The Babysitter


The BabysitterGail had babysat for the Emerald’s since she was thirteen. At eighteen, she should have stopped a long time ago, but she continued to babysit whenever Elisa called. Michael and Elisa had two c***dren, Jeremy was fifteen, and a freshman in high school, Lucy was eight. They weren’t hard to take care of, Lucy young, Jeremy a nerd, spending most of his time in his room hunched over his computer playing games. It wasn’t the c***dren that lured Gail to the house, but Michael. It happened almost a year ago, but Gail had expectations each time she babysit that it would happen again.Michael was an agent for movie stars, every bit as handsome as the ones he represented. He was aggressive; getting his way with any thing he did or wanted. A year ago, it was Gail. Elisa and Michael had come home, Elisa a little drunk. She went directly to bed, but Michael joined Gail in the living room as she watched the end of the movie that was playing, the k**s asleep a long time ago. She fell into his arms the moment he touched her, Gail finding herself naked on the couch with Michael’s head between her legs and sending her to heaven as he made her cum. He was far from finished with her, between her legs and pushing the hardest and thickest cock inside her and driving a second explosive orgasm from her body. Gail had never been taken so completely and been subjected to such pleasure before.Each time she babysat, she hoped that he would take her again, but after a year, she was losing hope. Then the phone rang, Michael on the other end, not Elisa.“I was wondering if you could babysit tonight, Gail. Elisa is out of town and I have an important meeting to attend.”It wasn’t a question, more of a command and Gail didn’t hesitate. Especially since Elise was out of town. Maybe her chance for another night with Michael would happen. “I’d be glad to. What time?” Her voice was trembling in anticipation and arousal.“Seven, I wouldn’t be very late.” He hung up without a response. He turned to his son, Jeremy. “She’ll be here tonight, Jeremy.”He was afraid. Jeremy was nothing like his father, more like his mother. When he told her what he planned to do, he couldn’t believe his ears. He was afraid, but he tried to hide it from his father. He was sure that he was already disappointed by him. He wanted to please his father so much.Michael smiled when he saw her. She was dressed in a sweater that clung to her lovely tits, hard and pointed as if she teased them before she rang the doorbell. She was wearing a skirt, Michael enjoying a girl that had naked legs and teased him with what lay beneath it. It was short, half way up her thighs and that was when she was standing. Her black hair hung down below her neck, but Michael’s eyes were drawn to her luscious lips. He could only imagine the pleasure they would give him. “Come in, Gail. Jeremy is upstairs in his room as usual, but Lucy is anxiously awaiting you in the den. I’m afraid you will have to watch an animated movie until she goes to bed.”“That’s okay,” Gail said as she smiled at Michael, looking at his handsome body, her skin flushing when she gazed to the front of his pants and noticed the prominent bulge.The night went quickly, Lucy tiring early, Gail tucking her into bed. She was going back down the stairs when she thought she heard Jeremy, but when she turned around, his door was still closed. It must be my imagination.Jeremy heard Gail and Lucy come up the stairs, his back to the closed door as he breathed slowly. When they passed by, he opened the door a crack so he could look out, just missing Gail as she went in Lucy’s room. He waited for long minutes until Gail came out, closing the door quickly as she passed in the hallway, but opening it just wide enough so he could catch the gentle sway of her ass in the short skirt as she walked down the stairs. He was in love with her since she starting babysitting. He was scared and excited, waiting for his father to come home.It was two hours later when Gail heard Michael’s car pull into the driveway. She put the DVD in and started it in the middle, half of it still to go. She hoped he would watch it with her. She hoped that he would do much more. She turned towards the door when he entered, smiling at him, her skirt hiked up high on her legs as she sat on the couch.“Everything okay, Gail?”“Yes, Lucy was tired and went to bed early and is sound asleep. I never heard a peep out of Jeremy. Do you mind if I watch the end of the DVD, it’s almost over,” she lied.“No, that’s fine. Gangster movie?”“Yes, but it’s partly a romance too, gangster and his girlfriend.”“I think I’ll join you, it looks good.” He sat down on the couch, Gail at one end, Michael at the other. As if they had planned it with precision, Michael heard Jeremy came down the stairs. He saw the disappointment in Gail’s eyes when he came into the living room, but they sparkled a little when he said it. “Sit down, Jeremy; it looks like a good movie. Move over into the center, Gail.” He patted the couch next to him. “Next to me.”Jeremy didn’t say a word as he sat down, barely able to contain his prick, jutting out obscenely, putting his hands in his lap to hide his obvious arousal. He couldn’t look into Gail’s eyes, but he couldn’t take them off of her breasts. She was flirting with his father, arching her back and sticking her pointed tits at him, not even seeing him. He didn’t care, looking down at her naked legs, her skirt hiked high up her legs, making no attempt to cover them. He never saw such a beautiful girl as Gail.She felt her body tingle when her hips met Michael’s, his eyes on her, not the television. he tried to ignore Jeremy sitting next to her, but she was disappointed that Michael and she weren’t alone. She wanted so bad to feel his cock inside her again and make her scream with pleasure. With Elisa gone, she wouldn’t have to hide her emotions or be afraid of every noise. Michael turned away from her and looked at the television, but she felt his hand slid over her leg, sending shivers up her spine when his powerful hands touched her naked legs. He began to rub her legs, back and forth, each time going higher, each time her short skirt sliding higher up her legs. She put her hand on his, not sure if she wanted to push his hand under her skirt or stop him from doing it, Jeremy gazing down at the both of them. She felt a flush of shame spread across her face and neck, turning to him, her lips moving silently to plead with him to stop, but his hand was between her thighs and making her pussy wet with desire as his powerful hand forced her legs to open.Jeremy watched as his father’s hands rubbed Gail’s naked legs, wishing it were his hands touching the smooth skin. His father’s other hand slid up over her sweater and grasped her breast with no concern as though he owned her body.She tried to turn away from him when he grabbed her breast, but her nipple sprang to life from the unexpected touch. His other hand was sliding under her skirt, while his fingers dug into one of her breasts and squeezed it.“No, please don’t,” she whispered softly, but his hand already slipped out from under her skirt and was around her shoulders and drawing her body next to his. She surrendered as he drew her next to him, his hand on her breast moving türbanlı escort urgently, slipping under her sweater and giving her belly goose bumps as it slid up her naked belly and cupped her bra underneath. She felt the tremors in her body as his large hand cupped her bra and his fingers touched the naked skin of her cleavage. She tried to push his hands away when he pulled her sweater up over her bra and revealed her to him, seeing Jeremy looking at her half naked body. His hands were too powerful, Gail crying out softly as he pushed her bra down on one side until her naked breast popped free into the open, the cool air hitting her nipple as it froze into a hard point like a pebble. She looked over at him, his eyes staring down at her naked breast, his fingers finding her nipple and rubbing it until it hurt with pleasure.He teased her nipple with one finger, his hand under her chin and pushing her face towards him, his lips grasping tightly against hers as his tongue began to run around her sweet, silky lips. He held her against him as he had his way with her mouth, finally pulling away. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”She obeyed without question, even though she could feel Jeremy looking at the both of them. Her tongue went into his hot mouth, his lips enclosing it as his tongue lashed out at hers with such abandonment. She had French kissed, but it was nothing like this. Michael’s mouth was hot and demanding, his tongue exploring her teeth and gums, Gail forced to kiss him back with equal ardor. As they kissed, Michael’s hands were not idle, sliding into her other bra cup and scooping out her other breast until both of them were naked and hanging out obscenely. He finally broke the kiss, moving back to look at her naked breasts.“Touch them, Jeremy,” Michael ordered his son.She looked at Michael and then Jeremy, not believing what Michael had said. Michael was impatient, grabbing Jeremy’s hand, Gail seeing Jeremy blush as Michael forced his hand over one of her naked breasts. It was almost as exciting as Michael’s hand. It was not because he was demanding, Jeremy timid, just barely touching her. It was the thought of two men touching her at once, Michael and his son.Michael saw Jeremy’s hand begin to squeeze Gail’s naked breast, pulling her bra completely down on one side, her breast hanging out. He lowered his head, his mouth grasped onto her nipple, and he sucked loudly. Her nipple was delicious, sucking on it as it grew thick, his teeth nibbling painfully at the sensitive tip, but Gail only arched her back and thrust her tit into his mouth as if he were her baby and was nursing.Gail was shamed and excited at the same time. One of her breasts were being touched by Jeremy, his hand squeezing it like a ripe fruit, while Michael’s mouth was all over the other, especially the nipple, sucked into his mouth as his tongue and teeth gnawed at it as it swelled in unexpected pleasure in spite of the pain.“Spread your legs,” Michael ordered her, his hands insistent as they pushed between her reluctant thighs until her legs parted. His fingers found her slit, outlined in the tight panties, sliding up and down, pushing the delicate fabric between her puffy lips and soaking up her abundant juices. Jeremy was still working on her breast, his fingers and palm exploring all of her naked flesh as if it were a new toy for him. Michael pulled one of her legs on top of his leg, bowing out the other until the flat plane of her sex was exposed. His fingers rubbed harder, her hips beginning to move under his expert masturbation.She tried to push him away when his mouth returned to her nipple again, but his fingers masturbating her pussy made it hard to resist in spite of two men beginning to strip her for their pleasure. Before she knew it, her bra was pushed up over her breasts, both of her large breasts bare to their eyes. She shivered when Jeremy’s tongue began to lick her other nipple, making it stand out hard and sensitive. Michael bit and sucked on the other, Gail’s head lying back against the back of the couch as the two of them suckled her naked breasts. Michael began to French kiss her again, forcing her to stick her tongue out until his mouth engulfed it, powerful suction drawing it into the hot depths of his mouth until it felt like he was pulling her tongue out by the root.“Take off her shoes,” Michael ordered Jeremy. They both grabbed a leg, spreading them wide as Gail was forced to slink into the couch as her legs were pulled up and out as they took the shoes from her feet.She was almost bent in two, her legs spread, Michael’s fingers returning between her legs and stroking her pussy. She couldn’t deny the pleasure she felt, her juices flowing to soak her panties and proclaim her lust to Michael. She hated that he stopped, pulling her up until she was on her knees on the floor in front of Jeremy.“Kiss him, Gail.”He was just like his father, his tongue sticking out and running over her lips, soaking them with his spit, flicking in and out of her partly opened mouth. It only got worse, Michael behind her, pulling her ass until it was arched up into the air, her skirt sitting on her back, only her panties protecting her. She looked back at him, but he was staring at her ass.“French kiss him, Gail. Show him how.”Jeremy was eager, kissing her again, this time Gail responding with her tongue, her mouth opened wide as their tongues dueled each other and explored the hot caverns of their mouths. She shook her hips when she felt Michael’s hands on her ass, sliding over her cheeks until fingers found the waistband and drew her panties down over her cheeks, exposing her to his gaze. She kept her thighs tightly clasped, but Michael’s hands were free to explore her naked buttocks.“Love that tight ass,” Michael slapping one of her cheeks until it turned pink.  The loud slap rang out in the room. His hands returned to caress her smooth skin, lightly touching her skin until goose bumps appeared. He loved the way her buttocks contracted when his fingers touched her crack, another slap, this one harder turning the other cheek a pretty crimson pink. He continued to spank her, each cry from her lips only incited a harder slap, his other hand forcing her to raise up her ass as if begging for the spanking.She was crying now, but they were more sobs of pleasure, the spanking hurting when his hand first struck her flesh, but by the time, the pain raced to her brain, all she felt was pleasure. It was strange; Gail excited to be spanked while another watched her. She could feel the skin on her buttocks heating up under the onslaught of Michael’s hand, but she kept her ass up in the air like a dog in heat. Jeremy began to kiss her again, Gail responding. She could feel Michael’s hot breath on her naked cheeks, and then she shivered in lust when a wet tongue began to lap at her cheek. His hands held her still as the tongue moved closer to her crack, Gail humiliated that his face was so close. Another sharp slap and she raised her ass up again, this time she felt his face sliding between her cheeks, strong fingers pulling her buttocks out until Gail felt her crack disappearing and all of her treasures were exposed to his lustful tongue. She looked over türbanlı escort bayan her shoulder to see Michael pulling her open, her pussy lips pulled apart, the cooler air in the room blowing on her super-heated sex.“Not there!” She cried out in protest when a wet tongue brushed up her crack and ran over her anus, sending the tight knot of muscles into uncontrollable spasms.Michael licked her noisily, sucking on her flesh, as her juices flowed freely onto his lips and face. She was crying out loudly now, but it was lust, not pain that drove the noise from her mouth. He pulled her cheeks apart, two fingers finding her pussy and he speared her. Her hot, tight insides clung possessively to his fingers as he began to finger fuck her. The juices flooded his fingers as they thrust in and out wetly.Jeremy was kissing her, his hands rubbing and tugging on her breasts as Gail bent over submissively, Michael behind her, his fingers driving the desires in her body as they plunged in and out. She cried out, wanting more then his fingers.“Eeehh, EHHH,” she cried out as her ass thrust back onto the waiting fingers that drove deep inside her. It felt so good, able to feel his thick knuckles as they rubbed passionately inside her elastic passage and stretched her open for something much bigger and harder.Michael withdrew his fingers from her pussy, the muscles letting go reluctantly. He wiped his wet fingers on her ass, pulling her up away from Jeremy. He was behind her, his hands cupping her bare breasts and rising up.He made her raise her arms over her head, making short work of pulling her sweater and bra off until she was naked to the waist, her breasts rising and falling as they both gazed at her half naked body. Hands slipped her panties the rest of the way down her legs, Gail forced to kick them off her feet, afraid of tripping and falling over them. Michael pushed her back down on the couch, flipping up her skirt. She found herself with Michael pushing one leg up and back and spreading it to the side, Jeremy falling his father’s lead and doing the same until she looked down shamefully and saw the way her pussy was opened up to their eyes, her juices glistening in the bright light. It took only a second before Michael’s fingers began to thrust inside, this time three of them filling her so completely.“Are you going to cum for us, Gail?” Michael thrust in and out rhythmically, the slick sound of his fingers ringing out in the room.Gail shook her head back and forth to the side, protesting what he wanted her to do, but she knew that she couldn’t stop it once he started. She began to cry out louder, but it was her arousal that drove the cries from her lips. Jeremy began to caress her breast and tease her nipple, as Michael continued his erotic masturbation, her legs spread by both of them. Jeremy and Michael continued to watch her pussy as she was masturbated, her orgasm building in her body.“AAAHHH, noooo,” she protested without much enthusiasm. It was about to burst from her body when Michael slowed up, his fingers moving in and out of her, but slower now, teasing her, not finishing her off. She looked at him with pleading eyes, but he pulled his fingers out of her pussy as he stood up next to her. “Don’t stop,” she begged.“Would you like to taste her, Jeremy?”Jeremy nodded his head, getting up from the couch and kneeling between her legs. He pushed her legs back like his father had done, licking his lips as he moved his face close to her pussy, for the first time seeing a girls pussy up close and personal. He pushed his face between her legs, his nose sliding through the wet lips of her pussy as he tongue began to gather up her womanly nectar. He never tasted anything so good before, his cock feeling as if it would explode.He wasn’t as good as Michael was but anything was better then nothing, Michael’s fingers deserting her. He licked her eagerly, her hips rocking back and forth as her arousal returned. Michael grabbed her hand and placed it on the front of his pants, her fingers curling around the thick cock etched beneath them. She could feel it come alive, throbbing beneath her fingers.“You’re going to suck it, Gail.” It was a statement, not a question. He began to open his pants, pulling the zipper down, allowing them to slide to the floor. His cock jutted out the front of his shorts, taking her hand again and placing it on his throbbing cock.“No, No, I can’t do that!” She wanted to, but not in front of Jeremy. How could she ever face him, knowing that he saw her with his father’s prick in her mouth? Her eyes pleaded with him, but he continued to open his shirt and finally his shorts fell to his ankles. She could only stare at it with awe, the thick cock jutting out like a tree branch, bouncing up and down as he made it jerk. He moved closer, Gail trying to turn her head away when her skin was burned by the hot flesh of his cock, but Michael held her head still as he rubbed the wet tip of his cock across her silky lips. Jeremy continued to lick and suck on her pussy, finally finding her clit, her body tense the first time he sucked it into the hot confines of his mouth. The minute his tongue went to work on it, she sighed in pleasure. That was when Michael caught her unguarded, the thick head of his cock sliding between her relaxed lips. She could feel it sliding over her teeth and sit heavily on her tongue. Her lips stretched wide to take in the girth of his prick. Michael held her head firmly with two hands, moving her back and forth as his hips drove his cock in and out of her mouth. She didn’t need much in the way of lessons, his hands releasing her head as she rocked her head back and forth as his cock slid in and out of her lips. Her tongue went to work on it, slowly exploring it, feeling the bumps, ridges and the thick veins before she found the smooth head and the lip around the head, her tongue tickling along the sensitive underside. The more her tongue moved, the more his cock began to leak the thick, salty fluids onto her taste buds. Gail grimaced the first time, but she forced herself to accept it.“MMMMM, MMMMMGG,” she grunted as his long cock drove deeper into her mouth, pushing out her cheeks with each thrust. Michael never pulled his cock from her mouth, only driving it in and out. She looked up at him, her mouth and tongue continuing to try to please him as best as she knew how.He loved to see a young girl sucking his cock, her lips stretched tightly around the thick shaft, her tongue working its magic inside her mouth. He fed inch after inch through her lips, hearing her grunts when he went too far, rewarded with a gag, her eyes opening wide, the gag making the tears drip from the corner of her pleading eyes.Two men were taking her at once, Gail unable to cope with all that was happening to her. One was licking her so sensuously, while the other used her mouth like it was a pussy, her mouth flooded with the thick, salty flavor of his cum. She turned her head to the side, his wet cock slipping from her lips, staining her cheek until she turned back to receive it back inside, sucking in mouthfuls of air before she did. She licked and sucked his cock as he fucked her mouth, the tension mounting in her body. He finally escort türbanlı pulled his cock from her mouth, stepping back, his wet cock bobbing lewdly up and down in front of her. She didn’t know what to expect next.“Get up and suck Jeremy. Do a good job on his cock, Gail.”He forced her up onto her feet, bending her over, Jeremy already shedding his pants and shorts. His cock was no near as thick and long as his father’s, but it was just as hard. Michael’s hand was on her naked back, bending her over until her mouth was inches from Jeremy’s cock. He was holding it for her, Gail finally opening her mouth and taking it inside. She felt Michael behind her, pushing between her thighs until she spread her legs wide. She felt his cock rubbing up and down her slit from behind, then Gail cried out when his cock thrust into her pussy, filling her with three inches of thick cock with a suddenness that made her body rock forward and take Jeremy’s cock until it hit the back of her mouth and plugged her throat. She gagged as his cock bounced in her mouth and hit the top of her mouth. “That’s it, Gail. Suck him good,” as Michael’s cock began to ream out her pussy. Her insides clung to his cock, the thickness splitting her open and forcing wide the elastic walls of her young pussy.She was begin taken by two men at once, one in her mouth, Jeremy’s hands on her head guiding her on and off of his cock while Michael’s hands on her hips kept her moving back and forth onto that lovely cock that split her apart. Michael began to spank her again, but the sharp pain was only pleasure to her body. She grabbed Jeremy’s cock in her hand as she sucked him with all of her talents as Michael rode her hard and fast, her dangling breasts moving back and forth beneath her. Her head raised up and down, Jeremy’s cock growing thicker and longer as her tongue worked it up into a frenzy. Her body was buffeted back and forth between the two cocks, Gail never feeling anything like this before. It felt like her body only had one purpose, to please the two cocks that split her open.Michael pulled his cock from her, Gail looking over her shoulder as she spit Jeremy’s cock out of her mouth. He sat down on the couch, backing Gail up, making her straddle his thighs as he held his cock up high.“Sit on it, Gail. Take it inside you.” He watched as her young pussy slowly began to engulf his cock in her hot, tight hole.She cried out as Michael pulled her up and down on his cock, feeling like it was trying to split her up the middle each time her weight sunk her down painfully onto his rigid cock. Her tits bounced up and down as she was fucked hard and fast, his cock burning up inside her.“Jerk him off, Gail.”Gail reached over and grabbed Jeremy’s cock, her fingers curling around the hard shaft and sliding up and down the slippery shaft. Michael’s hands came around her body and cupped her breasts, powerful fingers finding her nipples and pinching them tightly as his cock continued to ream her out. Jeremy grabbed her hand each time her concentration was lost by the cock that fucked her, forcing her to masturbate him as she sat on Michael’s cock. It was such a depraved sight, Gail surrounded by cocks that demanded her attention.Michael stood up, but without removing his cock from her pussy, bending her over, his hands on her hips as he began to fuck her once again. She cried out when he shoved in, more power behind each thrust, picking up speed until she was bouncing around. Michael looked down as his cock rode in and out of her pussy, her pink pussy grasping his cock so lovingly. She cried with each powerful thrust, but he held her pinned to him while he fucked her for another five minutes.“On the couch, Gail.” He pushed her onto the couch. His fingers peeled back her pussy lips, a darker red now from his punishing fuck. “Put your cock into her, Jeremy.”Jeremy climbed between her legs, pushing them open and back. He pushed his cock into her with one thrust that forced a scream from her lips. He didn’t let her grow accustomed to it, his hips beginning to fuck her furiously just as Michael had done. She shook her head from side to side, as his cock rubbed in and out of her with abandonment.She never had two men take her at once, her pussy rubbed hard and fast by their cocks. Even Jeremy’s smaller cock felt so much bigger as it sawed back and forth in her, Michael shouting out his encouragement. He pounded in her for long minutes, his face showing his growing excitement. He drove in harder, his cock almost feeling like it was pointed as it stabbed deep inside her.Jeremy felt the cum bubbling up in his balls. He wouldn’t last much longer, Gail’s pussy feeling as if it were cradling his cock in a hot, tight blanket.“EEEEEHHHH,” he cried out when the cum raced from his balls. He pulled out, scooting up over her body as the first load of cum arced up and landed on one of her breasts. He pumped a second and third load of cum that covered her body with his milky, white cum.He came on her breast and belly, his hot seed burning her skin with the thick cum that slowly dripped down her sweaty body. Michael came over between her legs, pulling her until she was flat on her back, pushing her legs up so high that they were almost around her ears. His body covered hers, his lips coming down and smothering the air from her as his tongue dashed into her mouth. His hips never stopped moving, his cock continuing to ride in and out, as he held her pinned in half. He was like a locomotive, picking up speed, his hips a blur, his cock growing bigger inside her, stretching her as she shook her head back and forth.“I’m gonna cum, I’m going to cum,” he cried out in sudden ecstasy.Just like Jeremy, Michael pulled out of her, sliding up and straddling her body as his hand pumped his cock. He was just above her face; Gail forced to look up as he said it.“Open your mouth, Gail.”She didn’t know why she did, but her lips parted as she watched the first load of cum shoot out of his cock in a powerful jet. It was like slow motion as it arced over her and flooded her chin with his hot sperm. Over and over, his hand pumped his cock, jet after jet covering her face with the thick, pasty crème. She looked up at him as the cum slowly ran down her smooth complexion. She looked up at his wet cock, covered with the milky cum.“Open up your mouth, hurry, Gail”She opened her mouth submissively as Michael straddled her face. His semi-hard cock slid through her lips, leaving a trail of thick cum. She lifted up her head, took it inside her, just in time to feel his cock jerk and shiver and another load of cum shot out, and covered her tongue and gums with his abundant cum. She licked the cum from his cock as he pushed it deeper into her mouth as she tried to swallow the thick crème that bellowed out her cheeks.“Drink it all down, Gail. Lick it clean,” he instructed her, Gail’s head moving so erotically as she sucked and licked his leaking cock. He was finally finished, his balls drained by the young girl. He got off of her and looked down at her.She licked the drying cum off of her lips, swallowing the salty paste. She looked up, both cocks semi-hard now, her body covered with their sperm and swimming in her belly. She never felt anything like this before, so satisfied yet she didn’t even cum. She was satisfied with pleasing them and wearing their cum. She almost hated to get up, wiping the cum from her cheek and chin, licking her fingers as she swallowed the last of their salty cum. She hoped that she could serve them again, enjoying satisfying two cocks at once.The End

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