Sneak Previews – The Sequel


(It is recommended that you read Sneak Previews first to follow this story the best)


It had been five days since my encounter with Brett in the theater. My mind was a mess throughout the entire week as the memory of what he did to me haunted and exposed a side of me that I didn’t even know existed until I encountered that tremendous cock of his. Although I truly never considered my self gay or even bisexual before that day, the sexual experience I had with him completely awakened an attraction to men I didn’t realize I had. I couldn’t sleep very well and I was constantly jacking off replaying the event in my mind. Needless to say, I didn’t have a very productive week at work.

When he called two nights later, I was as giddy as a school girl getting a call from the most popular boy in school. At first his demeanor on the phone was nothing like he was in person. He seemed shy and timid, like he was afraid to talk but I had to remind myself he was young and claimed to be a virgin. He told me his longing to have sex with a man was just realized around a year ago but he was afraid to act upon it. He watched a few gay porn videos online and fantasized about it often but until the other day he never had been with anyone sexually outside of kissing a couple of girls in high school. He also confessed he had a strange allure to public sex and his fantasy of doing it in a theater was his biggest desire.

He said he didn’t even consider trying what he did until he saw me sitting there in the theater. It had hit him that if he was to show off his cock to me, it might start something. He was nervous when he pulled it out and began playing with it and he hoped if I caught him jerking off, it would be my reaction that guided him to see if he should proceed with the fantasy. He told me that while my initial reaction frightened him and made him almost regret getting caught, when he got a good look at how I was looking at his cock, he knew I was really turned on. I confessed I was impressed and enamored with it at first sight.

Our conversation turned into a blow by blow replay of what happened that day, from both of our perspectives. I admitted how much I loved to suck his cock and how he fucked me, he told me that he enjoyed fucking me and how I gave head. There was also a lot of discussion about Brett’s cock. I had to ask how big it is.

“9 and a half inches” he answered in a straight forward manner.

“And how thick?” I had to know.

“I know its about 3 and a half inches wide, I guess around 7 inches in circumference.” The numbers got my cock hard as a rock in seconds. The memory of it stretching my mouth and asshole was daunting enough but hearing him talk about his tool in that manner had me jacking off. I begged Brett to come over my apartment or to let me come over to his dorm room.

“My roommate is at his study group in the dorm, he could be back at anytime and I have some reading to do myself.” I begged and begged, offering my ass and mouth in anyway but he stood firm. The more I worshiped his cock over the phone, the more confident and cockier he got.

“You really are smitten by my cock, aren’t you?” He said with a sudden air of assuredness.

“Yes, yes I really am. I can’t stop thinking about it. I have jerked off five times since we first got together and I’m stroking my cock right now!” I admitted.

“I’ve had mine out for the last ten minutes too, slowly jerking it.” He tells me.

“Oh my God, is it big and hard?” I ask, picturing it in my mind.

“Uh huh”

“I wish I was sucking it, come over and I’ll suck it better than the other day.” I try to seduce him over my apartment.

“Can’t, but I’ll send you a pic.” Within minutes my phone rings with the notification of a text and when I open it, my eyes widen. There is that perfect cock in his hand holding it, looking every bit as long and thick as I remember. For the next hour, I confess my love for his manhood and he soaks up my compliments and assures me when we get together next, he will be even better than the first time. We both reach climax within minutes of each other and we promise to talk again soon.

That Friday I call and once again invite him, no actually beg him to come over. He tells me again he can’t come over or have me over but suggests that Saturday is the night we can finally see each other again. I happily accept and we plan on having dinner at my apartment around 5 in the evening. All that day I clean my house and prepare a nice dinner, nothing too filling because I don’t want to fill him too much. I dress casually but try to look nice and appealing. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was as nervous as I was excited. For days I have remembered and played back the events from Monday, the fucking he gave me and what it was like to suck my fist cock. I want to replicate that sensation and maybe even top it.

5 o’clock comes and goes and no Brett. When 6 hits I am steamed and I start drinking some beer. Its about 6:30 when my phone calls qiqitv.info and I’m into my third beer, its Brett.

“Where the fuck are you?” I demand to know.

“Come to the theater, to the 7:30 showing of the film we met at.” His voice, low and ominous commands.

“Oh no, I’m not doing it in a theater again. Its Saturday, there’s going to be people there.” Suddenly the line goes dead. I throw my phone down in anger and chug the rest of my beer down. I am seriously pissed and stewing, sitting on my couch. I can’t help but again think about his cock and how much I enjoyed it. After a while of deep thinking, I grab my keys and storm to my car. By the time I get to the theater its’s 7:40 and after buying my ticket and making my way to the same screen we met in, I enter a darkened theater. When I turn the corner, I stand there letting my eyes adjust. I see there are a few people seated. There are three couples and a group of four teenagers but they are all in the first five rows. Up in the ninth and top row I can see the familiar image of Brett, he is wearing his hoodie and sunglasses.

I stomp up the stairs, still angry and defiant of what he probably has planned. In my mind I am telling myself that if he asks to do anything sexual, I’m just going to leave his sorry ass in this theater alone. Every step I build more and more strength and resolute to saying no to any thing he wants to do. But when I get to the eighth row, I can see him sitting there, with his huge cock out, stroking it. I am stunned by his brazenness and ability to do this while strangers are only 30 feet away. When I get to the ninth row I pause and take in the sight of Brett jerking his huge dick, looking straight ahead in his dark sunglasses with that cool and ominous stare of his. Its still a sight I can’t get over but when I take my seat, I am angry.

“I’m really pissed that you stood me up man.” I say in a low volume, but I use a furious tone. “I’m not going to do anything with you in a theater with other people in it. It’s too risky.”

Brett just sits there, sliding his hand on his cock up and down. His is as hard as a rock and his cock is absolutely impressive as ever. Just like when I first met him, I am feigning anger but deep in the pit of my stomach I am totally captivated with the monster cock in front of me.

“Fuck you.” I say in defiance. I stop staring at his cock and look ahead at the movie that had started. We sit there for several minutes and he continues to stroke away, I use all of my willpower not to look. He then grabs my hand starting to pull it over. I snatch it back from his and say “Nooooo, hell no.” once again in a low volume but with fury in my voice. A minute passes and Brett once again takes my hand. I say “Nope, nope, nope” but I don’t pull away this time. He wraps my hand around his thick cock and I once again try to put up a fight with my words. “I’m not going to jack you off in this theater.” But I can’t take my hand off of his dick. Slowly I work it up and down. His incredible length is intoxicating but it’s the thickness that really makes my head spin.

“Oh my God.” I whisper. I know I’m once again hypnotized with Brett’s impressive manhood. “What is it about your cock that makes me so weak?” I ask out loud but in a whisper. Its an incredible sight looking at my hand wrapped around such a breathtaking penis. Although he is only 18 years old, his cock his so manly and powerful. Soft skin wrapped around a steely rigid boner with veins running down the shaft giving his erection an even more extraordinary appearance of rigidness. His huge smooth balls that make my mouth water when I recall licking them and a huge head that makes my asshole ache to be penetrated by it again.

“Your cock is so fucking big!” I have to tell him. “Its all I have thought about this past week.” Its so easy to admit these things while its in my hand. My eyes are glued on it while I continue to massage his member. I look around the theater, every head is faced to the screen. It makes my nerves calm down feeling like we haven’t drawn any attention from the people in the theater, yet I am sort of aroused that there are strangers nearby while I am pumping Brett’s big dick.

Brett lifts the arm rest between us and I realize he is inviting me to suck it. “No, man.” I again whisper. “Not here, not now.” He simply puts his arm around my shoulder and pulls me down. I don’t resist physically but I implore him with my words. “No,no,no. I can’t I can’t.” I try to fight but now his head is mere inches from my mouth. I know I want to engulf his wad but I am so afraid that we will be caught.

My attraction to his cock gets the best of me and I open wide taking a giant mouthful of his cock. I wrap my lips around his shaft and tighten the grip with my mouth. Although I barely have half of his dick in my mouth, it is completely full, from the back of my throat to my lips. I hold it there and savor the taste of his penis. It has a salty, flesh taste of course but it is a clean flavor with hard porno a hint of sweetness. His cock is delicious.

I slowly draw back as it slides between my tightened lips. When I feel his head touching the rim of my mouth, I slide back down deep on it. My mouth waters as I go up and down on his cock, soon I have it covered with my saliva. What I can’t fit in my mouth I spread my spit with my tongue all over his long shaft. When I know I have moistened his entire penis I continue to suck on it. My own cock is straining in my pants as I pop a hard-on myself.

The thing that amazes me and frankly turns me on greatly about Brett is how cool and composed he is while I am feverishly sucking his cock. He never moans or even speaks but I can tell he is enjoying it because his cock throbs with incredible powerful pulses as he maintains his fierce erection. Me on the other hand can’t help but let out a sigh, moan or whimper while I am battling this monster with my mouth. While I am sucking his nearly ten-inch cock, I squeeze his equally impressive balls. They are easily the size of golf balls and shaved smooth. While he retains his bushy pubic hair mound on his pelvis, his balls are smooth and equally delicious as I am prone to lick and suck on them from time to time.

Every ten minutes or so I pull off of his cock and look around, just to settle my fear. When I am reassured my noisy sucking hasn’t been noticed I jump back on his cock with my mouth. Like the day we met, Brett has an incredible stamina that doesn’t reach climax very quickly. I myself would have cum within 15 or twenty minutes with the sucking I am giving him, but Brett hangs in there with total control and longevity. I jack and suck his dick off at a brisk pace and yet he just sits there and enjoys it in his quiet, stoic way.

Sucking a big cock for over thirty minutes is not easy, your jaw gets sore from the girth and your neck tires from the long strokes. Brett’s cock is a challenge for sure but while it presents these impediments the reward of pleasing a remarkable shlong is too great. I have discovered and taught myself different techniques recalling the method that women from my past used. One trick I used on Brett the first time and one that I repeated this time was to hold the head in my mouth while I jack off his shaft. With my mouth gripped firmly on his head, I jack off his cock with one hand and squeeze his balls with the other. Brett must have loved this technique as well because after only a few minutes of doing this I felt his cock start to violently throb. Suddenly, his hand took a hold of the back of my head and a mouthful of cum spasmed in my mouth.

As quickly as I could swallow his first load, a second wave of semen filled my mouth. Wow, could this teen cum! It was hard to keep swallowing and soon it started to spill out of my mouth. Hot, gooey and thick, his sperm was also delicious and surprisingly sweet. When I pulled off of his head to lap up some of the cum that spilled out of my mouth, I was shocked that another long stream of cum shot out flew up in the air and landed on the side of my face. Was there nothing that this dude did sexually that wasn’t amazing?

Brett handed me some napkins he must have taken from the concession stand, I wiped and licked him clean and while the movie was still going, we slipped out of the theater. When we hit the lobby, I was begging him not to end the night. Although I was myself was guilty of the old cum and run routine with girls, I begged Brett to continue the evening. He asked me to follow him to his vehicle and I figured we might head to my apartment or find somewhere quiet. I was shocked when I saw his car, a large black Hummer. I never would have guessed this was what he drove. I was even more shocked when he opened the back door and told me to get in.

While the rear seat was extremely roomy, even after Brett climbed in as well, I was totally confused as to why we would be sitting in the back seat of a car in a crowded parking lot. The evening was still early and the movie theater was busy as you would expect on a Saturday night.

“Why are we here?” I asked dumbfounded.

“I want more.” Brett answered defiantly.

“Are you crazy?” I blurted. “We are in the middle of a busy parking lot. There are people all around. Do you want to get caught?” While I didn’t quite share his obsession with public sex, there was no way I was going to be easily caught having sex with a man by strangers.

“Relax.” Brett said coolly. “These windows are heavily tinted, no one can see inside.” It was then after inspection that I realized that they were very dark and probably even harder to see in the car at night. Brett slid very close and put his arm around me, “Besides, you said you wanted more.”

“Yeah, but I…mmmmph” Brett kissed me deeply. It was strange to be kissed by a man, even after having a cock in my mouth twice, it was still an adjustment to being seduced by a guy like this. Brett took my hand again and placed reklamsız porno it on his crotch. I was shocked that he was sporting another hard-on, right after blowing a load in the theater. With the combination of his kiss and once again having my hand on this intoxicating cock, I melted. Brett with one hand started to undo his pants while I fumbled my hand to pull out his cock out and hold it. Brett was an amazing kisser, strong yet with a soft touch. We both pulled his pants down to his knees. I wanted to go right back to sucking his huge dick again but his kissing kept me away, but having it in my hand was fulfilling.

“You really turn me on.” Brett said softy.

“I love your cock.” I respond. “You are so Goddamn hot.”

“I’m really glad we hooked up; I couldn’t wait to se you again.” His words melted my heart and put butterflies in my stomach. As we continued to kiss, as couple walked right by the Hummer. I froze in fear with me holding Brett’s dick and us kissing, but they just walked by oblivious to what we were doing.

“Trust me.” He said assuredly. “They can’t see inside.” His words helped and we kissed more. Soon Brett started to tear off my clothes. Again, I noticed people walking around in the parking lot as my shirt came off and my own pants & underwear were being pulled down. There was so much leg room and space in the back that we were able to get naked without much constraint. Brett’s hoodie, shirt and pants were soon balled up on the floor. I was also naked as we kissed again. We both stroked each other as we kissed deeply and passionately.

Brett stood about 5′ 8 or 9″ and weighed around 150 to 160 lbs.; his lengthy, dense rod looked out of portion to his body but it also made him look manlier and more mature naked. He kissed down to my cock and I got excited when he took my prick into his mouth and started to suck on me. It only made me want to suck his cock more and soon we were 69ing in the back seat with me laying on my back and Brett on top of me, pumping his cock in my mouth as he sucked mine.

Brett fucked my mouth well, sliding it deep in my mouth and down my throat, which made me gag and sputter but it helped me almost completely deep throat him. At the same time, he sucked my dick well and showed off some skills of his own. Fucking my mouth only made him hungry for more and he soon jumped off of me and reached for some KY Jelly that was in his center console up front. I popped up and positioned myself in the middle of the back seat. “YES, YES, YES!” I squealed in delight, knowing what was soon about to happen. Brett lubed a heavy coat of KY all over his cock, I took a big gob and rubbed it all over my asshole and inside it. I noticed that there were people were as close as ten feet away when I propped my feet on the back of the front seats of the car, with my legs spread wide open. Brett was kneeling in front of me giving his cock a few more strokes before lining up his head with my asshole.

“Ahhhhhh!! Ohhhh!! MMMMM!!” I exclaimed as his monster cock penetrated me once again. His head pushed against my anus, I relaxed and soon it slid in. “Yes!! YES!!” I squealed in delight. He had made his way inside me and started to plow that piece of meat in me. I took a hold of my cock pointing straight up in sheer pleasure and tugged on it while he went deeper and deeper. The sound of teens laughing and shouting could be heard but mixed in were my praises for Brett’s talented wad banging my ass. “Oh yes, fuck it!” I exclaimed. “I love that awesome cock!”

“MMMMM, baby. Yeah, take it.” They were the first words he ever said to me during sex and they were music to my ears. We locked our hands together as he began to pump my body furiously and Brett bent down to French kiss me. “You like the way I fuck you?” He asked.

“Yessssss, oh my God, I do!” I felt a swelling build up in my stomach and within seconds its release rushed through my whole body. “OHHHHHHH, I’m cumming!” I exclaimed as the pearly streams of jizzum shot from my cock all over my body. I was actually embarrassed that I came so quickly but also remembered I had been holding an erection for nearly two hours. “I’m so sorry; don’t stop, don’t stop!” I begged.

Brett didn’t and in fact my shooting off seemed to excite him more. He grabbed his shirt and wiped me clean. “Don’t worry baby.” He said, “Its good.” He then took my wrist and pinned them down as he began to really fuck me hard. “I bet I can make you cum again.” He said boldly.

“I…ohh…ohh!!” I stammered. Brett continued long strokes in my ass, really hammering away with his hips. He really gave it to me and I was appreciative of how good of a fuck he was. I watched in amazement as my cock went from flaccid to erect and in 15 minutes began to throb again. “Yes! Yes!” I screamed, not worried who outside the vehicle might hear me. “I believe in your cock! It’s wonderful!”

For the second time in one week, I blew a load without even jacking my cock off and just twenty minutes after a huge orgasm. “Your cock is amazing, your amazing!” I praised Brett honestly as we watched my own penis shoot five or six streams of semen all over my stomach and chest. Suddenly, Brett pulled out and cum flew out of his cock all over me. The two loads completely covered my body.

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