Taboo 1


Taboo 1
I wanted to fuck my step-mom; there was no doubt about that. My dad had married her three years ago and all I could think about since she walked into the house was fucking her raw. I was fairly certain that she felt the same way, but I needed to be sure.
“JJ have you seen my dark blue button down?” my dad was packing for a business trip; I smiled slowly to myself thinking that I’d have a good two weeks alone with mommy dearest.
“Yeah, it’s in my closet, again.”
I brought the shirt down the hall and stood by the bed watching my dad pack. If everything went according to plan I’d be fucking my step-mom tonight and every night until my father got home.
“How are classes going for you this semester?”
“Not bad, pretty sure I’m going to end up back on the Dean’s List again.”
“Atta-boy, well do me a favor and look after Jennifer for me.”
“Absolutely dad, no problem.” I left before he could see my smirk and went down into the living room to watch some TV.
I was alone in the living room when Jennifer got home from work.
“JJ, it’s good to see you,” she said warmly walking over to say hello.
I stood and kissed her cheek letting my mouth linger near her ear.
“It’s good to see you too mom.” I whispered softly
“JJ,” she chided and pushed me away, “you should be calling me Jennifer or Jen.”
“But why, what’s wrong with me calling you mom?” I moved towards her slowly, relishing in the panic that I saw in her eyes.
She backed up until she hit the wall and I continued moving towards her, until I stood directly in front of her.
“JJ, you can’t possibly be thinking that just because your father is gone for a couple of weeks that anything is going to happen between us. I don’t like you. Not like that.” Her voice trembled slightly.
“I’m sorry?!?”
“Bullshit, I know how much you want me; I can see it on your face every time you look at me.”
“JJ…” I silenced her by pressing my lips against hers and tunneling my hands into her long dark hair; she pounded at my chest and tried pushing me away but I was not to be deterred. I knew what I wanted and goddamn it I was going to have it.
I watched her face as I angled my head pinning hers to the wall, my tongue stroking her lips until finally they parted. I couldn’t help but growl as my tongue slid into her mouth. While she continued to push against my chest she wasn’t as insistent as before, and I knew I was going to win. I backed off and studied her, her breathing was quick and slightly labored, her eyes were half closed but flew open the second I dragged my thumb across her lower lip.
“You shouldn’t have done that JJ.”
“Why? I sure as hell enjoyed it, and I’m pretty sure you did too.”
“JJ, you can’t do that again, please move.”
“JJ, MOVE,” as she went to shove me, I grabbed her hand, held them in one of mine and pulled them above her head.
“No,” I repeated and dipped my head to kiss her again, applying just enough suction to hold her mouth against mine. I stroked her tongue with mine until I felt her tongue tentatively stroke mine. I growled appreciatively and slid my free hand down her body and up her shirt my hand coming into contact with bare skin.
I broke the kiss only momentarily and saw that she was watching me carefully her breathing was coming in short gasps and I knew I needed to move quickly before she changed her mind, I pressed a soft kiss to her jaw line and worked my way down to the hollow of her neck. She sighed softly and it was at that point that I let go of her hands and continued kissing her neck, working my way up to her ear biting the lobe gently.
“JJ,” she moaned softly.
“Yes mom?”
“We can’t.”
“Oh but we can, I haven’t even really touched you yet.” I slid my hands under her shirt and pulled it up over her head, “Goddamn, why do you keep these covered up?” I knelt and with one hand undid the clasp of her bra, freeing her, I groaned as her hands went to the back of my head and stroked my hair with her nails. I leaned forward and drew a nipple into my mouth sucked gently. As my teeth nibbled lightly on her tit her back arched and forced it deeper into my mouth.
My hands slid lower to the hem of her skirt, keeping my eyes trained on her, my hands slid beneath the hem and I cupped her ass, tugging gently at the thong she was wearing. I slid a finger between the fabric of the thong and her skin and found her slick and wet.
“JJ.” She moaned again as my finger stroked her intimately.
“Yes Mom.”
“Don’t do that.”
“Too late to stop now Mommy dearest.” I brought the finger that had been stroking her up to my lips and locking my eyes with hers I drew it into my mouth and licked it clean. “Oh fuck yes, you’re delicious.”
My hands went to the back of her skirt and unzipped it slowly, my fingers grazing the crease of her ass. I picked her up and set her down on the couch, kneeling in front of her I lifted her hips in my hands.
“You want this don’t you?”
“No,” she moaned as I slid a finger into her core.
“Sure you do,” I said as I drew the finger out and brought it to her lips, “taste yourself Mom,” I dragged my finger across her lips and hissed as they parted and she sucked on my finger. She moaned as she tasted herself and as she did I dipped my head and kissed her intimately.
The second my mouth pressed against her core her hips rocked off the couch and into my face.
“Fuck, JJ.”
“Yes Mom?” I said pulling away.
“Mmmmmm no, you want this, you need this, does my dad eat you out like this Mommy?”
“No…..” She hisses.
I go back to her gorgeous pussy, finding her clit and pulling it into my mouth between my teeth. I add two fingers to her sweet core and stroke upwards finding her spongy center. Her moans become louder as I bite down gently on her clit and I feel her hands go to the back of my head almost tentatively. I continue to stroke and nibble until her hands are gripping my head firmly against her.
As she writhes against my face I know that I’ll have no problem getting my now rock hard cock into her pussy, mouth or ass. I don’t stop feasting until I feel her pussy clench tightly around my fingers and her sweet essence fills my mouth.
As I back off I study her; she’s breathing hard and fast, her beautiful breasts heaving. I stand and slip out of my shirt, revealing my tight frame; she stands slowly and moves to stand in front of me. I hiss as she drags her nails across my chest.
“JJ, we can’t do this….”
“We already have,” I say and dip my head to kiss her again, “I’ve wanted you since dad brought you home.” I said breaking the kiss.
“But JJ…”
“No buts, you want me as much as I want you.” I bring my hands to my jeans, but stop when her hand covers mine.
“No, let me,” she says as she unbuttons my jeans and slowly lets them fall, “commando JJ? Really?”
“What can I say? I like being free.” I hiss as her hands close around me her nails stroking my shaft at the base. “Jen….” I moan as she lowers herself in front of me and licks the length.
“What did you call me?” she says gripping me firmly in her hands
I moan again and then tunneled my fingers in to her hair massaging her scalp as she slowly eases my length into her mouth.
“Jen,” I moan again as her tongue flicks against the head.
Crack, a sharp sting to my ass; as her hand makes contact; “What did you call me?” she says looking up at me her hand gripping me firmly.
“You asked me to call you Jen,” I groan as her nails start to dig into my shaft.
“I’m not sure I was right about that,” she says and goes back to servicing my cock.
It’s when I feel myself hit the back of her throat that I lose it completely.
“Jesus H Christ,” my hands dig into her hair and draw her back and forth against my shaft, “fuck Mom,” I groan as I feel her teeth graze my length and she moans against me, “stop; I don’t want to lose my load yet.”
I pull out of her mouth with a soft pop, and pull her to her feet. I kiss her tenderly as I pick her up and cradle her to my chest.
“Where do you want to go? I need to be inside you.” I didn’t wait for her to answer instead I climbed the stairs and kicked open the door to the room she shared with my dad.
“JJ,” she protested as I tossed her gently on the king sized bed.
“Shhhhh, I won’t tell if you won’t.” I took her hips into my hands and pressed a soft kiss to her folds.
“JJ,” she moaned as my tongue licked her slit and probed her core.
“Mmmmm yes Mom? What do you want?!”
She moaned again as I added a finger and then a second to her center stroking as I nibbled on her clit.
“JJ,” she hissed as my teeth worried her clit until it was hard and pulsing in my mouth.
“Yes? Do you want me to fuck you mom?”
She groaned again and mumbled a yes as I continued to work her snatch with my mouth and fingers.
“Beg me.”
“Beg me,” my tongue fucking her sweetness.
“You sure?” I slide away from her core and tap my cock gently on her clit.
“I won’t beg.”
“Positive?!?” I slowly ease just a bit of my cock into her snatch; she’s slick and wet and hugs my cock like a glove.
“Fuck,” she hisses as my thick cock probes her snatch.
“Beg me.” I repeat again as I slide a finger into her ass.
“Fuck it,” she finally caves and looks me deep in the eyes, “please JJ, please.”
“Mmmmm that’s good Mommy,” I slowly ease into her warm cunt.
I’m not prepared for how tight she is and how her snatch grips my cock like it will never let go.
I start to ride her slowly at first then faster as her moans get louder. I’m thrown off guard when she wraps her legs around my waist and rolls so she’s on top. Like in the movies she spins so her back is to me my cock still encased in her snatch and slowly eases herself up and down on my shaft. I can’t help but watch as I slide in and out of her core, and I can feel myself close to bursting.
“Not yet little man,” She says “don’t you dare cum yet.”
I groan loudly as she slides off my cock and licks her juices off of it. I’m not going to be able to hold off much longer if she keeps doing this I think to myself.
“Not yet.” She repeats as she turns her back to me, on her hands and knees. “You said you wanted to fuck me, then fuck me.”
“I want your ass too,” I say as I slip two fingers into her tight hole.
She moans softly as I probe her tightness.
“Does daddy fuck you here?”
“No,” she moans softly, “never has.”
“Have you ever been fucked here?”
“A very long time ago, yes.”
“You want it again don’t you?”
“Yes.” She whimpers as I add a third finger stretching her.
“How long has it been since you’ve had your ass fucked Mom?”
“Years,” she gasps as I add a tongue to the mix.
“Ever have your ass eaten?”
“No,” she whimpers as my fingers slid out and as my tongue strokes her tight hole her hips rock back onto my face.
“You like that do you.”
She could only moan as I nibbled the sensitive skin around her ass.
“Tell me.”
“Tell me.”
“Fuck JJ, yes I like it, I like that you’re my stepson and you’re about to fuck me on the bed that I share with your father. And you were right earlier I’ve wanted you since the beginning. I’ve thought about this often, but never had the guts to act on it.”
“Well brace yourself Mommy I’m about to fuck you raw.”
I slowly slid my cock into her still saturated pussy to lube it up, and as I started to ease it into her ass she stopped me.
“Just a minute.” She slid over to the edge of the bed and reached into her night table, I chuckled softly as she withdrew a vibrator and handed it to me.
“Both holes at once? You are a dirty whore aren’t you Mom.”
“Mmmmmhmm,” she turned her back to me again and I applied some additional lube and slowly eased myself into her ass.
As I withdrew from her ass I slide the vibrator, which interestingly enough was the same length and thickness of my own cock, into her pussy and cranked up to high. I continued this rhythm until her body shakes all over and she’s practically collapsing under me.
“You dirty little whore,” I hissed as I grabbed her hair pulling her head back to mine so I could kiss her hard on the mouth. “Letting me fuck you on the bed you share with my dad. Dirty fucking whore.”
She moaned as I continued to pound her ass and pussy I knew she was close so very close to coming.
“Not yet, don’t you dare cum yet you insatiable bitch,”
I smiled as she whimpers and bites her lower lip.
“So hot, so fucking hot,” I looked up and saw that we were dead even with the floor length mirror that was on the closet door. I pulled her head up so that she was looking in the mirror, “look at you, so fucking hot, my insatiable slut of a Mom. You’re gonna let me do this every night Daddy’s gone aren’t you? And maybe even when he’s home, you’ll come to me begging for his nice thick young cock to fill your holes, won’t you?” I felt my balls slap against her thighs and she moaned again, “Not yet,” I said as I gripped her neck firmly, lightly choking her.
I knew I couldn’t hold off much longer, I was more than ready to blow my load and I wanted to do it all over her gorgeous body.
“Mommy, tell JJ where you want his cum.”
She didn’t answer right away, only moaned as I continued to pound away at her.
“Answer me!”
“All over,” she finally gasps.
I slowly slip from her well worked ass and flip her over; I give control of the vibrator to her as I stroke my cock. She feverishly pounds her dripping wet pussy with the vibrator. As the first streams of my jizz hit her body, a stream of her own excitement sprays my thighs and she can’t control it any longer; she cums hard. The walls and windows shake as she screams gutturally. With her mouth open wide I aim and fire some into it, hitting her pretty face and tongue. She moans again as she licks what she can off her lips and swallows. I’m close to spent, I groan as she shifts and grabs my cock with short quick strokes. I cum again, this time all over her face, into her hair and all over the bed.
I collapse next to her on the bed, and we lay there spent for a good half hour.
“We’re gonna need to clean you up Mommy dearest.”
“Mmmmhmm,” she moans again and rocks her hips back into mine grinding against my cock, making it hard, “or we could stay dirty for a while.”
“You really are an insatiable bitch aren’t you? What are you going to do with the bedspread?”
“Toss it,” she chuckles, “I never liked it, I’ll simply tell your father I washed it and well it fell apart.”
I laugh loudly and kiss the back of her neck “Let’s go fuck in the shower, and then on every other surface in the house.”
“We have two weeks you know.”
“It’ll take two weeks to get to every surface.”
Two weeks and every surface fucked on later my father returns from his business trip.
“So how’d you two get on while I was gone?”
“Fine dear,” she says kissing him lightly on the cheek, “just fine.”
“Did you find something to occupy your time while I was gone?!”
“Mmmmhmm, we both did.”
She looks at me and winks and as my dad walks out of the room she turns and whispers “Tonight, your room or mine?”

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