The Cousin Next Door Ch. 01


“Come with me?”

It was tempting… Alex stood before me, his black hair rumpled and messy as always, his eyes shining a malicious green as he peered down at me, all six foot three of him.

It would be extremely foolish to leave with a complete stranger, but then again, we were cousins… Sure, we had only been informed a few days previously, just after me and mum had moved next door to Alex and my new found relatives, but that made it safe, right?

Before I could finish pondering the situation, Alex hooked a surprisingly strong arm through mine and began to walk me towards the park.

“You’re really pretty, Emily,” Alex said in a soft voice after a few minutes of walking beneath the evening sky in silence.

“Oh… Thanks!” It was a lame way to reply and I knew it, but I was becoming more and more bemused as we walked. “Won’t our parents wonder where we’ve gone?”

“Haha, you’re cute. I’ve told my mum we’d be at a friends tonight. You know, I thought I’d show you around a bit. Do you like it here so far?”

“I suppose…”

I was quite amazed. I had totally fancied Alex since the age of about ten, and here we were, alone on a dark path between the trees, every indication pointing towards the fact that he fancied me back. A few years had passed since we had last met, six in total. Me and mum had moved here a few days after I turned eighteen, and I could honestly say I already had the hots for him again.

“Shall we sit?” We had made our way to a bench at the foot of a particularly large tree. I tried to shake the erotic thoughts that escort bayan gaziantep were steadily pouring into my mind, making me increasingly horny.

I sat down beside Alex and sighed. I didn’t want to look at him. I had a feeling things would happen if our eyes met, if we gazed at each other… He was a few years older than me, and stronger by a great deal, although he wasn’t particularly stocky.

“Emily?” I couldn’t avoid him forever…

I turned to face him. He looked so sexy there, lounging casually on the chair, his long legs spread before him. He wore black jeans, and leather work boots, both of which were splattered with liberal amounts of plaster. His eyes shone in the moonlight, his clean-shaven face shadowed by the gently swaying branches above us. God, how I wanted to kiss those lips…

“You’re so beautiful, Em,” Alex whispered in his soft, deep voice. I tried to hide a shiver. I had to put up some sort of fight…

“We’re cousins.” I said firmly, hoping against hope that I sounded more resilient than I felt.

“Who cares? You’re wet for me and I know it. Don’t think I didn’t notice the little crush you had for me, Em. And I want you back. Look at you… Curvy little body, big blue eyes, luscious long brown curls…”

Before I knew what was happening he was kissing me, his soft lips upon mine, his hands sliding through my hair… And I was kissing him back, my own hands on his neck and his chest. I moaned ever so gently into his mouth, and something fell into place.

“No,” bayan gaziantep escort I said, pulling away, my hands still around his neck. “We can’t, we’re cousins… We’re related, Alex!”

Of course I didn’t want it to end. That was the last thing I wanted! But it couldn’t continue, there was no way. What would people say if they knew? What would mum think? I leaned against the tree and curled my legs up beneath me, my lips tingling with joy.

I turned to look at Alex, wondering how disappointed he would be. My eyes decided, quite against their better judgement, to travel down to his crotch. I didn’t even attempt to hide my surprise as I stared at his hard cock. His jeans were bulging massively, and by this point so were my eyes. I dragged myself away and stood up, intending to make my way home, alone.

I had barely walked a few steps when I felt a strong hand on my arm, pulling me around to look into Alex’s face. His lips were barely inches from mine, and I looked up fearfully. I was torn completely. I could choose my family, my reputation, possibly my life, or I could let the surges of passion pulsing through my entire body take over.

I made no attempt to stop him as he shoved me roughly against the tree behind us, kissing me fiercely again, our tongues entwining and his cold hands around my waist. His growing cock pressed against my hip as we made out, my fingers running through his hair. My pussy throbbed hungrily as he traced kisses down my cheek and my neck, nibbling and biting the gaziantep bayan escort skin. I moaned loudly, and he kissed me once more.

“Fuck me…” I barely knew what I was saying, but I knew what I wanted – the wetness in my panties was telling me so. He hooked his arms beneath my kneecaps and lifted me with incredible ease. I wrapped my legs around his hips and his rock-hard dick pressed against my pussy. I moaned louder.

I wanted him so badly, my hips thrust against him once and he grinned a cheeky grin. I had chose a good day to wear a skirt, and he continued to kiss me as he slipped aside my panties, revealing my swollen and glistening lips.

“Oh, Emily…” he whispered, and his cock twitched against my groin as we French-kissed some more.

Alex looked me straight in the eye and slipped one thick finger into my tight pussy. I gasped, which soon turned into moans as he finger fucked me, becoming quicker and quicker. My groans of pleasure were getting louder and already I knew I was nearing orgasm. He slid his finger out of my dripping cunt and I whined my disappointment, but already he had lowered me into his lap as he sat on the floor, facing the tree. He rested each of my legs over his shoulders and held my there, his strong hands gripping my waist. He kissed my thighs, sucking and licking my juice from them. He then kissed my smoothly shaven mound, and my aching lips.

I could barely sit still. His warm, wet tongue found my hard clit and electric shot through me. Again I had reached orgasm so quickly it was almost painful. He nibbled and sucked on my clit as wave after wave crashed over me, engulfing me in several moments of shivering pleasure. Alex slipped his tongue inside me, lapping up as much of my cum as he could, sucking on my lips and clit and mound until it was all gone.

“Ever held a man’s cock before, Em?” he asked menacingly, a cheeky smile playing across his handsome face as he lowered me into his lap.

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