Subject: Soccer Practice Makes Perfect Soccer Practice Makes Perfect: Team Effort — chapter 16 Thank you for the overwhelming positive responses to my previous chapters. I hope you enjoy chapter 16. Please note that I am not a professional author so some errors are to be expected. Please feel free to contact me with your comments at ook Thanks for reading my story. Also, Please consider donating to Nifty so that this platform remains free and continues to be a safe space for us all to enjoy these stories either by writing them or reading them. Please Donate Here: fty/donate.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Please note: This story is of a graphic sexual nature and only meant for adults 18 years and older who wish to read such material. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DJ — Me, 19 years old Billy — DJ’s older brother — 20 years old — Soccer Captain Jorge — Billy’s Friend and Co-Captains Rafael — Billy’s Friend and Co-Captain Jake — Tattooed Muscle Soccer Teammate Soccer Practice Makes Perfect: Team Effort — Chapter 16 Billy was driving at a pretty hefty pace but I couldn’t tell how fast because he had me blindfolded. Why the blindfold bro? I asked. It is so you are surprised, Billy replied, I have a special treat for you he said with excitement. Would you give me a hint? I asked. I probably shouldn’t bud, but I will tell you this, it is something that you asked for, he replied. Wow, that really narrows it down I said sarcastically. Well, it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you outright would it, DS (dip shit)? Billy said as he laughed. Ha, you haven’t called me that for a while, bro, I love you too I said with a laugh. Billy put his hand on my leg and rubbed my leg and then reached for my cock through my shorts. Oh man, I love you so much Billy said, I can’t wait for you too see this surprise. I try to make you as happy as you make me Billy continued. You don’t have to try so hard bro, I replied, just being your brother and lover makes me the happiest I can possibly be. Then consider this surprise a bonus, Billy responded as he grabbed and lifted my hand so he could kiss it. Billy pulled off the road somewhere and parked his truck. Now stay here and no peeking, Billy said, I will be right back. Okay, I said in reply. Give me your promise, I don’t want this surprise ruined Billy demanded, you know what our promises mean to each other. Of course, I promise I won’t peek, I responded. Thank you, babe, I love you, Billy said as he gave me a passionate kiss before leaving the truck. It was about five or ten minutes later and Billy returned. Ok, bud, I’ll help you out of the truck and get settled. Billy came around to my side of the truck and helped me out. I was all smiles because I was too excited to find out what the surprise was. Billy is thoughtful, loving, kinky, raunchy and a fantastic lover, oh god this could be anything I was thinking to myself. Billy held my hand as we walked for a short bit and got into an elevator and he pushed me up against the wall of the elevator, he yanked my cock out of my shorts and sucked on my dick. Ohhhh fuck, bro, your mouth feels so good on my cock, oh hell I moaned. He kept sucking me and licking the inside of my foreskin until the elevator stopped at what I guessed was our floor as he put my dick back in my shorts and stuck his tongue in my mouth so I could taste my own precum. I am sure that my hardon was easy to spot to anyone else nearby but hopefully we were alone as we walked again. We stopped and I heard Billy use a key, card or something that made a beep, a door opened and we walked into what I was assuming was a hotel or motel room. It was nice and cool and Billy sat me down on what I felt was a bed. Ok, babe, you ready? Billy asked me. Yes, I’m ready, I replied. Good, now strip down until you only have your socks and sneakers on Billy demanded. I stripped as Billy requested and then he gave me further instructions. Lay down on your stomach on the bed he said. Now think back to when we were camping, you mentioned a kinky fantasy that you thought about Billy said to me. Billy took off my blindfold and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the surroundings. When I could focus on the room to my left, I saw 7 athletic handsome college aged guys in lacrosse uniforms sitting on the opposite bed in the room, they were all smiles, some were white, African-American, Asian-American, and even a Muslim-American and they were rubbing their cocks. Holy fuck bro, you really did this for me? I asked. Yes babe, Billy replied, I wanted to make your kinkiest fantasy come true, are you okay with this he asked as a concerned brother and lover. Yes, thank you Billy, I said. These guys are from the University by the River lacrosse team, they answered my ad that I had listed online for a gangbang breeding session on your ass. Just so you know, I had all these guys tested for everything by Damien our team med student. One guy refused to be tested so I wouldn’t allow him to participate and he decided not to show up. My god Billy, you thought of everything I said. Of course, Billy responded, your safety is first and foremost important to me, and then second comes your pleasure. Billy then spoke to the athletes. Ok guys, there are minimal ground rules but let me mention them before we start he stated. Billy started to recite some rules: One, you are free to cum up DJ’s ass, down his throat or anywhere else that you want. Two, you may talk as dirty as you want. Three, you may be as physical as you want such as choking him, rough fucking, pulling hair or choking him with your cocks without causing any real harm to DJ. Four, if you can cum more than once, feel free to breed DJ as often as you want. Five, and most important, If for any reason DJ or I tell you stop, you MUST stop, is that understood? Billy asked. Yes, all of the guys responded. I have put numbers 1 through 7 in this cup, you will pull a number and when I read your number it will be your turn to fuck DJ’s hole. You will fuck him until you shoot your load, either dump it up his ass, down his throat or anywhere else, it is your choice. Any questions guys? Billy asked. One guy asked a question, is it true that DJ is your brother? Yes, he is my younger brother by one year and we are lovers as well, Billy responded. Fucking hot the guys said as the others agreed. Would you fuck him first so we could watch and get really horned up? another guy asked. Sure, you want to see me breed DJ? Billy asked? Fuck yeah, the guys clamored. Okay, strip down, leave your socks and sneakers on and your team jerseys on guys as I start this off, he said. Billy proceeded to strip down to everything but his socks and sneakers and climbed on the bed. He pulled me up so I was on all fours and rimmed my hole for a few moments to get me wet. Billy lubed up his cock with the lube that he brought for the guys and then squatted behind me, straddled my ass and put his cockhead at my tight pucker. Gather around guys, watch and learn how to breed my brother, Billy said as he slid his cock into my ass. Billy pushed his 8 inch uncut cock all the way into my hole until his balls were up against my hole. Fucking hot, one guy said, he fucking took every inch. Holy shit dude, said another, how many inches did he just take? I am 8 inches Billy responded and he takes it all balls deep, all of the time. DJ has taken cocks up to 11 inches, so feel free to slam his hole as deep as you can guys, Billy stated. Billy then grabbed my waist and asked me, are you ready to be fucked hard DJ? Fuck yeah bro, wreck my hole and please breed me, please I responded. Oh fuck another guy said as they were jerking their cocks. istanbul travesti Billy started pounding my ass balls deep, long fast thrusts as I moaned and begged for more. Oh fucking hell, bro, fuck me harder, please, give it to me. Oh yeah fag, you want it harder? You want me to rape your hole fag? Billy asked. Fuck yeah, please deep breed me, please cum in me I begged. Billy went all out, grabbed my shoulders and slammed my hole with no mercy. Take it fag, take my dick balls deep he yelled. Fuck yes, dude, breed your brother, he said. The guy leaned down to my face and talked to me. You want your brother to cum up your ass? He said. Fuck yes, I love it when he cums inside me I responded. Oh damn, another guys said. Can you handle all of our loads DJ? another guy asked. There’s only one way to find out, you all have to breed me as much as you can, I pleaded. OHHHHHH Fuuuck, Billy moaned, here it comes guys, watch close. Billy pulled out and shot one stream of his load on my hole and then plunged back inside me pushing his cum as deep into my ass as possible. Take my fucking load fag, Billy yelled as the guys cheered. Breed your brother man, one guy said. Fuck yeah what a great cumdump another said. Billy pulled his cock out as some of his cum dripped out. Look at his brothers cum leaking from DJ’s hole, that is fucking hot, another guy said. Number 1, your turn to breed him Billy said. Tell DJ your name so he can be verbal with you and also tell him your cock size before you begin, Billy requested. I’m Dean and I am 8 inches uncut. Dean pulled back his foreskin and pushed his cockhead right past my anal ring and kept it there. You want my big cock, fag, Dean asked. Fuck yes, fuck me deep Dean, I begged. First I’m going to tease you with my cockhead just inside your hole. You like that fag? You feel it? Dean said again. Oh, fuck yes, it feels so good, and your spreading my hole open, ohhh fuck, I moaned. Dean then started to slide his cock all the way in, he got three quarters of the way in and pulled all the way out and then slammed back in balls deep as the other guys cheered him on. Fuck yeah, Dean, slam that hole said one guy. Holy hell Dean, try to get your balls inside him said another. Go man, fuck and breed this cumdump, said another. Dean leaned forward and wrapped his arm around my throat. You want a good fucking fag, he asked. Hell yes, I want nothing less of a brutal fucking I said. Dean choked me a little harder and fucked the hell out of my ass in fast thrusts. Dean then released the choke hold and pulled on my hair with one hand while holding onto my left shoulder with another so he could get his 8 inch cock in me hard and deep. Fuck yeah fag, you want my cumload? Dean asked. Oh shiiiiiiit, yes, breed me deep please I said as I moaned and grunted. You like taking anonymous cumloads from Alpha jocks, don’t you DJ? he asked. Yes, oh fucking hell yes, fucking breed my faggot ass with your Alpha cum now, I pleaded. Dean furiously pumped my hole and started to moan loudly, fucking hell man, I’m gonna shoot he said. Balls deep, go balls deep, I begged again. Dean arched his back and slammed into my ass one final time as he unloaded a huge load of cum into my hole. Fuck yeah DJ, take my seed, you wanted it you got it, fucking take it all man Dean said as he pulled my head back and kissed me passionately while unloading every drop of his cum inside my ass. You better be ready for a second load from me fag, I’ll be on your hole again a little later he said as he pulled out of my ass, slapped it and walked away. Billy called out number 2. I’m Aaron the lacrosse team captain, DJ, and I’m about to give you a VERY thick eight and a half inches of cut cock he said as he whispered it into my ear. Aaron was on his knees on the bed and grabbed me and turned me onto my back as he instructed two of his players to hold my legs up and spread them wide so he could assault my ass. He lubed his cock good as I got a look at his thickness and became a little nervous about his cock entering me. Aaron leaned down and shoved his tongue in my mouth as I willingly accepted it and we began to passionately make out. Aaron’s tongue reached far back in my mouth and I slowly pulled away and sucked on his tongue and then let him go deep into my mouth again. What a fantastic kisser he was, I thought to myself. Aaron released our kiss and said, I don’t usually kiss my faggots, but I’m making an exception for you, you are are very cute, a fellow athlete, and I can see how you handle big dicks pretty well. I am really thick can you handle me? Aaron asked. Fuck yes, I said with confidence, use my hole as you see fit I said. Aaron lined up the head of his cock with my pucker and slowly slid the head of his cock in until it popped past the entry point. Holy hell I grunted, Owwwww! I moaned. Stretch the faggot’s hole a teammate yelled out. Fuck yeah Aaron, make him feel your full thickness, another yelled. Aaron began sliding his cock into me, he got about in about 5 inches. Oh fuck DJ, your tight hole is squeezing my cock, it is perfect, it feels so fucking good. Ohhhh fuuuuck, Owwwwww! I shouted while my eyes were watering. Stop Aaron, stop for a moment Billy said as he raised his hand to Aaron. Babe, are you okay? Can you take it? Billy asked. Yes I whispered, just give me a moment to adjust, I said while taking deep short breaths. After a few minutes, I grabbed Aaron around the back of his neck and pulled him down so his ear was near my mouth and I whispered to him. Fucking wreck my hole Aaron, breed me like your own personal faggot, I pleaded. Aaron straightened up his body and slammed the remaining inches of his cock into my ass until his balls made a loud slap on my ass. Ohhhhhh Fuuuck, goddamn it, you’re so thick I grunted loudly, ooowwwwww! Fuck yeah faggot, take my thick cock, I love stretching your hole to the max Aaron said. Fuck yeah DJ, take him balls deep Billy said, take every inch. With Billy cheering me on, I closed my eyes and yelled, pound my hole as hard as you can Aaron, fucking fill me with your seed. Aaron unleashed his fury on my hole and slam fucked my ass unlike I have ever experienced before. Oh Fucking shiiiiit, goddamnit it hurts! Fucking hell man go deeper, I yelled in fits of pain and pleasure. It was happening so hard and so fast the line between pain and pleasure was blurring quickly and it all started to become pleasurable. Fuck yeah Aaron, slam my hole, give it to me good, I yelled. Holy shit man, no one has ever taken me this hard and deep, Aaron said in amazement as he was ramming his thick eight and a half inch cock into me. He looked over to Billy as he saw him smile, I told you he was a great bottom, Billy said. Aaron leaned down to me as he was still slamming my hole balls deep and spoke into my ear in grunts. If you want my seed, you need to beg for it, he said. Oh fuuuuuuuck, Aaron, please seed me, make me your cumdump, I moaned. I need your load, I am just a useless faggot until you breed me deep, I yelled. Fucking Hellllllllll Yes, Aaron yelled as he picked up his pace of fucking my ass. Here you go DJ, you fucking earned my load, AHHHHHHHHH FUCKING HELLLLLLLLLLL, take my load fag, OHHHHHHH you feel me shooting in you? He moaned. Oh fucking hell yes, I feel your cock throbbing in me and flooding me, your cum feels so good I moaned. Aaron leaned down and kissed me again as he was finishing unloading his cum into my sore hole. As our kiss ended I whispered into his ear, thank you Aaron, I loved how you bred me I said with a big smile. He looked at me with and smiled back, kissed me on the lips and replied, you’re the most amazing bottom that I have ever fucked I could definitely kadıköy travesti go for your ass again. Aaron looked at Billy and said, if you ever want me to fuck DJ again, you have my number he said as he pulled out of my ass. I’ll keep that in mind Billy said with a grin as he winked at me with a smile and nod. Number 3 Billy called out this time. A handsome Muslim American approached the bed and flipped me over onto my stomach and laid on top of me with his cock pushing on my ass crack. My name is Brahim he said with a sexy accent, I am uncut, 10 inches long and wish to give you my seed. Brahim slid his arm around my neck and lightly choked me as he also started to slide his 10 inch cock into my used sloppy cumfilled hole. He whispered into my ear ever so politely, I am going to mix my seed with the seed of those before me, I love the feeling of their cum inside of you as my cock fills your asshole. Oh fuck me Brahim, please I begged. He pushed into me slowly until I could feel his balls against my ass. I am fully inside of you he said calmly, do you willingly accept me to fuck you with my cock and to cum inside your asshole. Fuck yes, breed me please. Brahim repeated, DJ, please say that you willingly accept my cock and cum inside of you. Brahim, I willing accept your cock and cum inside of me, I said. With that he tightened his arm around my neck, pulled my hair and started to slam the full length of his 10 inch cock in and out of my ass. Fuck, fuck, fuck, holy fuck, I yelled in muffled shouting because of him choking me tightly. Brahim was going gangbusters on my hole as his teammates were cheering him on. Ohhhhhhh fuuuuck, Brahim moaned, your ass pleases me, and makes my cock fit inside of you perfectly. I continued to grunt as Brahim assaulted my hole, uuuuuugh, fuuuuuuck. Oh fuuuuuck, ohhhhh hell he moaned, I am now giving your my seed, cherish it as a gift, allow my cum to fill your ass he moaned as he unleashed a huge load into me. Ohhhhhhhh shiiiiiiit I moaned, please fuck it in deeper Brahim, give your precious seed to me, please, I want all of it, I cried out. Brahim whispered into my ear, you are so deserving of my seed, take every drop of it, thank you for accepting it willingly he said as he tongue kissed me before pulling his cock out of my cum filled ass. Please Brahim, let me clean your cock off, I begged. Brahim came around to the side of the bed and slid his cock into my mouth. He grabbed my head and fucked my face a few times and then pulled out and let me clean the inside of his foreskin. You have now received my seed in your ass and your mouth, you are now truly blessed Brahim said as he kissed me on the lips and then walked to the back of the hotel room. Billy then called out number 4 which was Darrel an African-American with an 8 inch cut cock, then 5 who was Kyle with a 7 inch uncut cock, and then 6 which was Brian with an 7 and 1/2 inch cut dick. Finally number 7, the last cock from the team was about to fuck my ravaged cum filled hole. I was in total euphoria and felt like I could go on all night and take load after load until the early hours of the morning. Number 7 approached the bed. Hey DJ, I’m Stu and I’m going to plow your ass with an 8 inch cut cock. Stu was a very handsome Asian-American and very muscular. Stu pulled me to the end of the bed and lifted my legs up in the air so he could stand and fuck me on my back. It is so hot to see you with your socks and sneakers on Stu said, that turns me the fuck on he said. Fucking A man, that is totally my fetish I replied with a grin. Stu slid his full 8 inch cock into me in one quick thrust and as he did cum just spilled out of my hole and onto the bed. Fuck man, you re so wet and full of cum it feels fucking amazing he said, as he sloshed his cock in and out of my ass. Fuck yeah Stu, ram me good, fuck me hard, please, I begged. Stu started to pound my hole and bent forward to kiss me, he had the most beautiful eyes and most sensual way of french kissing. He pulled from the kiss and grabbed my face. Oh fuck man, you have such a great ass, I can go as deep and as hard as I want without you complaining like a bitch, fuck yeah man take it, Stu said. Stu then pulled out of my ass and put me on the floor upside down with my back and ass up against the bed so he can jackhammer my hole while standing above me. My back was arched so that my cock was right over my face and Stu’s socks and sneakers and naked body with just a jersey on were in plain view which turned me on.. Fuck yes, fuck me deep Stu, hard and deep, I moaned. Stu started to plow my ass as hard as he could pulling all the way out and then plunging back into my hole as cum splashed out with every entry. Fucking take my cock fag, you like dick in your hole? He asked. Fuck yes, I love being a cockwhore, fuck me, please, harder. Stu spread my ass so he could go deeper and as he did my cock was leaking cum directly into my mouth. Look at that Dean said, DJ’s leaking cum into his own mouth. As Stu was fucking my hole, Dean and Brian were jerking off, they both approached my ass and Dean shot another load onto my hole as Stu fucked it into my ass. Fuck yeah man, Stu said, Dean just loaded on your hole again and I’m fucking it into your ass. Holy hell that’s fucking hot, more cum guys I begged. Brian then came over and had Stu pull all the way out. Brian shot a 2nd load onto my hole as it puddled on top of it and then Stu pushed it in with his cock. Holy fuck, shove that cum inside me, fuck yeah it feels great I yelled. Finally Stu was all that was left, fuck yeah faggot, I am going to seed you good, they saved the best for last, he said. Oh god man fuuuuuck, breed me deep, fill my hole with your load, please. Stu slammed my ass so hard that his balls stung my ass every time they reached my ass cheeks. Oh fuck, holy hell it hurts man, fuck I moaned. You want me to stop? Stu asked with a smirk. No fucking way, Stu, rape my fucking hole, now! I demanded. Stu pummeled my ass with his 8 inch cock, Ohhhhhhh Fuuuuuck, i’m gonna breed your ass, you ready fag? He asked. Doesn’t matter if I am, breed me anyway, I’m your cumdump. OHHHHHH FUUUUCK, OHHH YESSSSS I’m fucking breeding your ass he yelled as the other 6 guys cheered him on. Stu stayed with his cock inside my ass and fucked me until I was ready to cum myself. Come on man, Stu said, cum into your own mouth. I jerked hard as he fucked my hole and I was about to shoot. HOLY FUUUUCK, here it comes……I shot about 7 streams of cum, some into my open mouth and the rest onto my face, I eagerly swallowed my own cum as Stu pulled out of my ass and forced his cum covered cock into my throat. Clean my cock, fag, he demanded. I sucked his cock with perfection and cleaned all the cum off of it. Stu leaned down and licked the cum off of my face and snowballed it with me. You’re fucking hot DJ, Stu said, you’re definitely a keeper, he smirked. After all the guys cleaned up and have left, Billy and I laid there on the unused clean bed. Billy held me, caressed me and kissed me and stroked my naked body. Billy rolled me onto my stomach, and slid his cock into my used cumhole. Babe, even though all 7 of these guys fucked you rough like I asked them to, I want to make love to you now, it is not the perfect place, but I really need to make love to you. Don’t say anything, just listen to me and take in every word as I make love to you and enjoy me lovingly breeding you. Billy spoke with such love and compassion like I have never heard before as he said, watching other guys with you really gets me off, but it doesn’t compare to when I make love to you or fuck you. I love you so much DJ, I want to memorize every muscle on your body, I want bakırköy travesti to kiss every inch of you, I want to hold you and feel your body up against me, I want to feel your lips against mine and our tongues dancing in each others mouths. I want to caress you and love you like I have never done before, all this being said as Billy slowly fucked his cock in and out of my asshole. You are so very special to me, and what you do to please me puts me over the moon. Each and every time I am inside of you, I give you a part of myself freely whether it is fucking or making love. I hope that you know that my degree of love for you never waivers no matter if I am watching you with someone else, or being verbal myself, fucking you rough, kissing you, or making love to you like I am now. You are my brother and my lover and you are mine. Sometimes I may be a bit possessive but it is because I don’t ever want to give you up, and I am so happy that you can accept that I feel that way. You will always come first in my life, I will protect you, respect you, and guide you and be your lover for as long as you’ll have me. I was starting to moan louder as Billy was picking up the pace of fucking me. It feels so good every time I have my cock inside you and I never really want to pull out, but I know that after I breed you, you always have me inside of you. Ohhhhhhh fuck, here I cum he said. Billy just gave me the most intense but calm breeding I have ever had. I felt every stream of his cum shoot inside me and I was overwhelmed with the love he just shared as his cum filled my ass. Damn bro, that was amazing. I love you so much and I love it when you breed me either by fucking or making love. No matter how many loads I have taken tonight or any other, you are the only person and breeding that ever really matters, I said with sincerity. My life would be nothing without you and I am so glad you are my lover. Billy pulled out of my ass and rolled me over so that we could kiss. Our mouths met and our tongues explored each other again with such passion and love as our hands explored each others bodies. Eventually Billy then rolled me over onto my side held me, spooned me, kissed my neck and I soon fell asleep while he was holding me tight. Billy and I finished taking a shower together and were getting the clean clothes out of the gym bag that he secretly packed the day before. Here let me dry and dress you bro I said. I took the towel and wiped Billy’s body dry. I toweled over his hair and face and gave him a small kiss, and then over his shoulders and chest as I kissed his shoulders and licked his nips. Ohhhhhh damn babe, Billy moaned, I love your mouth on me he said as he closed his eyes. I moved lower dried off his six pack abs, cock and legs as I then licked down his abs to his belly button and then jumped down to his feet. I licked up from his feet to his calf and then licked his inner thigh as he quivered until I reached his ballsack. I put my face under his balls and licked and licked. Fuck DJ, you always make me feel so sexy and horny, Billy said. I pulled away from his balls and said, you ARE sexy, bro, and I always want to lick every inch of you. I then grabbed his cock and started to suck his cock as I grabbed his hand and put it on the back of my head. He knew what this meant and forced me down all the way until I choked on his dick. Fucking hell DJ, choke on my big cock, fucking A babe, I love hearing that he moaned. I deepthroated Billy for quite some time and then I had him lay on the bed on his stomach while I dried and kissed his back. I reached his ass and started rimming his asshole. Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm I moaned as I stuck my tongue as far in his hole as I could. Oh, fuck yeah, DJ, eat my ass, eat me good. I was jerking off furiously because eating my brothers ass always sent me over the edge. Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum I said as I spread Billy’s ass. OHHHHHHH HELLLLLLLL, I yelled as I shot my load onto Billy’s asshole. Fuck bro, Billy said, push your cum into my hole, please, he begged. I tightened the grip around my cock so I could penetrate his hole and proceeded to push my cumload into his ass. Fuck yes, I love getting your seed one way or another Billy moaned. I then pulled out and licked up my remaining cum that was on the outside of his hole. As promised I dressed Billy, I pulled his shirt onto him and then put his boxers on and his shorts. I then knelt in front of him and put his socks and sneakers on him and tied his sneakers. He leaned down and kissed me with tongue. That was so fucking sexy having you dress me Billy said. I wanted to do something different for you I said, I love you so much and never want you to get bored with me. Never! Billy said forcefully, I will never get bored with you, we have a lot of life to explore together he said with a smile. Thank you for last night and remembering my fantasy, I said. Of course babe, I hope you enjoyed it he replied. Hell yes, I loved it all, I still can’t believe I took seven cumloads. Well to be correct, you had an extra from Dean and Brian and then you had two from me so you really had eleven Billy said with a grin. Holy fuck, I am a cumwhore I said with a laugh. That’s one of the many reasons I love you Billy said as he kissed me again and we rolled back and forth on the bed continuing to tongue kiss. When our kiss ended, I spoke up, holy hell, bro, I am so much in love with you, I am so glad I belong to you, I said as there was suddenly a knock on the door. Billy opened the door and there stood Aaron, Dean, and Stu. What’s up guys? Billy said cautiously. Can we come in for a second Aaron said. Sure, but we’re just about to check out Billy replied as the three guys came into the room and closed the door. We’d like to ask DJ a question, in private if that is okay Aaron requested. Anything you have to ask my brother you can ask in front of me, we have no secrets. Aaron looked at dean and Stu and they gave their approval. DJ, please sit on the bed Aaron said. I became nervous and looked at Billy and then back to Aaron Dean and Stu. Aaron grabbed my hands and held them and looked me in the eyes with sincerity. I know you don’t know us very well, but please look only at me and be honest with me DJ, Aaron said, we can protect you if needed. Protect me from what? I asked. DJ, while we were fucking you last night, the three of us noticed some old black and blue marks around your neck. Is Billy abusing you? Aaron asked me. Billy leaped towards Aaron and Dean stopped him. I spoke up in shock, WHAT THE FUCK? NO WAY. BILLY IS MY BROTHER AND MY LOVER, HE WOULD NEVER HURT ME, I yelled as I started to cry. Aaron pulled me into a hug. I am so sorry that I had to ask, but we were really concerned about you, Aaron said. How did those marks happen DJ? Stu asked. I was attacked by a homophobic prick named Colton who almost choked me to death, I replied. Fucking shit, Dean said, where is that asshole, I’d fucking nail his ass to the wall. He’s long gone guys, he was a guest at my sister’s wedding and is from out of state. I am so sorry bro, Aaron said, I just felt we needed to check this out, we are very protective of fellow athletes, especially ones we get sexual with. No problem, Billy said, I appreciate that you were looking out for DJ and wanted to protect him. You guys would make great quality longterm friends, would you like to meet out for drinks sometime, my treat? Sure Aaron, Dean and Stu replied. Aaron, Dean and Stu each gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips and then did the same with Billy. You two are so cool Aaron said, friends, he said as he shook Billy’s hand. The guys left and Billy and I grabbed our bag and left the room to check out. Looks like we made some good friends out of what was just a night of hot anonymous sex, Billy said. Yeah, I really like those three I replied. Would you let them fuck you again? Billy asked. Only if you wanted arrange it I said with a smile. That’s my boy, Billy said with a huge grin.

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