Starting a new Life- Part One


Starting a new Life- Part OneMy name is Jacob and this is my story of the rise of the former nerd.. I am an 18 year old who is skinny and girls do not really consider me attractive. But recently, I started noting changes. My muscle mass has been increasing dramatically, along with my cock. It used to be only 8 inches, but now my cock is 25 inches long 3 inches wide. When I wore pants, my cock was extremely noticeable.Today I went to school for the first time since the changes. As I walked through the door, all of the girls looked at me, gazing at me with lust in their panties as I walked away. My first class is AP Government, so I walk into the room waiting for the class to begin. A few girls are already there and they immediately stare at me. One of the girls, Devon, ankara escort holds out her hand to get me to stop, but she brushes my big cock. Devon is an ok looking girl, with c cup tits and the biggest ass in the school. All of the guys want to fuck her ass so much, but she has a boyfriend. I go to my seat with Devon and Allie staring at me. Allie has d cup tits and a nice ass. She dresses nicely but teases everyone with her body. Anyways, Devon got up and started walking towards my desk, with her big tits bouncing and her fat ass shaking in her sexy yoga pants.She sat in my lap and said “You have grown down there. Your cock feels bigger than anyone elses. I want you to ride me.I put my hand on her thigh and smiled. With this amazing new body, everyone would ankara escort bayan want my cock. “How about we skip school today and have everyone talk about me? I want to fuck you so badly.”She said, “ I will do whatever you want, my new master.” With that, I lead her out of the school and to my car. Along the way I slowly caress her fat ass and pull her yoga pants off. When I start the car, I tell her to get on the floor. “Suck my dick, my slut” I tell her, wanting to cum in her slut face. She starts slowly licking the head, and finally puts her lips around my head. She starts sucking my cock faster and faster and then tries to take my whole cock. She struggles taking by big cock at around the 12 inch mark when I grab her head and force her to take escort ankara my whole cock. She passes out, and seeing her be my slut, I cum in her throat. With that we arrived at my house.I led her fat ass to the front door, caressing it as we walked through the door.“Lead me to your bed, Master,” she said, stroking my big, fat cock in her hand. I walk behind her as she walks up the steps. She suddenly stops at the top of the stairs. My face stops and collides with her ass. That fat ass in my face felt sensational.She smiles and says, “Oops, I am sorry about that,” while giving me a devious smile and a wink. I throw her on the bed and tell her to pleasure her master. I handcuff her to the bars of the bed and start fucking her ass. The first time with a girl and I go straight to anal!!“O my lord, please don’t stop . . . harder . . . harder . . . .faster!!!” She moans.As I cum in her ass, she passes out. I begin licking her tits all day until she wakes up the next morning.. . . . . . Please comment on this story.

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