Sharing GF now Likes to Swallow

Sharing GF now Likes to Swallow
When I was 30, I got into a fuck-buddy relationship with a cute 19yo lady. She was open to just about anything I wanted. She complained about how she didn’t enjoy going down on guys because all the boys her age would lose interest in her after their orgasm. She felt especially dissed after they’d cum in her mouth and get up and leave. Those stupid and disrespectful pricks had turned her into a confirmed sperm-spitter.

One afternoon, we started up in my apartment. After getting her hot and horny with making out, I move her to the bed, grabbed a few ties from my closet and tied her hands and feet to my bed. I blind-folded her with another tie then I put headphones on her with some soft, sexy R&B music playing.

I started in on her pussy, delicately teasing around just outside of her lips. She would squirm, trying to push her crotch into my teasing fingers but I would only let them make the briefest and softest contact. I probably let it go on a bit long as I’d let my finger run ever so slightly along her slit, enough to feel her growing wetness, and delicately tease her clit. Eventually, I leaned down, bringing my face to her pussy, just enough so she could feel my warm breath as my mouth approached her wetness.

After teasing her with my sniffing and breathing across her pussy, I took a few soft and hesitant licks along her slit, then assumed my usual voracious pussy eating. She was no stranger to my tongue, having learned of my tastes and skills many times. I’d learned enough about her body to know how she thoroughly enjoyed when I’d softly run my tongue from the bottom of her crotch, up along one labia, circle around the clit, and back down the other side to start back up again. Each time, I’d increase the pace and vigor.

I’d eaten her out enough to learn her signals: she’d get really gushy wet with the sweetest girl-cream and move in a certain way that told me she was nearing orgasm. Just as she was nearing that point, I cruelly backed off but swiftly climbed up and slid my stiff cock inside her. She gasped but was quickly silenced as I pressed my pussy juice soaked lips to hers and began a sloppy wet french kiss that was so typical of us when we’d fuck. This time was different for her as she probably wasn’t expecting to be overwhelmed with her own juices. She was certainly startled but was in no way able to do anything to get away from it. Instead, she accepted my tongue invasion and soon started eagerly frenching me back.

After some good deep strokes inside her, pumping my cock deep inside her, nearing her cervix and making those noisy wet sloshing sounds, I pulled out and climbed up to straddle her face and plunged my wet hard on into her mouth. Again, this wasn’t something she was expecting, especially with it covered in her pussy juices. She startled ever so briefly but soon resigned herself to the face-fucking that I was giving her.

I kept at fucking her mouth but would back off when I’d feel I was nearing the climax point. No doubt that I was probably leaking lots of precum down her throat. After a while, I went back down to where we started: eating her out, getting my face coated in girl cum, fucking her while deep kissing then moving up to fuck her mouth. I made about 3 round trips up and down her body. Each activity, it was my intention to bring each other right up to the point of climax and then back off. I was partially successful at denying myself, but it was clear, she was enjoying a few orgasms, however mild, in spite of my intentions.

On the 4th round, as I was pumping my cock into her pussy, I was nearing my own climax and decided now was the time. As I reached the tipping point, I pulled out of her sloshing pussy and once again shoved my dripping and throbbing cock into her expecting mouth. What was different this time, was it only took one the one stroke of entering her mouth and my own climax was triggered. Her eyes opened wide and the first shot of my spoo blasted against the back of her throat.

Right away I could see the panic in her eyes as she sensed that my cum was going to have nowhere to go but down her throat. After that first pulse, I pulled back just slightly to allow her more room for the sperm that was to follow. I don’t know if was the biggest load I’d ever shot in my life, but it was probably the most satisfying to date. My happy dick pulsed and pumped rope after rope of my gooey cum into that little girls’ mouth, coating her tongue, filling her completely and eventually being forced out between her lips that were wrapped around my cock.

As I pulled out, I watched the confused look on her face. Being tied up and blind folded, there was no way for her to conveniently and discreetly spit my cum out, which had been her norm after giving head. I gazed at her pretty face and admired how even prettier she always became with the flush that our sex gave her. This time though, her beauty was enhanced even more by the drools of my sperm that were escaping between her sealed lips. Knowing that her mouth was full and it was my cum that was coating her tongue and that she could taste, my heart swelled and I was overcome with both affection and lust.

I quickly leaned down and pressed my lips to hers, forcing my tongue between her lips and deep into her mouth. Such a sweet and loving girl, she responded to my kiss in her usual way, slipping her tongue into my mouth, this time coated with my sperm. We battled mouth to mouth, alternately pushing and sucking the cum into each others mouths. It had to be the longest, wettest and intense kiss we’d ever shared.

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