The Balcony


The BalconyI remember getting off the bus and feeling my hands shake a little and my heart pound in my chest. the journey had been long and boring. apart from the cute girl who sat next to me for half of it and the fact you were texting me. I wandered into the bus station, looking around for you but also concentrating on texting people. once we met, I finished my message and kissed you on the lips, something I had been wanting to do for the whole journey. we left the bus station hand in hand and started walking back to your flat. it was freezing cold and I’m sure I complained a lot. I remembered the walk from the first time I had been down to see you but you took me a slightly different route, you took me down a dark, deserted ally. we were walking when you suddenly pulled me in to a silent car park. you pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard while your hands ran up to my breasts, massaging them through my top. we kissed constantly, our tongues grazing against each other while your hands moved further down. you slid your hand into my shorts, rubbing my already wet pussy through my underwear. we had spoken about doing this before I had come down but I never expected it to actually happen. you gently rubbed my clit as I moaned quietly in your ear. your hand moving into my underwear, feeling your cold fingers against my bare clit making me shiver. at this point I had moved my hands to the front of your jeans where I was greeted by a hard bulge. I rubbed your cock through your jeans but I wanted to see it, wanted to hold it in my hand and make you moan louder. I unbuttoned your jeans and pulled down the zip, moving your boxers down and pulling out your hard cock. it was warm in my hand, the tip a little moist from your precum. I slowly moved my hand up and down your shaft, holding it loosely in my hand before tightening my grip slightly. I could hear your breathing getting a little laboured, hear you moaning ever so slightly at the feeling of my hand wrapped around your hard cock. you whispered to me, “suck my cock please babe”. I, of course, did as I was asked. I got down onto my knees and took your cock into my warm mouth. I gently sucked it, moving my mouth up and down with my hand gripping the base of your cock. I licked all over your shaft, not touching the sensitive head of your cock. I sucked gently on your balls then licked over every inch of your cock, my tongue finally reaching the head and making you shiver. my tongue circled the head of your cock, licking the little webbing on the underside, pushing the tip of my tongue into the little hole on top. I could feel your legs shaking, you were loving the fact I was sucking your cock outside, in this car park. I heard a car coming and got to my feet, pushing my body to yours to try and hide your thick, hard cock from unwanted eyes. I giggled at the closeness of us being caught as I kissed you again, pulling your boxers over your cock and holding your trousers to stop them from falling to your ankles. esenyurt escort you sorted yourself out and did up your trousers as I readjusted my underwear and shorts. we continued our walk back to your flat. I remember thinking of all the naughty things I wanted to do to you when we got back to yours. we again walked hand in hand and finally got to your warm flat. when we entered, I smiled to myself slightly, knowing that the fun was just about to begin.I lay down on your big, comfy bed after giving you your presents, two pairs of boxers. one pair were bright orange, the other red and yellow iron man boxers. I closed my eyes and relaxed as you left the room for a brief moment. when you returned, you crawled up my body and began kissing me again, deep, passionate kisses. my hands roamed your body as you used yours to hold yourself up. they moved down again, to your trousers, unbuttoning them fast. I remember looking down and seeing the iron man boxers id bought you, thinking you must have put them on when you were out the room. I giggled a little and kissed you again, my hand rubbing your new boxers against your hardening cock. you were moaning into our kiss and it felt nice on my tongue. in no time we were both naked and lying next to each other, my hand wrapped around your hard cock and your fingers playing with my clit. we kept kissing and playing for a while until I complained I was cold. we snuggled up under the covers, my back pressed against your chest as we lay on our sides and I started playing with you again, rubbing the head of your cock over the bare skin of my ass. I pushed it a little further down to my pussy, letting you feel the wetness on your cock before feeling me push back on to you, taking you into my tight, warm pussy for the first time of the weekend. you moaned quietly in my ear, not expecting me to do this. you started thrusting in to me slowly, at first, but then you sped up and you were really pounding me. our moans were loud, our breath was laboured as you thrust your big cock in and out of me again and again. after a while, I could tell you were going to cum, feeling you swell a little inside me, then suddenly you groaned loudly as you began to empty your cum inside my pussy, thrust after thrust, spurts of your hot cum filling me up. for a while we just lay there, you were still inside me and I could feel your cock jump when I tightened my pussy slightly. you moaned to me, “aw don’t be mean babe“. I giggled and twisted around, kissing you on the lips while you pulled your still hard cock out of me, cuddling in to me for us to fall asleep.I remember being woken up by your lips on my shoulder, gently kissing my skin. I rolled over to be greeted by a gentle kiss on the lips. “come with me gorgeous, got a surprise for you”. you got out of bed, put on a pair of tight boxers, showing off your gorgeous ass. You handed me your shirt and I put it on, along with a pair of black pants. You grabbed avrupa yakası escort my hands and took me out into the hallway. “wait here a sec, I forgot something” you said as you turned back into your room. A few minutes later I heard you coming back, you slipped a blindfold over my eyes and told me to keep quiet, taking my hands and guiding me out onto the balcony. It was a little cold, I could feel the blood rushing to my nipples as they stiffened. “put your hands on the rail babe” you said, standing behind me and kissing my neck. As soon as my hands were on the rail, I heard a rattle and then felt something around my wrists, attaching me to the rail outside. I tried moving my hands and realised I was cuffed. “don’t worry babe, I’ll be gentle… to start” I hear to whisper, nibbling on my ear, your hands on my hips. You ran them around my front, under the shirt and up my stomach, right up to my breasts, squeezing them gently, pinching my nipples between your fingers, making me gasp. Then your cold hands moved down my sides, pulling my pants quickly down to my feet. I felt your hands on my hips pulling me back a little, arching my back so my ass stuck out nicely. I felt your warm lips on my cold ass, kissing all over before spreading my cheeks a little, your tongue running from my pussy al the way to my asshole, lingering there slightly as I moaned. Your tongue trailed back down to the clit as you flicked it over and over before sucking it hard into your mouth, making me gasp and groan loudly. You stand up and whisper “shh, we wouldn’t want the neighbours hearing” and before you have even finished your sentence, I feel your thick shaft pushing into my soaking wet pussy. You hear me swearing under my breath and I hear you laughing, pushing hard into me until I can feel your balls on my clit. You start thrusting into me, slowly picking up the pace until you are pounding into me, making me moan very loudly. I feel your hand move from my hips up my body to cover my mouth, to stop me from being hear by unwanted neighbours. I whisper something and you move your hand to let me repeat it, “I’m gonna cum baby, fuck me harder!” I say as you start pounding into me even harder. You feel my pussy clench around your cock as a massive orgasm crashes through my body, my legs shaking and my knees almost giving in. you hold onto my hips to keep me standing, kissing and biting my neck as you hold your cock deep inside me. I try to catch my breath and giggle, telling you how amazing that felt. The reply I got made me shiver with excitement “just wait babe, it gets better, I’ll be back” and with a small kiss on my shoulders, I’m left alone on the open balcony, naked from the waist down, blindfolded and cuffed in place.I jump as your hand slaps my ass hard, feeling it heat up as the blood rushes to it. I call you mean and you laugh again, telling me if you were really mean, I wouldn’t anadolu yakası escort be about to lose my anal virginity. You remove the blindfold and kiss me hard on the lips, before telling me to face forward.I feel your finger run between my ass cheeks, its slippery and I can only assume that its covered in lube. My assumptions are confirmed as I feel your finger slide into my tight virgin ass. I tense a little and you pause, waiting for my hole to let you in and it does, slowly sliding your finger in deeper like you’ve done before, then gradually adding a second. You finger my ass for a while, letting me get used to the intrusion before asking if I’m ready to which I reply in a low, sexy whisper “fuck yes”. you slowly slide your fingers out of me and I can hear you squeezing out more lube then the sounds of you slowly jacking your cock, getting it nice and covered for me. You tell me to bend over a little more and I do as I’m told. I feel your warm cock slide up and down my pussy, pushing in nice and deep before I’m left empty again. Then your cock moves up to my tightest hole, rubbing against it gently before I start feeling a little pressure as you start to push into me. I tense again and again you pause, allowing me to relax before you continue pushing forward, my ass slowly opening up to your meaty head. I feel your head pop inside as you pause again, your warm lips on my neck kissing me before you start pushing forward again. Inch by inch, your cock disappears into my ass as you hear me swearing and moaning again. You stop, asking if I’m okay and I reply by pushing hard against your cock, taking all of you inside me. I look over my shoulder to see you grinning at me as I smile back, your hands moving to my hips as you start thrusting in and out. You gradually pick up the pace, your cock stretching me with every thrust and its safe to say we are both loving it. You pound into me for what feels like ages before I hear your breathing change and I know you’re about to explode. You tell me you’re about to cum and I look back over my shoulder, telling you I already know as I start pushing back onto you just as hard as you were fucking me. The next thing I hear is you saying “fuck, fuck baby, I’m cumming!” and then I feel your hot cum pouring into my ass. You slow my hips down and thrust a little into me again, more cum flowing from the tip of your cock.We both stop moving. I stand up straighter, your cock still inside me as I look over my shoulder and kiss you whispering “thank you” and all you can do is smile. You slowly withdraw your cock from my ass and I can feel your hot cum running down my thigh. You step back and I look back at you, panting and sweating despite it being cold outside. You slap my ass again and tell me to come back inside. I move my arms, letting you hear the rattle of the cuffs on the metal railing and you laugh again “woops, almost forgot about that, one sec”. you run back inside and return with the keys, undoing the cuffs and leading me back inside to the shower which you must have put on while retrieving the keys. You take off my shirt and get me in the shower, the hot water feeling amazing on my freezing cold skin. You join me and start kissing me again while your hands run down my arms to my wrists where there is obvious marks from the cuffs digging in, and bruising seems to be appearing already on my skin.

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