Tale of an SPH meet (a short story)

Tale of an SPH meet (a short story)
Lisa was sat at home wondering if she should ring her girlfriends to see if they wanted to go out to a wine bar for her birthday. She decided she should as she had a new outfit that she wanted to wear. After ringing them and them all saying yes and that they would be round with food and they could all get ready. When the girls arrived they ate then showered and got ready and headed out to London town to get drunk and possibly laid. While two of Lisa’s friends where getting the drinks in Lisa’s friend Naomi noticed a rather hot guy looking over at their table and smile at him. She regretted this instantly as he came over to their table and slipped Lisa a piece of paper with his number on it and asked her to text him when she was alone. Taken aback by this she just mumbled ok and put the paper in her bag. When the rest of the group returned they looked puzzled as to why Lisa looked a little flustered and when they saw where her eyes were looking they knew why. The girls had several more drinks and then grabbed a couple of cabs and headed their separate ways home and promised to let the others know they had gotten to their final destinations.
Lisa unlocked her door and went inside before letting the girls know she was home safe and sound. As she took her shoes off and emptied her bag she came across a piece of folded u paper and was tempted to throw it away but stopped when she looked to see it was a phone number. She thought back to when Naomi and she was alone and thought do I have anything to lose. Grabbing her glass of ice cold water and her phone she went to the bedroom and texted him saying “Hi Jake its Lisa from the bar” and hit send. She then put her laptop on to check her emails and went and grabbed something to eat. Just as she returned her phone vibrated and it was a text message from Jake…”Hey I’m so glad you texted me I wasn’t sure you would” after a few back and forths Jake asked her where in London she was she replied with Tower Hamlets/Hackney area and then a few minutes later he said that he lived in Hackney close to Tower Hamlets. Taking a deep breath she said if he was free and wanted to he was welcome to come round and gave him her address. Within seconds she got the reply she wanted and when to change into some sexy lingerie and waited for him to buzz up to her flat in the building. Just as she finished putting on her stockings and heels she heard the buzzer and answered it and told Jake to come on up and come in.

Jake entered Lisa’s flat and his jaw dropped when he saw her laid on the sofa and his first thought was knowing he wasn’t as big as most guys his height was if he was going to be big enough for her. Lisa sat up and beckoned Jake over to where she sat and told him to remove his t-shirt. When he was stood in front of her she undid his jeans and removed them and then run her hands over his torso down to his boxers when she heard him take a deep breath as her hands reached the waistband of his Calvin Klein’s. Slowly she removed them, looked up at him with a slight look of disappointment at what he was hiding in his boxers, she saw a look of embarrassment but also a look of wonderment as to what she would do next. Lisa let out a slight giggle at how big he was and excused herself while she went to grab a tape measure just so she could find out how big he was. When she returned she found Jake had gotten slightly hard and thought she could have some fun with this. So she measured his mostly flaccid cock and when she read that it was only a few inches she giggled some more and said I hope you get bigger when your hard. She saw him go red and said oh dear you had better be good with your fingers and tongue then and noticed that he got harder. Knowing this turned him on she went and got one of her dildos that was at least twice his size and came back with it and put it by his tiny cock to show him what a real cock looked like this made him fully hard and nearly half the size of Lisa’s dildo. Lisa then burst out laughing and asked him what he thought he was going to do with it as it wouldn’t satisfy her. He went redder then ever and didn’t know how to answer her but told her he’d like to satisfy her in other ways. She said the only way you will ever satisfy me is by using your tongue on me before using the toy to which Jake agreed and asked what she would do to his little cock. Lisa replied she would jerk him off with two fingers and tell him how small he was compared to others she had slept with until he came and went back to a non-existent softie. After he had cum she showed him where the shower was so he could get cleaned up. Before he left he asked if they could do this again as he enjoyed being humiliated and she said maybe they could but she would let him know. Jake gave her a peck on the cheek and thanked her with a smile before leaving the building and returning home and reliving the last few hours in his mind. Lisa texted Jake and said that was the first time she had ever done that and that she would like to do it again soon and this gave Jake a huge cat like grin.

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