taking care of granny


taking care of grannyI went to take care of my grandmother Beth for the summer.Beth is 75 and a BBW which is a plus for me cause i love older BBW women.I get to Beths house and she is sitting on the porch in her MUMU.I give her a hug and she shows me to my room, she tells me to unpack and then come down and have lunch. After lunch we go outside and start working in the flower beds as we are working i cant take my eyes off seeing her bent over and that big ass under her mumu and notice she isnt wearing a bra and them big saggy tits hanging down is really turning me on. After supper that night she tells me she going to get a shower, after she gets done i go in to get my shower and when I get in the bathroom i notice her mumu on the floor,I reach down to çorum escort move it and find her big granny panties and also her wet diaper,now i am really horny cause i love jerking off in big panties and also wearing diapers.when i get out of the shower and go back to my room i notice my cloths have been moved, so i put my shorts on and go out and sit down with Beth and we start watching TV,after while she ask me if i have any girlfriends and say no not for a while now. why ? well i just havent found the right one,And then she says i noticed you watching me today, and when put your clothes away i seen you have some big panties and diapers with you,why do you have them with you. Well i have a fetish for older women that escort çorum wear big panties and diapers, and she ask me if i would like to see her in big panties and diapers and say yes and with that she pulls her nightgown off and my dream come true is right there.Beth grabs my hand and takes me back to her room pulls her panties and lays down on the bed and says come up here and open up my diaper and you can see what i have for you. As i open up her diaper to my surprise her pussy is so hairy and all gray pubes and then she tells me dont pull the diaper out cause when we start fucking she will start peeing cause she has week bladder. I pull my shorts off and climb up between her legs and start licking her old wet cunt çorum escort bayan and as i am licking she starts peeing alittle and now my cock is really hard so i ease up between her legs and put my cock up between her lips and slowly push it up in her hairy cunt she starts moaning every time i push in and pull out she pees alittle now she has my cock so wet i am getting harder as i push one last time i cum so hard in her and just lay on top of her, i tell Beth this was the best pussy i have ever had and she tells me this will be the only pussy i will be fucking from now on, now go put your diaper on and snuggle up to me for the night cause we have alot of fucking to do this summer, and you will wearing only diapers every day and also be wearing mumus like me. Now some mornings when we get up she has me wear her wet diaper which she has me lay down on the bed in her diaper and before she pulls it up she lubes my cock up and jerks me off while i suck on her big hairy pussy lips that are still wet with pee form all night being in her diaper.

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