Tame that big ass 1


Tame that big ass 1

I was born as a single c***d who grew up under the loving care of devoted Parents . A lot of other Family members used to say , to my Father and mother , that they should stop to spoil me so much . Because they feared , that it would affect my Character in a negative way . Nonetheless , I matured into a responsible Teenager . Who stayed away from trouble . Always brought A grades home from School . Was loved by all my teachers and respected by my fellow pupils . For that in return , I was rewarded with every granted wish that I could come up with by my elders . They were so proud of me . Of course there were other relatives , who paid attention to my well behaviour , too . Especially my Aunt Judy . The younger sister of my mother . She was in her late 30´s . And the very thought of my desires . Despite the Fact , that I had everything I could desire . I was lacking one thing . At the brink of my manhood . A girlfriend . At times , my father would approach me and ask me if I didn´t feel lonely . Even my mother were innuending these kind of things in our conversations , but I shoot those feelings away . Instead I enjoyed every moment with aunt Judy . When she was around . Since my c***dhood , there was nobody else who I wished to be with me . At first I saw her as a substitute mother . Later on she became a cool big Sister . But as my hormones started to kick in , everything about her went luscious . There were things I noticed , which weren´t there before . The sight of her ample , big and yelly 60 inch booty . Who wiggled from side to side , when she started walking . Her tiny , but sexy breasts , who used to peep out whenever she was wearing a large Neckline . Or the smell of one of her seductive perfumes , who drove me wild . That was the beginning of my predilection for my aunt . Reading all this you might ask yourself how a horny teenager was able to keep his naughty secret . Well that´s very easy to answer . I was born into the 21st Century . Obviously I enjoyed Technologie at its finest . To be precisely , the Internet was my personal bitch . The sesspool of all my filthy desires regarding Judy . I faped my dig to every porn of mature ebony big ass woman , that I could surf on the Internet . Still it felt empty and unsastisfying . There was no other way around it ! I wanted my dream to become reality . My cock was lusting for Judie´s pussy . But how could I fuck her , without forcing her ? In her eyes I was only but a small k** . Suddenly it occured to me in one of my countless nights of surfing . The word seduction came up into my nefarious mind . And as I googled the word down it twisted into the word aphrodisiac . A big evil smile eluded out of my lips . The solution became all to clear to me . Aphrodisiac pills were the answer . My plan would bear fruition . I was hellbent to make it real . With no problem a Website quickly emerged in front of me . Where I could order these kind of pills . Attentionally I wrote the prescriptions and instructions . All bout the right dosis . All about the affections on a woman´s sexdrive . Only one thing was missing . The right opportunity . After a few weeks my Order came in . A good friend of mine let me use his adress . He was curios to know why . So I came up with a fake story , that there was this girl I tried to seduce . Just to keep him satisfied I dropped some of the pills to him , too . There were plenty enough for the both of us . In the meantime I played my usual role of the responsible Teenager in front of my Parents and aunt . Like fate would have it an opportunity presented itself weeks later . My Grandfather threw a Party at a Weekend , who lived abroad . Luckily my Father and mother were very eager to attend to it . They tried to drag me with them , but I convinced them that I wasn´t interested at all . Understandable I was sweating blood and tears as they approached Judy for the same matter . But the devil was on my side . She found it boring to be around older People . So she chose to stick around her horny nephew . This was all to good to be true ! I would have her to myself for good one Week . Everything went the usual way at the day of my Parents leaving . We all stood at the Garage driveway to say goodbye . My father took me aside and talked to me in a serious way , ” Alright , Chris . I know that I can trust you . Keep your aunt company as good as you can . ” Well – behaved I nodded , ” Of course , father . Don´t worry . We´ll do just fine . ” I smiled at him . Shortly after that my aunt joined us , ” Enjoy yourselves . Your son will take good care of me . ” Judy replied lightly . My mother gave me a hearty hug , before she entered the car . Shortly after that they took of . And we both winked at their departure . As they were gone , we both looked at each other . ” So its just the both of us now , Chris . ” Judy said to me . ” I guess so , Judy . ” I acknowledged . Saying to myself that I would savor every moment with her . In but a moment we went into the house . My joy lifted even more as Judy offered me that we should order us a Pizza with a bottle of wine . Needles to say , that I agreed . Everything went well so far . Now I needed a moment to slip the pills in the drink . Since there was no urge to worry , I just let the occasion rise by itself .
A few hours later the delivery arrived . Quickly , I attended to the door and paid the delivery boy . Because in her absence , I ordered another bottle . In due time , I would let her know . But not now . Secretly I hid the other bottle in the fridge . After I came innocently into the living room with our Pizza , where Judy was waiting for me on the couch .
The Pizza tasted deliciously . The wine after even more .Thanks to it , we both created a fun environment between ourselves . In an open and honest way , we engaged in a sparkling conversation . While in the background was sounding some soothing music . Sooner or later it had to come to that kind of Questioning , which Judy threw at me . ” So , Chris . I was wondering why you didn´t come home with a girl by now . ” She was laughing at me , but looking kind of suspicious , holding her glass half full of wine in her hand . In a skeptical way I replied her look at me , ” So what the hell are you saying ? ” Judy bursted out in a big laugh . ” Don´t give me that look , Chris ! ” ” It´s alright , Judy . Obviously , you´re trying to let me know about something . What is it ? ” Somehow shy she started asking me , ” You promise me that you won´t be mad ? ” Just like I sensed the Question I still played dumb . ” Go ahead . Just shoot ! ” I tried to calm her down . It was nice to see my aunt in a tipsy mood . She looked cute . It made me want her even more . Sitting there on the couch in her sexy outfit . Wearing a turquois Pullover with a typical large neckline . Exposing the half of her tiny full breasts . Matching with a tight Jeans , which made her full hips and huge ass come out like crazy . At last she asked me , ” Alright , here comes … ” ” I´m listening , Judy . ” I started tempting her . And then it came it out of her , ” Are you gay ? ” In cold blood I answered , ” I knew it ! ” Again , she started laughing . This time around even harder than before . ” You´re not even shocked by the Question ? ” She was looking at me in an amused way . Nonchalant I said to my aunt , ” You´re not the first one , who´s hitting me with this Question . ” With a surprised Face Judy continues her Questoning , ” You mean to tell me , that your Parents suspect you to be gay ? ” In a calm way I just said to her , ” No , but the conversation was kind of the same . ” The expression on her Face just changed . She started looking at me with a smile , but somehow serious . That started to irritate me , ” Was it something I said ? ” I tried to get an answer out of her . At that very moment , she stood up , ” Just give me a second , Chris . ” And then she went off and left the room . To the Bath room , I guess . Looking at her big rump jiggling , while she walked away from me . That was my hint . Now was the time for the second bottle of wine . So I ran to the kitchen and took it out of the fridge . Filled up our glasses , while I carefully slipped two pills in Judie´s drink . By the time she was back , the pills broke up in her drink . Almost contemperaneous as my sexy aunt sat down , I took her full glass in my hand . Reached it out to her with a big smile . ” Thank you , Chris . You´re such a gentleman . ” ” No , poblem . You´re welcome . ” Intrigued I observed how Judy took a deep sip . When would the Pills kick in ? How horny would she be ? The wine already loosened her up . Let me work on her head and go full throttle . Confidently I started leaning back on the couch , ” Since you´ve been so honest to me , let me do the same for you . ” Surprised she started smiling at me . Also leaned back by saying , ” Shoot . ” Knowing that the Pills should kick in at any minute , my confidence started to grow . ” Well , let me put it that way . I started to look at you differently through the years . ” This is how I started out my bold approach towards her . As a matter of fact , Judy enjoyed every syllable of my words . So I continued , ” First of I felt comfortable around you . ” ” Thank you , Chris . ” Judy replied to me . ” Through all the years you were always there for me . Watched how I grew up from a boy to a man . ” In a tired smilingly way she said to me , ” To a man ? ” That didn´t stop me . ” Yes , to a man . And every man has an urge . ” My aunt started shaking her head .” This is going into a wrong direction , Chris . ” ” But I didn´t finish … ” Again she cut me off , ” I thank you for beeing so honest , but I am your aunt . You shouldn´t think abut me that way . ” In a mixture of disappointment and disbelief I looked at Judy . Through all this she stayed friendly , ” It´s already late . I´m going to bed . Sleep well , Chris . ” Witht these words she stood up from the couch and gave me a kiss on the forehead . Just like the old days, when I was a k** . And left me behind in the living room frustratred by myself . While she was going to our guest bed room . Instantly I started questioning myself . Why didn´t the pills work ? Was the dosis to small ? After coming up with no sensable answer , I decided to fill my needs in the old fashioned way . The Internet . Angry I made my way to my room . Again fate stepped in , because my room was next to the guest room . While going past the guest room , I was about to enter my room . As I heard a moan . First I wasn´t sure where it came from . By the second time around the bells were ringing inside my head . ” That bitch knew she was about to get horny ! ” The thought came up in my mind . Instantly my dig started to get hard . Of course I imagined to myself , that Judy was playing with herself . I had to take a peak at that . Slowly I turned the doorknob down . My jaws dropped down as I saw my aunt with only her bra and no pants on the bed , in a dimmed light . Her legs were spread wide open . Three of her finger tips plunged deeply in her cunt . In a wild way her hips were moving up and down . She was enjoying her masturbation . So I crawled through the opened door nearer to the bed . Judy had her eyes closed . Still craving the lusty moments of her pussy . This was my opportunity , which I had to seize . Determined I threw down my Pants to the floor . Filled with lusty desire I wanted to shove my already hard dick into my aunt´s juicy pussy . As I entered slowly the bed , Judy still didn´t notice me . She was about to climax . Her hips started moving uncontrollably . She was biting hard on her teeths . Just in that moment I decided to grab her by the hips and pushed her towards me . Shockingly she opened her eyes . ” Oh my god , Chris ! ” Like a raving lunatic I rammed my pulsating hard cock in her already moisture pussy . Awefully my aunt cried out , ” Nooooo ! ” ” Yes , I´m gonna fuck this pussy now ! ” I said to her , while looking at her . First she tried to fight it . Smacked me on the face . ” Stop fucking me , you son of a bitch ! ” I couldn´t stop . Her vagina felt way too good . She was still fighting it . So I just grapped her by the hips and turned her around . Saliva was dripping out of my mouth as I saw her big ass in front of me . Judy was begging , ” Chris , stop this madness ! ” ” Why ? I know you like this ! How long has it been since you´ve been fucked ? ” I asked as I slapped her fat ass countless times . That was the time when she gave in . ” Do it ! Fuck me real hard ! ” So I started humping deeper with every thrust into her pussy .from back . Judy cried out in load moans . ” Go deeper ! ” She shouted at me . I already lost control and fucked her hard and wild . The bed squealed . Her pussy squeezed hard around my errected cock . Judy was about to cum . ” I cumming , Chris . ” Her body started shivering wildly . With her hands buried deep into the bedsheets . She arched her back . That was the sign for me to hump her even harder . My hands reached out for her nappy hairs . I pulled them back and continued fucking her real rough . She enjoyed every minute of it . ” You fuck me so good . Don´t stop , Chris ! ” Our bodies collided in a nasty way . I could only look down on that nice huge yelly ass jiggling under my hard thrusts . That was too much for me too bear . ” I´m coming , Judy ! ” ” Yes , come for me , Chris . Come in my pussy . ” Under a loud moan I busted a nut real deep in my aunt´s big fat ass . Exhausted I fell beside her on the bed . In a disbelieving way she looked at me , ” What the hell just happened here ? ” And the Week was just about to get started . I would take every advantage out of Judy . Her Body would be mine to enjoy …

( to be continued )

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