One could feel the tension. In the board room, Rosemary, the President, Alice, the Vice-President and Julia, the Accountant, of Rosemary’s Inc., were waiting for Silvia, the Secretary, to show up. The company was not doing well and this meeting was crucial for its survival. The trouble, although no one in the room, would admit to it, was the hiring practices which had doubled the staff in a few months even during hard times. The four members of the executive had used their power to hire women who, let us say, they personally thought would do a good job at whatever they applied for. In other words, each woman was building her own harem. We are talking here of a company made up of lesbians from top to bottom. On top of that, Rosemary and Alice, the president and vice-president, were lovers and blocked anything proposed by Julia and Silvia, who slept together.
Rosemary had risen through the ranks and at 58 had bought the company with the help of Alice, her 25 year-old VP, who came from Boston money. On the other front, Julia was nearing her 50th birthday and had been Rosemary’s colleague and rival for 25 years. The two women hated each other but had marked their territory and peaceful coexistence had been attained, at least most of the time. It was when Julia had promoted Silvia, her 22 year-old third-class secretary, to Secretary of the company that things went from bad to worse.
Rosemany and her rival Julia were both attractive women, one blonde, the other brunette, who had reached the point where they needed superb clothes or fabulous perfumes to attract the young ambitious dykes. Alice and Julia on the other hand were young and beautiful, had perfect bodies, and were sophisticated lovers. Both were real brunettes with tanned skin. Alice was rich and made a point of making Silvia look like she wore Salvation Army clothes. Both were attractive and had a good rack but Silvia had an ass any lesbian would have loved to eat.
Silvia finally arrived without an apology.
“Where were you ?”, asked Rosemary, “having your own meeting in the ladies ?”.
Alice chuckled while Julia touched Silvia’s ankle with her foot under the table. Alice faced her ally Rosemary at the small square table. She already had her leg rubbing against the president’s thigh. Rosemany rolled her chair closer to the table and Alice’s foot crawled between her legs. All four women had taken off their shoes and left them under the table.
“Actually I was playing peacemaker between two saleswomen of yours. They would have both been bald if we had not stepped in”, answered Silvia
“Let them settle their differences”, said Alice, her toes touching Rosemary’s panties.
“One way of dealing with our overstaffing”, added Julia
“If you stopped hiring every sweet-tasting pussy in sight, we wouldn’t be here”,blurted out Rosemary.
One could hear a pin dropped as the taboo subject had finally been raised. At the same time, Mary-Lou, one of Rosemary’s many interests, walked in wiggling her ass in her short tight skirt with the coffee tray.
“And here is a perfect example of YOUR hiring skills”, yelled Julia across the table, “She can suck a pussy but can’t boil water”. Hearing this Mary-Lou put the tray on the side table and ran out of the room in tears.
“Bitch”, screamed Rosemary, as she walked out of the room to comfort her secretary
“I hope she won’t wait to have her orgasm before coming back to the meeting”, chuckled Julia
“Can she still have an orgasm at her age ?”, laughed Silvia, squeezing Julia’s foot between her thighs.
“That’s enough, both of you”, yelled Alice, “You should be ashamed of making fun of your president, especially when she’s not there”.
“Well you’re the one who should know”, continued Silvia to her young counterpart, “CAN she still have an orgasm ?”.
“I can give her an orgasm whenever she wants one”, blurted Alice turning beet red.
“I doubt you can give a vegetable an orgasm”, hissed Silvia
The two young women glared at each other and were about to stand up to confront each other when Rosemary came back in.
“So you two at each other’s throat again ?”, she said
“They were talking about your capacity of having an orgasm”, slowly stated Julia smiling at Rosemary across the table.
“I doubt you could give me an orgasm but Alice is certainly an expert at it”, answered Rosemary making a face at her accountant.
“You’re dripping when you see me walk down the hall, you old dyke”, continued Julia
“You don’t turn me on and never did, old dyke yourself”, answered Rosemary, her face turning red.
“I could make you come in a jiffy just showing you my tits”, continued Julia, unbuttoning her blouse
“What tits ? Your drooping botox balls wouldn’t qualify as tits”, answered Rosemary, also unbuttoning her blouse.
“Now ladies, ladies, may I remind you of the seriousness of the matter of over employment”, stated Silvia
Rosemary and Julia ignored Silvia. The stared at each other as they took off their blouse and unsnapped their bra, both letting out a pretty fair pair of knockers. Chairs were knocked over as the two rivals unzipped their skirt and were down to their thong. Rosemary’s blond curly cunt hair showing on either side of her silk triangle and Julia’s expertly trimmed black carpet was carefully covered by her bright red thong. When Alice tried to go at Julia, Silvia grabbed her and the two young ladies landed against the wall in a bear hug.
“Let them settle it”, yelled Julia
“I’ll fuck you into the ground”, yelled Rosemary
“They’ll hear you scream on the 10th floor”, hissed Julia
Rosemary climbed onto the table and invited Julia to join her. The two older dykes squared off, tit to tit, mouth to mouth, thong to thong. The news of the fight ran through the office like wildfire. The door of the board room opened and dozens of curious lesbians piled in to watch their bosses have it out.
Rosemary and Julia were in 69 on the oak table and were sucking on each other’s hanging cuntlips. Neither had taken off her thong but had just moved the other’s cloth triangle aside to reach her cunt. They hadn’t had sex with each other in years, the last time being at a Christmas party when they were both drunk. Alice and Silvia were still locked in a forced embrace, hissing and spitting at each other’s face. These two had never had sex with each other but once had a short catfight, mainly to save face, in the underground parking. Alice rubbed her knee against Silvia’s mound for a few seconds before Silvia gave her the same treatment. Both felt a large wet spot grow and begin to show on their skirt. Cries from the crowd welcomed a tongue kiss between Alice and Silvia.
“You want to go at it ?”, hissed Alice
“Fuck yeah”, answered Silvia
Alice took her jacket but Silvia grabbed the top of her expensive silk blouse with one hand and ripped it off, buttons flying everywhere. Alice pulled on Silvia’s blue blouse with both hands and ripped it to shreds. Both women tugged at the other’s bra until both half-cups snapped, letting two pairs of luscious tits bounce out.
Rosemary and Julia continued to eat each other out, until the pair rolled off the table, fell on a chair then onto the thick carpet. The shock made them separate for a minute to regain their senses. They immediately clashed again. Rosemary grabbed her rival’s tits and squeezed while Julia was working on tearing Rosemary’s thong off (which she succeeded in doing). Once Julia slid out of her thong, the two older women grabbed each other’s cunt and began a finger fucking session. Their chin on each other’s shoulder, the two dykes rubbed the other’s clit and inserted a few fingers in her cunt hole. Rosemary initiated the kissing and the tongue fight.
A few feet from the older women’s brawl, the two young brunettes had managed to tear each other’s skirt and thong off and were in a naked fleshy ball on the floor. Silvia was managing to extend her tongue to lick Alice’s clit while Alice had her head squeezed between Silvia’s thighs. Alice managed to pry Silvia’s thighs open with her hands and filled her mouth with Silvia’s cunt lips and clit. Both women settled on a more classic 69, giving her opponent a full cunt to suck on. Both could sustain a good suck without cumming. Even at their young age, these lesbians were so experienced, they could, most of the time, control when they would have an orgasm. The fierce rivalry between them didn’t exclude the fact that Alice and Silvia secretly lusted after each other. If things had been different in the company, these two would have ended up in bed years ago. Alice had the most experience since she had spent her teenage years in a well-known private school for girls in upper New York State. The place was known as a nest of lesbians . Silvia had spent her teens in Spanish Harlem and had learned early on how to make her way into the world by peddling her ass amongst the high society lesbians of New York.
“Cunt to cunt ?”, asked Rosemary
“Scissor”, answered Julia
The two women opened their legs wide and dragged their ass on the carpet until the two hairy cunts were touching. One leg on her rival’s shoulder, both dykes began to push and move their hips until their clits touched. They continued to trash talk knowing it took only the name of a secret lover, or an unknown affair to trigger a rival’s orgasm. Both dykes knew that the trick was to get her rival to lose control even briefly, then to rush her, climbing on top of her for the final fuck.
Alice couldn’t resist extending her neck so that her tongue reached between Silvia’s buttocks, just about touching her rival’s asshole with the tip of her tongue. Silvia was aware of Alice’s manoeuver and also reached for her rival’s ass. Both women silently decided to go from cunt sucking to asslicking. The crowd of lesbians watched in admiration as the two young experienced dykes were rimming each other in 69. Alice was getting her tongue where she had wanted it to be for months now. The two women rolled around, tongue in ass, until they hit the wall then rolled the other way until they hit the table.
In the boardroom, the two couples were going at it mouth to ass, and cunt to cunt. Rosemary and Julia were covered in sweat as they continued to scissor on the carpet. Rosemary suddenly got up and sat in one of the chairs, totally exhausted. Julia, for lack of a partner, imitated her and sat on a chair, catching her breath. Both women were still angry and the tussle hadn’t reduced their hatred for each other. Rosemary got up and approached Julia in a particular way. Julia got up to face her.
“If you start that, I’ll let go also”, warned Julia
“I can’t hold it any longer. My bladder is going to explode”, warned Rosemary
“Mine is full also. A truce then”, agreed Julia.
The two women ran to the ladies.
The two young lesbians had had an orgasm during the asslicking contest. They were now lying on the floor next to each other, breathing heavily.
“Who came first ?”, asked Alice
“I don’t know and don’t really care”, answered Silvia, ““You can sure tongue-fuck an ass”.
“Your ass always drove me crazy”, admitted Alice
“Are you butch with Rosemary ?”, asked Silvia
“No…she is”, whispered Alice
“Are you butch with Julia ?”, asked Alice
“Yes…I’m on top”, stated Silvia
“So…Rosemary and Julia….butch and doll ? ”, mused Alice
“Interesting”, both women said at once, then laughed

When Rosemary and Julia came back into the room. They were beaming.
“You never said you liked it”, said Rosemary
“You never offered”, answered Julia
“You two showered ?”, asked Silvia who could smell the perfume
“And changed. We didn’t have a choice”, both Rosemary and Julia laughed


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