Tampon wearing 3


Tampon wearing 3After the laughing stopped , I felt totally humiliated Celia pulled my knickers down , she then held them to my faceClean them up then , I licked my own cum off them, she then speared them over my face laughing , aww who’s a dirty girl Frank said they was going out for a drink and I was to clean the flat Celia said oh you are a good girl sent you don’t forget to wash your knickers laughing they went off to wash and changeFrank and Derek was waiting for Celia, when she finally walked in , she looked stunning, a short black skirt, white top, black tights and black high heels She had red lipstick on blue eye shadow her hair flowing over her shoulders ,as they was leaving Frank told me to was the bathroom and make the beds , I said ok I washed the bathroom then washed the cups and saucers and cleaned the kitchen I washed my knickers and tidy the living room I made Frank’s bed then went into the spare room a dress black bra and black knickers was on the floor in a pile, with a pair of white pants, a shirt and a pair of socks , I made the bed and picked the clothes up so I could hoover the floor Iwas fascinated by the knickers I picked them up , the gusset was stained I put them to my face and sniffed them , I immediately got hard the aroma was so arousing, I then licked them knowing I was licking Celia’s juices I almost cum.I put the knickers back on the pile and picked the holdall up to place on the bed it was opened inside I could see a Polaroid camera and a number of photos , I took them out,The first picture was Frank naked on his knees sucking Derek’s cock The second was Frank being fucked by DerekThe bolu escort bayan third was Celia laying on the bed holding her fanny openThe fourth was her laying on her front her bottom glowing red and Derek with a bamboo cane hitting her The last one I looked at was Celia her face covered in cum sucking Frank’s cock.I put them back and finished cleaning. I took of my clothes and showered and was about to leave when the house phone rang once , then rang again, this was the only time I could answer the phone if Frank wasn’t in.Do you want to stop the night you can have a few drinks he asked, yes please I replied, I went home said I was stopping at a mates house as my excuse , and got back to Frank’s about four thirtyHe let me in and gave me a drink , Celia complimented me on the way I had cleaned the flat and I deserved a reward,Frank said we are going to have some fun tonight and told me I will do what ever I’m told is that ok,I was nervous but agreed.Celia said come with me leading me to the spare room , she went to the wardrobe where Frank kept my clothes in a suitcaseShe opened it up and took out the two wigs looking at me blond I think, there was a number of bras and knickers she put a pink bra and pink lace knickers on the bed, , there was mainly skirts and blouses in the case school girl uniforms.Two dresses one black one navy blue , she laid the black one on the bed.Right strip of then, I felt embarrassed even though what had happened earlier , she looked at me laughing , I had become erect a drop of precum hanging from my cock ,she run her finger under my cock collecting escort bolu it then sucking it off.It felt strange getting dressed in front of her standing in pink bra and knickers , she said put these on handing me a pair of black tights from out of her bag . I then put on the back dress , it was a little loose , she found a black leather belt in the case and put that around me She told me to sit down on the bed, she wanted to put makeup on me , it took her about twenty minutes mascara eye liner and shadow then applied red lipstick, she the painted my finger nails even though they was bitten, she run a brush through the wig before placing it on my head, Standing back she said you look gorgeous , I wanted to see myself but wasn’t allowed instead I walk into the living room both Frank and Derek said wow!Frank got his camera from the draw and took photos of me then one of me with Celia and Derek.Celia then went to another bag and took out a pair of black sandles they was a little tight but I got in them. I was then allowed to look in the mirror, omg I didn’t recognize myself , I looked amazing, what do you think asked Celia ,I love it I replied , Frank said ok let’s go, Go where I asked out for a drink, no I said I can’t go out like this, Frank said you agreed , Celia reassuring said it would be fine nobody would recognise me and I looked like a woman.We left the house and walked over Lambeth bridge through bishops park and into the Lambeth walk pub Celia took me to a table the barmaid glanced over at me and spoke to Frank then continued pouring the drinks.She asked if I was old enough bolu escort Derek told her I was his niece visiting and only drinking lemonade We had two drinks in there then walked back to another pub closer to Frank’s flat Celia and I was arm in arm after the first drink Celia needed a pee, and invited me to go with her remember to sit down she giggled.In the bathroom she touched up my lipstick ,she put it back in her bag then grabbed my cock and balls through the dress , you wait till we get you home sweetie she went into a cubicle I went into the one next door and peed,I came out first and admiring myself in the mirror another woman came in just smiled and went into a cubicle ,I heard the toilet flush Celia came straight up to me , open your mouth she said quietly, she then pushed a piece of wet toilet paper in my mouth , eat it she giggled, I did as I was told , walking out she patted my bottom , As I passed the bar a man in his twenties said hi darling, what’s your name can I buy you a drink?Celia jumped in , no you can’t and ushered me forward, I will buy you one to he said,We joined Frank and Derek and headed back home..In Frank’s home I assumed my maid duties, serving drinks , when we was sitting down Derek said did she do itYes Celia replied the whole lot, what I asked, I had peed on that toilet paper you are giggling did you like it , I nodded . Good said Derek you will have plenty more.Would you like to fuck Celia , I said yes. Ok you will be able to but it will cost you, standing up he dropped his trousers get the camera Celia, Ok ask to suck my cock , I asked four times he said no, beg me he said, I begged and he eventually allowed me to , he soon was erect , he pulled back and turned around spreading his cheeks lick my bum hole , I just obeyed all the time the camera was flashing get your tongue deeper he said, after about five minutes he said not good enough I’m going to cane youTbc

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