The China Connection

The China Connection
I found myself in the position of having a fanatic admirer from a few videos I posted. I called him “V”, which was the first letter of his name that I struggled to pronounce. V had figured out what college I attended and emailed me several times a day. Initially, I found V’s pursuit flattering and we started communicating. I even agreed to meet him for oral sex back in the archives of the college library. I actually was excited to meet a “fan”. I arrived about ten minutes and V was already there waiting for me. He hugged me and gave me his chair. I sat down, he pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles and began sucking my cock on his knees. V took his time, licking, lightly fondling my balls. He didn’t suck too hard, he was passionate. It was the best blow job I ever got. He didn’t swallow my cum but V did run my cock over his face as my cum pumped out of me. V managed to squeeze every ounce of me but still I tried ejaculating more. I felt compelled to return the amazing favor. I stood up and slipped out of my shorts and underwear. V stood up, he was at least 5 inches shorter than me. I bent over and kissed his cum covered face. I turned him around and V sat down. I got on my knees as V pulled his shirt up while I unbuckled his pants. I pulled them down and marvelled at his lean physique. I kissed below his navel and began playing with his already stiffened shaft. I admit I was jealous of his seven and half inches, slender, smooth cock. I kissed his darkened flesh tip and licked around it before enveloping with my lips. V was very stimulated. I could tell because in just a few minutes his cum was traveling down my throat. I enjoyed the taste, it was a little salty but sweet. As we got dressed, V asked for my phone number and I gave it to him. Little did I know….

V called me that night and he began pushing to meet me at my apartment. V started calling, leaving messages often. It wore on me but it was flattering getting the attention. I had usually met a guy in the past, we did what they wanted and that usually was it…. I liked being used. This was different and one night I let V into my apartment. Initially, I told him he couldn’t spend the night and we had somewhat scripted what would happen. V showed up with some porn, enemas, and lube. We both undressed and laid on my living room floor to administer the enemas. We evacuated the enemas and V lubed my ass up with the lube. We went to my bedroom and I put a video in. We both laid on the bed mutually sucking each other’s cocks. Before long, I was on my back with legs up as V moved his lean perfectly sculpted body up to me. He hesitated before slipping his pole into me….V had wanted condoms but I was willing to go without. He gently pushed his way deep inside. V’s body shook with excitement, his eyes got huge as he leaned over me. We kissed as he moved slowly in and out. There was a fierce intense attraction. We both felt it. My body was electric and I felt a strange connection as V intensified his drilling. He confessed he was close, I begged him to hold off as long as he could. V slowed down his pace. I saw the strain in his face as he struggled to hold back. I leaned up and reached for his hard ass cheek. I squeezed them hard and blurted out for V to cum inside me. V released a boisterous cry as he violently shook with every pulse of his seed being planted into my willing ass. V collapsed on top of me and I held him until his cock retreated out of me.

We got into the shower to clean each other up. I washed his cock thoroughly then got my knees in the bathtub. I swallowed him whole. V braced himself against the wall with one arm. I let him fuck my mouth. V liked making me gag. His fist clenched my hair tight holding me in place. He stopped me before reaching climax. We dried off and reentered the bedroom. V had wanted me to top him. I had never been on the giving end nor did it excite me. Still, I let V slip a very tight cock ring around my cock and balls after helping me get hard. I laid down on my back. V straddled my body with his legs. I liked how his balls and cock felt on my abdomen as he slid down. V reached back and took hold of my hardened meat. He lowered down on me. His weight bearing down on my tip. My cock struggled to penetrate his tight hole. It felt very painful like he’d break my stick. Then I penetrated into V. He groaned hard as he lowered himself down. Once my tip broke through his tight barrier, the rest of my inches plowed deep into his hole. It felt different being inside V. I imagined how it must feel for him and it excited me. V began playing with my nipples. Pulling and twisting keeping them hard,erect. V slowly went up and down on me. I moved my pelvis slightly upwards as he lowered. We kept going for several minutes. I wasn’t getting close in this position. V noticed me being quiet and he got off me. V moved to all fours on the bed. I got behind him. I grabbed my cock and bore into his ass. I knew V wanted it. I grabbed his boney hips, holding them as tight as I could. I pounded with great vigor into V. Our bodies slapped hard over and over until I got close. I pulled out and let my cum burst out of me onto V’s lowered back and down the crack of his backside. I collapsed beside V on the bed. V looked at me and grinned, I smiled back just happy to of pleased him.

I played with V’s cock and was amazed how quickly it swellwantn my hand. V surprised me by pushing me on to my stomach. He leaped on top of me, spreading my legs. V rubbed his cock up into my crack hard. He grinded me. His body was generating so much heat. He pressed down and apart my ass cheeks opening me up. He spit into my hole. My body twitched more out of shock. Before recovering V plunged into my ass all the way. I moaned hard into my pillow. It felt so good. He felt bigger inside me this time. V pressed up against me hard over and over. V had both hands on my upper back, holding me down. I had my head off to one side just to breathe. He pounded faster and faster. Our flesh slapping echoed in my bedroom. I began to beg V to pound me harder. Harder he went until he expunged his juices inside the hole he bore in me. I enjoyed how electric he felt twitching as he released. He collapsed on top of me. His warm body felt good. I told V he could do that to me anytime.

V ended up staying the night. We slept very little. V recovered quickly and he fucked me three more times over the course of a few hours. I discovered V’s endurance was greater than my asshole. The last time, I cringed as he entered my swollen, crusty feeling ass. I had to stop him just hobble over to the bathroom to grab some Vaseline. I lubricated his cock and stuffed some up inside me. V still managed to set my ass on fire with his amazing stamina. The friction was intense and lucky for me..My face was down on the bed or he would of seen my tears streaming out of me. I cried out over and over as he beat my ass into submission. It hurt like hell.

We washed up one more time. V got hard and I deflected his advances with giving him oral. He spewed his cum onto my face. A little got into my eyes, it burned. Still he got to smear it all over. When V left, I crashed. I slept the entire day away. V had called, leaving messages and even knocked on my apartment door but I didn’t answer. It hurt to walk and especially sit down. I had the windows open and slept naked flat on my stomach during the day. The sun felt good on my backside. I called V back late that evening. He wanted to come over. I wasn’t sure it was a great idea because I felt sore. V talked me into meeting him on campus to walk around a little.

Before long, V and I snuck into an empty class room and he had me butt naked bend over a desk pounding me with his meat. Over the next few weeks, V turned me into his sex toy. It was his intense energy that excited me.

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