Subject: Sleepover Games Chapter 1 Sleepover Games Chapter 1 My older brother and two of his friends, Ed and Joe, invited me to join their sleepover. I just turned 13 and they were 16 years old. They asked if I wanted to join them in their poker game. I was so excited. I said yes, but told them I didn’t have any money. “No problem,” they said. “We will play strip poker”. I said “I don’t know.” I was ashamed of my tiny cock. Then leave, while us real guys play the game. “Ok, I will do it.” I didn’t want to be called a sissy. First two hands I won, so they all gave me their socks. Next four or five hands I won and lost. My brother was down to his underwear and his two friends still had their pants on. Me, I still had my shirt, pants and underwear left. Next hand my brother lost his underwear and began to strip. My eyes started to bug out as his cock was about 8 inches. It seems his dick had grown almost overnight. It was rock hard and sticking straight out. I could not keep my eyes off his cock. It was huge and surrounded by reddish blonde hair, with a massive set of balls. It was now down to his two friends and me. Next hand Joe loses and he stands up and drops his underwear exposing his 7 inches of manhood. As he gets back on the bed, I see his cock is also rock hard. I try not to look, but they keep scratching their balls and playing with their dicks. It is now down to me and Ed. I win with 3 of a kind. Ed says you win as he strips his jock off and 7 inches of meat pops out. There we are on the bed with three hard cocks staring at me. Nice game, we all say. They all get up and surround me and begin to tickle me as they rip my underwear off. Ok that was fun they say. They ask “am I up for another game”. Sure I say. This one is called Hi, Low. The low card loses. Since we don’t have clothes, we each put a dare on a piece of paper. The loser of that hand has to do whatever is on the paper to all the guys. I am not sure I like this, but I agree as I want to be included. Everyone writes a dare and puts it in the glass. I write down: stroke our cocks. I hope I lose, as I want to touch and rub their cocks. I don’t know why, but my 2 inches is getting hard as I stare at their cock and balls. They write their dares and place kaynarca escort them in the glass. The first hand I draw a ten and they all draw lower cards. I pick and turn over the dare. It says suck on everyone’s nipples for a minute. They shove me on back and each one begins to suck on my nipples. Ed and Joe are sucking my nipples and then my brother’s mouth replaces Ed’s mouth. As they suck on my tits, they flick their tongues around the nipple. The bite and softly chew the nipple. They rub my chest, my back and butt. I get excited and my 2 inch dick becomes hard. Wow, I think to myself. I never knew that felt so good. I am glad I decided to play the games. Next hand I draw a two and of course their cards are all higher. I turn over the dare. It says lick our cocks for 30 seconds. Before I can think their cocks are in my face. I begin to lick and tongue Ed’s cock. I don’t know how long I licked his dick but I hear 30 seconds and Joe shoves his cock in my face. I run my tongue up and down his shaft a few times. I see a drop of clear liquid emerging from his piss slit and all of a sudden it is on my tongue. Ok, 30 seconds are up. I look down and see my cocklet is rock hard. I am getting to enjoy licking their human lollipops. Now, my brother’s dick is placed at my mouth. My tongue travels up and down his man flesh. My lips are riding up and down his shaft. I see the vein that runs the length of his pole. He puts his hands on my head and as he pushes my face down. My tongue begins to lick his hairy balls. Ok times up. I hear. I wish I could have had another 30 seconds as I get one last lick up his pole. The next hand, Joe has the lowest card. He turns over my dare: Stroke our Cocks. Joe grabs my 2 inch nub and begins to rub my cock head with his right hand. He spits in his hand and grabs my brother’s 8 inches of man meat and slides his hand up and down. As he massages my brother’s cock, I can’t take my eyes off his hands as he strokes my brother’s rod up and down. He releases my brother’s dick and begins to stroke Ed’s cock while still stroking my tiny cocklet. Fuck that feels so good. No one has ever touched my dick before. My body is starting to tingle. I think I have to pee. Then he abruptly stops and says “times up”. Fuck, orhanlı escort I say to myself, “I was really enjoying that”. Ok, this is the last hand and nobody better chicken out or else. He pulls out his phone and shows me pictures of me licking their cocks and pictures of them sucking my nipples. So if anyone refuses to do the dare, your picture will be sent out to everyone in school. Everyone picks their cards and my brother says on the count of three let’s turn our cards over at the same time to see who the loser is. But before we do that, let’s turn the last dare over. My brother unfolds the last dare and reads: suck everyone’s dick and swallow. Fuck, what have I gotten myself into? I never have sucked a cock before. I am not a cocksucker. I just hope my card isn’t the lowest. My brother turns over a King of Spades; I turn over a 10 of Hearts. I think to myself at least that’s a high enough card so I won’t be the lowest. Although I wonder what it would be like sucking a guy’s cock? Next Ed turns over a Jack of Diamond. Joe slowly turns over his card and says “oh fuck”. Yes I quietly say to myself, relieved I won’t be sucking their cocks, although a little disappointed. He continues to turn his card over and it is the Queen of Diamonds. Ed jumps up and says on your knees as he says “open that cocksucking mouth”. He just grabs my head and shoves his semi hard organ in and out of my mouth. I feel his cock swell up. He lets his dick slide over my tongue deep into my mouth. I hear him say “I can’t wait to feel your cocksucking lips on my dick. He begins to pick up speed, shoving his dick in and out faster and deeper into my throat. Suddenly I feel someone’s hand stroking my little nub. I kept sucking in rhythm to the wanking of my dick. I keep sucking his meat as I like being jerked off. “You are better than my girlfriend at sucking my dick” he says. He grabs my head and with one last pump, I feel his cock flood my mouth with his man seed. I instinctively swallow his creamy liquid and I am left on edge as the hand stopped working my little clit. As the last of his cum is still dripping on to my chin, Joe shoves his rod into my mouth. Joe’s cock is already rock hard as he proceeds to fuck my mouth. I swirl my tongue tepeören escort around the mushroom head. Mmmm, very tasty I say to myself. I am getting the hang of sucking a cock. Again I feel a hand grab my tiny cock and begin to work it up and down. My lips tighten around his cock and I bob my head up and down the length of his human spear. The more I suck Joe’s cock into my mouth, the more I feel the hand bringing me these strange feelings to my dick. Without warning Joe’s cum fills my mouth. I swallow and swallow as someone’s hands keep bringing me closer and closer. Once Joe`s cock has finished emptying its’ spoogy load down my throat, whoever was playing with my stub stops. Fuck the feeling was so amazing. But why did he stop, I wonder. My brother is stretched out on the bed with his legs spread wide open. He doesn’t have to say anything. I crawl up and my mouth engulfs his horse cock. He rests his hands on my head as I suck his dick down to the bone. Again, someone’s hand begins to rub my dick: slowly stroking it. I hear Joe say,” this feels like my girlfriends’ clit” as he laughs. While being stroked I feel another hand fondling my little ball sack. The more I suck, the more stroking I feel between my legs. I forget that I am now sucking my brother’s cock. I hear Ed say, “Now you officially are a cocksucker”. I wonder why I thought it was so bad. I just keep deep throating his meat. As my lips are wrapped around the family jewels, I hear him moan and he un-leases squirt after squirt of sweet and sour tasting cream into my mouth. Fuck I didn’t mean to make him cum so quickly, but I continue to swallow his seed. Please don’t stop. I want more of his cum. I keep sucking hoping there is more cum to be had. As soon as I have swallowed the last drop of his juices, the stroking stops. Why do they keep doing that to me? As soon as I finished blowing my brother, he and his friends begin to get ready for bed. They ask “did I enjoy the poker and Hi – Low games”? I told them I did, but hoped in the future I would win. They laughed and all said “you did win”. You are a natural at it, they told me. Next sleepover you can join us again and we will have different dares, if you are up for it. Yes, I said as I lick a drop of cum off my lip. Was I becoming a cocksucker? What do they mean I am a natural at it? Any Comments send to ail Please support this site if you want to continue to read stories for your stroking pleasure. Any size donation is good. As they say “size doesn’t matter”.

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