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My oldest son Jacob was sitting on the bed naked and quickly he grabbed a pillow and threw it into his lap. “Dad, knock for Christ’s sake!” He shouted at me, doubling over to hide what he was doing. “I’d knock if I wanted to let you keep what you’re doing a secret but it’s clearly no longer possible. It smells like a semen storage tank in here Jacob! When is the last time you guys cleaned in here, or at least sprayed room deodorizer? It’s practically muggy in here.” I yelled back at him, looking around the room. Jacob blushed and looked down at the floor then sort of haphazardly glanced around the room. “Well?” I asked. “I don’t know. Dad! Get out! I’ll clean it up later.” He said as he grabbed the sheet and threw it over his lap, still covered by the pillow. “Later nothing, we’re having a talk. Where are your brothers?” I asked him. “We already talked about the birds and bees thing Dad, I’m not doing that again.” He said, obstinate in never wanting to experience that awkwardness if possible. “To hell with birds and bees, we’re going to talk about where to jerk off. Jacob! Look at the floor in front of the desk! You’re going to be growing mushrooms there, it’s stained in a two foot circle. And look at your sheets, you could bend them. I’m not asking again, where are your brothers?” I was angry but not at them specifically. If anything, it was my fault, I should have told them about keeping things clean. Having four boys you are going to have jizz in lots of different places, that’s normal. But they had to know some proper clean up procedures. The room literally smelled like a gym sock in an abandoned locker room. “They’re outside.” He grumbled as he went to grab his gym shorts, reaching off the side of the bed still clutching the pillow. “No! You leave’em off. And don’t you finish what you were doing. I’ll be back in five minutes.” I said, waving my finger at him. He gawked at me. “Stay naked?” He asked. I was walking away from the room now. “Yes.” I replied. “And don’t you cum!” I shouted back at him as I headed down the stairs. In the backyard the other boys were playing with water balloons and squirt guns. It was an all out war and they were soaked. “Hey, you guys, come over here.” I called out to them. They all dropped their shoulders and trudged towards me. They could tell the “Dad’s upset” voice. “You’re not in trouble, it’s fine. I want to get your opinions on something and get some advice too.” I said, trying to let them know this wasn’t going to be a disciplinary action but at the same time they needed to get some responsibility. I have four sons in total. I was 17 when I had my first son so there is not a huge age difference between the two of us. I found it a little easier to relate to him because of that. I hadn’t had so much time pass between he and I that I’d lost touch with what was going on in his world most of the time. My father was 40 years older than myself. No relation point at all. And consequently, no talk about anything, ever. My father and I casually greeted each other in the morning and said good night in the evening. Because of that I’d made the choice to have a very close connection with my boys. I wanted them to have a good connection with their dad and feel like they could come to me with anything. In the reverse, I wanted to be able to talk to them about anything. So I didn’t feel like this conversation was going to be a bad one by any means. My eldest son is Jacob, and he is 16. Next is Jamie, and he is 14. Then Jared, he’s 13. And the runner up is Jason, he’s 12. I know what you are thinking, my name starts with `J’, but it doesn’t. My wife chose the boys’ names and just thought it would be cool to have them all start with `J’. I had no objections so the theme continued. “Go upstairs and into your room. I have to grab a couple things and then I’ll be up. Don’t fight!” I said as I went into the basement. They bolted up the stairs and then started giggling as they ran into their room. Our house did not have the space to give each of the boys their own room. That’s a fact I always regretted because it was something I wanted for them. The joy of privacy. But circumstances overtake desire so they all had to share one room. They all got along though so there was rarely any problem; and they very clearly didn’t require the thing privacy generally afforded as evidenced by the stains all over the place. I came back upstairs to find Jacob still seated on his bed with the pillow still pressed into his lap. I tossed the stuff that I’d brought up from the basement onto one of the desks. Jacob was red faced and his brothers were snickering. “What’s funny?” I asked. Jamie was the first to pipe up, as usual, and said, “Jacob’s got a boner.” Then they all laughed and pointed. “Alright, alright, that’s enough. Let’s get down to business.” I said. “Dad?” Jacob said, questioning without asking a question. “No, you keep your clothes off. And the rest of you, take yours off.” I said, matter of factly. The boys all looked at each other with sideways glances and their smiles melted. I looked at them as they suddenly became shy. “You all sleep naked in this room! What are you all of a sudden ashamed of?” I asked. Jamie, again, was the first to speak. “Ummm, Dad, I have a boner too.” I looked over at him for a second then said, “And?” “Well, everybody is going to see.” I shook my head, “Okay, everybody take a really long deep breath in through your nose.” There was a deep inhalation in the room as my boys all sucked in the stale air of the bedroom. “You smell that?” I asked. They all glanced from one to the other and then Jason finally said, “It stinks.” And he laughed. “Yes, it stinks. What’s it stink like?” I said. Again, smirks and giggles. Jamie was first to respond. “Jizz.” And then everybody busted out in laughter again. “Exactly! It smells like jizz. So I know you have all seen each other naked and I know you’ve all seen each other’s boners so let’s cut the shy shit shall we? Strip.” There was no hesitation after that as they all knew they were comfortable and in a safe space. They all stripped down but then jumped onto their beds and covered themselves with a pillow like Jacob was doing. “Okay, Jamie, where do you cum?” I asked, knowing he was most vocal anyway I thought that would be a good start. He quickly retorted “In Jason’s butt.” Everybody laughed except Jason who just said “Fuck you, Jamie.” “Alright, alright, calm down. I’m being serious. Lightly serious anyway. Now where do you cum?” Jamie looked around the room and sort of shrugged. “Same spot all the time or different spots?” I asked. “Kind of all over, I guess. At the desk mostly.” He sort of mumbled the last part. “I don’t care if you watch porn, that’s fine. This isn’t that kind of talk.” I said. Jamie was quicker to reply then, “Yeah, mostly at the desk, and in bed at night. In front of the mirror, on the mirror. The couch, my computer chair, the desk. Bathtub, kitchen sink, garage, backyard, tool shed. Under the pine tree. The living room couch, and the recliner. My underwear drawer. Once in your underwear drawer.” “Okay, hold up. First off, let’s just talk about where in your room here. Second, Jesus Christ you little jizz monkey. Third, MY underwear drawer? You better have taken out whatever you spunked.” I said, grinning. “Maybe.” Was all he had to say in response. “Jacob, where do you usually cum?” I asked. “Bed, mostly. Floor, quite a bit, and in front of the computer too.” He said, matter of factly. Jacob was always all business. “Jason?” I asked. He hemmed and hawed for a little bit. “It’s okay Jason, I know you’re old enough to jerk off. Are you cumming yet?” I asked. He nodded his head istanbul travesti vigorously then brushed his floppy brown hair out of his eyes. “Okay, where are you doing it?” I asked again. “Ummm, I guess mostly on the floor. Outside a lot too but that’s not in here. My bed sometimes… and then… other beds.” He looked down at the floor, shyly. The other boys sort of snorted and there were a lot of nervous glances. “Are you jizzing in your brothers’ beds sometimes?” I asked. He nodded, less vigorously this time. “That’s okay, they’re cumming in their beds too so I doubt they notice.” I said. There was another round of nervous glances and it made me wonder if he’d been cumming in my bed too. That was fine but it wasn’t in this room so I wasn’t going to call him on it. “And Jared?” I asked. Jared was my shy boy. He was the quietest of the boys and the most reserved about things. I never pressured him or made him feel singled out because he didn’t like it. I felt like saving him for last would make him feel less pressure and more accepted in the conversation knowing it was something we were talking about with everyone. I also considered that he might be gay. He was very creative and always the most delicate of the boys. More sensitive and more in touch with his emotions. Not that it was those attributes that defined being gay, I just knew that made it more likely and I didn’t want him to feel different. We’d have the gay talk at some point but I knew it was too early right now. Odd, considering we were having a jizz discussion, but I really do think a father knows when the time is right. Jared didn’t hesitate at all. “In front of the computer, in my bed too. But I usually cum on my chest and then wipe it off.” He said. “Cool! So now we all know where we are doing it. Now I want to make it abundantly clear. I’m glad you are jerking off. I’m happy you are jerking off. I want you to explore that side of yourselves and find the stuff you like and the stuff you don’t like. I want you to feel good about your bodies and I want you to know if you ever have questions or concerns you can ask me. It might feel weird but it’s not, I promise you. So this talk is not going to be a “you’re sinners” kind of talk, let’s get that straight. This is a talk about our personal space, and trying to make sure it doesn’t smell like a triathlete’s jockstrap at the end of a weekend orgy.” The boys giggled a little and there was a mass of readjusted pillows. “So, when we cum in front of the computer, that’s on the carpet.” I went and moved the office chair away from the desk and bent down to press on the carpet. “You see how it’s sort of damp still? I don’t know who jizzed here last but cum is a living thing and it doesn’t dry up quick like water would. It’s also organic, so it leaves a stain.” I walked back to where I’d put all the basement stuff and picked up a board. The board was spattered with stain drops on its full four foot length. “See this board? This is a board from the tree house that your uncle Terrence and I used to have. These drops, this is my jizz. I shot what I considered my most impressive load at the time and then your uncle tattled on me and used this as proof. That was almost twenty years ago and there’s still the stained drops on this.” Jacob’s mouth dropped open and Jason just started shaking his head. Then he reached his hand out for it. I handed it to him and he rubbed his fingers on the stain. “That’s cum? Like, twenty year old cum?” “Yes! See, this stuff isn’t water, it stays. If I pulled up this carpet the floor in this spot would just be one big huge stained spot. Now again, no shame. You guys aren’t doing anything wrong. But let’s try to find a better way to catch our cum, okay?” I said. Everybody in the room nodded and then readjusted their pillows again. “Hey, let’s lose the pillows, shall we?” I said. Nervous glances all around the room. “Oh God, still? Okay, I’ll get naked too then.” I said as I lifted my shirt over my head. I’m a construction worker. I have been for years. And while my job is mostly supervisory now, I still do a lot of heavy lifting. And I do still go to the gym every day after shift. So I’m very well built and lightly dusted with curly brown hair. A man’s man, you could probably say. I had no shame about my body and was often complimented on it, so I certainly wasn’t ashamed of showing it off to my boys. They regularly saw me with my shirt off anyway, and I know they’d seen me naked before, so I wasn’t uncomfortable with them. After my shirt came off I undid my belt and dropped my jeans and stepped out of them then hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and pulled them off as well. Once I shucked them, I bent down and picked them up and held them out to Jamie, “You want to cum in these?” Everybody laughed and I glanced over to see if Jared was laughing too. He was, but Jason was the one who kept looking away. I figured his age must be making him awkward. But the goal was to let them know this didn’t need to be awkward. It was about self-care and respect of personal property. “Okay, now I’m naked and no pillow so you all toss yours aside too.” The freedom in the air totally took over and everybody just tossed their pillows to the side and sat naked on the bed. All my boys had a boner and honestly, it was the first time I’d ever seen them in that state. Never once had it occurred to me that I’d never seen them aroused. The sight of it, surprisingly, had the same effect on me and my dick started to harden. I was determined to finish this lesson though and if they were hard, I could be too. “Jared, you said that you cum on yourself and wipe it off, is that right?” I asked “Yeah.” He said, nodding his head. “What do you do with your clean up towel?” He looked down beside the bed to a small pile of little hand towels and t-shirts. “Right, and how long have those been there?” I asked him. He shrugged in response. I walked over to the pile and bent down, grabbing a fairly crusty towel that was midway to the top. I picked it up slowly and the pile came with it. Pinched between two fingers I turned to the center of the room with the mass of crusted together jizz rags. “See, it doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s not like water. It stays. You guys smell that?” I asked, knowing it was impossible not to smell. Everybody nodded, Jason slouched. I was starting to worry maybe this conversation had happened too early for him. But at the same time, it didn’t seem like it was too much. Maybe just seeing his dad naked, or the fact I was slowly getting more erect. “So that smell and those stains are what I want to try and work on for all of us, okay?” I said. I grabbed a big blanket, it was thin but it was heavy, one of those types you’d use when you were moving to make sure furniture didn’t rub up against each other or fall over and get smashed. Then I also grabbed a bag of shop rags. Just little terry cloth things that were tight weave and made for cleaning up grease spills or wiping your hands off after a job. “These little towels are now you guys’ property. That means you keep track of them, you maintain them, and you keep yourself stocked with them. The ONLY thing I am willing to do with these rags is fold them if you leave them in the dryer. But you wash them, you put them where you want them, you use them as you need them.” I broke the pack open and handed a stack to each boy. Jacob asked me, “So do we just cum on ourselves and wipe it off with these? I don’t like to cum on myself.” “No,” I said in response, “You can use them for anything. Look.” I said. I went over to the computer and moved the office chair aside. I got down on my knees and spread my legs then set the towel down in front of me. Then I grabbed my dick and gave it a couple strokes. “Like this. So when you nut it spills out on the rag instead of the carpet. Then you ball it up and toss it in the hamper I’m going to give you.” I said. Everybody nodded except Jacob. I looked over to him. “No?” I asked. “Well, not no. It’s just…I shoot farther than that.” He said. “You can use two rags.” He still didn’t break his frown. “Or three or four or whatever it takes.” He laughed and nodded. “I promise to keep you supplied with these so don’t worry about how quickly you go through them, okay? We’ll always have a bunch of rags around and we’ll wash them as often as we need to.” I said. I stood up and my cock was nearly fully erect at this point. I was determined to let them know this was all okay though so I didn’t kadıköy travesti try to hide it. “What’s the big blanket for?” Jamie asked. “Okay, now this, this is for when you don’t have privacy. You guys all know you are jerking off. It’s nothing you need to hide or be ashamed of. And in those moments when you are okay with not having some private time but needing to jerk off, you can circle jerk. Does everybody know what that is?” Jason was the first to shout out yes and Jacob and Jamie both nodded. Jared didn’t move or speak. “Jared, circle jerk? New term?” I asked. “Yeah, but I assume it’s self-explanatory. You jerk off in a circle.” He said. “Exactly. Now I know sometimes you want your private time and that’s cool! You’ll always have moments for that. But I also know the best way to fall asleep is to cum. And since you’re all in here at night and likely all jerking off in your beds, let’s do this instead.” I said as I grabbed the big blanket and tossed it out over the floor. “Everybody come here, come stand in a circle.” I said. All the boys happily got up and came to the blanket. I reached down and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. “So now at night time when you need to release before bed you just stand around and jerk off on the blanket. You can put some porn on or just talk with each other or whatever you feel like doing. But that way, you’ll all nut and then you just roll this blanket up and put it over by the closet. I’ll wash this thing a couple times a week for you so you don’t have to worry about that, that’s my responsibility, but I want you guys to cum on it instead of the floor, okay?” Everybody said yes and then Jared started stroking his dick along with me. I looked over to Jacob and said, “Did you cum while I was gone?” He shook his head and said, “No, you said not to.” “Okay, perfect! So what do you guys think, shall we christen this thing?” I said. “You’re going to cum with us?” Jared asked. “Unless you don’t want me to?” I said. “NO!” Jason blurted out. “I want you to. Please cum with us.” Everybody kind of grinned and then we all nodded. “So let’s put the first loads in our jizz blanket.” I said. My boys gathered around and we all started stroking off. Again, this was the first time I’d ever paid attention to this part of my boys so I was really taking in the view. Jacob was the biggest by far, and not just because of his age. He had to be at least 7 ½ inches long and he was so thick his fingers barely touched when he wrapped around his shaft. He leaned over to his bedside table and grabbed some lube. He squirted it onto his dick and slathered the shaft until it shined beautifully in the bedroom light. I could not get over how big he was at 16. By the time he was in his 20’s he’d be a horse. I looked over at shy Jared next. He was rubbing his bush with the palm of his hand and stroking with his other. His dick was pretty. His cock head was big and swollen and his shaft was cigar shaped, swelling slightly in the center. He was veiny and his pale skinny really accentuated the beautiful blue veins along his dick. He would occasionally reach down and give his balls a couple playful tugs then go back to rubbing his bush. His nuts were very impressive. Both as big as a boiled egg and they hung low, lower than mine even. He obviously shaved them and they were smooth without fault. They bounced playfully in the sack as he stroked his cock, and I smiled as I watched them bounce around between his thighs. Then I looked over at Jamie. He was using his left handed, though he himself was not left handed. And he was grabbing his dick backwards. He had grabbed some lube when Jacob brought it over and he was slickly sliding up his shaft, one, two, three strokes and then two twists over the head. Back to one, two, three strokes and again two twists over the head. I grinned at him and he said, “I know, it’s weird, but it’s what feels best.” “Hey! No judgement. Everybody does what gets them off. If you like it, then it’s all good.” I said. His dick had a hellacious upward curve. If he was ever going to get his dick sucked it’d have to be from somebody hanging upside down or he’d unhinge their jaw. He also played with his balls while he stroked himself but his were much tighter against his body. He didn’t shave his, but the hair was light and sparse. He’d pat them with his hand then rub them between his fingers. His head was more pointed than the other boys’ and he really worked it hard when he’d rub his hand over it. Mine was sensitive and I’d never have been able to do what he was doing. When I looked into his eyes it was clearly bringing him massive amounts of pleasure though. I then turned my attention to Jason. His dick was what I think most would call perfect. It had the perfect shape, the perfect head. His coloration was perfect, his thickness was perfect, his length was perfect. He just had a very pretty dick. His pubic hair was very light, and looked like it had only recently started to come in. His balls were totally smooth but not by razor, purely by nature. As I watched him pleasure himself it struck me how he did it exactly as I did. He put a hand on his hip and, without lube, he grabbed his shaft and started stroking. He would occasionally look at the ceiling and sigh and then look back to all his brothers. Then he did something that was not part of my technique for myself. He slipped a hand down to his balls and while I thought he was going to tug at them he instead shifted them to the side and slid his hand back farther. Then a little farther still. Then I saw the corded muscles of his wrist start to work. It took me a couple seconds but then I realized he was fingering himself! Had I made a mistake, was Jason gay? That didn’t mean Jared wasn’t gay too, of course. Or all my boys for that matter. But it hadn’t occurred to me that Jason might be gay. I had to readjust my thoughts, just because he was fingering his hole didn’t make him gay. I started making mental notes to be more caring about his emotional state too and to start asking him more questions. But then I came back to the moment and wanted to just enjoy a stroke session with my boys. I had my hand on my hip and I continued to stroke my own dick, knees slightly bent, enjoying the sensation and doing it with my sons. My cock was about 8 inches in length and a little over 6 inches around. I was very thick and had always been complimented about that fact. My dick was a darker shade than the rest of my skin and the head was the size of a small plum, especially when I was really hard, like now. My nuts did not hang, they were a little loose in the sack but Jared definitely had much larger testicles than I did. I liked the idea that each of my boys had their own uniqueness to them and didn’t have to try and compare up to me. Jacob would clearly be larger than me in a year’s time. Jamie had a longer shaft and a nicer curve. Jared had massive balls and low hangers at that. And Jason, while most similar to me, liked his hole played with. I was blissfully stroking away when Jamie said, “Fuck Dad! You’re big!” Everybody kind of laughed and Jared said, “I was thinking that too but didn’t know if I should say it.” We all chuckled some more and then I spoke to them. “You guys are big too! Jacob, you’ll be bigger than me in no time.” He smiled and stroked a little faster. “That’s a really fat cock you have. That’s a people pleaser.” I said. “And Jared, your nuts are massive!” Everybody lightly laughed again. Jared said, “Yeah, we all comment on that all the time. I think mine are the same as yours though.” “Oh hell no! You are way bigger than me. I can fit both mine in one hand.” I reached down and cupped mine. Jason started panting really heavily as we discussed all this. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t left out. “Jason, your cock is about as big as mine already and you’re half my age. You’re gonna be big man on campus in no time.” He smiled and nodded then closed his eyes and panted again, his leg shaking. I was thinking he was getting close. But he’d pulled his hand away from his butt. “And Jamie, that’s a throat breaker there. That’s a beautiful curve.” I said. He nodded as he did his twirl around the head again. “I like it. I think it looks cool.” “I think it looks cool too.” I said, encouraging him. Jason panted a little harder and then Jared said, “Dad, can I touch yours?” I let go and my cock bobbed in the open air, “Sure!” He stepped forward and reached out hesitantly, then just full on grabbed it and bakırköy travesti gave it a few playful strokes. “Fuck! It’s like iron!” He said, then he kept stroking it. I put my arms behind my head and he stopped for a second then said, “Can I keep stroking?” “Hell yeah, buddy! If it feels good do it. No shame here.” He then really went to town and started stroking my cock with a lustful gaze in his eyes. Yep, pretty sure Jared was gay. Then Jamie said, “Dad, can I rub your bicep?” I laughed a little then said, “Sure, you like your dad’s muscles?” I flexed my arm and made the bicep jump and bulge. “I really do.” He said. Hmmm, maybe Jamie was gay too. He reached up and while stroking with his left hand he kept rubbing my bicep with his right. “You are so strong. I want to look like that when I’m older.” “You will.” I said and flexed at a few different angles so he could feel the muscles tighten. Jason closed his eyes and continued to shudder though he was stroking much slower and stopping frequently now. Then Jacob spoked. “Dad, is your butt furry?” “A little,” I said, “Not a ton, why?” “Mine is starting to get furry. I wondered how much you had.” He said. I told him to come around back and look. He did and then he also asked if he could feel me. “Yeah, all yours. Explore.” His hand started rubbing my cheeks as he kept stroking with his right hand. “I really like how it looks. With the fur and all. It’s hot. Nice butt.” He said, still rubbing his hands all over me as he jerked off. “You might get hairier than me.” I said to him. “That big ol’ dick is going to require a lot of testosterone. I can see you already have a spread of chest hair. I think you’ll be a big old beast like your dad.” “Fuck yeah.” He said, still petting my ass while he rubbed his lubed cock. Jason had stopped jerking and had both hands on his hips but was still panting. Finally he spoke. “You guys. You guys. Can we?” Jared shushed him and then everyone got very quiet. “Okay, what’s up?” I asked. Jamie spoke first, of course. “Dad, you love us no matter what, right?” I looked to him and with all seriousness I said, “Yes, you are my boys, and you mean everything to me, literally everything. I love you all and that means however you are in this world, that love comes without question and without exception. Gay, straight, trans, whatever you feel, I love you. I love ALL of you, okay?” Everybody nodded and then Jamie spoke again. “Dad, Jason likes to eat cum.” Jamie said. “Fuck you, Jamie!” Jason shouted. “What?” Jamie yelled back, “It’s true. And dad said he loves us all no matter what.” Jason looked at me with big, sad puppy dog eyes and I could tell he felt ashamed. I reached out and brushed his cheek with my finger and winked at him. “It’s okay Jason. That’s good! I’m glad you can be you. I love you.” Then I stalled for just a second and said, “You want to eat Dad’s cum?” Jason instantly dropped to his knees and went back to rubbing his dick while fingering his hole. “Oh fuck, yes please Daddy.” He said. “You guys, I’m close.” I said. “Yup!” Jacob said. And the other two nodded in unison. “I think we’re all about there buddy, you ready?” I said, to my youngest boy as he knelt before me. Jason closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and stuck out his tongue then nodded vigorously. I looked to Jared, “You want to finish me off or do you want me to take over?” “You take over.” He said. “I like to stand at the top of Jason’s head to do this.” He let go and I went back to jerking myself off. I was standing directly in front of Jason with the head of my dick nearly touching his tongue as I stroked. Jacob came in on my right and Jamie circled around to my left, still rubbing my flexed bicep while he rubbed his own dick in his own way. “Oh man, I’m getting there buddy. You want it right in your mouth?” I asked. But he didn’t respond. Jamie then grunted a little bit and said, “He likes his face painted but mostly in his mouth.” “Ugnh, fuck yeah, let’s paint your face then little buddy. I’m gonna fucking cum!” And with that my nuts released. The first dollop was big and fat and splatted right on his forehead. The second dripped into his right eye and strung up to the tip of his nose. All the rest spattered into his mouth as he greedily licked away trying to get it all over his tongue. Jamie was next and his fingers dug into my bicep as he grunted and said, “Fuuuuucccckkk!” Then he too started cumming. Because of his curve his jizz shot upwards into the air. The first jet came up as high as my eye line then fell back down with a loud splattering sound as it coated across Jason’s cheek. Jamie then leaned forward and pressed his head down hard against Jason’s lips as he shot jet after jet into his little brother’s mouth. He looked at me and between grunts he said, “I have…to push down…hard. Otherwise all…ugngh, all my cum…fuck…all my cum drips backwards down my shaft. Uggghhhh.” He never stopped cumming into his brother’s mouth the entire time. Jared was next and he reached down and held his brother’s head up for support. “Here comes, lil brother. Eat up.” And with that he shot a jet of cum out so hard and fast that you could audibly hear it as it hit me in my abs. His next jet was just a little lower but just as forceful and loud. His third hit my dick, the next my balls, and then the rest just coated his brother’s face and tongue. “Goddamn! Now that’s a cum shot! I’ve never seen anything like that for distance.” Jason was in pure heaven and he reached up and started rubbing my balls. Jared smiled at me and said, “That’s nothing. Watch this.” And then turned to look at Jacob as Jacob shook and grunted, riding his orgasm to its peak. Jacob started muttering, “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Here it comes you guys. Here it comes. It’s big. Fuck. I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming, aww I’m cumming.” And with that, I watched the most impressive orgasm I’ve ever seen in my life. Jacob shot a jet of cum from his huge dick that looked like somebody pitched a cup of water out a window. It hit Jamie in the chest and immediately started dripping down, coating his nipples first, then slowing as it rippled over his abs. The next jet shot Jamie in the stomach. That’s when Jared said, “Share.” Jacob turned slightly and blasted Jared with cum, all over his abs. Jared rubbed his hand through it and laughed as the next inexplicably large jet of jizz shot him in the stomach again. Jared scooped it up and let it drip, or run rather, into Jason’s mouth. Jacob then looked over at me as he pounded away at his dick and I nodded my head. He uttered the word, “Fuckin’ hot!” as he aimed his dick and me and plastered me with his shot gun blast cum shot. Another jet hit exactly where the previous one had. Then another. The next one went lower and blasted all over my shaft, which Jamie was now stroking. The jet after that hit Jason in the chin and after that there was no more counting. Jason lunged forward and swallowed the head of Jacob’s cock into his mouth as I watched the shaft continue to pulse countless ounces of cum into his little brother. Jason grunted and whimpered and when I looked down he was still fingering his butt and cumming all over Jacob’s feet. We all watched as Jason sucked Jacob soft and then went to licking all of us clean. He didn’t stop until we were all spotless and not a drop of jizz remained. The floor, however, was not so fortunate. The blanket I’d brought them was soaked. The heady smell of fresh jizz filled the room. I watched as all of our cock softened and then Jason came back to his senses and stood up, but shyly. He kept his head low. I walked over to him and placing a finger under his chin I raised his head so he was looking in my eyes. “Hey. I love you. You’re not just a jizz eater. You’re my jizz eater. You don’t be ashamed of yourself, okay.” He smiled a big, bright smile and nodded his head as I pulled him in for a hug. I squeezed him tight and said, “I love you, Jason.” Then I looked around at all my boys and said, “Get in here you jizz monkeys!” They all came in close and I bear hugged all my boys, buck naked. They hugged back and we all lightly laughed and sighed. “I love you all. Don’t you ever feel like I don’t. You are the most special boys in the world.” They all said they loved me too and we all stepped back and looked around. I looked down at the new jizz blanket and said, “Well, looks like I’m going to be washing this thing more than a couple times a week!” Everybody laughed as I rolled it up and headed for the bedroom door to take it down to the laundry. Jamie called out to me and I turned back to see all four of my boys standing there, naked, sated, and happy. And in unison they all said, “Thanks, Dad!” I closed the door behind me as I headed down to the laundry room.

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