The Diary of Jane – Part two


The Diary of Jane – Part twoI am not sure what I enjoy more, being cummed on or in. Granted I don’t care at all for being cummed on my back or belly, and I would never let a man cum on my face, but having a guy rub his cock against my freshly shaven pussy lips, and using the folds of my cunny to massage the head and feeling the jets of his cumm shooting up on my clit has to be one of the more erotic experiences. But, I also love those mornings when he cuddles up to me as I sleep, pushes his cock through my thighs and i wake up to see his hard cock resting against my cherry red patch just above my pussy just inviting me to jack it off as if it was my own and feeling it as it’s warm cum comes out like an erupting volcano in my hand. But are those better than the rare times when he masturbates his cock against my entrance, and i can feel his hand bump up against my cunt. He doesn’t often make it to cumming before he pushes it in (anything other than him cumming deep is a rare treat) but that rare occasion where he cumms into me. Like I said, I don’t get it a lot, but when I do, it reminds me of Steve. I met Steve the first day of summer break. He was over at my house visiting with my brother, hanging out in his room in the basement. Since my brother was 5 years older than me, just finishing up his freshman year, we didn’t really play together or mingle much. I was watching rus escort kızlar my little pony in the living room, and i don’t think i even knew he had company. But it was when I went to the restroom that I met Steve. I was somewhat shocked when I opened the restroom door and saw a older boy standing over the tolite massaging and trying to take care of his hard on. He may have been startled too, but I really didn’t noticed, I was too busy staring.”If you want to watch, come in, but shut the door.” He said after a few seconds. I came in and shut the door behind me. He continued playing with his cock, massaging it, more open handed now, with his fingers rather than his fist.”You can come closer, why don’t you come over here?” I did and after a tiny bit he leaned over to kiss me. His lips where open, and he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth. I didn’t really know what to do, so like a deer in head lights i just stood there, mouth clamped shut as he tried to kiss me. Than he dropped his cock, and slipped his hand up my shirt. He started touching my nipples, and when they became erect he began rolling, flicking and pulling on them a bit with his fingers. Something happened, and I wanted the kiss, I met his mouth to his, a little more eager than I would care to admit, and let him in, but still unsure about my role. After a few moments rus escortlar he broke off the kiss.”Touch your tongue to mine.” Than went back to kissing me again. Our tongues touched and petted each other. He took his hand from my blouse and took my hand and guided it to his eagerly awaiting cock. It still surprises me on how fun they are to play with. I explored it with my hands, feeling the head, the shaft, and down to his balls.”Take off your clothes baby. I want to show you something.”He had me in his spell and I did as he said. As soon as my panties where off he started touching and feeling my clit. He dipped his finger down to collect the moisture and went to fingering me a little more.”I can tell your enjoying yourself” He said with a slight grin. Than he put the seat down on the tolite and had me sit down. He knelled down between them and started playing with my pussy with his tongue as well. It was amazing how good a tongue was again on my clit. He tried to put his finger in me, but he would back off when I complained it hurt. Before too long he stood back up with his cock in my face.”touch it! All this playing with you is making it hurt, I need you to make it feel better.” So I played with it much like I did before.”suck on it” I must have looked at him a little odd. The pictures looked great and all, but I was hesitant, he escort rus kızlar pees from that thing. “I sucked on yours, it’s only fair.So in my mouth it went, I had no idea what to do thou, so it was pretty empty, much like the first kisses. But his hips began to move. At first I moved my head with it, but he took my head in his hand to keep me still, and his cock slid in and out of my mouth.”Like that, but watch your teeth!” I began to bob my head, so it was my movements moving his member through my lips. “Lick it like a lollipop, play with it with your tongue.” I did, I found sucking on a guys cock quite enjoyable, and I played with his dick for a bit. “teeth” he would warn me every so often.And than suddenly he grabbed the base of his cock. “Get up and turn around” I did, a little with his guidance. “bend over just a bit” I did.Next thing I know he is sliding his cock under my clit, getting it a little wet with my juices, and than he presses it against my hole, and I could feel the squirts of cumm as he started filling me up. It felt good. He stood there for a little bit, his cock holding his sperm in my cunny, before he backed up and slipped his shorts back up.”I better get out there before your brother wonders what is taking me so long” He said. Still enjoying the feeling of being cummed in all I could let out was a “uh-huhh” as I went to put my own clothes back on.”Oh, and you probably are going to want to clean that up.” He said pointing out a puddle on the floor. And he left.Shortly after I masturbated for the first time, as I have told in a previous story. I will write more after a bit. We continued playing with each other daily the rest of the summer.

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