sucked into taboo


sucked into tabooJAYA’s mom stood numb seeing me below her cot with my short’s zip open with my erect COCK in my hand & realizing that I was witness to her SIL (JAYA’s husband) bonking her CUNT behind. I ran out of her house while she pleaded not to tell anyone what I saw. Before rushing out of the door, I zipped my shorts & my COCK which was ever erect, troubling me for a week shrunk with my shock of being caught by JAYA’s mom.I was perspiring out of fear, thinking that she would cook some story and tell about me to my MOM. And that would spoil my further opportunities to see MY MOM & her friends being partially nude, also their sex talks & JAYA husband’s fuck session with MY MOM & INDRA aunty. It was about 9.45 pm, when I reached JAYA’s brothers house where MY MOM & her friends were staying. And, in the same house I had seen JAYA’s husband FUCKING MY MOM, while her friends & me hid behind the paddy sacks across witnessing the session where MY MOM dominated him after initial shock of she being cornered by him. She had exploited the situation to extract promise from him that he would look after his wife, her close friend. And he had promised to later go to his neighbouring village to sell his property to build a house for his wife In the city after his SIL’s marriage, for which we had come to JAYA’s village.Later, he had FUCKED Indra aunty, my fantasy queen, who was pregnant with his baby, after he had ****d her about five months before, compelling his hapless wife to call her to their house with JAYA being not present in the house. This has been explained in one of the earlier episode.He had later FUCKED his SIL, the bride, the day before her marriage in the same house, that is the previous day.And, I was apprehensive that I would miss all these in future, if JAYA’s mom spilled the beans, of what I had seen before, to her advantage.When I reached home, MY MOM & her friends were only in blouse & petticoat, with some swatting on the bed while others lying on bed.As I rushed MY MOM asked me whether I had brought her vanity bag, for which she had sent me earlier to JAYA’s mom house. And, I had seen JAYA’s mom getting FUCKED by her own SIL, which I have erudite in the previous episode.As I saw them with only petticoat & blouse with their bulging out BOOBS with deep valley, RUKHMINI ‘s standing out, the lust reared it’s ugly head again in me.With sweat covered all over my face inspite of cold outside since the rains had just türbanlı malatya escort stopped before I barge out of JAYA mom’s house, I playing a trick by grabbing RUKKU who just had stood up looking at me, a frightened self as she believed.I put my face into her valley murmuring I had seen a snake, by which I was shaken to the core. The anxiety of being caught by JAYA’s mom still lingered, and I started rubbing my face in-between her Jumbo size BOOBS, which was covered by only her thin blouse, with lower & upper two hooks dis-engaged.At last, I was able to land on what I lusted, RUKKU ‘s finest asset, her BOOBS.I pressed my mouth deep into her valley, rubbed sideways, very hard, acting fright, to my luck third hook from top gave way, and my tongue stretched mouth smooched on the sides of her mounds, triggering my Penis to enlarge into COCK.Having got a golden opportunity, I licked her mounds, and my tongue touched her rosy now erect left tit.Her breathing increased, mounds pendulated, pushing itself into my lusty mouth, tits disappearing inside & withdrew fast, happened several times, & I could feel it deliberately thrusting inside my mouth more & I grabbed the rarest of the rare opportunity, and all happened in few minutes.I could sense the excitemnt in RUKKU, her hands coming to caress my head.While this was happening, MY MOM rushed with anxiety writ large on her beautiful face, and RUKKU withdrew, as if nothing had happened. Our eyes met in a flash but I made my eyes look innocent, while her betrayed mixed emotions.I narrated to MY MOM that a snake went across in front of me, chilling my spine.She hugged me and said to forget the same and sleep.I threw myself on bed, while VANAJA appeared in the room, still in her silk robes.MY MOM, switched of the lights & slept beside me.And VANAJA perhaps being close to MY MOM & her friends by now, aped them to remove her saree & blouse, and wormed herself in-between me & MY MOM, all happening in the dark.As she came by my side, I put my hand around her waist & turned her to my side.She held my head by the hair, came near my ear & cooed, wait for a while, your mom is still awake. (kannada: swalpa iroe, nimmamma innu yeccharavagidharae0But was in no mood to heed, I put my hand behind her back & un-hooked the bra & her well rounded BOOBS hit my lips. I pulled her to my side even more, and my meat was probing her crouch, which türbanlı malatya escort bayan was covered by her petticoat.I licked her left BOOB sides in circles, without touching the AEROLA which she was expecting, I slid fast to her right arm pit with about a fortnight growth of hair.She gasped with uttering ‘ ouch. But I continued hard chewing conical depth, whose aroma was intoxicating with her sweat smell.I was earlier tempted to taste the area when I saw the semi- circular shaped sweat mark on many ladies around arm pits on their blouses & I had got the chance with the second lady, the mysterious aunt being the first one.The pronounced mark I had seen was that of RUKKU aunty, which salivated with desire many times, on my tongue.I bit & chew hard until I gulped the cocktail of her sweat & my saliva. Then her armpit started being bland with no taste, but her moan continued to ring in my ear without being heard to my slut MOM. I had succeeded in keeping my play on VANAJA a secret from MY MOM & her friends, the sex craze females. Her cooing in my ear tempted me to conquer her lips & there I was locking her lips with mine. I protruded my tongue deep into her mouth and she welcomed deep into her mouth.And my tongue which was a stud until it reached it’s goal became numb inside her warm mouth and it did not take long for her tongue to swirl around mine. The ticklish feeling erupted my COCK to throb and hit her crouch and I mocked the dry fuck by swinging my crotch to rub her and in response her left palm slid down to engulf my COCK in her warm palm.Her palm measured my cock with her thumb & index finger forming a ring. She pressed hard around the roots of my COCK & slid upwards.She was vigorously doing it several times, for more than ten minutes, my guess.Later, she delicately knit her finger into a cone & from it’s tip, she massaged my HOOD slit, and putting her nubile fingers around the tip of my COCK, slid the fore skin down & and I felt her palm shifting between us at our navel region, who were tightly clung.Her fingers formed a flat hood, sliding into her crouch thro’ the knot of her petticoat.It came out in seconds & her index finger tip was balming around the rim of the foreskin drawn down the HOOD. Some warm juice was wetting the region.Sensational wave surged all over my body & the exiting thrill, triggered my right palm to lay itself on her left bare türbanlı escort malatya mound, which cupped it hard & trying to pull out into its hold.She sucked my tongue even more while I kneaded her BOOB wild. She immediately reacted by her teeth biting my tongue, probably a signal to handle her voluptuous hard BOOB, more delicately.This made me to pinch her small tyre at her left side of the waist.She responded by further locking my mouth more firmly, by her, which was continuing for more length of time & her palm kneading my HOOD & swirling it in circles. Now, I pulled even more by her waist, and started stroking her petticoat covered crouch, hitting it several times.She released my mouth from her & whispered in my right ear,” what c***d you seem to have grown so fast by our second encounter today. How do you know all these.(kannada; yeanoe maganae, thumbha baeg belidh bittedhiya, namma yaeradnae suttghae ashtae,ivella ning yang gottoe !!!!!)Have you seen any man doing this to women ?”.(kannada: yau gandsu madoedhenu hengsigae antha nodidhiya?)I had become crazy after witnessing the FUCK, of JAYA’s husband bonking her mom from behind & his act had kicked up by zeal resulting in being fully going on VANAJA sister, with she realizing that I was no longer a k** playing on assets but a emerging male, which had astonished her.I was in a fix whether to tell her about her MIL ‘s dalliance with the latter’s SIL.It flashed in my mind the way VANAJA’s MIL pleaded to me not to reveal what I had seen her being bonked by her SIL & in order to divert her from her quiz, I gobbled her right BOOB now, and stroked her crouch vehemently.Her tits was bursting out, that I used the opportunity to lick, to suckle & bite, rush to her valley, smooch & to savour her feminine odour which was peculiar but pleasant.Her left palm now went below to explore by nut sack and her sensual deliberate skating of it but not touching fully aroused me even more, and I started sucking in gulping style, & she whispered to go slow but I didn’t heed.She cupped by NUTSACK, pressing releasing alternatively & I felt in my throbbing COCK, a feeling of getting bloated even more & a sensation for something to ooze out, as if she got a cue, she shifted to my COCK & started to stroke from base to top.My arousal had reached it’s zenith & in response I released her tit & froze into her deep valley, chewing her inside sloping mounds, by pendulating my head madly in the heavenly, soft, warm & enticing asset of her & she stroked my COCK even more, when we heard the creaking sound of the main door.Immediately she withdrew herself by pushing me hard & I felt in dark, she rushing to grab her robes, while we heard her drunken husband yelling her name.She dressed in a jiffy & rushed towards the door, taking care to cover me with a quilt.

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