Steam Room Ch. 02


He peeked around the corner and eyed the bench in front of the locker the man had used days before, then glanced at the grate-covered wall clock. Did the guy forget? Was he going to show? Was he going to stand him up?

He sighed. This was better. At least he wouldn’t feel so guilty when he saw his girlfriend. If only she acted like she liked cock as much as he secretly did.

He waited as long as he could before peering around the adjacent wall of lockers again. Why wasn’t he here?

He gasped and straightened as hands gripped his hips. “Are you looking for me?”


The man’s voice turned stern. “Are you hiding from me?”

He dared not turn his head and face him. “No.”

The man chuckled before whispering as he stood gently pinning him to the lockers he was peeking around. “Did you remember we were supposed to meet here … now?”


“Have you thought about what we did?”

He fought his need for oxygen… “Yes.” …though silently unwilling to share that he had been masturbating repeatedly, thinking about what they had done together.

“Do you like what we did?”

He turned enough to glance at the man. “Kind of.”

The man’s chin lowered as a brow rose. “Kind of? You don’t want to do it again?”

His heart jumped at the realization, if he answered incorrectly, he may be denied a second chance to taste cock …feel it slowly…sensually… pleasure his anus, and he blinked wide-eyed before turning toward the light brown metal, “No. I do.” then sighed.

“You want to, but you’re a little embarrassed?”

His voice softened. “Yeah.”

“Embarrassed that I know you had my cock in your soft sweet mouth and cute little ass?”


The man leaned closer to the back of his head as he faced the metal. “But you secretly liked it?”

He inhaled, knowing how he hadn’t been able to think about anything else. “Yes.”

“You can say it.”

He couldn’t fight his need for oxygen, and took a deep breath before giving in to the desire to admit it. “I liked it.”

The man gently leaned against him. “So why are you hiding behind these lockers?”

He exhaled. “I don’t know.”

“Do you want me to catch you? …Find you?”

“I don’t know.” He felt his breathing deepen.

“Try again.”

Goosebumps rose on his skin as the man’s hand slid over his towel-covered ass. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“I wanted you … I want you to find me.”

“Do you want me to touch you? …Make you touch me?” The man pressed the towel between his ass cheeks and slid his hand between his legs.

He swallowed hard as he discreetly pressed against his growing erection. “Yes.”

He felt the towel raise in the back. “Do you want to give me your cute ass again?”

He inhaled as the man squeezed his bare skin just enough to make it hard to concentrate. “Yes.”

“…After you touch my cock? …Play with it? …Taste it again?”

“Yes.” He knew his voiceless answer sounded too desperate, but he couldn’t help it. Putting the man’s cock in his mouth was the sexiest and most sensual thing he ever did. And doing it under the towel, hidden from view made it even more lustful.

“You liked having my cock in your mouth, didn’t you.”

“Yes.” His mouth began salivating as he remembered its erotic taste …knowing it was so close …he was so close to tasting it again …enjoying its desire-driven eroticism …almost wanting to beg to have it fill him and satisfy his nearly overwhelming yearning.

“I know.” The man pressed his hidden erection against his ass …pinning him to the locker. “I could tell by the way you craved it as you kissed and sucked it, that it was one of the best things you ever did …wasn’t it.”

He swallowed hard then shut his eyes and answered softer as his own hidden erection throbbed against the cool metal. “Yes.”

“Tell me how much you want to do it again, and maybe I’ll let you.”

He rested his raised hands against the lockers as the fantasy of being gently pinned, fed his growing desire. “I want to.”

“… Go on. … Don’t be shy.”

“I really want to.”

The man teasingly increased the pressure against his ass… “You want to what?”

He arched his hips and pressed back. “I want to suck it.”

“You can do better than that.” The man traced a teasing finger under the back of his towel. “Now tell me in a convincing way, and maybe I’ll let you discover its creamy center.”

“Oh, no.” He gasped and arched further as the man’s finger found his tight boy-pussy. “…I don’t …I can’t…”

“That’s not true now, is it.”

He dropped his head and lowered his voice as his breathing quickened. “I’m scared.”

“But you want to, don’t you.”

He shut his eyes and arched back against the man’s hand as the finger teased his anus. “I want to.”

“And you want to suck it out?”


“Would it be less scary if you just watched it ooze out the first time, and maybe just kiss and taste a little, after?”

He faced away and shut his eyes as he pictured it. osmaniye escort “Yes.”

“Would you like that?”

His cock throbbed as he continued the vision. “Yes.”

“Look. Look what you did to me.”

He gasped as the man moved his hand to his open zipper and he felt the hard shaft press against it. He fought his need for more air as his hand gently felt the thin cloth covering the warm hard cock. He had this in his mouth …his ass! He had made it cum and felt the cum ooze down his inner thigh …and it was the most intensely pleasurable and erotic thing he had ever experienced. “…Can I feel it?”

“Only if you tell me how much you want to taste it.”

He maneuvered so he could rest his open hand against the warm bulge. “I loved tasting your cock. I loved having it in my mouth. It felt so warm and sexy.” He exhaled, feeling his desire grow. “It’s the best thing I ever did and I really want to do it again. Please let me suck your cock again.”

The words! Why were the words feeding his desire? Why did his admission increase his need …his hunger to fill his mouth and satiate his secret inner lust?

“Are you sure you want to?”

He whispered between pants as the man’s finger probed deeper between his weakening legs. “Please.”

“Come. Sit next to me and let me get changed and we’ll enjoy the steam room.”

Would the man let him suck cock there? He pictured kneeling in the misty warmth and submissively giving the man his eager mouth to use until they both panted with satisfaction. He hesitated stepping around the locker wall.

“What’s wrong?” The man smiled as he glanced down. “Are you embarrassed to show me how hard you are?”

He inhaled as he covered the front of his towel, realizing how the statement’s truth fed his pleasure-guilt.

“It’s okay. I think it’s cute, actually.” The man patted the bench before continuing to nonchalantly undress. “Next time, wait for me to undress. I want you to start getting used to stripping in front of me…” The man unzipped his trousers. “…So when we’re alone …you won’t feel so awkward.”

He discreetly inhaled. What did the man mean? Was he suggesting, they’d eventually be somewhere alone together? …And do what!? Everything?! His eyes widened at the thought. He couldn’t! He wouldn’t! How could he politely refuse? Could he refuse? How come the idea had increased his heartbeat so much, that he could no longer control his breathing?

The man chuckled as he wrapped his towel around his waist. “I love the reluctance you can’t help but fight. You really are a cute piece of ass.”

No. No he wasn’t. He didn’t want to be …not to a guy. And he didn’t want to go somewhere alone with him. He’d just politely decline when asked. …He didn’t know him. He couldn’t go anywhere with him. He didn’t even know his name.

He gasped and snapped out of his daze as he felt the man pat his bare back. “To the steam room. …Lead the way.”

He rose and began walking then realized how he followed the man’s direction without thought. Did the man really have this power over him? Did he want cock that desperately? He wondered if he’d be able to decline an offer to meet outside the gym. …Would it really be so terrible to meet secretly? Suck cock without the worry of being caught?

“Remove the towel.”

His eyes widened. The man wanted to see his ass. Oh, how he wished he didn’t want to show it …but it was so erotic …so sensual. He gathered the towel and tried to look nonchalant as he covered his erection with it.

“…Cute young ass. Not a blemish.”

He inhaled as the words came from behind him. …No… …Really…? He tried to calm as he walked into the warm steam and registered his confusion when he noticed the vacant room. If someone was here, he could calm and get ahold of himself. The man wouldn’t let a stranger watch …or offer him …would he?

They sat in their original places and the man ended the awkward silence after motioning to his towel. “Let me see.”

He instinctively covered himself.

The man smiled softly. “Let me see.”

He mustered some courage but offered only a soft whisper. “What?”

“How excited you are to be with me again.”

No. No, he wasn’t. He knew he was hard …as hard as he’d ever been …but it wasn’t because he was with him. …It couldn’t be. He was just young and that meant he was always excited …even for no reason.

“Show me.”

He hesitated and the man smiled, then revealed his impressive masculine member, then paused a moment before smiling and gesturing with his chin. “Your turn.”

He inhaled as he stared at the beautiful cock. He couldn’t believe how it upturned slightly …almost facing his mouth …begging to be sucked. He wished it didn’t look so familiar …so inviting. He wished he didn’t remember how erotic it felt to hold …kiss …taste …how it sensually filled his ass and brought on the most fulfilling and intense orgasm he had ever experienced. Did he really suck and fuck it?

“Let osmaniye escort bayan me see.”

He opened the front of his towel and his cock sprung from between his thighs.

The man smiled. “Does the thought of seeing and tasting mine again, do that to you?”

He glanced at the man’s towel, unable to free himself from the underlying guilt. He didn’t want the words to be true …they couldn’t be true. He was just curious …terribly …tremblingly… curious.

The man raised the flap of his towel, and he could feel his breathing deepen. Why was he so fascinated with hard masculine cock? Why did he have an instant desire to lovingly kneel in front of it and suck it, like the act would fulfill his deepest, most carnal desire?

“I love that you tasted it. I love that you know what it tastes like …and I love that I can tell by your yearning stare, that you desperately want to wrap your soft sexy mouth around it and taste it again …don’t you.”

Oh, god, it was true! He could no longer hide his breathing, nor did he care to. The man’s hard, curving cock made his mouth salivate in erotic anticipation. It was the most delicious thing he ever saw or could ever imagine. And he knew what it tasted like …and so badly wanted to taste it…adore it, again. He raised his stare. “Can I please?”

The man looked around and offered the hint of a wry grin. “Right here?”

He nodded, hoping the man could see his intense breathing.

“But what if someone walks in?”

His mouth opened and eyes widened with concern. Nobody would. Was the man telling him he couldn’t? He was willing to chance it. It was alright last time.

The man scanned the room, then stood and walked up the three tiers as he headed to the top corner of the door wall.

Yes! That was more private! And they could spot someone opening the door before being seen. He rose then climbed the tiers and sat one tier lower.

Yes. His heart calmed as he realized his new craving would be quenched. And this would be perfect. He would be at the perfect height.

He half-turned and whispered after glancing at the man. “May I please suck your beautiful cock?”

“Only if you make me a promise.”

“A promise?” His breathing increased as his mind raced. What if it was something he didn’t want to do? Should he lie?

“Do you know the hotel down the block and across the street?”


“Promise me you’ll meet me there, instead of here, next Thursday.”


“This is cute once or twice but I want to get a room, and I need to make sure you’ll show. It’s expensive and I don’t want to waste the money.”

His heart pounded! His couldn’t make the promise. His conscience wouldn’t let him. But would saying no prevent him from fulfilling his immediate desire?

The man ended the silent pause. “I guess it was just a one-time deal.”

“No. No…wait!”

“No …it’s alright. I loved our one-time thing.”

“But I’ll blow you, now. Please let me blow you.”

“No. You’re obviously not ready to admit who you are, and I don’t want to scar you.”

“No. I can handle it.” He inhaled deeply as he stared at the towel and craved what was hidden underneath. “I’ll meet you.”

“No. Last Thursday was a fantasy for both of us, but I think the fantasy is over.”

“Then please let me suck it one more time?” He slid his hand under the man’s towel, until he felt the warm hard cock, then looked up submissively. “I’ll make you cum.”

“Wouldn’t you rather be someplace private so you can enjoy it where you know you’re safe? Where there’s no chance of getting caught?”

“I do. I want to.” He gently caressed and lightly stroked the cock. “Please …it’s all I’ve thought about for a week.”

“Your mouth and ass are all I thought about. Your desire, mixed with just the slightest innocent hesitancy, is so sexy, but I don’t want you to have regrets.”

“Please? It’s all I can think about.” He discreetly pressed against his engorged cock, realizing how exciting, begging to blow someone was.

“Look …I know you’re new to this …if not everything …but I want someone who after a while, gives in to their desire.”

His heart pounded as he contemplated his next request, and he swallowed hard. “Can we meet at the hotel next Thursday?”

“And what do we do today?”

“I show you that last week wasn’t a one-time thing?”


He glanced down and folded the towel flap gently over, exposing the man’s gently curving erection, then with a tender but lustful eagerness, bent forward and buried his face against it, and began kissing and tasting it like his craving was all-consuming.

But he noticed as he orally adored the cock, how different this felt. It wasn’t his first time sucking cock. It wasn’t even the first time he sucked and tasted this specific cock …and those thoughts gave him an inner comfort. This cock sucking was far more pleasurable. It didn’t have the guilt associated with the first time. In fact, the guilt was so nonexistent, escort osmaniye he felt somewhat emboldened. He shut his eyes as his mouth slid over the erotic phallus and became enthralled as he realized, the cock satisfied his lust as much as it filled his mouth. And he was grateful for it, and for the man letting him satiate his unexplained craving …and he yearned to show it…

His open mouth kisses and gentle insertions were slow and loving, and when he reluctantly removed it from his mouth, he caressed it against his face …offering a slow adoration even he couldn’t explain.

His heart palpitated as he realized he almost didn’t get to quell his craving, and the thought was surprisingly unsettling. Yes, he was unsure about being alone in a room with this man …about what the man would expect, and what they’d do together …but his desire… His craving had to be satiated. He had to have enough cock to satisfy his secret desires for the rest of his life, as he pictured an eventual, typical marriage and family.

He refocused on the delicious cock …inhaling it’s sensual musk as he lovingly memorized its every nuance.

“Okay …you have to stop. You have me too close.”

“Am I doing okay though? Better than last time?”

“I never had anyone …you’re already better at that than anyone previously.”

He felt the reply’s response in his chest and a deep satisfaction came over him. He was the best cocksucker the man ever had …and he only did it twice! But the words also created a revelation. His cocksucking was also giving pleasure to the man. He had a notion, but the realization hadn’t really registered until he heard it. He was actually only sucking cock, to satisfy his own need …his own craving.

He knew how hard he was. He knew he never felt more excited and knew if he touched himself, he’d cum with an intensity that would rock his own world.

His adoring open-mouth kisses softened, knowing the man wanted other things …knowing he wanted to re-experience the other, almost overwhelming sensation he had experienced during their first encounter.

But until hearing the man’s declaration, he wasn’t consciously giving pleasure. He was only sucking cock to appease his oral craving. He wondered though …how much better could he get at it? …How he suddenly craved being very good at it. Even excellent at it.

“Let’s go take a shower.”

The man’s words lifted him from his daze, and he licked the glistening tip one last time before releasing the cock in his tender grip. Would that session have to last him for a week? He suddenly…secretly hoped the memory would last a lifetime.

“…But let’s stop at my locker, first.”

He moved aside before standing. He knew he was done hesitating. He’d now follow the man …wherever…if it meant he could satisfy his oral fixation.

“Lead …and you know what I want to see.”

He did …and the thought fed his excitement! The man liked his ass, and the thought felt secretly arousing. The man liked his ass so much, he wanted it …and he realized, in his current state, he wanted to give it … wanted to feel how much the man needed it …craved it.

He stood by with his towel hiding his throbbing erection as the man reached into his locker, expecting him to reveal a bar of that sweet-smelling soap, but the man exposed a small bottle instead, raising his curiosity.

“Put out your fingers.”

He extended his open hand and the man uncapped the bottle and squirted some of the contents out.

“Now let me watch you spread that on your pretty anus.”

He hesitated.

“Put your foot on the bench and face me.”

He did as instructed, and stared at the man as he reached around and began spreading the slippery gel.

“I love the idea of you knowing why you’re doing that. Do you like the idea, you’re spreading that so I can fill your cute ass with cock?”

He nodded as he felt his cock throb, secretly planning on using what remained on his fingers, to masturbate as the man used his anus.

The man smiled as he watched. “Do you find it as sexy as I do?”

“Yes.” His voice cracked while he whispered. “I like that you like it.”

“I like it a lot.” The man extended the bottle. “Here’s a little more for me.”

His heart raced! He had to spread the slick substance on the man?!

He glanced around before sliding his slippery hand under the man’s towel, then silently gasped at the new, amazingly oily sensation! He was preparing the man, to use his ass …the second time!

“Now go stand behind the locker corner where I found you this morning.”

Oh, god! They weren’t going in the shower! He was going to get fucked, right in the locker room!?

“Go ahead.”

He hesitated, but for a new reason. He didn’t want to be separated from this new, unconventional lover.

The man smiled. “Don’t worry …I won’t be but a few seconds behind.”

He took a few steps, still holding the towel over his cock while exposing his now lubricated ass. Could anyone tell? If he was spotted like this, could anyone tell he was about to let a man fuck his young ass, right there in the locker room?

He leaned against the metal after reaching his morning vantage point, and visualized the earlier encounter …the feeling of being pinned …played with …teased to the point of uninhibited arousal.

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