Subject: The Tales of Sol 47 The Tales of Sol 47 By Joe hoo This my second attempt to write so please tell me what you think. This is a fictional story it is not intended to imply that any members of the Backstreet Boys, Nsync or 98 Degrees are gay, or any of the other celebrities mentioned are homosexuals. If you are not old enough to read these stories do yourself a favor don’t get caught. The same goes for those people whose countries have these sites made illegal. And for everyone else enjoy Captain Planet and related characters was created by R.E Turner and copyright by AOL Time Warner Company and Trademark by TBS Productions Babylon 5 and all related characters and props were created by Michael Straczynski and copyright by Warner Bros. Star Trek and all related characters created by Gene Roddenberry. Copyright Paramount Transformers and all related characters, and props are trademarked by Hasbro inc. Copyright Rhino Home Videos and AOL Time Warner Entertainment CO He-Man, She-Ra, related characters, and props are trademarked by Filmation 1980’s Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox. Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. Copyright DC Comics and Warner Bros. X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. To those who’ve been reading Tales of Sol. I want you to know that while there is sex in this story. That is not is sole purpose and yes I do hope the sex sense makes you all hard and gets you off. Sol is an adaption from my childhood favorite show Captain Planet and the Planeteers, The cartoon showed us that the world can be a better place if we took a few moments to care for it. Tales of Sol is meant to express hope. It is also shows how music can have an impact in our lives. While I don’t know if my favorite bands 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys or Nsync have ever read this. They saw me through some of the hardest moments of my life and offered in their own way hope. To them I say thank you. I dedicate the Tales of Sol to all of my brothers and sisters of the US armed service past, present, and future. I like to thank my friends who I had the privilege showing these chapters with. They helped with editing and inspiration, John Rivera, Albert-Russ Alan Rivera-Odum, Derbe.D. Hunte Yvette Ortiz Samuel Diaz Jr for all their help in Making The Tales of Sol an enjoyable story to write. And I have a few other names starting with the beginner of this universe James the author of Tales of a Real Dark Knight. I still hope to reconnect with you dear friend and all the rest of this series. Blake the author of Tales of a New Phoenix Jeremi author of the Tales of Young Mutants Please remember to Donate to Nifty And now without any further ado I give you the next chapter of Tales of Sol. Tales of Sol 47 Emergency Rob was pacing back and forth in the waiting room, trying to keep himself from falling apart. The Rockstar’s emotions were all over the place as he tried to figure it all out. Not sure if he should cry or not as the tears burned his eyes. Looking down at his hands still coated in Mike’s blood. Rob didn’t even bother to wash it off. He’s been waiting over 20 minutes, and there still weren’t a words. In frustration fueled by worry, and disbelief he ran to the nurse station “My friend how is he?” Rob demanded. The nurse didn’t even bother to look up as she went about cleaning her work station. “I am sorry sir, but there is nothing I can tell you,” the nurse dismissed. “That man just saved my life, and you can’t even tell me if he is alive!” Rob raged “I am not at liberty to tell you sir,” the nurse said coldly. A wide eyed, Rob snapped at the orderly “That wonderful man just took a goddamn car meant for me, and you are going to tell me how is he,” “Sir I can’t release that information you will just have to wait,” The Nurse snapped back “I am going to sue this hospital!” Rob snapped “I am only doing my job I don’t care about your celebrity status,” the nurse coldly huffed “I have very little time for people who pull stunts like this just some fame,” The nurse hissed “What do you mean?” Rob was aghast “You think that man in there took that car for me just so he could say he saved Rob Thomas!” The nurse gave Rob an accusing glare “I have seen all kinds of things and this looks exactly like that,” The nurse grumbled “Listen Lady, that is the most asinine thing I have ever heard!” Rob was now shouting and pointing towards Mike’s room “That man saw the car coming I didn’t,” Rob stammered. “The person who was driving that car died in the crash, and I would have too if not for that man in there fighting for his life!” Rob had hot tears running down his face; he was both angry and trying hard not to cry. “How do I know he didn’t set this all up so he could say he saved the great Rob Thomas,” The nurse sneered “Oh yes Mike had a person kill themselves just so he could save my life,” Rob’s voice was laced with sarcasm and grief “You would be surprised what people would do for stardom and this looks to be just like that,” the nurse wasn’t even one bit convinced and her cold sneer only enraged Rob. “You have no idea what you are talking about, and I am going to see to it that this is your last day here,” Rob was astonished at this so-called nurse interpretation of Mike’s heroic actions. Rob heard the elevator door open, turning his head Rob saw Brian and the rest of the Backstreet Boys coming out. “Rob Thomas! What the hell are you doing here?” Kevin in astonishment asked. Just seeing the Backstreet Boys coming off the elevator made Rob’s stomach clench tighter if not for his insistence on coffee, Mike would have been with them, bursa escort bayan and not comatose in the hospital. Pointing once again in the direction of Mike’s room “That,” Rob stammered trying to form words and brush tears from his eyes “That man saved my life,” Rob voice quaked Angrily pointing to the nurse who just gave them all a mean glance, she had nothing but disdain in her glare “That person won’t even let me know whether or not if Mike is even alive,” Rob shaking voice was cracking under the strain of grief, Grabbing Rob’s shoulders Brian’s wild eyes bore into Rob’s grief stricken eyes, “What the Hell happened!” Brian demanded. Shaking his head in disbelief, “Dammit why did I insist we get coffee!” Rob raved. Rob’s head fell forward in shame “He was one his way to see you guys, and I asked him to grab for a cup of damn coffee,” Rob sobbed Brian shook Rob “Please tell me what happened!” Brian pleaded “Mike, and I had stopped for coffee after he saved a dog from a group of guys,” Rob told the group of frantic looking guys. Who just wanted to know what in the world just happened. The ding from the elevator told everyone another person was coming to the floor. Dave stepped off the elevator and entered the waiting area “I had asked him the other day if he wanted to get some coffee,” Rob was shaking violently as all the pent up emotions were coming out “He had saved Sasha from getting hit by a semi, and I just wanted to thank him,” Brian was still holding Rob Thomas “Rob, will you please tell me what the hell happened right now,” Brian demanded. Still in shock Rob just couldn’t get his mind working, “He was so fucking brave,” Rob marveled “He saw it coming I didn’t,” Rob sobbed “Saw what? Rob, what the hell happened?” Nick repeated Brian’s question getting antsy “A car, was gunning for me as soon as I stepped into the intersection,” Rob sobbed as the whole scene was finally coming to him “He pulled me out of the way, and was hit by a car that was meant for me,” Rob wailed Brian instantly pulled Rob into a comforting hug. Knowing his boyfriend saved another life at possible cost of his own made Brian tear up. No one heard the elevator open again as a police officer entered the waiting room. In a deep and hardened voice,”Mr. Thomas, can I have a moment of your time,” he asks. The Officer’s voice startled everyone. Rob shot a worried glance at the nurse he threatened. Fearing she had called the cops on him. The Officer stopped his approach. Holding up his hands defensively when he saw the fear on the group’s faces “Don’t worry,” the Officer gently reassured the whole group. Slowly and delicately the Officer approached Rob and then asked “I am Detective Stabler, and I just wanted to know if you knew or had any dealings with Ms Erica Gracen?” “She used to work at the coffee bar that I had taken my friend Mr. Pennock to,” Rob answered. Detective Stabler just shook his head reaffirming something he had heard. “Erica nearly got herself killed trying to get my attention,” Rob continued telling everyone the tale of how Mike saved Erica at that coffee bar after she tried to get Rob’s attention. Stabler shook his head in understanding and revolt as Rob’s story matched the one Detective Stabler got from the coffee bar. He had heard and with a professional yet cold and stern look Stabler reported, “Erica was the driver of car she tried to run you down,” “Where is she now?” Nick asked turning to Detective Stabler “I hope you arrested her for this,” Nick demanded “That is unfortunately not possible,” Rob had answered for Detective Stabler Pointing to Mike’s hospital room, “Why? Mike is in there because of her crazy ass,” AJ sneered in anguish as he thought of his friend. “I saw the car, it was crushed by that streetlight pole,” Rob was still trying to make sense of it all “Erica was dead before her car exploded,” Detective Stabler nodded and then answered “We have already talked to her ex boss and ex coworkers, all of them told us about the incident that happened between Ms Gracen and Mr. Pennock,” Detective Stabler explained “All you’ve done Mr. Thomas, was confirm that she was fired, after pulling that stunt,” Detective Stabler reiterated Rob’s head snapped back at the nurse’s station and with a grief filled he shot an angry glare at the nurse standing at her station who’s cold fury. Was now replaced with stark fear as the realization of her poor judgment of the situation set in. Running to the nurse’s station Rob slammed his fist on the counter making several items sitting on the desk to jump and fall off. “You still think my friend is in there, because he wanted to get my attention lady!” Rob roared the nurse shrank in her seat as Rob vented on her “A crazed, and obsessed fan tried to run me down,” Rob glared at her “That wonderful man is in there fighting for his life because of it,” Rob snapped tears streaming down his face as all the emotions he was feeling were being set free. “I am sorry Mr. Thomas,” The nurse stammered she was shaking hard in fear of how Rob could actually have her fired “You are sorry, for judging someone actions with out, even knowing the person you were judging,” Rob snapped Brian gently walked up to Rob and pulled him away from the nurse’s station. Brian pulled Rob into a comforting hug, crying into Brian’s shoulder. Rob raspy voice stuttered “He was coming to see you,” In a soft and gentle voice “I know, and he did the right thing,” Brian reassured Rob. Brian pulled the singer a comforting hug Brian was very proud of Mike, his lover’s courage and compassion were unsurpassed. Knowing Mike saved Rob’s life only made Brian love the man even more. Just then a doctor with a fair skin complexion, jet black hair and silver eyes, came görükle escort out into the waiting room and called out, “Is there anyone here for Mr. Pennock?” All heads shot up and while Brian wanted to say something. “I am,” Dave beat him to it, putting his hand on Brian’s shoulder. Dave gave it a gentle and knowing squeezed then stepped forward. Dave answered “I am his boss and these are his closest and dearest friends,” making sure to include Rob as he indicated the Backstreet Boys. Followed by an angry glare Dave shot at the nurse who apparently had judged his pupil very poorly it seems. Dave’s glare made her shrink even further in her chair. The Doctor shook Dave’s hand “Dave Matthews, I am Dr Philips,” He introduced and then walked away from the group. Kevin walked over to his cousin offering him support that only a family member could offer. “Mr. Matthews, Mr. Pennock is one very lucky man,” Dr Philips was astonished “What do you mean?” Brian was now on the verge of more tears. “Well for one he is still alive for one, but he shouldn’t be,” Dr. Philips answered Kevin held Brian in his arms and gave him a squeeze right now both Brian and Mike needed the support of family. “He took that car at full force, suffering severe internal injuries, and massive blunt force trauma,” Dr. Phillips reported as he looked down at his papers. Everyone gasped and groaned trying to imagine the kind of pain Mike could have been in. Rob was shaking badly at the news thinking it should have been him laying in that hospital bed instead of Mike. “Despite his injuries Mr. Pennock is still hanging on,” Dr. Philips said as he looked at his charts Walking back to Brian, Dave took hold of Brian hand made sure that Dr. Phillips understood when Dave asked, “Can we see him?” Dave wasn’t really asking but demanding to see his pupil, Dave was also showing his support for Mike’s and Brian’s budding relationship. “Of course, I must warn you he is not conscious yet,” Dr. Philips led the way Dave pulled Brian forward and Kevin let go. The group moved, letting Brian and Dave lead the pack. “Will you guys let me, and Brian enter the room first?” Dave requested gently as he and Brian got to Mike’s door. There was no argument when Nick stepped forward to let it be known that no one else was to enter “Absolutely” Nick agreed Rob pulled Dr. Philips aside so he could report the nurse who gave him a hard time and judge his friend poorly. When Dave and Brian opened the door they saw Mike laying there wrapped head to toe in bandages. Mike looked like a mummy resting in a sarcophagus. Mike’s bruised face was the only visible flesh and his eyes were swollen shut. The only noise in the room was the soft beeping of the heart monitor. Closing the door behind them Dave held Brian as they slowly made their way to Mike’s still form. When they were in reach Brian grabbed hold of his boyfriend’s mangled, and bandaged hand “Mike I am here, I am very proud of you,” he brought his lover’s ruined hand to his lips and kissed them. “Your selflessness never ceases to amaze me,” Brian cried into his boyfriend’s hand. Dave put his hand on Brian’s shoulder and the sight of his aide, like this, was both heartbreaking and a testament to his courage. “You saved Rob’s life. I am so proud of you,” Brian cried. Dave just squeezed Brian shoulder “Please don’t leave me not when I just found you,” Brian wailed “Brian, do not lose hope,” Dave said softly Brian stared bewilderedly back at Dave, in disbelief after seeing Mike in his present condition, did indeed look hopeless, even if Mike lived would he be able to walk? Could he even talk? Brian stammered “What do you mean my lover is laying here, because of some looney tried to run down Rob Thomas,” Gently Dave spoke “Brian, I know you and Mike have talked recently,” Brian looked at Dave “He told me he had some kind of powers,” Brian responded, still not sure what that meant. “Mike has more than just powers,” Dave said “Mike only told just me, but we didn’t talk about it all,” Brian cried “Brian, There is something you need to know,” Dave pressed “What?” Brian inquired “Brian deep with in Mike’s body, lies the soul of another,” Dave explained “I don’t understand.” Brian gasped “I don’t fully understand it myself Brian, but it is because of that soul, Mike is even alive at all,” Dave said Brian turned to back down Mike’s ruined body “Mr. Littrell, Mike came to New York in part because those powers were getting stronger and he needed to learn how to use them,” Dave tried to explain why Mike was in New York. “Yes, Mike told me his senses are all affected by these powers,” Brian remembered some of what was told to him “It is more than even that, to put it in layman terms, Mike has within him all the powers of nature herself,” Dave did his best to explain it. Brian gasped at what he was hearing but still couldn’t grasp it all. “Why didn’t he tell me all of this?” “It is a lot for someone to hear, those powers alone would send anyone running,” Dave explained. Brian looked down at Mike’s bandaged body Dave went on, “Among those powers is the power to heal,” “There is no question that Erica would have killed Rob Thomas with her car,” Dave spoke softly as he moved back around to Brian put his arms around the super star. “Mike knew that,” Brian said softly “Yes he did, the doctors are shocked Mike is still alive I am not,” Dave gestured towards me “Mike’s healing powers are fast at work,” Brian didn’t know what Dave was saying but he drew some hope from that. Squeezing Brian shoulder again Dave said gently, “Mike loves you Brian,” “He might not always say it but he loves you dearly,” Dave said In the corner of the room Gaia had come to see her Champion and bursa escort bayan she was very proud of him. Gaia had walked over and reached over Brian’s head and placed a mother’s hand on her champion’s bandaged head. “You have a lot going for you, Nexus, there is love in this room and you have good friends cheering you on” she told him in his still form. Brian put his head next to Mike’s head “I love you,” Brian whispered into Mike’s ear. Dave moved to Mike’s left side since Brian was on his right he whispered into his aide’s ear “You hear that Mike, Brian loves you too” “You better not make a liar out of me, I know the Earth is healing you,” he said softly so Brian couldn’t hear “You better pull through, we still need you Guardian,” Dave whispered then got up to open the door to let the rest join. Dave watched as a very unhappy nurse with a box of her belongings in her arms. shooting her with a withering glare “That is what happens when you pass judgment,” Dave said to her. The nurse looked shameful as she was escorted out. Dave let everyone enter and each came by Mike’s side saying how proud of him they were. Rob moved to Brian who looked up. Rob gently pulled Brian aside reluctantly Brian moved Nick quickly and reassured Mike that Brian will be right back. When they were away from everyone Rob pulled Brian into a hug “You are a very lucky man,” Rob raspy voice told Brian Gently Brian moved back so he could see Rob instead of hearing him in his ears “I don’t know what you mean,” Brian said softly. Rob’s red eyes and dreary expression looked directly at Brian “Mike was coming to see you,” Rob said Shaking his head in shame “Mike should be hanging out with you instead lying in a hospital bed,” Rob was condemning his actions. “Rob, you did not put Mike into that bed, that wacko did,” Brian tried to reassure him. “That guy is one in a million,” Rob was still in awe as he thought not just how Mike took a car but everything else, “Mike only stopped for that coffee because I had asked him,” “Rob you don’t have to worry,” Brian whispered “Mike is free to make friends, and I have no doubt he considers you one,” “Mike taking that hit is a testament to it,” Brian said “I still don’t know how Mike knew,” Rob stammered “Rob there are many things I have seen Mike do, and many of them I sure I will never understand,” Brian told his old friend “But how did he know that Erica was gunning for me?” Rob stammered “Mike knew, and he did what he knew was right,” Brian said confidently “You are still very lucky,” Rob said “No one has ever done what Mike did for me,” Rob teared up “Mike would, I have never seen him hesitate to save others from harm,” Brian said proudly Rob left the room and had a couple of reporters mob him “Mr. Thomas can you spare a minute?” One asked “Can you tell us what happened?” Another asked “Was it an accident?” came another question “Police say a crazed fan tried to run you over can you confirm?” yet another reporter asked “I was saved,” Rob with a hitch in his voice started “Mr Pennock saw the car coming I didn’t, and he didn’t even thinking twice about his own safety,” Rob started to tear up “Mr. Pennock took a car for me, and I am very grateful he is still alive,” Rob sobbed “What about the fan?” a reporter asked “He tried to save her too,” Rob answered “I ask anyone listening to please pray for my new friend speedy recover,” Rob pleaded as he moved off Brian sat in his seat his eyes closed and he prayed “God please watch over your Guardian he is in your hands,” They each took turns going into Mike’s room Kevin came in and took his new cousin’s hand into his “We are praying for you,” “I meant what I said you are now family,” Kevin brushed Mike’s bruised head “I want to get to know you, Mike,” “What you did for Rob was very courageous,” Kevin was now crying Sitting on the center of my chest unseen by anyone, a tiny pulsating yellow dot in the center of a mostly gray globe was reacting to all the prayers and hope. That tiny dot was the reason I was even alive and it was slowly growing. Sending energy into my body sustaining it. The pulsing light directed the cells of my body on where they were needed. Despite the injuries, the yellow dot’s main focus was three areas: my brain, my heart, and my lungs. The lungs needed to keep breathing and my heart needed to beat so that oxygen could reach my brain. My brain in return could send out the orders to the other cells so they could do their jobs and fix what is broken. In this race it was the tortoise and not the hare that was going to win at least at the moment. The Dr. Philips and nurses would check on me the changes in my skin color made for positive reporting. As much as he didn’t want to Tony had the guys return to the hotel every moment they were out, the shadow that followed would soon find them and he wanted them safe. Dave was by my side the whole time reassuring everyone he would keep them posted as he kept tabs on everything both at home and here. Outside the hospital a red-tail hawk swooped down to the ledge, its head shot back and forth as it stared into the window, its sharp eyes watching everything in the room. Gaia watched everything from Hope Island “You are not alone Nexus we are all with you, rooting for you,” Please remember to Donate to Nifty Please tell me what you think hoo All comments are welcome on a side note all of this takes places after the events of 9/11 just so you all have a sense of chronological order and understanding. I began writing Sol after reading Tales of a Real Dark Knight while I was still in the Navy and have been working on it for the last 13 or so years. I also recommend the following stories it was because of them I got into writing in the first place. “Tales of a Real Dark Knight” by authorjames “Marvel Knights” also by authorjames “Tales of the New Phoenix” by Blake “Tales of a Superhero Band” by Leo “Tales of a Young Mutant” by Jeremi “Tales of a Thunder God” by Tony Justiss

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