Tgirl dominated by school Mistress


Tgirl dominated by school MistressMistress said I should tell how I first became sub so here goes.While I was still at school I was very thin, hairless body, high pitched voice and long hair in the most girly look I could get away with. I had started wearing panties under my trousers and I thought nobody knew. Well one day I was told to see the head of year immediately. She was terrifying to us boys, in her 30’s, tall, thin, long brown hair in a severe style, she would wear heels with metal tips to announce she was coming from a distance. Very sharp manner and uncompromising. In her office in front of her desk I stood there waiting for the worst. She sat there in a tight white blouse, black skirt, black stockings, though did not know that then, and black court shoes. She finally put down a piece of paper she had been reading and looked at me. I was very nervous.She looked me up and down and said sharply “take off your blazer, tie and shirt””Pardon Miss?” I saidShe sighed and just said “Now” “do it, do not disobey me”I did so and knew the next few minutes would be very bad as I stood there wearing a white girl’s bra.Miss Jones sighed again “What do you think that is?” “Take it off now”She came round from behind the desk holding a long wooden ruler and sat at the front of the desk crossing her legs. “You see what you have done and what I must do now because of your actions” Picking up the bra with the ruler she looked at me.”Are you wearing any other female clothing, ataşehir escort boy?” “No, Miss”She sighed “My proper title is year master but because I am a woman the term is Mistress. Call me by my proper title boy””Yes Mistress” “Yes Mistress I am wearing other female clothing? Is that what you are saying boy””No Mistress””Prove it, take your trousers off” she tapped them with the ruler. I started to undo my belt with trembling hands. “No, do it properly, socks and shoes first, do not be sloppy boy”I did so standing there wearing only a pair of white panties. I was so scared and frightened being there in the office nearly naked being the subject of her gaze. Miss Jones walked around me the heels tapping. “You have disobeyed me again boy and lied to me” The ruler slapped me hard on the ass, “take them off, NOW” the ruler hit me again harder leaving a red mark on my hairless skin.I did so standing there feeling the cold floor on my feet and my penis all small. I felt so scared but also strangely excited”Yes, yes I see the situation now” “Your hairless body, little muscle, small penis and no pubic hair you think you are a girl and are merely dressing correctly” The ruler lifted up my flaccid dick ” after all, this tiny thing could please no one” “could it boy?””No Miss, Mistress””That’s better, show proper respect”She pulled a box out of a cupboard containing a girl’s school uniform and put told to put it on. I hesitated “what’s the problem boy” “The pendik escort clothes seem to be wrong Mistress” “Just put them on, now”So shaking but getting excited I put on a padded white bra, small panties which parted my ass, a white blouse and a pleated skirt on followed by ankle socks and a pair of stiletto shoes. The skirt barely covered my ass and the shirt needed tying under my padded cleavage showing my flat stomach. I had never worn heels before and swayed slightly at the bottom of my long slim legs.”What did you expect girl. You are not a real girl so you do not get a real girls uniform. I know your type, you are a slut so you must dress like one and be treated like one”I felt so excited and sweating slightly feeling my dick get erect. “Part your legs and touch your toes, now”I did so and the skirt rode up my ass revealing my panties. “You need to be punished for your bad behaviour girl; Mistress will now administer just punishment”At this the ruler slapped my ass cheeks several times until they were red and hot”Say you are sorry to your Mistress, sorry for what a dirty girl like you did dressing so provocatively leading the football team astray to fuck your cissy pussy” “Sorry MistressAre you also sorry for walking past the athletics team in your heels and showing your pert ass and then sucking their cocks”Yes Mistress I am sorry”Good girl, take your punishment. You are here to learn. It is my job to draw out the best person you can be. Mistress kadıköy escort likes her subs to obey and know the rules. Obey me and you know what happens, slut?””No Mistress””You have a good time. Stand up slut and look at me”Miss Jones then sat on the edge of the desk and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal 2 large breasts in a black bra. Miss Jones undid the bra and started playing with her nipples. “You want breasts do not you?” “Yes, Mistress” ” well when you are older you might get a pair of your own. In the meanwhile start playing with your nipples like a real girl, do it often, like I am now. Rewire your brain make them so sensitive till you can cum with playing with them. Play with them now, do it”Well it felt strange and nothing seemed to be happening but Mistress urged me on and put her hand on my dick playing with it“You are so sensitive and your clitty is so small and you want to please your Mistress. Keep pinching them, please your Mistress, girl, pinch them, feel yourself in panties, heels with a spanked bottom, cum for me girl, cum for me” At this she rubbed my head hard and having so little experience of such things I felt myself about to cum. At this she pushed 2 fingers up my tight ass. It hurt a bit “CUM now girl” she whispered into my ear “you are a girl now, be a girl, you just cum like a girl, do it girl” as I pumped into her hand.”Good, girl, good girl you have done well and pleased your Mistress, you have made a good start to enjoy being a girl”Well I slowly cleaned myself up and got dressed properly.Miss Jones tidied herself and sat behind the desk “OK you can go for now but I can tell I am going to have to put a lot work into you to get you how I want you to be”

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