Street Fair


Today is the big day, the day you have anticipating for months. You have been a slave to your master for almost a year and several months ago he announced to you that you would be the star attraction at a live bondage and discipline show. He did not immediately tell you where but exactly four weeks ago he let you in on the secret, it would be at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Telling you made your heart leap with excitement and fear at the same time. Taking a vacation to San Francisco with your master would mean at least a week of the dominance you crave and the humiliation you fear. With the vacation taking place around the street fair famous for public nudity and alternative lifestyles it also means you will be publicly humiliated like never before. For the last four weeks you have been consumed by the thought of serving your master and worry that you might disappoint him.

Thinking about the other times you were publicly humiliated, the night he took you to the bondage club where he is a member, you were led into the club, naked and then paraded around for all the other members to look, fondle, squeeze and do what ever they chose while your master looked on. That night was relatively easy, you were treated to more orgasms than pain and after the initial shock and horror of the situation your body betrayed you with its arousal. Not at all like the night you were taken to the tattoo parlor and forced to strip naked in front of the staff and open windows while they prepared you for some body piercing. Then you were told to sit facing the window to the street with your hands on your head, you legs spread and your ass as far forward on the chair as possible. You remember seeing your reflection in the glass as they pierced both nipples with a large gauge needle, followed by your clit, clit hood, and both pussy lips. Several people stopped to look at you through the window when the technician had adorned your body with the large gage rings and barbells. That night your master told you how pleased he was that you were obedient and as a reward he made love to you in the passionate loving way that always melts your resolve and indicates you are truly his.

This week had been a hectic one, with the preparations being made for your trip to San Francisco your master took you shopping and helped you pick out luggage and new clothes for the week. He insisted that you leave the dressing room door open so he could watch you change and since he did not allow underwear you were always nude while changing. Taking you to the upscale mall in town you had to try on many sexy and revealing dresses, short skirts and sheer tops. Many times you had to wait with the door open, naked, while he retrieved a different size. If you did not stand in the dressing room door, brazenly showing your naked body he would punish you, so more than once shoppers by were startled to see you standing there nude, making no attempt to cover yourself as they went to there dressing rooms. At the last store your master had chosen some sporty tennis style dresses, all were very short and the last one he chose for you was quite sheer. When you had put the sheer mini dress on he insisted you come out into the store to show it to him and he asked the clerk if it would be all right if you wore it out of the store. The look on her face was priceless as she looked at you with your nipples on display and the bottom of the dress barley covering your naked ass. It must have surprised you to find out you would be leaving and walking through the mall in this tiny dress because your master startled you when he reached behind you to get the tag off the dress and asked you to lift the skirt for the clerk to remove the anti-theft device.

Barefoot and dazed you walked to the counter and lifted the skirt showing the surprised clerk your clean shaven and pierced pussy. She quickly removed the anti-theft device and rang up you purchases as your master told you to go back to the dressing room and retrieve your things. You felt slightly awkward as you strolled through the mall the rest of the day with your hard nipples clearly visible through the thin material of the dress. Everyone you passed, even the women did a double take. When your master took you to the food court he had you sit down facing the entrance with your legs apart. He then told you to lift your skirt and sit with your bare bottom on the plastic seat, its coolness sent chills up your back and made your nipples harder than you thought possible. Sitting this way showed the world your bare leg all the way to the waist removing any doubt about you wearing panties.

He then sat next to you placing his hand on your thigh. You flushed with embarrassment as the two of you ate. He then ran his hand higher and higher up your thigh until his fingers were gently massaging your clit. While making small talk he told you to spread your legs farther apart, causing you to blush a bright red knowing you would now be visible to anyone entering the food court. Then with out warning you felt him insert two fingers into your pussy causing a gasp to escape your lips. You are told to keep quite so as not to attract attention as he fingers you toward orgasm. Just before your release he abruptly withdraws his fingers and tells you its time to go.

All the Onwin way home he made you play with your soaking pussy, keeping your feet on the dash of his car so the people in the other cars could get a clear view of what you were doing. He enjoys listening to you beg for him to give you permission to cum but he will not allow it.

In the driveway he has you get out of the car, take off your dress and lay on the front grass. You can not come into the house until you have had an orgasm he tells you and looking up and down the street to see if your neighbors are home you get to work. You surprised yourself with how quickly you could reach orgasm given the humiliating circumstances, but orgasm you did. The release of the pent up sexual tension from the day coupled with the humiliation of having to do this on your front lawn causes a tremendous body shaking orgasm that leaves you gasping on the grass when you are finished. Entering the house you are flushed not only from the orgasm but the thought of the scene you must have made, it all makes you that much more aroused and embarrassed.

Now standing in the bathroom of the motel you look at yourself in the mirror as you reflect on those past events and wonder what is to come. Master has selected for you some special jewelry for today. Large gauge closed rings hang in your nipples and a heavy piece of silver chain connects the two pulling deliciously on your rock hard nipples. The same heavy chain wraps each thigh connected to the rings in your pussy lips, tugging on each lip with every step and holding your pussy open when your legs were even slightly spread. A large diameter rod runs through the vertical hole in your clit, it has a large ball on the bottom and is connected to a ring that runs through the triangle piercing in your clit hood. The ball at the bottom holds your clit up and out and the ring at the top is attached to a long piece of the same heavy silver chain that connects your nipples. The chain has a leather loop on one end, it’s a leash, and it can not be removed without removing the ring in your hood. Hanging down as it does now without your master holding his end it pulls on your clit and hood, to add to your discomfort/arousal your master had you use the pussy pump on your clit to make sure it was fully engorged.

When he helped you put the jewelry in you almost came several times and now you have to concentrate to keep from having an unauthorized orgasm.

Around your neck is a shiny silver collar with four rings attached to it to help bind you when the time comes. You wear matching bracelets and anklets that each have two rings attached to them as well. On your feet are the closed toes, six inch high heel paten leather shoes that he bought for you. They have a small lock on them that keeps them on your feet until he decides to remove them. Your hair is pulled into a tight pony tail and your make up is flawless. The image staring back at you in the mirror is stunning; you hardly believe what you see.

The door to the room opens and in walks your master dressed in light khaki shorts and a linen shirt. He carries a bag of things he plans to use on you today and many of them you know will cause great pain and hopefully great pleasure.

Taking a long coat from the bag he places it on your shoulders and turns you to him. Kissing you deeply on the lips he reassures you that it will all be fine and you are his and his alone. Looking into your eyes he tells you how much he loves you and how much you will suffer for his pleasure. Out the door he leads you to the waiting cab and you are past the point of saying no.

Once you arrive at Folsom Street he helps you from the cab and you are struck by the carnival like atmosphere. There are plenty of sights, men and women in bondage attire, many wearing minimal coverage. Most of the women are at least topless and some wear fishnet dresses exposing their nudity subtly. Removing your coat he pulls your hands behind you and locks them together with a heavy lock. The click of the lock makes you flush with embarrassment as you notice you are the only fully nude women in sight. Picking up the leash he leads you by your clit into the crowd, walking down the street he seems to be looking for something. Many stop to stare at you as you are led, shackled and bound, naked through the festival.

Stopping your master strikes up a conversation with very attractive lady in a tight leather dress. The dress has slits in all the right places to expose the right amount of flesh leaving no doubt as towhat she is wearing underneath. The lady leans in and kisses your master full on the lips watching you for a reaction. When you avert your eyes she stops and smiles, telling your master how obedient you are. She reaches out a gloved hand and tugs on the chain between your nipples tracing a leather covered finger down your front to your exposed sex. Pinching your clit with her fingers you gasp and look to your master. He gives you a stern look and you instinctively spread you legs. You feel her insert two fingers into your sex and you flush with embarrassment when she pulls them out covered in your juices. Sliding the cooze covered fingers past your lips she watches intently as you suck your wetness off her glove. You flush again with Onwin Giriş embarrassment as she takes her fingers out of your mouth and looks around to draw your attention to the gathering crowd. Your master smiles, as he exchanges salutations with the mysterious lady and you feel the tug of the leash again.

As you walk the chains tugging your pussy open also spreads your juices all over your thighs. You just can not believe how aroused you are given the things you have done and will be made to do. A chill sweeps over you causing you to giggle inside.

Stopping in front a large wooden cross your master looks at you and says this is where you will endure your greatest punishment and your greatest pleasure.

Leading you up on to the platform he turns you toward the crowd and begins to attach you to the big “X”. First your legs are spread impossibly wide and attached at the ankle to the lower legs of the cross. The chains pull harshly at your pussy lips, stretching you wide for all to see. Your hands are next as he unlocks your wrists and one by one fastens them to the upper portion of the cross. You have to stretch as far as you can to keep the bracelets from digging into your wrists. Now all four limbs are attached with heavy locks to this large cross in front of all these people, the thought makes you blush with embarrassment.

Now its time to make you a little more uncomfortable and your leash is attached to a device that tightens pulling cruelly on your clit. Next a large cone shaped dildo is attached to a pole and fitted into a hole in the platform between your legs. The pole is adjusted to force as much of the monster into your pussy as possible before your master steps on a pedal and the pole rises to lift you on the fake cock. The giant is well lubed and it stretches you as it slowly invades you little by little. You can’t help but moan and your master steps up with a large ball gag. Placing his mouth over yours he smothers you in a kiss as he steps again on the pedal forcing more of the giant dick deeper into you. Breaking the kiss he places the gag between your lips and fastens it tightly behind your head. Your collar is attached on both sides to the cross and at least one full pound of weight is attached to each nipple. You fight back the tears as it feels as if your nipples will be ripped from your breasts. The last thing your master does is show you the huge butt plug as he lubes it up for insertion into your rectum. You scream around the gag as he shoves it in all at once pushing hard to seat the plug deep in your ass. Whispering in your ear he tells you how you will scream much more before the day is over.

You watch intently as he walks out in front of you and removes his shirt. Opening the bag of tricks he carried with him he withdrew several instruments of torture for you to see. Taking the medium flogger he turns to the crowd and tells them its time to get you warmed up. Starting at your chest he begins to land blows with the flogger, light ones at first progressing to harder blows as he work his way down to your breasts. Across your mid section he lightens up again only to swing hard at your exposed clit. Blows rain down on your clit where it is connected to your leash, stretching it out for him to have better access with the flogger. You fight through the tears as he works down your legs and finally the blows stop, your body a bright shade of pink.

Breathing around the ball gag becomes more difficult as you see him select the riding quirt. The long crop has a leather loop at the end to slap the flesh and make each blow land that much harder. Starting at your breasts he swings the quirt to make contact with the round sides and works across until you feel the searing pain on your nipple. The weights bounce violently and tug at your swollen and red nipples harshly. Each blow sends lightning straight to your clit and you scream around the gag. When he has finished with your right breast he takes a deep breath and steps on the pedal, again the giant dildo is shoved deeper into your stretched cunt and the chain pulls your clit even harder. Before you can recover from the invasion he is at work on your left breast. When he has made it match the right one in color he changes his aim and you feel as though electricity is shot through you as the quirt lands on your engorged clit. Several blows later you feel the tension on the chain stretching your clit slacken and you realize you have accepted more of the dildo and your feet are supporting your weight again.

Through tear filled eyes you see your master coming toward you with something in his hands. He steps in front of you and leaning in he shows you what is in his hands. Whispering, he asks if you want to stop, you look into the eyes of the man who is both your torturer and your lover as he tells you that you can stop this anytime. Shaking your head you close you eyes and wait for the pain. Taking one of the heavy weights attached to your nipple rings he pulls it out away from your chest, elongating your nipple. It feels as though he will pull it off when the searing pain of the clover clamp closes on your nipple. Getting the majority of the nipple behind your piercing it clamps down hard. Holding your nipples obscenely stretched out away from your Onwin Güncel Giriş tits the clamps block the blood flow and leave them full and hard. The clamps tighten as they are pulled and more weight is attached to each clamp causing them to squeeze and pull very painfully. But that was just the beginning; next he lit a small torch and held up a thick candle for you to see before he began melting it over your tits paying special attention to the engorged nipples. The wax burns as it touches your skin and soon both tits are covered in red wax. You are jolted back from semi-consciousness when the wax falls on your clit. The molten hot wax sears your outstretched clit and dribbles down burning a trail to your well stretched lips. As this is distracting you the dildo is pumped two more times to lift you off the steps and impales you yet again on its girth.

As your pussy stretches to accept the invader you see your master retrieve the bull whip from his bag. You have only been whipped with it once before and the welts took a week to stop hurting. Standing the proper distance from you he lets it fly. As the tip makes contact with your wax covered nipple you see a flash of light behind your eyes and you hear your scream before you are conscious of making the effort to even exhale. The blows come in timed succession and land on each nipple removing the wax and striping your tits with a cris-cross pattern. You breathing has become very labored around the gag when the whip finds its mark on your clit. You almost black out from the pain when you feel a new sensation, the dildo is vibrating and starting to pump up and down all the while it is turning like a giant drill. As the monster moves up and down the chain pulling at your clit alternates between tight and slack and again the whip makes contact. The wax is flying as he is now whipping your pussy mercilessly and every time it hits your clit you get dizzy. Finally a massive blow lands on your clit and coupled with the other sensations rolling through your body you begin to convulse in orgasmic pleasure. The world disappears and everything gets quite as you slip in to an orgasm induced blackout.

When you regain your senses you realize you are not being whipped and the monster that was trying to split you has been removed. Your master smiles as he looks into your eyes and unfastens your gag. He plants a long, deep, loving kiss on your dry and parched lips.

The kiss muffles your screams as he removes the nipple clamps causing you too orgasm yet again. Gently he removes the weights and dropping them into the bag he begins to unlock the locks that hold you to the cross. When he bends down to unlock your ankles you notice the large crowd is applauding your performance. Dizzy with the whole scene you close your eyes as your master plants a kiss on your swollen and abused clit. Sucking it into his mouth he gives you another orgasm, flicking his tongue over your swollen bud.

Massaging your legs as he rises, you realize the large butt plug is still in place. Kissing you passionately he stops and tells that will be staying for the fun that is to come. Taking your leash he leads you into the crowd as it seems at least a million hands roam your welt covered body. Gently stroking your sore and swollen pussy, pulling the chain connecting your abused nipples and working the plug in your ass the people in the crowd ease your pain with their adoration. Any embarrassment you had had was gone now, replaced with a sense of satisfaction, you did not disappoint your master and you had the most amazing orgasm ever, what could tonight hold that would top this day? Only your master, your lover, would know the answer to that question and as you strolled through the crowd you almost forgot you were still naked.

On the end of your leash you became comfortable with your nudity, the attention from the people around you kept you on an exhibitionistic high. Walking through the crowded fair nude, with a butt plug firmly seated in your ass, you’re sore and abused pussy still held open by the chains, and the front of your body covered in welts from the whipping you almost cum just thinking about it all. Stopping in front of a mirror you see yourself for the first time since your torture. Your tits are cris-crossed with bright red welts, and across your thighs some of the welts drew blood. Your nipples are dark and bruised and your whole tit is red from the wax. Your clit is standing out, grossly swollen and the tugging leash keeps you on the verge of orgasm even through it all. You admire your firm, long legs, muscles held taught by the impossibly high heels, the curve of your ass, flat belly and large heavy tits. You can not help but be aroused by it all, when you notice the attractive lady standing behind you admiring your form as well. It’s the lady that stopped and spoke with your master earlier. She has removed her dress and is wearing only a tight leather corset, and the same high heels as the ones on your feet. Turning to take a closer look at her you notice her nipples are adorned with the same large gauge rings as your own and looking at her clean shaven pussy you notice she has the same piercing through her clit as well. On her clit instead of the leash there is a small gold weight, the weight pulls and bounces on her clit to keep her constantly aroused. She steps closer to you and smiles as she tells you that you will get a golden weight someday too. Placing a hand on your breast she leans in and kisses you very passionately, this time looking for a reaction from your master.

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