to quake as she near the long awaited[22:02] Nightwing Simone: YYEEEAAAHHH UUUUUAAAA YEEEES[22:03] Shadow Dancer: Smiles yes… that’s it… good… good girl….. I’m making your pussy cum aren’t i? Aren’t I my needy slut!… keeps going.. trying to make you ride your orgasm to the fullest and then try to send you crashing into the next.[22:04] Nightwing Simone: I´m CUMMIN yes UUU OOOAAAAh[22:04] Nightwing Simone: groans ecstatic[22:06] Shadow Dancer: Rasping…. yes thats it… AGAIN![22:07] Nightwing Simone: her body quakes and jerks heavily as she will cum again[22:07] Nightwing Simone: AAAUUUUMMMM AAA YEEEEES[22:08] Shadow Dancer: Tell me.. your power source…. you feel the band of my ring starting to buzz you…. you can feel it building up….. Tell me or im going to Fuck your brains out….. you ill never avrupa yakası escort be the same or leave here EVER![22:11] Nightwing Simone: totally exhausted and weakened mumbles something like cc..a….tfi..t …th..is…mma…sk…uuuno..te…ll.in…g[22:14] Shadow Dancer: I lick you wildly…. my tongue batting your clitty as my finger probes your gspot for both your anus and slit. You want more dont you slut! dont you….. your new mistress is going to give you all you need and want![22:17] Nightwing Simone: c..ant..res..ist…oh ..my….pl..esae…let off[22:18] Nightwing Simone: only talking in a sexual dilirium[22:19] Shadow Dancer: Rasping as i lick you faster… taunting you.. this is your pussy right! right im making your pussy cum for me arent I… wiggles my finger into your backside… hungrily lapping you as you start to speak.[22:19] Shadow Dancer: Slurp[22:19] Shadow Dancer: slurp[22:19] Shadow Dancer: slurp[22:22] Nightwing Simone: no longer endures the permanent maximized arousal[22:22] Nightwing Simone: let off ..p..l..ease my m….mmmask …plea…se[22:25] Shadow Dancer: Rasping as i go to use my ring… making it flare up for me 1 more time.. this time making a large strappy appear around my waist… standing up.. reaching for your mask… i go to remove it….. lining up the strappy to your slit… then starts to push ito you… working 4 inches… 6 inches… 8 inches into you.[22:26] Nightwing Simone: shrugs in constant periods and groans” no my mask no”[22:27] Shadow Dancer: Penetrating you… mmm yes… go on.. cum for me one last time! your going to be my whore! my pet…. the mighty Night Shade will be mine![22:28] Nightwing Simone: fades completely hopelessly delivered in her next quaking orgasm[22:28] Nightwing Simone: uuuaaaa aaaa ooooooohhh[22:29] Shadow Dancer: Submit! Submit to me! now! mouthing back to you… I submit mistress back to you as i thrust… Say it![22:31] Nightwing Simone: uuunnoo pleaseI sis…sub…mit[22:33] Shadow Dancer: Rasping… go on.. say it! you want this don’t you.. pushing deeper than before… burying the shaft deep inside you.. letting you take the full 10 inches of thick rubber. i wiggle inside.. trying to make you have one last orgasm and submit to me.[22:37] Nightwing Simone: her mindless body quakes again and shakes as she groans I SUUBMIT[22:42] Nightwing Simone: every time the shaft gets deep in she cries[22:42] Nightwing Simone: submit[22:42] Nightwing Simone: submit[22:42] Nightwing Simone: submit[22:42] Shadow Dancer: MMMMYES! Mouthing back to you… Submit…. OBEY… Mistress….I let you ride your final climax…. pulling out of you…. letting you ebb as you start to cry[22:44] Shadow Dancer: I’m no where near done with you pet…. Rasping as I go to unclasp my lasso… goes ot put around your neck like a leash… while your in this lass… you will not try to escape…. you will not try to attack me… you will not be a a Superheroine any longer… you will be unde rthe control of the lasso.. you will be my pet.[22:45] Shadow Dancer: “[22:47] Nightwing Simone: shows no reaction and cries breathless as you lead her to her next body quake[22:48] Shadow Dancer: Pulling out of you.. i let you down from the cross…. smiles wickedly as i help you to your feet… tuigging on the lasso… leading you to another area…. To start your training and brainwashing as my new pet……[22:50] Nightwing Simone: totally exhausted has trouble to stand[22:51] Shadow Dancer: mmmmmmm[22:51] Nightwing Simone: dazed not realizing her new situation[22:51] Shadow Dancer: Too be continued… 🙂

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