Subject: Stretch by carol marie I slowly closed the car door and turned off the light in the garage. Shadows from the street lamp played on the wall across from me and at first startled me, as big features splayed themselves in a haunting manner. Silly me, I thought to myself. Some childhood fears are never outgrown. I opened the back door and let Sapphie out to do her business. The screen door made a flapping sound as it bounced back and forth on the old wooden door. I didn’t bother to turn on another light, but had to be careful to avoid the unopened boxes that had yet to be put away. Carefully stepping tall over a squat box, I sort of leapt into the hallway, coming up solid with the mirror. Talk about childhood fears!!! Chuckling and then admiring myself. For 46 years I didn’t look bad. My hair was mostly silver and I kept it cut short, so as not to have to mess with it in the mornings. Getting up for work was bad enough without having to deal with too much more. My breasts were large but not so much that they were unattractive, although I was a bit overweight, but my previous lover always said that I had been built for comfort. That was a nice way of putting it. I was bronzed from having been out everyday after work working in the garden and the contrast between my hair and my dark skin was very exotic looking. I ripped my clothes off, throwing them to the floor, just when I heard Sapphie at the back porch. I called for her to come in, but she made it quite clear that she didn’t want to sleep inside…it was much cooler out. I jumped into the shower, letting the fiery drops cascade down over my shoulders. It felt great just to stand there as a human waterfall…I could have stayed in there forever or that’s the way it seemed at that moment, however, we all know about pruned skin and all. I don’t recall falling into bed, but I did quite clearly hear the sound of the alarm clock as it made its way up against the wall, having heard the damn thing for the third time already. How I hated alarm clocks. I sat up reviewing the room..My clothes were absolutely everywhere, a bra hanging off my computer chair, undies near the bed on the floor, a shoe here and another one over there by the window. My jeans were slung atop the bedroom door…what had I been thinking. If I had had company they might have considered me the worlds fastest slob…but uh, no company. Yep, another night sleeping alone. Beginning to look like a trend and one that I wasn’t too fond of at that. What was wrong with me? I was clever, charming, cute, great in bed, fun to be with…but I was alone..every damn night. I grabbed my vibrator from under the bed and sighed. This was to be my lover…electricity. I poured a small amount of lube onto my right forefinger and gently and slowly massaged my clit, quickly sending sparks and racing currents through me. I felt myself hardening and could almost feel the hood pulling back taut. I rubbed back and forth just over the tip as my breath became jagged and shallow. Then I turned on my little Vroom Vroom baby and eased the head lightly just to the right of my sex. I jerked up hard, sensations building all inside of me, chills racing from my neck to my ass, my skin tingling in the moonlight, my mouth parched and then I quickly plunged two fingers of my left hand into my open and eager cunt. I seemed to be swallowing up my own hand as I worked feverishly in and out all the while the vibrating tool kept pulsing my clit. Wave after wave of intensity came rushing over me and soon a puddle appeared under me as my body shook uncontrollably. Locked in spasmodic rushes, I came hard, almost shooting out of me. It took several minutes for my breathing to return to normal…and then once again into the shower. The bathroom mirror steamed up good from the scorching kocaeli escort shower. How my shoulders ached before, having done too much work on the boat. It was amazing how you really begin to feel your age when you attempt to do things that used to come so easily and natural when in ones youth and now so damn hard and tiring. When I was finished grooming, I threw on some black shorts and a black tank top and of course my Birks. I was sort of the answer to a Gothic Summers attire. Though my face wasn’t pasty white, the all black ensemble surely linked itself with the Goth image. Sapphie was content to stay laying in the shade, so she made little motion so I wouldn’t disturb her. I knelt down and kissed her snout and said my good-bye, telling her I would see her later in the day. She licked my face and wagged her tail and then resumed her sleeping stance. Today was the first day of my 2 week vacation and I hadn’t made any plans except to just relax and have a good time and maybe get laid by someone other than my Vibe Baby. I hopped into the Alfa and backed out of the garage. My neighbor Chris waved to me as she bent down to retrieve her newspaper. I had never noticed before what great cleavage she had, but on this particular day, she was very revealing in her white terry clothed robe. I couldn’t help but stare but when she asked me if I found anything to be of interest to her, I blushed and drove away before giving her the opportunity to redden me again…But what a pretty sight. I didn’t know Chris well, only that she had lived for 8 years with the same guy, Jim, whom she found fucking her best friend about 3 months ago, when she came home early only to surprise the two people she cared the most about. That surely was a bum deal. She never asked him to leave, but he did anyway and then he and the best friend got a place together, so she was minus two friends. I know she dated from time to time, she liked the “Surfer Joe” type, strictly hetero, but geez, she liked flirting with me every chance she got. But as I drove away, I realized that I had forgotten my sunglasses and had to go back to retrieve them. There she was, standing at the curb with one hand on her hips, smiling. “I forgot my shades, had to come back. Its a cooker out here today,” I said making my way down the walk towards the front door, ” Why don’t you stop by later and have a drink with me, if you’re not busy?” “Um, well…like what time? I have lots of errands to run” “Well, whereabouts are you going. I need to do some things too…maybe I could catch a ride with you? Are you headed uptown at all?” I stammered just a bit. She had caught me off guard. I was really prepared for her invitation but I told her, ” Yea sure, I’m headed up to Keller and the across to Mansfield. Does that help?” “That would be marvelous, and it will give us a chance to get to know one another more. Can you give me 5 minutes to get my act together?” “Sure, take your time. I’ll be at my place straightening up, just holler” Then I ran inside, almost shaking. I wondered if I had been staring too hard. I didn’t want it to appear that I was ogling in an insulting way, and I didn’t even know if she knew I was a lesbian, but I suppose she would find out sooner than later. About a half hour went by, when all of a sudden while making my bed, I heard her say, “Cary.” I looked up and there she stood in the doorway of my bedroom leaning up against the doorjamb. She was dressed in a short white tennis skirt and white sneakers. She had a red tube top on that was maybe just a tad too tight, but I wasn’t complaining. Her long brown hair was draped loosely over her shoulders and it made her look even more sexier, if that was humanly possible. I guess then I might have been staring. I guess it had become quite obvious. “Uh Cary, do I izmit escort make you nervous?” “No,” I said and laughed knowing full well she did more than make me nervous. She made me shake, made me sweat. She walked up close to where I was standing. Having just thrown the pillows onto the bed, the room in an instance, looked fairly clean. I had the presence of mind to pull the blankets up, never once knowing that soon I would have company. “Are you ready Chris, ’cause I am,” I asked picking my keys off my desk. I turned to look at her waiting for a reply when she answered, “Ready for what Cary?” She had the cutest smile and she was biting her lip in a rather seductive way. I felt myself gush and then blush just the same. “To leave..to go to the store,” I said and smiled back at her. This game of hers was very tempting, but it was just that, a game and she played it oh so well. I moved past her, leaving her in the bedroom and then waited for her in the hallway. She picked up her purse and then followed me outside. I opened the car door for her and watched as her silky legs made their way into my leather seat. How I wished to be that seat. Now it was time for me to bite my lip. My nostrils flared as I inhaled deeply trying to regain some composure. Once seated beside her, I watched the way she stretched her neck to look in my rear view mirror. When she did this, her skirt hiked up very close to where I imagined heaven began. I almost killed the car when attempting to shift gears. I was so transfixed by this lovely sight of a womyn so close to me. We drove uptown, stopping first at the dry cleaners so I could retrieve a few items. She ran into the florist shop on the corner. I ran across the street and picked up a few bottles of champagne and some goose pate. Then we hit the strip, where she told me she needed to go to MacFarlanes and I think I might have groaned. She looked at me with a quizzical look. “That lingerie shop between 3rd and 4th?”, I asked, knowing full well that was MacFarlanes. “Yes, Do you shop there?” “Uh…no. I mean, I know where it is. I have been there a few times with a friend of mine.” I pulled up in front of the shop and killed the engine, then pulled out a book from the glove box. “Come on silly, come in with me.” “Uh, I don’t think so. I will just wait here for you.” “No, come on Cary, it will be fun. You can tell me what looks good on me. Come on, Im not taking no for an answer.” No sense in trying to get out of this. I slowly got out of the car and scoped the street before following her into the shop. There were a few womyn milling about inside. A clerk acknowledged our presence and then went about her business. Chris immediately headed for the rack that held peignoirs. She picked up a few very lacey items and asked me to hold out my arm. Then she laid them across me like I was some kind of hanger. She laughed and told me I was being very good. I guess she liked making me nervous, because every chance she got, she would move up against my body, rubbing me. I thought I would go crazy. When she felt that she had enough hanging on me, she motioned to the clerk to unlock a dressing room. The clerk took us all the way into the back of the shop. It was a large room with two chairs and a large wall mirror. “Go ahead and sit down Cary, and I will just try these on. I promise not to take too long”. “OK.” I watched as she unbuttoned her skirt, then slowly pushed it down over her hips. I turned away, not wanting her to see me staring in absolute awe. But I couldn’t stay turned away permanently. In fact, I thought to myself if I had to be there, I might as well enjoy myself. She was trying on a rose colored lacey thing that had French cut legs. The flimsy fabric came up very high on her thighs, dangerously high. My heart darıca escort raced inside of me. She brought one leg up onto the chair next to me and asked me what I thought. “Do you like this one Cary?” “Oh yea. Its very nice.” “You do know that you’re blushing, don’t you? You know, you have the cutest smile I have ever seen. I’d love to kiss you just once,” she said as she moved in closer and placed her two perfect lips on mine. O wow. How the blood ran through me. I kissed her back with a fire that burned deep within me and then she pulled away from me. Again the sound of her laughter bit me. I looked up to see that she was unlacing the peignoir, allowing it to fall to the floor. She then cupped her perky breasts as if to offer them to me. “Come here baby, come and taste what I have for you.” I looked around the room remembering where we were and for a second considered getting into this, but then I protested saying. “Chris, there are people here. lets go back to my place.” “No. Right here. Right now,” she said as she straddled my hips pushing me back into the chair. I felt her hands running through my hair, her teeth boring into my neck. Her lips trailing kisses all over my face. Suddenly I found myself gyrating against her, letting myself get wrapped into the moment. Her fingers unbuttoned my shorts and then she pushed her fingers of her left hand deep into me. I gasped, wondering where all this fire came from. I had lived across the street from this womyn since she had moved into the neighborhood and never once in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined what might happen with just the right glance. My fingers traced the outline of her breasts. She seemed to swoon, and then she too gasped and cried out, “OH God Cary” She plunged deeply over and over into the wetness of me. I lifted her up off of me and laid her down on the dressing room floor atop all the teddies that she was going to try on. I raised her legs up by my ears and ran my tongue from her clit to her anus and back up again. She bucked into me. I bit her clit soft at first and then harder, slowing working my fingers around her labia. They felt swollen to the touch. She was slippery and easy to dip into. My fingers buried themselves in her, one, two then four. She begged for more. I moved my hand inside of her, then balled into a fist and pushed into her sweet wet dark hole. Waiting for her to catch her breath and when she did, I started rocking hard in and out of her. Her whole body was fused with electricity. She moved into me when I plunged. She fucked my hand hard inside of her. Just when I thought she was gonna cum, I felt what I thought was her hand massaging me. But it couldn’t have been. I quickly turned around to see the stores’ clerk behind me. She was a short Asian womyn with a body that could kill. I hadnt even noticed her when we were ushered to the dressing room. Her skirt was hiked up way above her waist and I could see her furry patch glistening with her own juice. I thought, “What the fu…” “Cary don’t stop. This is Michelle. Don’t stop Cary, I’m almost there. OHHHHHHHH” Then Michele’s’ mouth surrounded my own hard sex, pulling me into her mouth. I started to jerk hard. An orgasm like I hadn’t known in a long time. Michelle moved her body around towards Chris, so now we were laying on the dressing room floor like a barrel of monkeys. But each of us was about to explode into sheer ecstasy. My fist buried deep in Chris. Her hands fondling Michele’s cunt and Michelle licking me as fierce as I have ever been made love to. Then all of a sudden, it was time and we all cried out, then laid on the floor gasping for air. Our sweating and well spent bodies laid crumpled on the floor. I looked around and saw all the clothing in need of washing. It made me laugh. They joined in. “That was incredible,” I said biting my lip once again. “Yea baby, Michelle and I have wanted you for a long time…You are the bomb Cary.” “Hello, is there anyone working in here?”, came a voice from around the corner….Copyright 2001 by carol-marie

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