the best parts of sharing my wife Wanda pt. 1

the best parts of sharing my wife Wanda pt. 1
Part 1……………
There are lots of things I enjoy about sharing my wife Wanda with all these other men. The prepping, shaving and lotion applied to her bbw body before her date arrives. The mental anticipation I experience leading up to her fucking. The numerous images I jack off too of hotwives being fucked and satisfied by their strong virile lovers. Their facial and bodily expressions and pure euphoria they feel while being penetrated by a satisfying huge cock.
You can’t forget the initial deep breath when she first allows his entry into her either. That’s cock hardening within itself.
But I have to say the most sexual and erotic moment of sharing my wife Wanda, for me, is when she takes his powerful cock in her hands. The way she delicately feels his full length, his girth, his curve that makes her squirt her cum, and his man balls that fill her.
I stand watching, rubbing myself some ten feet away as my wife of fifteen years buries her head at the base of his shaft, while holding the tip gently with her hand. The smile she gives him, watching his expression(s) as she licks and worships the cock that satisfies her most.
If you are astute at reading people she doesn’t have to say a word. Her emotions (and actions) are never revealed verbally to me as I fuck her very sloppy seconds afterwards. But you know. You know she really enjoys his cock (more).
I have never received that kind of special attention to my cock from her. Her blowjobs, to me, are quick and ‘matter of fact,’ never longer than a few minutes. That’s fine, but humiliating. She doesn’t touch my cock like his. I love it. I love the second side of my wife. The side that enjoys sex with someone who can satisfy her.
I think I really am a cuckold. I would much rather watch, jack off, and take pics and videos, than fuck her fat ass.
This time in particular, as I stood there rubbing myself like a bookstore troll, she sucked on his cock for ten minutes. I watched and listened to her sucking and licking him. The sounds of air mixed saliva while she worshiped and jacked his throbbing cock. I watched him fuck her face sensually.
That distance of ten feet could have been ten inches. They wouldn’t have noticed me. They are always in tune to each other.
Now, she stands in front of him, flush, and lifts up her jean skirt. No panties.
His cock – hard, his head red with the pressure she built from her hands and mouth. He settles back into the couch and welcomes her.
Her knees placed on both sides of him; her right hand still wrapped tightly around his cock. Back and forth she rubs it across her awaiting pussy as they passionately kiss. She stops, slides the head inside, her hand guided all the way down as he leans up, and she fully sits.
I so much want to join in. Smell her juices, maybe take more close up pics. But I stand there, like pervert and watch my wife get the hell fucked out of her once again.
Her hand reappears around his shoulders after a long absence.
“Ohhh my fuckin god…,” She yell’s, as his 11 full inches are now deep inside her belly.
We lost count of how many different men Wanda’s fucked over the past few years, it’s well over 150 and she seems to enjoy herself more and more with each new guy she fucks with me watching and filming. I started allowing these men to take Wanda further into the more perverted area’s of sex a few years back and to our surprise Wanda cum’s better, faster, harder and a lot more often whenever these men are treating her like the whore she really is. The rougher they are with her the more both of us enjoy it. Hell I tell them to go even further, I like seeing what she can take and believe me she can take a lot!
I’ve watched several women giving birth in the past and it’s amazing to watch a woman’s pussy open up far enough so a k** can squeeze thru it, but watching several of these guy’s with Wanda just takes the damn cake! Let me explain. There are 3 guy’s in particular very close friend’s of mine, (Tom, Mike and JJ) that come over and spend damn near every weekend with us. Tom and Mike are white, but JJ’s a black guy. I didn’t know how Wanda was gona react to having a black man involved, but once she got comfortable with him which all it took was for JJ to show her his enormous 12 inch long cock! Wanda was all smiles and couldn’t wait to get that monster black snake of his deep inside her!
I knew Mike and Tom were both really heavy into the kinky more perverted side of sex, so without Wanda around to hear me I’d told them some of the things I wanted them to force Wanda to do where I could record it for later use. They were more than happy to help, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on her cause they’ve wanted to fuck Wanda since she first moved in with me.
These 3 guy’s were just what I needed to force Wanda into the kinky and perverted side of sex. Hell the first weekend they spent at our house with Wanda they started out fairly normal, each one taking turns fuckin her then they ran a few trains on her as soon as one cock came out of her pussy it was replaced by another cock…. Then a little while later Wanda was taken out to our backyard still completely naked where all 3 fucked her while she was forced to lay on top of our picnic table, she begged them not to make her fuck outside, she was afraid the neighbors might see what was going on. They didn’t pay any attention to her plea’s and made her do it anyway! Wanda wasn’t really putting up much resistance to anything they told her to do for them, so they stepped it up some. The next day was Saturday, Mike suggested we all go out on his boat for the day. Tom asked Wanda what kind of bathing suit’s she had cause he wanted to pick out what he wanted her to wear. She giggled and said, come on I’ll show you. A few minutes later they came back and Tom was saying, hell no nothin she’s got is gona work. Mike said, look I’m gona go buy Wanda a swim suit like I want her to wear tomorrow. I’ll be back so yall two hold things down while I’m gone then he left. After Mike left Tom, JJ and Wanda were on the couch, Wanda was still naked, (she hardly ever wore any clothes while they’re here). They were both roughly playin with her big fat nipples pulling twisting and stretching em and it was making her get wetter and horny as hell the way she was moaning and squirming around like she was trying to hump the air. I saw Tom whispering something to her which made her smile, blush bright red and giggle as she nodded yes. That’s when Tom asked me to wait in here for a few minutes while they took Wanda back to the bedroom. I said, ok and they all headed to the bedroom with Wanda leading still giggling. When they went in the bedroom they closed the door, that was a little unusual cause we’ve never closed the door any other time. I turned the tv down so I could hear better. Seconds later I heard the headboard hitting the wall real damn hard, the bed springs squeeking loudly and Wanda was moaning loud as hell! I figured they were both fuckin her again so I didn’t pay that much attention I just went back to watching tv. About half an hour went by, I could still hear sounds from back there, but these sounds were now muffled. The reason I didn’t really mind waiting in the living room was cause I had the video cameras still in there recording everything and that I’d known these guys for so long. I could hear Tom and JJ talkin to each other several different times, I just couldn’t figure out what in the hell they were talkin about. About 20 minutes later the door opened real slow and Tom walked out holding his finger up to his lips like for me to be quiet. He eased up to me and in a low tone said, don’t talk or make any noise and come back here you gotta see this!
We quietly entered the bedroom and I couldn’t believe my eyes, they had Wanda blindfolded and tied up with several leather straps. Her legs had been forced up where they were almost touching her big tits…………
To be continued………….

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