Subject: The Boy at My Door Chapter 3 The Boy at My Door By Mitchell Conner Chapter Three Greetings readers: The only truths here are that I did stay at a resort with a swimming pool, and I was at one time an English Teacher. The rest is a pleasant fiction. If gay content, descriptions of hot male-on-male sex, romantic love, or actual dialogue in an erotic story offends you please don’t read further. This is entirely fiction, a work brought on by a perverted imagination, access to the internet and time to burn. The names, events, activities, and circumstances are fictitious but I try to make them believable. If it’s illegal wherever you live, or for your calendar age, stop now. This story is mine: all rights reserved by the author with the exception of its use by fty. You’re welcome to use it to pass the time but not to copy and repost as your own demented work or for commercial purposes. Apologies for taking a very long time to write the Chapter 3 after I left an unfulfilled cliffhanger before. (One reader wrote to say that was brutal � sorry!) In the interim I started a book, a new series (not yet posted) and oh yeah, moved halfway around the world from Asia (due to the pandemic) back to America and then Latin America. Your comments motivate me and are appreciated, as I’ve been fortunate to receive emails that have helped me learn and grow as a writer. Outright flattery is also acceptable. I do hope that my stories help pass the time and provide a helpful distraction from an increasingly crazy world. fty relies on donations so that you practice the ultimate form of safe sex by reading about it. Those same hands you use for pleasure can also type in a pleasing donation to fty. Previously: “You might not love me when I tell you something Thomas.” “What?” I said, alarm growing. “I did something that might change your mind about me.” And we continue: When I tried to look into Sam’s eyes he turned his head away from me, the teen’s supple body following as he rolled onto his left side. I held on, trying to keep him in a comforting spoon. He didn’t resist, nor answer when I repeated, “What?” A moment later, his voice a low whisper, “It happened last summer.” Sam let out a jagged sigh. “With my brother.” I waited, a dark cloud forming in my thoughts. “Chan came home from a date. He was drunk.” A shuddered breath. “Then he was in my room and… in his underwear… hard,” Sam said. “He said I needed to help him.” I hugged the boy closer and kissed his neck, fearful of where the story was leading. “He pulled the covers off my bed and pushed me onto my stomach,” Sam said. “Then he laid down on top of me.” I felt his chest expand and deflate with a long sigh. “His hard-on was up against my arse,” Sam said, British English in full force. “Told me his girlfriend got him all excited then wouldn’t finish him off. Said it was a little brother’s duty to help out big brother. His breath stunk like beer.” I’d figured Chan for a typical horny late-teens straight-boy. Now I wanted to kill him. While I couldn’t picture him taking away his brother’s innocence so forcefully, hormones and alcohol are a potent unapologetic combination. Sam gave a sharp exhale then continued. “He kept pushing into me and then I felt… I was hard. I tried to pull away from him but he didn’t stop. He pulled my underwear down, then his. His cock was rubbing on my arse… I should’ve been mad and yelled… but it made me so horny.” Not just him, I thought, as Sam pushed back against me so that my cock was pressed up against round hairless `arse.’ Then I realized with utter dismay that I’d gotten hard listening to his story. I’d betrayed the boy. “That’s how I felt too,” he said, acknowledging my inappropriate hard-on with a flex of his toned globes and nonchalance. “Like it was wrong but felt so good.” I sighed as I felt the same way from listening to the boy. Sam continued. “His cock got all wet trying to push into my arse but I held my legs together,” Sam said, demonstrating with a smooth skinned butt clench against my now leaking cock. He pulled free of my embrace, took my right hand, and put it around his own leaking cock. He stroked it through my grip with a groan. “He’s bigger so I got squished into the bed when he pushed. It was the most exciting thing I ever felt,” Sam said, then caught himself. “Until I met you.” I gave him a reassuring hug and he replied with another butt squeeze, slow-stroking his now leaking cock through my right hand, reliving the good part of the memory. “Chan started grunting and I was scared he was going to wake up my father. He was going faster and faster,” Sam said. “When he came all over my arse… I… I… couldn’t help it.” “Help what?” I said. “I came all over the bed. It was wrong to be excited when he was just using me but… it’s like my cock didn’t care.” “Most cocks don’t, that’s why they have the small head.” “What do you mean?” Sam said, rolling onto his back, eyebrows furrowed as he looked at me. “They’ve got no conscience. You didn’t do anything wrong. Your cock got all excited and shot. That’s what they do. What’s important is how you feel about it.” Sam pursed his lips as he contemplated what I said, looking very cute despite the seriousness of our conversation. His hard cock twitched as though agreeing with me. “He passed out in my bed… when he woke up… the look in his eyes… he knew he’d done something really bad.” Sam said, then let out a deep sigh. “He wouldn’t look at me all morning and made an excuse to my parents about meeting his friends.” “You think he felt guilty?” Sam nodded. “That night my parents were away at dinner. He knocked on my door. He never did that before � always came right in, so I knew he felt bad.” “What’d he say?” I said, completely caught up in his incestuous tale. “He just stood there. Said nothing. Then I saw it,” Sam said. “A tear.” Sam acknowledged my raised eyebrows with a nod. “I never saw him cry before.” “He must’ve felt horrible for what he did.” “He begged me not to tell father, but I wanted to hear him say he was wrong. So I sat on my bed and waited.” “Did he?” “Yes. We talked for a long time. I forgave him but it’s strange. It made us closer after that.” “You’re an amazing boy to forgive that.” “He’s my brother.” I leaned in and gave Sam a kiss on his cheek. But Sam wasn’t through. “So… do you still want me?” “What? Why wouldn’t I want you?” “‘Cause I’m not a virgin. I’ve been with someone before.” “Um… Sam, it doesn’t work that way,” I said, stifling a giggle at the naive boy. “What do you mean?” “From what you told me he didn’t put anything inside you. Right?” “He wanted to.” “He didn’t so technically that means you’re still virgin.” “But he came all over my arse. He made me come too.” “It’s not the same,” I said. “Maybe you won’t want me either.” “Why? You’re perfect,” he said then grinned and raised his eyebrows. “And you’re bigger than my brother.” I let out a chortle. “It’s nice you think that, but I must confess I’ve had sex with other guys before I met you.” “Of course you have.” Sam’s expression didn’t react to my revelation. “Because you’re older. You’re a man. You have experience that you can share with me.” I tilted my head, considering his unique philosophy. “I’m glad you think that, but the same goes for you. Whatever happened to you � or me � before we met only matters if we want it to. It’s what we do together from now on that counts.” Sam put a finger to his lips as he considered my words. “So you still want me?” I rolled over on top of my naked boy and started kissing him on his chest, making sure I got a nibble in when I passed over each of his nipples, still red from our earlier play. I moved up to his neck, where I alternated kisses, sucking and licking, which resulted in moans, groans and laughing as my one-day beard tickled his skin. “I’ll give you…” he started, then smiled as he found BluTV the words and I joined in, “…forever to stop that!” Whatever Sam tried to say after that was reduced to mumbling as I kissed him, his lips a ruby red from having been well-used since showing up at my door this morning. A loud growl erupted from Sam’s stomach, a reminder that the care and feeding of a growing teen is a job never done. The bedside clock read 2:35pm. Breakfast and two swallowed loads of my essence had run its course. My own stomach growled. “They’re talking to each other,” Sam giggled. I put my head on Sam’s stomach as it made another rumble. “What are they saying?” he said. “They need us to eat more than cock and `arse’ and cum.” Sam laughed. “You said `arse.’ “I’m fluent in British English you cheeky lad.” If we’d starved in bed they’d have found two smiling corpses on Sunday’s checkout. There are worse ways to go. Sam chose a local little Thai restaurant for our mid-afternoon meal, with a table in a secluded corner. Maybe it was the cooking, or the fact that our senses were heightened from being intimate all day � we were ravenous and the food was as exquisite as my companion. “Do you like noodles, Teacher Thomas?” Sam said, nodding at my plate with a cheeky grin. “I love Thai noodles. I recently had one but these are longer,” I said, holding one with my fork midair, “and thinner than the one I ate.” Sam blushed then smirked. “But is it as tasty?” He had me on that one. “No. The one I ate came with a special sauce and is the most delicious noodle I’ve ever swallowed.” Sam gave a smug tilt of his head, then mouthed `I love you.’ My heart thudded. He was the whole package. Witty, romantic, intelligent, thoughtful, gorgeous, dead sexy, and a little bit nasty… and couldn’t help the fact he was only fifteen. I whispered my reply, just loud enough to carry across the table. “Me too.” Sam smiled. Message received. The food lasted only a few minutes more. Sam leaned forward. “Can we go now?” he said. “I have something important to ask but not here.” Ten minutes later we were in my bungalow. As I observed how spotless it appeared I sucked in a breath when I considered the cum-soaked sheets, towels and post-sex musk the cleaner must have encountered. “The poor maid,” Sam said, as though reading my mind. “Yeah…” Then we both giggled like the dirty school-boys we’d been. “So what do you want to talk to me about?” I said, sitting down on the edge of the bed. Sam walked up to me, looking down at his hands clasped in front, lips pressed together as he struggled for words. “I… um… well…” Then he looked up, right into my eyes. “I want to give you my virginity.” I shuddered as a wave of emotion passed through me. I patted the bed next to me and Sam sat to my right, his head level with my shoulder so he had to look up, his expression both innocent and needy. “That’s a big decision, Sam. Are you sure?” “Ever since that first day at the pool.” I raised my eyebrows. “It’s true,” he said. “I wanted you so bad. More than anything ever. Couldn’t you tell?” Memories of catching Sam staring at me, the grabs, gropes and rough-housing in the pool all provided an alibi. I just hadn’t seen it at the time � or denied it to be safe. I nodded my head. “I walked to this bungalow every night… but when I went to knock on your door… I thought, how could a man like you ever want a boy like me?” I put my arm around Sam and he melted into my embrace. “And how could a boy like you ever want a man like me?” I said. Our lips closed the distance between us as we fell back on the bed and kissed, slow and intimate, not rushed or fueled by lust, but with love. I pulled back a few inches and looked him in the eyes. “I’d be honored, Sam.” Sam smiled then buried his face into my chest with a strong hug. “Can we just cuddle?” Sam said, once again reading my mind. After a moment we both stood, each enjoying the view as our clothes came off. In bed Sam wiggled around and pulled my arm over his right side so he became the little spoon, skin-to-skin. Despite the day’s horizontal exertions I was chubbed up. Sam reached back, stuffed my swollen member between his legs like a spike holding us together then grasped my hand to his chest. I drew in a long breath, filled with Sam’s scent, a mix of light sweat, boy musk, and an exotic spice of some sort. We woke hours later. My cock was hard and resting comfortably in the smooth sweaty confines of the intersection of Sam’s legs, butt and taint. I lay there holding the boy and knew that if it felt this good being on the outside, the inside would be incredible. That is, for me, but what about Sam? I’d been fortunate. My first time was with a caring older man � he was twenty-nine to my seventeen � who’d made my first time a pleasurable memory. He’d told me there were men who wanted virgins as a bedpost notch, and those who realized the responsibility of initiating a boy into gay life. I hugged Sam close to my chest, loving him more with each beat of his heart and smiled. Tonight I’d be a special kind of teacher. Sam jerked awake, wiggled out of my grasp and bound out of bed. “Gotta go,” he called out over his shoulder as he headed to the bathroom. He was in there for awhile. When he came out he started to say something then stopped as though out of vocabulary. As an intelligent boy Sam had likely figured out there were logistics involved with losing his virginity. We had a loving yet technical discussion of what considerate lovers do to prepare for full-on sex. Thailand is thoughtful enough to have what’s referred to as a “bum-sprayer” on most toilets � a hose with a spray-head. It can cleanse the outside � or the inside in this case. To his credit, Sam didn’t react like a princess when the details were revealed. “Thank you Teacher Thomas,” he said, with an impish grin. “Now I’ll be ready for tonight’s class.” It was already 6:00pm and neither of us was very hungry, but I was sure that after the main event we’d be ravenous again. “Let’s get some food from that restaurant and snack on it, then eat… later,” Sam said. “I know I’ll be hungry after you teach me,” he added with a knowing grin. “You’re such a good student,” I said, playing along. “You go to the restaurant while I get some things done.” “By myself? What things?” I just smiled at him and nodded at the door. Sam tilted his head, furrowed his eyebrows then walked towards the door. I cleared my throat then spoke. “You might want to put on some clothes.” Sam looked down as I watched his face blush red. Then he burst out laughing and spoke through his giggles. “But I like our special school uniform,” he said, holding his hands to the side as though showing off the latest style. Sam looked me in the eyes, now earnest. “Can we be naked when we’re together at home?” My smile answered him. Sam threw on some sport shorts � commando � and another slit-sided shirt, an outfit sure to attract stares from men like me, or anyone with a pulse. I watched Sam’s round butt as he approached the door then turned, catching me in the act. He wiggled his hips as he spoke. “Only for you, Teacher Thomas.” “Go, before I throw you down on the bed,” I said in my serious teacher voice. I could hear Sam’s giggle from the other side of the door as he walked away. Before Sam and his family showed up I’d taken a walk around the neighborhood and found what is called a `junk store,’ its merchandise comprised of a little bit of everything. It took a search there, but I found what I needed for the evening’s `special class.’ I smelled food as I rounded the corner towards the bungalow. Sam sat at the small patio table and smiled when he looked up. He’d put out some paper plates along with cartons of freshly cooked food � delicacies that couldn’t compete with him. “What’s in the bag?” he said. “You’ll find out.” Sam couldn’t hold his put-on pout and returned to his grin. I had Netflix a light snack while looking at tonight’s main course. The golden light above the patio combined with anticipation to make Sam glow. The teen picked at his food, giving me a knowing smile every time he looked at me. “I’m going to go get ready,” Sam said. We both had preparations to make. After clearing off the table I put out my purchases, one on each nightstand, and two on the small desk, with a lighter next to them. I fetched a bottle of lube and put it in a nightstand drawer � so it wouldn’t interfere with the romantic look I sought. The bathroom door opened a crack. “Thomas?” I walked over and opened the door. The shower was open to the bathroom and underneath the running water Sam stood, beckoning me to join him. I held up one finger then went to the desk. I lit one of the candles and cupped my hand around it as I walked into the bathroom. Sam stared slack jawed as I set the burning candle on the counter and turned out the lights. Shadows and flickering light played off his shimmering skin, a work of living art. I melted into his embrace under the running water and we were one. He shuddered. “I love you, Thomas.” Then a deep kiss as I gripped each of his firm round globes. Our cocks danced together as they rose, sliding up our soapy abs. I pulled back from our kiss. “I love you too, Sanun. More than anyone ever.” Then more kissing as water cascaded down our joined bodies. We washed each other with slow sensuous movements, mapping out each other’s erogenous zones by confirming our partner’s reaction to touch. Sam hissed in a breath when I ran a finger up his taint then stopped to press the small bit of knotted skin I was going to take that evening. A whisper. “More.” I traced circles around his hole as he moaned in my ear. He moved slightly and slippery shower gel ran through my fingers � clever boy. I gave his opening a thorough finger scrub but only pressed half a digit inside. “Put it in me,” he said, his voice low and breathy. “Soap stings,” I said. “I have something you’ll like better.” I rinsed off the bubble butt I’d been fondling, then turned him around and up against the tile wall, spreading his legs like a cop frisking a suspect. On my way to my knees I turned off the water. In front of me were the most perfect set of boy melons I’d ever seen. I pried them apart to reveal smooth skin in a valley that ended with a light pink star, an altar I was now going to worship at. “Thomas? Thomaaaasss…” Sam’s voice went up an octave as I buried my face in the fleshy treat. Bitter soap gave way to a tart taste as I pushed my firm tongue deep, fighting his virgin ring for ownership. Sam was cooing. The deeper I probed, the more his sphincter twitched in uncontrollable spasms. I saw my opportunity and readied my tongue. Sam shuddered. I pushed in. His ring closed around my tongue, trying to squeeze it out. I mashed my face into his hairless crevice and held firm, gripping Sam’s hips. “Fuuuuuuck…” I’d never heard Sam swear before. It was tongue versus boy-hole. I realized how hard I was when my cock twitched, as though rooting me on to forge the path it would later follow. The pressure lessened and I used the moment to push deeper. “Gaaaaaaawddd…” Sam swore again. The guardians of his virginity had laid down their arms and it was time for a victory feast. I devoured the boy, losing track of time from the pleasure. My tongue soldiered on until it couldn’t. I grabbed Sam’s hips, spun the compliant boy around and was clubbed with the most rigid teen-cock I’d ever seen. His foreskin had pulled all the way back. The angry red head stared at me, demanding attention from the hardened state I’d created. In one move I took it to the root. “Teeeeeeeeeacherrrr…” Sam wasn’t swearing now but it was sexy-cheeky to moan that instead of my name. Fingers ran through my hair then gripped as nature’s autopilot took over. The otherwise demure boy was fucking my face. Hard. I recognized his sweet salty taste � but it wasn’t time for his release. I pulled back and stood up, Sam’s hips still gyrating, seeking a hot wet hole. His hand went down to stroke the demanding spike but I was ready. My hands found his and I pushed him back into the tiled wall. We were like school dance partners � if they held the prom in a shower with naked males grinding into each other. Sam was like a ready grenade with the pin pulled � if I didn’t keep a firm grip to control his movements he’d go off. I leaned in and ran my tongue up his neck until my mouth was right by his ear. “Slow down,” I said, then turned to kiss him. Sam gripped my head and pulled me in. His mouth was like a hot wet vacuum as he sucked in my already well-used tongue. Maybe it was tasting whatever essence remained from my rimming him or just the heat of the moment. It fueled his aggression and made my cock twitch as I rubbed our naked wet bodies together. Now it was me who was on autopilot, but I knew to stop and keep us wanting so that the final act would be a touchstone to bind us together forever. I reached behind the teen and turned the water back on to cool us off, halfway expecting steam when it hit our sexed-up bodies. Sam groaned his disappointment in not achieving release as I pulled away from him. When he reached out to grab me I put a towel in his hands. He gave me a look like a kid who’d been served broccoli instead of chocolate. I held my towel in front of me and leaned in to give him a quick consolation kiss, then made him smile when I said, “Meet me in bed.” Once dried off I lit the other candles and readied the room, selecting a piano playlist to broadcast through a little Bluetooth speaker I travel with. I chuckled to myself: none of this was necessary. Sam had already seduced me. Tonight I was creating the mood for consummation. “Bring the candle,” I said, loud enough to carry into the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bed. A nervous first-date chill ran up my spine. Then Sam came out, holding the candle in his left hand. It’s flickering light highlighted smooth tan skin as his mouth went from a smile to an `O’ to him tucking his lower lip under the upper as he dropped the towel. I matched his `O,’ as I surveyed perfection in the flesh. Our eyes locked. “Thomas…” was all he said before he shuddered out a breath. As he walked over to the bed his engorged cock moved from side to side. My eyes traveled up, taking in his Adonis belt � the pronounced ridge around his lower abs, past his emerging six-pack, defined pecs and came to rest on his cute face. Sam was the epitome of young male beauty and I burned the moment into memory. I stood up. Sam put the candle on the nightstand. We embraced. All in one fluid motion. We swayed, a sensuous slow dance, no need to rush, all the time in the world to touch. We held onto each other as we went from vertical to horizontal, me on my back, Sam on all fours over me. His eyebrows furrowed as his smile went from happiness to lust, lowering himself so our cocks lined up. A light kiss grew intense, his tongue pushing at my mouth to open as he ground into me. It was on; Sam had learned well. This was a final exam where the boy was showing his teacher how much he’d learned � and how much he wanted it. The agile teen lifted, bent at the middle and pressed his pre-cum dripping red-headed cock against my lips in a silent request to be sucked. My pleasure. I looked up. With each pump his smooth-skinned abs contracted. He stared down at me, eyes narrowed with lust. His thrusts into my mouth and salty-sweet taste grew stronger. I grabbed his hips and forced him to a stop. Sam groaned at having his release delayed. I pushed up on his butt and he got the hint, doing a pirouette and coming to rest facing away from me. There it was, that pucker, the figurative cherry on top ready for the taking. When Sam bent forward I swear it winked at me. Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle We devoured each other, moans and groans muffled by mouths full of flesh as we explored every way the puzzle pieces of our man and boy parts could fit together. Except for that one last connection. The one that mattered most to Sam, and me. Sam looked at me from where he’d been licking and chewing on a nipple. “Now?” he said, like a boy who’d been patient long enough. “Now.” I smiled. I put him on his back, a pillow under his waist, legs splayed. I wanted to see his face when I entered him, as much to make sure he was okay as to memorize the moment. Sam watched me prepare, lubing my cock, sucking in his breath when the cold gel landed on his hole. Forearm against both legs to keep them up. One finger. Slow and gentle. No frown, just a curious look from a new sensation. I pushed deeper until I felt a fleshy mound. One touch and his ring clamped down on my finger. Sam hissed in a breath then let out a groan, the corners of his mouth turning up in satisfaction. Two fingers. Then three. “Please.” It was time. Sam put his legs over my shoulders, ready for me. I lined up and pushed against his opening like a guest waiting for the door to be unlocked. The ring gave way to a slick, tight tunnel, matching the `O’ of Sam’s mouth as I slid in and stopped halfway, wanting to be sure. Small hands grasped my butt and pulled me forward, all the assurance I needed to continue. The heat and tightness were exquisite as I slid in then ground to a halt, fully embedded in the boy who’d showed up at my door. Muscles quivered around my cock forcing out a squirt of my pre-cum. I held still and leaned down. Sam was leaking too. He lifted his head. We kissed, tongues mimicking our groins. I flexed my cock. Sam’s eyebrows shot up at my `handshake.’ “You okay?” Sam answered with two twitches of his ring and a nod. “Love me,” he said, his voice husky, wanting, ready. So I did. Short strokes gave way to longer ones, each grazing his prostrate, pre-cum leaking out of his hard cock, pooling on his flexing abs. Sam grasped the sheets as his ass did the same to my cock. Without warning he fired off six shots that landed on his chin, neck, chest, then abs � hands-free. I smiled at his achievement and concentrated on not joining him, holding still, knowing that the teen’s resiliency would allow him at least one more cum � if not more. “Thomas…” Sam said, then but his lower lip. “So good… I couldn’t stop… I’m sor…” I shushed him. “Nothing to be sorry about,” I said. “Looks like you enjoyed that.” “Oh Thomas… it was… so… everything,” he said. “But…” I cut him off. “I’m going to make you do that again before we’re done.” A lustful grin replaced his frown. Doggy. Missionary. Cowboy did me in. Watching Sam’s torso flex as he rode, lifting then sinking onto my hard cock, hands on my chest pinching nipples, his lower lip tucked under his teeth concentrating on our pleasure. I held his smooth sack of boy-balls in one hand while I stroked his pre-cum slicked cock with the other, memorizing every moment. The visual and sensations were too much. I let out a deep groan as cum traveled from my drawn-up balls through my cock, four shots erupting into the slick confines of Sam’s hot hole. When Sam started shooting the pulses spurred me on to deliver two more hits. For a moment I saw stars and realized I was holding my breath. We exhaled together as Sam leaned forward, lying on my chest, stuck together by cum, our groins still connected. Our breathing slowed. “That was…” Sam started, then stopped. “How you love someone,” I finished for him. “Ill give you…” Sam paused, waiting. “Forever to stop that,” we said in unison. We slept in a tangle of arms, legs, and cocks, glued together by drying cum and affection. I woke, opening my eyes to see Sam facing me, staring, smiling. My teen-lover leaned in for a kiss, pushing past my lips with his recovered tongue. He stopped and pulled back, pressing his lips together, having discovered morning breath. “Yeah,” I said. “We’ve both got cocks on our breath.” Sam giggled then added, “And arse!” His smart-ass comment told me he had no qualms about last night. I didn’t either. Sam pushed. I rolled onto my left side, facing away from him as he spooned into me. A fleshy club poked me at the base of my ass, already wet with pre-cum. It grazed my hole and dragged along my taint until it was parked, making me swell. The teen snaked his left arm under me, his right around me in a hug as fingers found my nipples. All it took was light rubbing for electrical jolts to travel down to my cock, so hard now it was painful. The teen made slow fucking motions with his slick cock. “Teacher?” “Yes Sam?” “Are we equal?” I wracked my brain for an answer, but my horizontal student already had one. “When you’re teacher and I’m student it’s not. But when it’s just us, together… I mean, I know I’m a boy and you’re a man, but… I want to be able to decide too.” Sam’s wisdom went way beyond his years. “Wow,” I said. “What? You don’t want…” “No… I mean yes, I want it that way, like you said. You keep surprising me, but…” “What?” I broke free of his embrace and rolled over to face the teen. “You don’t have to call me teacher all the time. Just when we’re in school.” “It’s not as fun that way.” I furrowed my eyebrows and looked a question at him. Sam gave a dirty chuckle. “It’s my fantasy.” “To be with a teacher?” “With this teacher,” Sam said, putting a finger on my chest. “And a moment ago?” I said, jutting my hips against him. “Another fantasy?” “Yes, but also… equal.” “You want to…?” Sam lowered his head, a bit less secure. “If it’s okay…” I reached out and lifted his chin to look into his eyes. “Of course it’s okay. Have you ever…?” “No… but I want to… really bad.” “Okay bad boy. You can have your teacher’s…” “Arse!” Sam dissolved into giggles. Life with Sam was going to be more than a handful. A butt-full, but I was up for it � literally and figuratively as my cock reminded me with a twitch that it needed drained. I slid to the edge of the bed and stood up, my hard-on pointing the way to the bathroom. A moment later I was joined by Sam, which stopped the progress of getting soft enough to pee without imitating a fountain. “Forty-eight divided by six is?” I said. “Huh? Oh wait… eight,” Sam said then smiled. “nety divided by fifteen is?” A few equations later we were crossing streams. I turned on the shower. “Can I…?” Sam started. “Equal,” I said, smiling. It was a complete cleansing for both of us. Everything was soaped down, rinsed, checked twice, and followed by a taste test. I looked down at Sam’s bobbing black-haired head then got a jolt when a soapy finger scrubbed around my hole, dipping into it on the last swirl. A moment later he grabbed my hips, turned me around and pushed me into the tile wall, spreading my legs, much as I’d done to him yesterday. `Equal,’ I thought. Sam seemed intent on showing me he’d paid strict attention to yesterday’s lessons. It’d been too long since I’d been rimmed, and knowing that a hormonal teen was penetrating me with his tongue made me all kinds of hot. `Thwack.’ My hard cock slapped Sam’s face when he turned me back around. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his surprised look as he stood up. “I can’t believe this was in me last night,” he said, gripping the weapon. “I can’t believe this will fit in me tonight,” I said, making him shudder as I gave him a playful stroke. A mischievous look crossed his face and I was spun back around into the wall. Hot smooth skin pressed up against my back as Sam stood on his toes, pulled my left cheek aside and directed his cock up against my hole. “Fuck…” I said under my breath, turned on by his aggression. “Tonight, teacher,” he said, leaning in to whisper in my ear. “Equal.” I turned around. Sam had returned to as innocent a look as possible for the newly initiated boy. I was going in for a kiss when there was a knock on the door. Sam’s eyebrows rose as his mouth formed an `O.’ END OF CHAPTER THREE

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