The Clan Ch. 12

Female Ejaculation

Chapter 12 – Jed

Jed’s mum was always first to pick her son up and last to drop him off at all the events The Clan were involved in. He knew why too, but after Jeremy’s little talk Jed was that much more aware of the why. His mother was another Beth; evidently Elizabeth had been a popular name for girls around forty years ago. Jed’s Beth and that’s how he saw his mother, as his, picked him up early and dropped him off late because she wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, and he had always known this.

Jed had decided on which plan he would put into action as soon as Jeremy had suggested them. You see, Jed’s mother had made sure they did everything together. From when he was only about ten tears old, he had been his mother’s companion to all family events such as weddings. At first the family, on both sides, had thought this a little strange — well actually some thought it was bloody strange.

A grown woman never going out with a man, never having a date to take her to these types of functions! However, they soon became use to it. Jed’s father had left them when he was two years old, and the scuttle butt in his family, among Jed’s cousins was his father found his mother too clingy, too smothering, she just wouldn’t give him any space. For Jed, this is what life was with someone you loved. That’s what love was all about; this was how you showed your love for someone.

As Beth pulled into the camp car park somewhat too quick as her car made the loose stones fly, Jed knew Plan A was for him. Hell, he could never accuse his mother of not having the closest of relationships with him, they couldn’t be any closer. No, Plan B would come over like a con job, so it had to be Plan A — and he reckoned he had the perfect scenario to test his mother.

He had realized as Jeremy spoke, that his mother fitted the given criteria by Dr. Abbotts. But he knew he had to have a plan, something to get the ball rolling as it were. The idea came to Jed soon after he had begun to think, when Jeremy had said the boys were to follow their mother’s lead. Like Sean, Jed’s Beth had done something a little out of the blue just before the camp, and to his mind she had been fishing sexually. Let me explain.

All the boys had arrived at camp in the late afternoon, all no later then 5.00pm and of course Jed arrived later at 6.00pm — he had nearly missed the BBQ dinner. During the morning Jed had been sitting on the couch watching an old State of Origin game (National Rugby League), when Beth came in and sat next to him. She was always more clingy just before camp. Beth linked her arm in her son’s as his eyes were glued to the TV, and asked him a very strange question. At first Jed thought he had heard wrong, and asked his mother to repeat her question.

“Darling, have you ever thought about a girl you want?”

For Jed it was not the question that was odd, but the emphasis his mother had placed on the word ‘want’.

“How do you mean mum?” he asked and now his full attention was on his mother, and he paused the game.

“Well do you think about girls?” Again the emphasis.

“What do you mean ‘want’ and ‘think’ about girls? Come on mum spit it out.”

“Well do you think about girls, you know… think about them?”

Beth was just a light shade of red now. Jed sat up and turned to his mother.

“No mum, you’re going to have to be clearer. What are you on about?”

Beth smiled, as though she got the information she had wanted, and it was what she wanted to hear.

“Oh, it’s ok darling, never mind.”

With that she just sat and snuggled into her son as he went back to the TV, although he felt uneasy about whatever it was his mother was asking him.

A few nights into the camp, some of the boys began to ask the others if they thought about girls. Jed was all ears; maybe this had something to do with what his mother had been asking him. Then the penny dropped, as some of the boys ventured fantasies about different girls they knew. This went on for the rest of the camp, as each night different guys would take turns exciting the others with their fantasies.

Then on the last night after Jeremy’s little talk, Daniel asked the question all the others were wondering. ‘Who had fantasized about their mum?’ The silence was deafening for some long seconds until Daniel spoke. He regaled the boys with his vivid fantasies of his mother Julia and himself. ‘Man, they were hot’, Jed had thought. Now he knew what his mother was on about, and a plan began to form in his mind and within a few minutes of refining, he had what he thought was the perfect plan. It would all revolve around fantasies.

Jed grinned as he walked toward his mother and she had her driver’s door open in a flash to greet her son. Beth smothered him in her arms and kissed his cheek.

“Wow mum, careful you might start something you’ll regret.”

Beth let her son go, very surprised by his words and wondered what he meant, but before she could ask he hurried her up to escort bayan leave. Bags in the boot, he quickly hopped into the front seat, while Beth wondered what was going on. Jed was never this enthusiastic to come home — what had happened? She couldn’t wait to find out. So as Beth drove them out of the car park she asked,

“So how was camp this year?”

Hoping her son would begin to open to her as he always did. This was just as Jed had hoped; to intrigue his mother with as little information so she would be in a receptive mood.

“Really good,” he said enthusiastically and Beth wondered at his excited state.

“Why, what did you guys do that was so good?”

“Great talks, interesting information exchanged and an unexpected proposal.” ‘That certainly summed up the highlights’, Jed thought and smiled.

‘What was that?’ his mother wondered catching his smile as she was supposed to. ‘What had gone on this year? What had the guys gotten up to? I know; the girls’ camp across the creek from the guys. Yes that was it, she told herself. But how could she ask him? I can’t just blurt it out like some jealous girlfriend — oh my, is that how I feel?’ She was surprised by her response to her son.

“You care to elaborate?” ‘That sounded like an ordinary question’, Beth told herself; at least she hoped it sounded ordinary.

“Yeah.” That was it, Jed said nothing more. ‘Damn’, Beth thought, I’ll have to do this bit by bit.

“Come on Jed, what’s gotten into you?” But rather than answer he asked in turn.

“Hey mum, remember what you asked me just before I left, you know, I didn’t understand what you meant at the time. Yet, after what happened on camp I know what you meant. You were asking me if I had thought about girls… remember?”

Now Beth felt as if she were in the hot seat and not her son. He had turned the tables beautifully.

“Did I ask you that?” Beth stalled for time.

“Ok if you don’t want to know. And to think that I thought you were interested enough to hear everything I have to tell,” Jed said and sighed for emphasis.

Beth was stunned. She didn’t know what to say. Finally she said,

“Oh yeah, I remember asking you that now. So what did you want to tell me?”

Beth could feel her breathing had increased and she was warm, particularly in her pussy.

“Well I was wondering if you could tell me something first?”

Beth was ready to tell him anything if only he would tell her what she wanted to know.

“Yeah sure, what is it?” her voice was tight with excitement and Beth realised she was aroused for the first time in — well a very long time, and her son had done it.

“Do girls have fantasies?”

Although a little taken aback by her son’s boldness, she could see he was only asking her a question, back at her.

“Ah, yeah, I suppose they do.”

“No mum, you can do better than that. I want the truth just like you do.”

Jed could see the look on his mother’s face and knew she felt caught between a rock and a hard place. He also knew she was wondering how much to tell him. For her part, as she tussled over the pros and cons in her mind, she wanted to know what he had to tell more than she wanted to hide her truth — because she knew that’s where her son was heading.

“Ok,” she sighed. “I can only speak for the girls and women I know and have known, and most of them tell me they have fantasies.”


“Yeah, some say they don’t have fantasies.”

“Do you believe them?”

“Yeah, you should see them… rather prudish, you know the type?”

“So what, the non-prudish types normally have fantasies?”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“So what category do you put yourself in?”

‘Here it comes’, Beth thought.

“Well put it this way, I’m not prudish.”

She waited, but Jed didn’t ask the question she thought he would, instead he began to tell her about the camp discussions. How the guys started to talk about their fantasies. He told her about the nightly reciting of fantasies, not that he told his mother specifics; he wanted her to be titillated by wondering what the fantasies were.

Jed also told his mother of their other activities during the days, and what the guys discussed and then he tantalize his mother just that little bit more, he told her that Jeremy had something very interesting to tell all The Clan. Without giving his mother specifics on anything; Beth was burning with curiosity.

This took up the majority of the trip home, as Jed told his mother this. However, he had told her nothing of what she wanted to know. He finally ended his ‘report’ once again emphasising how much he enjoyed the exchange of fantasies, and that some of what was said over the two weeks had given him a lot to think about.

Beth was intrigued and had to ask,

“Did you tell any of yours… you know, your fantasies?” She was dying to hear her son’s.


“Do you have fantasies?”

“Well escort bayanlar I’m not a prude,” Jed told his mother.

Beth laughed.

“So mum, what do you fantasize about, if as you say you’re not prudish?”

The question was always coming, but it still caught her by surprise.

“You cheeky young man,” Beth told her son, but still decided she would open up a bit.

“Tell you what. Quid pro quo, you know like in ‘Silence of the lambs’,” she told Jed.

“Ok, ladies first,” he ventured.

Beth smirked at her son, but at least the conversation was heading where she wanted it to go now. She was even willing to tell him a fantasy — a fairly conventional one, just to hear his.

“Alright. I’ve always fantasized about doing it in front of a roaring log fire.”

Beth smiled thinking how nice it would be.

“Are you serious?” Jed asked incredulously.

Beth took a quick look at her son hearing the sarcasm in his voice.

“What?” she asked defensively, because she felt a little hurt by his obvious criticism as she had opened up to him like never before and he basically laughed at her.

Jed grinned and said,

“Ok, I dare say this was a low level fantasy for you. You know, just testing the waters with your son. So I won’t hold back, but you must promise not to yell at me, or be angry at me, or disgusted with me, or…”

“I get the idea Jed.” Beth had cut in.

“Ok smart ass, blow me away by your sophistication and maturity in all things to do with fantasies, and I promise I won’t loose it or whatever, ok?”

Beth’s frustration had pushed her to anger now. She was also hurt by his criticism. She would really love to have sex in front of a roaring log fire. She shot a look at her son, knowing they were only minutes from home, ‘was he stalling?’ Beth hoped he wasn’t delaying until they got home, where he could use other tactics so he wouldn’t have to tell his mother a thing. But, Jed was smiling confidently. He was about to rock his mother’s world and really give her something to think about.

“Well I’m with my girl, and I have to tell you, I love her more than anything… I really do.”

Jed was serious now as he looked at his mother, and she could see that for better or worst she was going to get her wish — Jed was going to tell her one of his fantasies.

“I seduce her first by spoiling her. Doing those things she loves; cook a beautiful dinner for her, wait on her, sit and listen to all she has to get off her chest, rub her sore tired feet with aromatic oil. I would tell her how much I love her, need her, care for her and want her. I would tell her with all the feeling I could muster that, she is more than life to me; that I could not live without her. Finally, I would tell her that I have a deep hunger to make love to her, but not the hot and fiery all over in a few minutes type of sex, but that deep soul felt love making that takes time. I would ensure she is satisfied to exhaustion before I had a consideration for myself, so she would know that the depth of my love is deeper than anything she has experienced before or will ever.”

Jed just looked at his mother. Beth was stunned. Never, did she think she would hear a young man of 18 speak like this, much less her son. An overriding though filled her mind. ‘Whoever he is talking about is one lucky bitch,’ and she felt a jealousy that shook her whole body. ‘Did my son just have that effect on me… yeah, he did’, she told herself, amazed. She drove into the driveway and then garage with mouth open, eyes wide and knees spread. Beth stopped the car and looked at her son. Jed was still staring at her.

“My girl in my fantasy mum… is you.”

With that he got out of the car, collected his bags from the boot and let himself into the house, leaving his mother totally dumfounded in the car. Beth couldn’t move, as so many conflicting emotions ran through her. Jed got himself to bed as Beth, doing her best zombie impersonation as she prepared for bed too.

Jed slept better than he had for weeks, while Beth’s dreams were filled with fleeting images she couldn’t quite make out. But when her alarm woke her the next morning she felt different, but couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was, but she felt different. Beth delayed leaving her bedroom and going to the kitchen for as long as possible. She hadn’t been this nervous and excited in years.

Then the realization struck her. Jed had made her feel this way – her own son. Her heart was all a flutter again and she felt her body responding once again to her son having said she was the focus of his fantasy. Yet, her body was responding not as a mother would to her son, but as a woman does to her man. Beth finally pulled herself together and marched, rather than walked into the kitchen dressed in a short printed cotton dress, buttoned up the front.

“Morning mum,” Jed said brightly as he always did, with that smile of his.

Beth bayan escort felt herself melt a little inside. ‘What was happening,’ she asked herself.

“Morning baby.” Beth even shocked herself when she called her son ‘baby’, she had only called her lovers that — all two of them.

“Sleep well?” Jed asked his mother.

“Not really. It was sort of broken, you know… strange dreams and all that.”

“Sorry to hear that,” Jed told her as he stood up from the kitchen table and walked toward his mother.

Jed stood before her and reached out to gently stroke her hair, and Beth melted a little more. He held her face with one hand and brought the other to her waist.

“You really are the only girl for me… always have been, and I’ve always known it. That’s why you’re the centre of my fantasies… all of them,” he confessed to his mother, who stood mouth slightly open and eyes wide again.

“I really do love you more deeply than you could know, mum. I had to tell you.”

Jed smiled at her as he mouth transformed into a smile, her eyes glowed with love for her son and something else he didn’t recognize in her. Beth moved closer to her son. She could see the truth in what he had just said, and that she too felt the same way toward him. Beth admitted to herself that she had suppressed these feelings for years now, but as Jed had confessed his carnal love for her, her own had boiled to the surface never to be denied again.

“Oh Jed, baby. You don’t know how good that makes me feel,” Beth told her son in a lust filled tone.

“Yeah I do. But this isn’t a log fire, but I want you mum, and I want you now.”

With that, Jed kissed her gently on the lips, closed mouth to begin with. Beth though she had never had a better kiss, because it was soft, slow and told her how much her son loved and wanted her. Jed continued to kiss his mother on the mouth, cheeks and neck. Beth felt the love and tenderness, something she thought she would never find with a man.

There had even been a few times when she thought she might be gay, because all the men she had known or heard about had been rough and hasty when they had sex. None lingered, taking their time in romantic, tender love making. There seemed to be none who were interested in the woman’s needs — except other women.

Jed slowly ran his hands over his mother’s dress feeling her body beneath it. Beth had surrendered herself to her son as soon as he kissed her, because she just knew he would look after her sexually as she had only fantasized about.

That’s what her fantasy about the log fire was all about; being cared for. Jed had spoken to Jeremy, who seemed to know so much about the meaning of images in fantasies. That’s how he knew Beth’s fantasy was her desire to be loved slowly and tenderly. Making love to his mother in this way had also been one of his fantasies. Now his hands could feel her curves that he loved so much. He knew she didn’t have the greatest figure in the world, but her body with more than a few extra pounds was Jed’s idea of beautiful. We’re all wired differently.

Jed’s hands now moved under Beth’s light cotton dress to her butt and they found her thin cotton panties, nothing special or especially sexy, but they were Jed’s idea of sexy because they were on ‘his girl’. He gently kneaded her butt cheeks as his lips returned to her mouth, and this time Beth slowly opened her mouth to her son. Tentatively their tongues met and touched softly and gently. There was no overpowering hunger or lust driving mother and son, but a deep love and desire to fulfil the other — their lover.

Beth spread her feet to tell her son to explore further with his hands, as their tongues continued to get to know each other. Her hands were ploughing through her son’s hair, something she had wanted to do for years like this. Jed had been the centre of Beth’s fantasies for years now, but she had told herself it couldn’t be; now it was actually happening, it was so good she told herself.

They broke their kiss as Jed’s hands moved between his mother’s butt cheeks and thighs and through to her where her panties were now wet. He could feel her pussy through her wet panties, and knew she shaved. Another of his fantasies fulfilled. Ever since he had see pussies without pubic hair on Jeremy’s DVDs, that’s the only kind he fantasized about.

Jed’s lips were on his mother’s neck with soft, tender kisses and they drove her wild. However, wild for Beth were not the loud strange noises, nor thrashing about or any other typical behaviour of a woman climbing to an orgasm.

Beth loved the slow, tender build up that took a long time, and Jed instinctively knew how to do this. He knew because this is what he wanted, and it just felt right. His hands slipped into the front of his mother’s panties to feel the smooth, soft skin of her pubic mound; and then slowly down to her pussy lips that were already open to him. Beth had never been more turned on.

Suddenly, Beth felt an impulse to do something for her son, her man and her lover. She pulled back to look at him, reached for his hands just as they were about to explore her pussy lips, and with a loving smile withdrew his hands from her panties. His eye brow cocked quizzically, and Beth gave her son a quick kiss on the mouth as she dropped to her knees.

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