stepdaddy’s little girl


stepdaddy’s little girl
After battling several years of cancer, your amazing wife died. You miss ber, but it was for the best. She is no longer struggling and in pain. In addition to all of her property (whch does not matter because you own a multi-million dollar company), you also get full custody of me, your stepdaughter. I remind you of her; I have her good looks, impexxable body, and crazy intelligence. You have known me since I was 9 hears old, and you have seen me grow up. I am fifteen years old now, about to go into a new high school. You decide to move as a fresh new start, and take me along with you. We move into a brand new house on the beach. I am in awe of our new house, it has a massive pool and jacuzzi, but also has a stairwell leading to the beach. I am so excited!

As you are watching me run around the new house, you notice how nice my ass looks in my shorts. I have an athletic build with long, lenthy legs that lead up to a gorgeous, perky, round ass. I played many sports throughout my life, soccer, dance, gymnastics, softball, etc, so I have an extremely toned body, which you admire. To you, I am a younger version of your late wife. You have always had a thing for me, but would never do that to the woman you love. Looking at my figure reminds you so much of all of my mom’s kinkiest traits. You start to feel guilty for wanting me, but you can’t help it. You have the perfect chance.

Since our house isn’t furnished and most of our furniture shipping got delayed, you decide to take me a hotel. You purposely book only one room (even though you could afford 5 without thinking) so you can have the best chance of seducing me. Without hesitation, I went. I trusted you. I knew you loved me, but I never expected you to love me in such a dirty way. I knew what sex was, but I was quite innocent and had no clue what really happens. My mom was always really strict of what I saw, heard, and seen, so when I noticed you mentally undressing me while we were unpacking our suitcases, I didn’t understand why I liked it. Maybe it was your charming looks and chiseled body, but why was I feeling such an intense tingling feeling in my private parts.

After you know I am done unpacking, you ask me to come sit next you. I willingly sit next you curious, I liked the way you made me feel. You look up and down investigating every inch of my body. I notice, smile, and giggle.

“Gigi, do you love me?” you ask.

I quickly respond “Of course! Why?”

“Will you do anything for me?” you begin to smirk.

“Anything, Jason. I love you” I reply.

Without saying anything else, you press your lips to mine. You kiss me with passion and I kiss you back. Your lips are soft and warm. Our tongues are dancing together and it makes me feel something I have never felt before. You begin to feel my body against you. You begin to take off my crop top and I slide down my shorts. You break our kiss, and let out a “god damn” as you look at my half naked body. You tell me to turn around and show you my ass. You admire my ass for a good minute and tell me how sexy I love. You tell me to give you a striptease. Me, not knowing how to embrace my kinky vibe, I unclasp my bra, but before I can completely pull down my underwear, you stop me, and tell me to do it slowly. I try my best to fit your commands, and you’re pleased. My ass makes you so hard and you are starting to get a large boner. I turn around, shocked that I caused that. You tell me to come so you can teach me how to suck your dick. As I get on my knees, I pull down your underwear to face a massive cock waiting for my mouth. You tell me to lick it, but slowly. I do, and I feel it get harder. I look up at you and try to fit my tiny mouth around it, but it’s so big that I can only wrap my mouth around the tip. You push my mouth down and to tell me if it gets too much. I begin to work my way down. It feel so fucking nice having my tight throat on your dick. On my first try, I suck your dick better than my mom. After a solid ten minutes, I am three quarters down your cock. I have swallowed a few small ropes of cum, and I have to agree it tastes so fucking good. You tell me I have the best little mout which encourages me to try to pleasure you even more. I fully release and begin to play with your balls, sucking and nibbling at them.

“Holy shit you are hottest fucking thing ever” you tell me.

You grab my cheeks and tell me to get into doggy style so I can play with your wet pussy. You spread my legs into almost a full middle split, you are so thankful that years of dance and gymnastics has given me an impressive flexibilit. You begin to finger me and I begin to moan. Fuck, it feels so good. You begin to add more fingers until I am screaming.

“Daddy take my virginity, take it now” I moan. I have no idea where it came from, but you gladly transition.

As you are about to enter me, you still your wet fingers in my mouth in hope that it will help the pain of my unpopped cherry. You quickly slide in and jam your dick into my pussy. I scream when I feel a pop, but you begin to thrust yourself into me. Though it hurts, I enjoyed sucking on your fingers, my pussy juice tasted incredible. I begin to thrust myself into you to get your fat dick deeper into me. You enjoy how hot and tight my pussy is, my mom could never compete. I had already came twice before you shot your huge load down my tight hole. Luckily, my mom was always cautious of r****ts, especially because she was always given remarks but dads claiming how beautiful I am when I was little, so I have been on the pill since I was about thirteen years old. We switch into multiple positions and pleasure each other for two hours straight. My athletic endurance allows me to out-fuck you, which turns you on.
You tell me to suck your dick while you look for somewhere to have dinner, so I do. I love having your dick in my mouth, and you enjoyed it too. You are surprised at how good I got in such little time. I feel your load build and build and build, and then you shoot your load down my throat. You look down and admire how hot I look while sucking your dick. My innocent hazel eyes mask such a dirty little girl.

“Open your mouth wide” you command. I do as you say, and you fill my mouth with your warm piss. To be honest, I disliked the taste, but ignored it because I love you and love the way you make me feel. You notice that I swallow all of it, and grab my face and give me love bites. You are so glad you booked one room.

At dinner, you let me get whatever I want, which my mom never did. You get me a drink too, and I am curious to try it. I rub my leg against yours and whispers that I am not wearing panties underneath my leggings. You get aroused and tell me how naughty I am. My tipsy self begins to tease my pussy through my leggings. You watch as I pleasure myself. Damn, I look so good.

“Daddy” I mutter.

“Yes, angel” you reply.

“My leggings are soaking in my juice, I need new ones” I innocently say.

“Trust me baby, daddy believes you have worked hard, so I am giving you your own credit card. Your mother always told me that you need to learn to work for money, and you have. As long as I can continue fucking your gorgeous self, I will let you buy whatever you want” you tell me, “so what do you say, be daddy’s babygirl”

“Yes daddy, I love you. I will do anything you want me to do. I want you to use me as a fuck toy every night. You make me feel sexy” I innocently smile.

As soon as we get back in the car, we climb in the backseat of your Cadillac SUV. Using you strong build, you shove me onto the seats, and rip off my leggings.

“You’ll get new ones anyways” you smirk. Still under the influence, I giggle the sexiest laugh you have ever heard.

You spread my ass cheeks and play with my pussy. It is already dripping, as well as shivering to your touch. You love how much control you have over my body. While your fingers are in my pussy, you lick my asshole and I moan. I have gossebumps all over my body. You begin to makeout with my juicy, wet pussy. I taste so good in your mouth. We position ourselves into an impressive 69 that couldn’t have been possible for my flexibility. I pump my mouth on your dick rapidly and reach the bottom fairly quickly. I choke and hold on your dick until I truly need a breathe of air. After sbout four rounds of choking myself, your dick has become extremely slimy due to my saliva.

I bend over and look my most innocent look over my shoulder and beg you to please my pussy. “God fuck me daddy. Please. Make me your little slut. This tight pussy needs your cock inside of it.”

Without blinking an eye, you grab my hips and starting grinding on me, but not entering. You are teasing me and making me even wetter. Finally, you slide in and begin to destroy my pussy.

You are stretching my tight hole, and I am in love, “Fuck fuck fuck daddy you….are…AMAZING….pound this pussy daddy I am such a bad girl. I ruined my leggings. Punish me daddy, punish me”

As I continue to moan and scream, you shove your fingers down my throat and choke me. I am in fucking hevean, daddy really knows how to please me.

As soon as we get to our hotel, I am making numerous orders for new lingerie, sex toys, and sexier clothing with your credit card. You are so excited to see me using and wearing everything. You are extremely grateful that I am loyal and don’t even have to bribe me to fuck yoj. You think to yourself how you got so fucking lucky, what are odds you could convince such a young, hot chick to become your little slut?

Throughout the month, it became a routine and normal for us to fuck every night and sleep in the same bed. I always cuddled next to you naked, with easy acces to my body. Every morning, you would wake up to blowjobs and sex. I would go off to school, do all my homework at school, and come home so I can get ready for a good fucking. As soon as one of the dildos arrived, I began filming videos fucking myself and sending them to you. Sometimes you would show it off to your coworkers just to boast how lucky you are. When I am in the car, I am always sucking your dick as you drive, and occasionally, we would play with my pussy. It became a treat for you to devour my pussy; you would only eat me out when I have been really good, which just encouraged myself to become better a little bit more.

I began making friends at my new school. I was even the first-ever cheer captain freshman. My social status began to skyrocket and I became one of the most popular girls at school. Daddy has told me be would love to neet them and all and has suggested a pool party…..

(next part: stepdaddy’s little girl – pt 2: gigi’s pool party)

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