Slutty night out with the Mrs

Slutty night out with the Mrs
It had been a few months since the Mrs and I had been out having fun.
So we decided that we would go out Friday night to let off some steam.
All week we had been sexting each other. So by the time Friday came round we were both hyper horny.

While getting ready C asks what should she wear. And pulls out this really short skirt. And a thin black see through top.
Instant hard in from me gives her the green light.
Ones she is ready she comes down stairs, 6 inch heels holding her high. And the skirt seemed more like a belt.
She spins in the spot and says what do you think. The fact that as she spun round the skirt lifted up and she had no knickers on was enough. But I could also see she had no bra ether.
This was going to be a great night.

The taxi arrived and we head into town. The taxi driver couldn’t take his eyes of the C. So much so she open her legs up and I the drive moved his mirror so that he could see her freshly shaved pussy.
The guy asked if we wanted a return. I looked at C and she winked at me. She had the hits for the driver I think. We said yes about 1:00am please form the market square.

We started off in a few bars she c could ups get some drinks in side her. Losses her up a bit so to speak.
Ever time she walked in to one the guys clocked straight away she had no bra on. Nipples hard as rock and pointing out.
Now getting later in the night C is a little tippsy. We hit one of the clubs.
Once’s in side she spots a guy who we have had a three some with before. She wastes no time waving him over.
C gives him a big snog and tells him we are out for some fun tonight. And winks at him. She turns to me and asked how dirty am I feeling. Very I reply why? She tells me she quite drunk. And wants to see how many cocks she can have in one night.
Ok let’s have a go then I say.

She goes off into the club to find the young lad again. Nearly 40 minuets late she comes back with the young lad and his mate. She’s smiling for. Eat to eat. Which means only one thing. She has been fucked already. She tells me the two lads and a couple of there mates had taken her out side round the back and she had suck tow of them off and the other two had fucked her but these two had not cum yet so can we take them home. To which I say of course, I can wait. She sits down next to me and I feel her pussy which is soaking wet.
It’s fairly close to the time we asked the taxi to come back for us. So we head out the club and to the squat. Half way back on of the lads pulls her in to a side street. The other guy and I follow her. The lad has her up in the wall and his head between her legs licking her pussy. He’s only down there a couple of minutes before I see her face twist as she cums.
We carry on towards the square again. The two young lads ether side of her kissing her neck and and on of them with his hand up the rear of her skirt looks like he’s playing with her ring.
The taxi is there waiting for us and he flashes his lights.
C gets in the back with the two lads and sits in the middle of them. As I get in the front. The drive looks at and I wink back at him.
As we head off out of town. The driver asks if we have had a good night. C shouts. It’s not over yet and giggles.
I look round and both guys have there hands in her pussy one playing with her clit. The other has his fingers in side her.

The drive moves his mirror again to get a better view. He tunes his radio up a bit.
Next thing I catch C’s head rip out of view. I look round and she is sucking one of the guys off. And wanking the other.

It’s not long before we are out side the house.
C and the lads get out the car and up up the drive to the front door. I pay the drive and ask him if he wants to come in as well.
To which he say no but may be another time.
By the time I get in to the house. C is already naked and in all fours sucking the two lads off on the sofa.
I don’t take long for me to get naked ether.
C asks me to go and get the lube. As she’s feeling like having a filthy night of fun.
I know what this means DP and fisting.
By the time I get back down stairs she’s on her back in the floor legs in the air one lad licking her pussy and sucking the other guy.
I move the lad away from her pussy and sat my self they to start playing with her. The other lad moved up to her head where C started to suck them both of off as I lubed her up… both holes.
I then got her to go on top of me. Sliding my cock in side her now very wet pussy. She told one of the lads to fuck her arse. He quickly went behind her and I could feel him slowly sliding his cock in her butt. C was moaning with pleasure at this point and I could feel her buck as she came. Her mouth still full of the others cock. Was long before the excitement got the better of me and the lad fucking her I could feel him about to cum his cock twitching. Sure enough four or five big thrusts deep inside her butt. Then the lad she was sucking off started to cum as well.
The lads got them selves dress and C just laid on the sofa exhausted.

We exchanged numbers with them. And I sorted a taxi out for them.
What a night.

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