Taking Inventory


Taking Inventory

Since my first days at the company I noticed you. Eavesdropping, I hear your name is Diana. You are bubbly, you seem really smart and crazy sexy. We crossed paths every now and then, and at company events I make an effort to say hi and strike up a conversation, but I never really got a chance to get to know you. You are a bit younger five feet five inches and nice curves in just the right places. We seemed to be really compatible and get along well but we never had an opportunity to get to know each other. I actually didn’t think you were interested. One day I was called down to my bosses office and he introduced me to the V.P. of a new division the company was opening next month. I was informed I was being transferred to this new division. I was pretty pissed about it, but whatever I’ll give it a shot. My one regret is that I was going to be in a different building across town from you. I’m not sure why you had such a profound effect on me from a few encounters but my attraction was undeniable.
I hadn’t seen you around the office much, so I never got the chance to let you know I was transferred. About a month later i had my box packed and headed over to the new building for my first day in purgatory. I heard there was going to be about ten people moving over and a couple new hires. As I entered the room, and surveyed the lay of the land looking for a choice seat. Then I noticed there are name signs at each workstation, so I started the hunt for mine. As I went around the back row, I nearly dropped my box when I saw you. You were looking up at me with that amazing smile. I put my box down next to you and said “This seat taken?” You said “saving it for you”. I smirk “Well that makes life easy since my name is on it:” You wink at me and say “I know, I put it there.” You explained to me that you had moved over a month ago and you help select the team and was in charge of the seating assignments for the group.
My resentment over being transferred just flew out the window. As time went on we worked together on various projects and I started to get to know you better and better. If anything, I under estimated my initial thoughts about you. You were smarter, funnier and sexier than I had ever imagined.
The accounting department was responsible for the year end inventories and honestly speaking, totally fuck it up every year. To prove that it wasn’t a ‘system problem’ as they blame, the vice president of our new division said he would prove it can be done. He assigned the two of us the task of doing the inventory. A huge project. The VP was putting his name on the line that it can be done properly. He set the expectations with us, that if we didn’t get this right there will be consequences. It took weeks of planning and we set up a plan of action. Working together was amazing. It was like we have known each other forever. We knew each others next move, and could feel when things were going right, and when something was off. When time permitted we talked about things I have never shared before, but it felt natural.
We had pretty much reached the end of the project and even before the final report out, we knew we had nailed it. Spirits were high. The banter, flirting, and innuendos have been flying for days. Always testing the waters to see where the line was the topics got more and more racy. Having just tested the limits talking about favorite positions, I looked at you and sensed something new. You were flushed and you didn’t break eye contact. There was a burning hunger in your eyes. You needed something and you wanted it now. I needed a plan, so I went to a store room where misc office supplies and maintenance goods are kept, and prepared it for an impromptu inventory count. I came back and asked you help with something. As we walk towards the store room the anticipation builds. I say load enough for the others nearby to hear “this inventory is the last one, so let’s take our time and get it right. We’re going to go over everything.” Everyone knew that we were not to bothered with anything else until this project was completed.
We enter the small store room and fumble around with boxes, even putting a couple outside the room. After a few minutes I say load enough for any ears within range “Just put the boxes in front of the door so we can do a proper job.” The door slowly closes and I throw down a couple boxes against it. A made a quick check that the door was locked. I hadn’t noticed that you came up behind me, so when I turned to you you grabbed my head and our lips meet. It was like every nerve in my body exploded. Shocks shoot through me and my cock starts to grow in an instant. Our tongues explore each other and our breathing becomes quick and panicked. Within seconds my cock is raging in my pants. I can already feel a wet spot developing as pre-cum oozes from me, My hands start running down your back squeezing and kneading. I go lower to your gorgeous ass a pull you to me grinding my cock into your belly. I hear the slight whimpers from you knowing passion has taken over.
I reach down the front of your skirt and can feel your panties are soaked. I pull the panties to the side and slip a finger in your drenched slit. It’s dripping with juice. I can’t resist and I bring my hand to my nose; your scent is intoxicating. I run my finger on my lips to taste you. I’ve always wanted to taste you. You see me and rush to kiss me before I can lick you from my lips. You kiss me harder and more erotic than I’ve ever been kissed in my life. I reach back down and slip my hand into your panties and start rubbing your beautiful pussy and clit. You let out a moan so I kiss you harder to keep your moans from getting us caught. I can feel tremors running through you, it builds and builds until you shudder and cum all over my hand. I can see you have trouble standing but we aren’t done.
I get on my knees and lift your skirt. Your amazing panty cover pussy appears from under the skirt. I waste no time and hook the hips of your panties and pull them off of you. I put them in my pocket for later. I take a moment and admire the beauty that is right in front of me. I get closer and take in your scent. It’s heaven and I nearly cum just from what I’m about to be able to do. I reach out with my tongue and taste you. It sends burning fires through me. I run my tongue up and down the slit of your pussy trying to gather as much of your juice as I can. Your body jerks as my tongue runs over your still hyper sensitive clit. Giving your clit a moment to recover I push two fingers in your tight pussy. I work them in and out being sure to give your g-spot a rub each time I pull them out. I can sense the tension building in you again. I want nothing more than to give you pleasure, to give you all I have til you can’t take any more. I can feel the climax build in you. I bring my mouth to your pussy draw all I can of your pussy and clit into my mouth. I suck you in harder drawing blood to you clit an making it extra sensitive again. I rub my tongue back and forth as I start pumping my fingers in you. You’re close now. I release the pressure slowing you down, but still slamming into you. Closer, closer, finally you are about to cum so I take you into my mouth again. This puts you over but I don’t relent and make you cum over and over.
Still on your feet I stand and get behind you. I lift your and skirt and push my rock hard cock against you. My cock is oozing more precum with every heartbeat. Nestled in the crack of your ass I slide up and down with ease from my natural lube. I’ve remove your bra and from behind feel your perfect tits. I pinch your nipples noting how I had never noticed how big and gorgeous they are. I nibble and kiss your ears and neck. I reach down and push your skirt down to the floor. I lower myself slightly. My pulsing cock slides forward ever so slightly parting your lips right at the entrance to you. I lean forward and whisper in your ear, “What do you want?” you say in an airy voice “I want you in me” I say “Tell me” you say “Fuck me” “say it” “Please Fuck me!” As you are saying it I raise uo and drive my hips forward. I slide in you with one motion to the base on my cock. I hold your soft perfect hips and drive forward more and more as I push into you. The world stops, nothing else exists. It feels like forever I’ve waited to be in you and finally it happens. I keep pumping, wanting this to last forever. Grabbing your tits, puling your hips, pulling your shoulders, pulling your hair, everything is a blur. I see you are having troubles now so I finally give your legs a break and turn you around. I and lower you to the floor where I prepared a bed of shipping blankets. As I take my shirt off I look down to see you laying on your back, with your legs spread and knees drawn up. I nearly cum right there, the beauty of the sight before me is overwhelming. I get down on you and kiss you hard as I push into you. This is just so incredible, I know I can’t hold out much longer. There’s no stopping it, and I push as deep as I can go and erupt in you. Perfection. The only way to describe the feeling as I lay on you with cum pouring from me into your womb.
After a few minutes, reality hits us and we scramble to right ourselves and make the room look like something other than crazy a****l sex has just happened. We leave the room and head back to our cubicles. Cum running down your legs, you make a quick pit stop in the washroom to clean up. As you approach me at my desk, you see that I have your panties turned inside out and held to my face. You ask “What are you doing?” I tell you that “I never want to forget the taste of you” and run my tongue along the length of your panties.
We file our report and are acclaimed for a job well done.

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