Taking Advantage of Sleeping Beauty


My best friend and I have been friends for a while, but we’ve known each other for even longer than that. We were in the same class for two years, but somehow we never even talked to each other. I had never bothered to pay much attention to her, except at one reoccurring moment. When the math teacher asked Lumen to solve a problem on the blackboard, that’s when I would notice her. Long legs in black skinny jeans walking with a powerful stride to the front of the class, my god I couldn’t keep my eyes of that. She had the perfect thigh gap in between a tight round and firm butt. Her long blonde hair moving on top of her crop top as she walked. How could I not take interest to her back then?

At the end of high school there was an event at school about future college and university major choices, she and I were both kind of lost at the event and ended up chatting a bit. She asked me to sit with her while meeting a representative of one of the colleges. Without anything better to do I immediately accepted, if anything, to kill my boredom. It went well and somehow it felt right to sit next to her. When it was over izmir escort we chatted more and for some reason I felt myself being quite honest and open to her, something I was never to my fellow students.

Over the course of the next few weeks’ high school ended and I ended up meeting with her a few times. First I helped her paint her room, then we went on the hunt for colleges together, and we went for drinks and food on many more occasions. We were really becoming the best of friends, meeting up every week or even more than once a week. She was comfortable with me from the start and liked showing off her new clothes to me, which I didn’t mind at all, seeing her body in all kinds of outfits turned me on quite a bit.

I quickly envisioned her in my fantasies. One day we met up, but this time it was different. We had been to the city and now we’re back at her house, she’s exhausted, lays down in the couch in her living room and puts her favorite TV series on, so we can watch. I notice her slowly falling asleep, after a bit she’s sound asleep and turns her back to me. This is when it all izmir escort bayan strikes, this is the moment I know I want her. And I can’t wait, I want her now. I can feel my cock getting hard inside my pants as my hand is on top of my crotch. The sight of the contour of her long legs, round butt and tiny waist is just too much for me.

Without thinking, I stand up and walk over to her, I can tell she’s well asleep. I reach my hand toward her thigh gap and put my middle two fingers on her asshole, sliding up to her pussy lip. I can imagine her having perfectly thick pussy lips keeping all her wet juices inside, oh what I would do to have a taste of it. My cock is now rock hard pointing toward the ceiling inside my pants, I can actually see it. The feeling is incredibly uncomfortable, so I undo my brown belt and open up my pants. The thrill of having my naked cock out in Lumen’s house makes it even harder.

I put my hand back onto her pussy lips through her black skinny jeans and start rubbing her, I can feel the shape of her perfectly thick pussy lips, she must be getting really escort izmir wet from this. I can imagine her panties soaking. I put my other hand on the exposed skin below her crop top T-shirt, her skin is so soft and smooth, it makes the veins in my cock almost burst when I touch her. I lower my pants and boxers to my knees and put my cock on her exposed skin and rub it all over it. It feels so good. I notice a trail of presuming sliding along her skin and I don’t really feel sorry about it either. In fact, I would love for that to be my real cum covering her sexy tiny waistline.

I take my cock and rub it over her asshole area and in between her thigh gap, the feeling of her jeans against my bare cock feels so good. I go faster as I’m close to cumming, I’m basically dry humping her pussy through her black jeans it makes my whole body spasm and tingle. My whole body feels that I’m about to cum, so I take her hand with her long elegant fingers and put it around my cock, and jerk off my cock with her hand until I explode onto her pussy, leaving her black jeans painted in white and her hand slithered with my hot warm cum.

I quickly pull my pants back up and redo my belt, I now realize I have to leave the house and go back home. As I do that I leave a note saying she fell asleep and I let her sleep peacefully while I go back home. I wonder what she will think when she wakes up…

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