Swing Park Encounter


Swing Park Encounter
Swing Park Encounter

Met Andrea in the swing park purely by chance, remembered her from the same year of school and always liked her, her figure is so enticing you couldn’t help but stare at her. Plus she liked people looking at her as I recall. Now we’re 26 years old and a bit wiser. I’m coming from the road and she’s making her way out towards me, her big chest, sexily bouncing and swinging from side to side and her hips swaying in a short pink skirt. Man even now she’s such a stunner.

“Hey! Looking good there Andie, haven’t seen you in years, how come you’re in the village?”

“Mom’s not well so I dropped by, she was told to rest but never does.”

“Oh right, I see, got a few minutes for an old school friend then?”

“Sure, okay”

We sat on the bench in the swing park and I could smell her perfume and it did turn me on a little, I’m slightly taller than her and as I’m sitting next to her, she’s leaning slightly more forward and I can see down her top she’s wearing and her tits look awesome, she’s got a pink bra on but I wondered if she’d ever let me see them naked. She caught me sneaking a look and smiled a big grin, and in kind she looked down at my crotch growing and she’d noticed my semi.

“Still staring I see, nothing changes much, you waited all this time to make your move, why didn’t you back then? You know I fancied you.”

“Too shy back then but now I have more experience, you’re so sexy, us boys can’t help it.”

“Wanna see ‘em for real then?”

“Uh huh, yeah!”

“Let’s go over to that fort? Why don’t I show you?”

Andie was always forward and so confident about her body, she stood up and I followed her to the fort, It was a climbing apparatus, with three turrets on, monkey bars, two swings and one slide. We climbed the ladder to one turret.

As we climbed I could see up her skirt, matching pink panties too, the material riding up between her ass cheeks, my hard on made it difficult to climb but managed to get there, the turret is tall and hides you well, there are small windows you can see out of, but if some one walked past from outside they wouldn’t know we’re in here. It was almost dusk, another half hour and it would be darker.

“Ready then?”

“I’d better be!”

“Unzip your pants first, I want to see that big cock I’ve heard about? I wanna see how you’re gonna appreciate this.”

“Okay but I’m half hard already.”

“Oh good.”

I pulled the fly down on my pants and lifted my dick out into my hand, she stepped forward and moved my hand away, stared at it growing before her eyes and then moved back again. I felt very hard. She moved her hands to the straps of her top and dragged them down her body very provocatively.

She reached around her back and unclasped her bra, same thing slowly dragging it away from herself, and for the first time her massive boobies out in front of me. They’re round and sit perfectly, no sagging whatsoever and no surgery either, her nipples are perky and small, with slightly stippled areola, extremely sexy.

“Are they how you imagined?”

She started to massage them and pinched her nipples too. My cock stretched forward more.

“Yes they are, incredible.” I sighed at the sight of them.

Andie stepped forward and real close, she placed her hands around my shoulders and pressed really tightly against my body, I could feel her pressing into me and she tilted her head up, kissed me on the mouth, she is such a strong kisser, and I responded to her passion. I moved my hand up to hold her tits with out resistance I might add, and they were so soft and fleshy, her nipples, I flicked and twisted as we kissed, she sighed outwardly at my caressing.

Andie then made for my dick with her right hand, holding the end loosely, before surrounding the shaft and began stroking back and forth making me harder, after more kissing she knelt down to suck me with her mouth, her gorgeous lips flowing down and up it, I hadn’t even asked.

Her technique was flawless, I was wet and harder than any other girl who’d ever given me head before, she spat on the end and jerked me more before swallowing me up again. Her slurping echoed in the turret we were in.

After a few minutes she stopped sucking, and looked up at me, stood up again and stepped back but kept hold of my cock.

“You’ve gone and gotten me all horny now haven’t you?”

“Sure looks that way, what do you have in mind?”

“I think we should fuck each other, before we leave this playground, don’t you?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me.”

Andie moved her hands up under her skirt and pulled down her panties, letting them drop to her ankles, then she stepped over them and immediately did a handstand against the wall of the turret, I was shocked to see she still had good gymnastic skills, never realized she’d put them to good use in her sex life this way.

I was staring straight at her vagina, her legs were together, but it was tidy and reminded me of half a satsuma, her blonde pubic hair, trimmed nicely like a wide stripe, her lips slightly pouted from the excitement of it all. Her large boobs hung down against her shoulders. Such a fucking sexy sight to see.

“Why don’t you kneel down and say hi, huh?”

“Thanks for the invitation.”

I did kneel in front of her and she parted her legs, my mouth was drawn down on to her waiting pussy lips, I kissed the sides first and licked at her clit, waggling the tip of my tongue against it before gliding back down her slit, and back up again, I darted in and out a few times, she was sighing and saying how good I was at it. I looked down at her face and noticed it was chastened from being upside down.

“Now lay on your back, pull you pants down and hold your dick upright for me?” She ordered.

I did exactly like she asked and dragged my pants down to my ankles and lay on the floor, holding my dick up as she flipped back over and squatted down onto me, sliding down gently and slowly, my hands went straight for her tits again as she started to buck up and down on my pole.

“I wish I’d fucked you years ago.” She revealed.

“So do I.”

Now Andie was bobbing up and down on me, and I felt in heaven, her moisture dripping around my balls. Her ass cheeks squashed against my thighs, as she weaved up and down my dick with pleasure on her face. I held onto her tits for dear life as she screwed me like that for a few minutes, her tightness gripped my shaft and she had to get off to apply more saliva. More head as she gobbled me up once more, I fingered her pussy and thumbed her clit. Making her mouth move faster.

“Your turn.”


I pushed Andie over toward the slide and she was on all fours and I could see her tits in the reflection of the shiny steel, her ass facing me, I pushed her shoulders down and squashed her tits against the slide.

“Ooh, that’s cold!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll soon warm up.”

I nudged my dick against her hole, rubbed up and down the slit twice, then pushed myself into her so easily, and I rode her pussy, I started slowly and she loved it, I picked up the pace after about thirty strokes and I was rifling into her after about sixty, she was beginning to gush with cream and her sighs became more distinct, as her orgasm began to build.

“My god, you’re so good, I’ve never been fucked like this before.”

“Let’s try the swings next?”

We stopped fucking for a few minutes as we arranged our clothes appropriately, and climbed out of the fort, Andie left her bra and panties off though, I sat on the swing first, soon after she yanked my pants down, then lowered her top so her tits could catch the cool air, then for the third time, she sucked me hard again.

“Take your skirt off?”

“Sure, okay.”

She slipped the skirt down her thighs and then climbed on the swing with me, sliding her fanny down onto my cock, she slid up and down three times, and then I pushed the swing so that we swung and fucked at the same time, the sensation was so fucking good. Andie resumed her orgasm as my pole frothed at her pussy, steaming in and out of her, then that feeling as though my dick was going to explode very soon, but she said…

“If you’re gonna come then don’t pull out, I’m on the pill!”

Soon after that I was pulsing my cream up her.

“Jesus Christ here I go!”

Five or six jets of spunk I sent up her and she’s coming down on my lap too. I stop the swing and she’s still astride me, slowing down her rhythm, I could feel how sensitive I was. We kissed and cuddled before I’m loose enough to let her get up.

Andie slides her panties on and then her skirt, giving me a reverse striptease, her tits went away in to her bra and then she pulled her top back up her body. I frizzed her hair and she smiled, then we sat next to each other on the swings as if nothing had happened, by now it was dark.

“How was that for you, Andie?”

“I loved every minute of it, do you have a Girlfriend now then?”

“No, been single for three months.”

“No Boyfriend for me either, so thanks for helping me out with my frustration.”

“Glad I could help!”

“And boy did you!”

She leaned over from her swing and kissed me more this time, and I just kissed her right back.

“So, do you fancy going on a date with me then Andie?”

“Forget the dating, let’s just go back to yours and do some more fucking? I haven’t gotta be anywhere.”

We stepped off the swings and headed for my flat, where we spent three days fucking all over the place.

Andie and I are still together and will always count our blessings when we met at the swing park, that day.

Hope you liked my story.

The end.

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