Sienna Grace vs. Santa Claus


Sienna Grace vs. Santa ClausSienna Grace stepped out of the Lincoln before Uncle Terry could come around from the driver’s side to open the door for her. This was as usual for her, as she shunned the trappings of “celebrity-status”, especially with her devoted companion, Terry. They had pulled up to parking at Macy’s at the Mall to look around at the christmas decorations and gifts, the ever-present christmas music everywhere in the background, both inside and out at the Mall. Uncle Terry dressed in casual tweed sport jacket and chinos. Sienna, however, snappily attired in ultra-short skirt and tube top, bright green with sparkles, her long, lovely legs encased in black fishnet stockings with red and green sequins twinkling in the light, crystal-clear open top platform heels displaying her lovely feet and toes, stylish green leather shoulder bag, and matching green elf’s hat, jauntily adorning her lovely head. Beautiful long dark-brown hair gracing her bare shoulders, Sienna strides with grace and confidence, hand-in-hand with Uncle Terry, into Macy’s main entrance, platform heels clicking delightfully on the pavement. Terry does open the door for her here, being the Old Southern Gentleman that he is, and the two friends enter to mingle with the crowd. “Oh! Look at these, Uncle Terry!”, exclaimes Sienna as she bends over to look at some glittering purple high heels on a low shelf. Terry watched as her skirt rode up over her perfect buttocks, but he noted that she had, at least, had put a thong on before they had left to go shopping. Not much, however, covered her gorgeous butt. Basically, a string up between Sienna’s ass-cheeks. Uncle Terry stepped quickly behind Sienna, as if to look over her shoulder, to block some of the enticing view that had already turned a number of heads, both men and women. Two young moms had already looked over at Sienna displaying herself, and had grabbed their k**’s hands and led them in another direction. Okay with the k**s, toys being on their minds anyways. Not so with several husbands stopping in their tracks to gawk. Their türbanlı eskort wives took them by the arms, and, with a menacing look, led their enraptured husbands in other directions also. The young salesman behind the jewelry counter across from the shoe display stared as if transfixed at Sienna bent-over, she casually examining a pair of custom platform heels. The young man looked as if in some discomfort, perspiring slightly, as he consciously fought the urge to touch his growing erection in his slacks. It wouldn’t look proper for a store employee to be groping himself in front of customers. Uncle Terry noted out of the corner of his eye that the young man in such distress had called a co-worker over to watch the jewelry counter, as he rushed to the employee’s lounge, slacks painfully tented in front. “Ah-Hemm… Ms. Sienna, perhaps you should stand and look at these shoes over here on top of the counter…uhh…please?” “Oh! Sorry!”, Sienna giggled as she stood and reached back to pull down the hem of what little there was of her skirt back over the bare globes of her luscious behind. Making their way down the main aisle of Macy’s, Sienna and Uncle Terry encountered the usual green platform and steps, gawdy christmas lights, red and green streamers, decorations, and Santa on his throne with k**s lined up waiting to sit on his lap and reel off to him a list of wants for christmas to the Jolly Old Elf. A photographer to one side with camera on tripod to catch the “magic moment” for each c***d. “Uncle Terr-eey…”, Sienna whispers in a sing-song tone to his ear. “I want to sit on Santa’s lap too!” “Very well, Ms. Sienna”, Terry replied, bemused, “I guess you’ll have to stand in line like the others.” Parents and other shoppers as well did double-takes at Santa’s waiting line. Four k**s, and with them a 5ft 7inch young lady, in very brief attire and sexy platform shoes, her lovely bare arms folded in front of her, waiting patiently to see Santa. Santa himself, while nodding his head, as if listening to the little türbanlı eskort bayan girl on his lap rattle on about Barbie outfits and such she was dying to get for christmas, was deaf to the girl in his lap as he stared, wide-eyed, down the steps at the 5ft 7inch girl waiting for him. The veteran, old but horny cameraman, staring at Sienna also, was frantically making sure his equipment(-the equipment on the tripod, that is-) was ready, indeed, for this upcoming shot, to be sure. At last Sienna was there, stepping up the last step, her dainty hand held out to be taken by Santa, her glowing legendary smile and twinkle in her eyes enchanting both Santa and the cameraman, her bewitching, nearly-exposed body, and long luscious legs, not withstanding, she gracefully swiveled her hips and eased her lovely butt down on Santa’s waiting lap. Sienna noted to herself that something felt lumpy in Santa’s costume as she wiggled her backside into place against Santa’s belly. “Uhh.. And what would you like for Christmas…uhh…little girl? Have you been a nice little girl this year, or…uhh…have you been naughty?”(-“I wish, I wish, I wish…”, thought the lusty Santa to himself-). Sienna glanced down coyly and then back up cutely to look Santa in the eye, smiling, said, “Well, I’ve been naughty, but very nicely so!” “Uhh… yeah. Well, that sounds good enough to me, young lady. What would you like Santa to bring you?” Sienna seductively cupped her dainty hand to Santa’s ear and whispered a list of six new Doc Johnson sex toys she would like to see under the christmas tree this year, along with several different flavors of anal lube, and a supply of Astroglide and Fleshlube to stuff in her stocking hanging on the mantle. A very red-faced Santa, his mouth agape, nodded his head and finally stammered, “Y…Yes. Yes, little girl. Santa will do his best for you!” Meanwhile, Camera Guy was snapping a number of photos of the sexy scenario going on at Santa’s big chair. Sienna sensuously kissed Santa full on the mouth, after gently eskort türbanlı moving some beard to oneside with her delicate fingers, and, giggling, slipped off his lap. At the same time, she slipped a small balled-up wad of silky material into Santa’s hand. “Thank you, Santa. I love you.”, Sienna said sweetly in low sexy tones as she daintily stepped down from the platform, stopping to turn slightly to smile and wave back to an apparently just-turned-to-stone, red-suited fat man with a beard. As Sienna blew him a kiss and turned to step down to a waiting Uncle Terry, a big knowing smile on his face, Santa back up in his chair opened his hands to hold out in front of himself a recently worn, skimpy purple thong. A gift from the sexiest “little” girl that would ever be sitting on his lap that day, for sure. The photographer rushed down to Sienna and Terry, puffing with the effort, to hand a fresh photo of Sienna kissing Santa Claus to Uncle Terry, saying, “Here! Thank you for the sexy show by your sexy friend! She sure made my day!” Turning to Sienna, and kissing the back of her hand as he held it up to his lips, said, “Thank you, Sweetheart! Thank you!” As he left them, Sienna said to Terry, “UH-OHH!”, looking down at the tented front of her skirt. “I think we have a problem here.” Uncle Terry looked down as well, and clearing his throat, “Ah-hmm…”, discreetly as possible, slipped his hand under Sienna’s skirt to discover a very pronounced erection, and no thong. The gift to Santa had been the thong that she had been wearing, somehow removed unnoticed, as she had squirmed on his lap. “Omg, Ms. Sienna. Couldn’t you have just given him an extra thong or panty out of your shoulder bag?” “Sorry. I forgot to bring an extra panty. You should have reminded me, Uncle Terry.”, Sienna pouted. “Well, ..ah-hemm.., we’ll obviously need to take care of this…problem… before we can continue strolling around the store, needless to say.”, Uncle Terry surmised as he slipped off his sport jacket and wrapped it around Sienna’s slim waist. She giggled as he took her hand and said, “Come, my dear. The restrooms are just over here. Let’s get this taken care of. I’ll help you.” “Thank you, Uncle Terry. I love you!” “I love you too, darling.”, he replied as they walked hand-in-hand to the men’s room. “It will be a pleasure, as always, to be of service to you, my dear Ms. Sienna.”

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